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{{Infobox officeholder

| name = Stephen S. Hershey Jr.

| image =Steve Hershey.tif

| caption =

|state_senate = Maryland

|district = 36th

|term_start = August 12, 2013

|predecessor = [[E.J. Pipkin]]

| office2 = Member of the [[Maryland House of Delegates]] from the 36th District

| term_start2 = January 12, 2011

| term_end2 = September 18, 2013

| preceeded2 =

| succeeded2 = Steven J. Arentz

| birth_date = {{Birth date and age|1964|5|2|mf=y}}

| birth_place = [[Washington, DC]], [[United States]]

| death_date =

| death_place =

| constituency = Upper [[Eastern Shore of Maryland]]: [[Caroline County, Maryland|Caroline]],

[[Cecil County, Maryland|Cecil]], [[Kent County, Maryland|Kent]] & [[Queen Anne's County,
Maryland|Queen Anne's]] Counties

| party = [[Republican Party (United States)|Republican]]

| profession =

| religion =

| signature =

| footnotes =

| order2 =
| president =

| predecessor2 =

| successor2 =

| order3 =

| term_start3 =

| term_end3 =

| predecessor3 =

| successor3 =

|appointer=[[Martin O'Malley]]}}

'''Stephen S. Hershey Jr.''' (born May 2, 1964) is a [[Republican Party (United States)|Republican]]
politician currently serving in his 2nd term in the [[Maryland State Senate]], representing
Legislative District 36, [[Eastern Shore of Maryland|Maryland’s Upper Eastern Shore]] which
includes [[Caroline County, Maryland|Caroline]], [[Cecil County, Maryland|Cecil]], [[Kent County,
Maryland|Kent]] & [[Queen Anne's County, Maryland|Queen Anne's]] Counties.

Since 2015, Hershey has served as the Senate [[Whip (politics)|Minority Whip]]. Before being
appointed to the Senate in 2013, he served 2 years in the [[Maryland House of Delegates]].

== Background ==

Hershey grew up in [[Bowie, Maryland]] and attended [[Bowie High School (Maryland)|Bowie
High School]]. He went on to study engineering at [[James Madison University]] and [[Catholic
University of America]]. He earned his B.C.E. in Civil Engineering from the [[Catholic University
of America|Catholic University]] in 1987. In 2002, he received his MBA from [[George
Washington University]].<ref>{{Cite news|url=https://ballotpedia.org/Stephen_Hershey,_Jr.|
title=Stephen Hershey, Jr. - Ballotpedia|access-date=2016-12-20}}</ref>

== In the legislature ==

Steve Hershey was elected to the [[Maryland House of Delegates|Maryland State House of
Delegates]] in 2010 representing District 36.<ref>{{Cite web|
36.html|title=2010 Primary Election Results|last=Elections|first=Maryland State Board of|
website=www.elections.state.md.us|language=en|access-date=2017-07-14}}</ref> He was a
member of the House Environmental Matters Committee where he served on the Banking,
Economic development, Science and Technology Subcommittee. He was also a member of the
Business Climate Work Group.<ref name="msa.maryland.gov">{{Cite web|
url=http://msa.maryland.gov/msa/mdmanual/05sen/html/msa15457.html|title=Stephen S.
Hershey, Jr., Maryland State Senator|website=msa.maryland.gov|access-date=2016-12-

On September 18, 2013 he was appointed to the [[Maryland Senate|Maryland State Senate]] by
Governor [[Martin O'Malley]] following the retirement of the Senator [[E. J. Pipkin]]. He was
sworn into the Senate on October 1, 2013<ref>{{Cite web|
pid=sponpage&tab=subject6&id=hershey&stab=01|title=GAM-Senator Hershey Main|

In the Senate, Hershey serves on the Senate Finance Committee, where he sits on the Health
Policy Subcommittee. He is also a member of the Rules and Executive Nominations Committee,
Legislative Policy Committee and the Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics. Senator Hershey is
also on the Maryland Economic Development and Business Climate Commission and is a
member of the Strategic Energy Investment Advisory Board and the Maryland Offshore Wind
Business Development Advisory Committee.

In 2015, Hershey was elected by his peers to serve as [[Minority Whip]] in the Senate Republican
Caucus, a position he still holds<ref>{{Cite web|
leadership/|title=Maryland Senate Republicans Re-Elect Caucus Leadership|date=2015-12-03|
website=Maryland Senate Republican Caucus|access-date=2016-12-20}}</ref>

Under Governor [[Bob Ehrlich|Robert Ehrlich]]’s Administration, he served as Assistant Secretary

of the Department of Natural Resources and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Planning.

== Republican Party Activity ==

In 2014, Hershey served as a member on Governor-elect [[Larry Hogan]]’s Transition Team and
was a 2012 Delegate at the [[Republican National Convention]]. He served as President of
Queen Anne's County Republican Club, 2002–04 and Chair of the Queen Anne's County
Tricentennial Celebration Committee, 2004.<ref name="msa.maryland.gov"/>

== Professional Background ==

Prior to serving in the Maryland General Assembly, Hershey was Vice President of Project and
Development Services at [[JLL (company)|Jones Lang LaSalle]], a commercial real estate services
company and The Staubach Company.<ref name=":0">{{Cite web|
url=http://www.gopac.org/emerging-leaders/|title=2016 Emerging Leaders|website=GOPAC|

He also held executive management positions for [[Trammell Crow Company]], [[Planet
Hollywood|Planet Hollywood International]] and Prime Retail.<ref name=":0" /> Since 2015 he
is the owner of a marine construction company based in [[Ocean City, Maryland]].

==Awards and honors==

Senator Hershey was recently recognized with the Maryland Association of Counties Legislator of
the Year award for his work defending local Highway User Revenues.<ref>{{Cite web|
recognition-award-winners/|title=Congratulations to MACo’s 2016 Recognition Award Winners|
last=Schultze|first=Kaley|date=2016-11-15|website=Conduit Street|access-date=2016-12-

=== References ===


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