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|caption = [[Marc Vann]] as Conrad Ecklie in the Season 1 episode "Sex, Lies and Larvae"

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|name = Conrad Ecklie

|city = Las Vegas, Nevada

|job = Clark County Sherif

|rank = Sherif

|seasons = [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 1)|1]], [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
(season 2)|2]], [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 5)|5]], [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
(season 6)|6]], [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 7)|7]], [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
(season 8)|8]], [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 9)|9]], [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
(Season 10)|10]],<br> [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 11)|11]], [[CSI: Crime Scene
Investigation (season 12)|12]], [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 13)|13]], [[CSI: Crime
Scene Investigation (season 14)|14]], [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 15)|15]],
[[Immortality (CSI)|16]]

|portrayer = [[Marc Vann]]

|first = November 17, 2000<br>(1x07, "[[Blood Drops]]")

|last = September 27, 2015<br>(Series finale, "[[Immortality (CSI)|Immortality]]")

'''Conrad Ecklie''' is a [[fictional character]] on the television series ''[[CSI: Crime Scene
Investigation|CSI]]'' played by [[Marc Vann]]. He was employed as Assistant Director of the
crime lab of [[Clark County, Nevada]] until he was promoted first to [[Undersherif]] in Season
10, then to [[Sherif of Clark County]] in Season 13. <!-- The show uses the fictional Las Vegas
Police Department, despite the actual name of the Las Vegas Police Department. Please leve it as
the fictional LVPD --> In earlier seasons, he is a typical antagonist. As the series progresses, he
gradually starts to become a good friend to the CSI team.

==Fictional character biography==

Ecklie is a former dayshift supervisor, promoted to Assistant Director in season 5. He is known for
his strict adherence to regulations, and takes on more of the role of a bureaucrat and politician.
He also appears to be quite ambitious and career-minded and a vigorous self-promoter; thus, he
has received praise from senior city and county officials on several occasions. Ecklie and night
shift supervisor [[Gil Grissom]] have a very rocky relationship throughout the series, with
Grissom claiming Ecklie is more concerned with advancement than evidence, and Ecklie
maintaining that Grissom shows favoritism toward his subordinates. Grissom's animosity toward
Ecklie is shared by several other members of the night shift, including [[Sara Sidle]], who was
nearly fired for insubordination when she yelled at Ecklie ("The only reason this lab is yours is
because Grissom doesn't kiss ass"). [[Catherine Willows]], though not an admirer of Ecklie's, has
criticized Grissom on several occasions because his indiference to office politics has allowed the
more ambitious Ecklie to advance beyond him. In addition to earning him promotions, Ecklie's
political skills have prompted favorable comparison over Grissom by superiors, some of whom
feel Grissom is an occasionally inefficient investigator. Part of Ecklie's distaste for Grissom seem
to stem from his belief Grissom is as career-minded as he is. As such, Ecklie often assumes
Grissom's requests for delays or equipment are attempts to sabotage him and does not appear
to have qualms about retaliating, although this seems to have ended from season 6 onwards.

In part to spite Grissom, Ecklie split the night shift CSI team in the middle of season 5 and made
Willows the swing shift supervisor, ignoring her repeated requests for transfer to day shift. In
addition, he efectively demoted his former subordinate Sofia Curtis by transferring her into
Grissom's team instead of making her acting supervisor position permanent. To the viewer, the
decision is seen as being spiteful rather than Curtis being inadequate in her current position
when she sides with Grissom as a quality investigator after Ecklie called Grissom's forensic
abilities into question; as Ecklie demotes her, he implies she would get along better with

Despite animosity, Ecklie put aside all diferences in the season 5 finale "[[Grave Danger: Part 2
(CSI episode)|Grave Danger]]" and helped the team locate and rescue a kidnapped [[Nick
Stokes]], putting his skills as a bureaucrat toward the task by showing his superiors ways in which
the department could generate the required ransom. Since that time, Ecklie no longer seems to
view Grissom as a threat to his position and his relationship with Grissom and the team, while
not friendly per se, has become collegial.

In the season 9 episode "For Warrick", Ecklie attends Warrick Brown's funeral, but unlike the
other CSI characters who become emotional over Warrick's death, Ecklie remains stoic the entire
time. In "One to Go..." Ecklie has been promoted to Undersherif after McKeen's arrest for
Warrick's murder.

Although Ecklie's personal life is hardly touched on throughout his sporadic appearances in the
''CSI'' series, it was revealed in the [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 2)|season 2]]
episode, "Anatomy of a Lye", that he had bought a [[Mercedes-Benz|Mercedes]] from Gil
Grissom five years prior; as Grissom complained. In the [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season
5)|season 5]] episode "Iced", he says he is divorced and allergic to cats. However, these
statements may not have been true; at the time he answered, he was under pressure to the
inquiring people (a flirtatious woman and [[Al Robbins]], respectively). But they were. In episode
"Cello and Goodbye" it is revealed that Ecklie has a daughter, [[Morgan Brody]], who works as a
member of the [[Los Angeles Police Department]]'s Scientific Investigation Division. It is also
revealed that his ex-wife remarried and his daughter has chosen to use her stepfather's last
name. Morgan recently resigned her post in Los Angeles and joined the LVPD CSI team, much to
her father's dismay.

Conrad was shot down in the 12th-season finale but survived in Season 13.

In Season 13, Conrad becomes the Clark County Sherif.

==See also==

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series=1&lname=Ecklie&fname=Conrad Conrad Ecklie at Crimelab.NL]

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