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{{Infobox album

| Name = Rugby Thompson

| Type = [[Studio album]]

| Artist = [[Smoke DZA]]

| Cover = Smoke DZA Rugby Thompson.jpg

| Released = June 19, 2012

| Recorded = 2011–12

| Genre = [[Hip hop music|Hip hop]]

| Length = 38:59

| Label = High Times Records, [[Cinematic Music Group]]

| Producer = [[Harry Fraud]]

| Last album = ''[[Rolling Stoned]]''<br />(2011)

| This album = '''''Rugby Thompson'''''<br />(2012)

| Next album = ''[[Dream. Zone. Achieve]]''<br />(2014)


'''''Rugby Thompson''''' is the second [[studio album]] by American rapper [[Smoke DZA]]. The
album was released on June 19, 2012, by High Times Records and [[Cinematic Music
Group]].<ref>{{cite web|url=https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rugby-thompson/id532597981
|title=iTunes - Music - Rugby Thompson by Smoke DZA |publisher=Itunes.apple.com |
date=2012-06-19 |accessdate=2014-02-10}}</ref> The album is entirely produced by [[Harry
Fraud]].<ref>{{cite web|last=Horowitz |first=Steven J. |
album-stream |title=Smoke DZA "Rugby Thompson" Full Album Stream |publisher=HipHop DX |
date=2012-06-14 |accessdate=2014-02-10}}</ref> The album features guest appearances from
[[Currensy]], [[Domo Genesis]], [[Schoolboy Q]], [[Sean Price]], [[ASAP Twelvyy|A$AP Twelvyy]],
[[Action Bronson]], Thirstin Howl III, NymLo and Meyhem Lauren.

In a July 2012, interview with [[HipHopDX]], [[Smoke DZA]] spoke about the album, saying: "I
think [''Rugby Thompson'' is] a masterpiece. I think it’s the best project I’ve ever put out—
lyrically, production-wise, creativity…really it’s just a great piece of work being a Hip Hop lover.
Fuck it. You don’t have to smoke weed to enjoy this shit. For me, that’s been the stigma for a lot.
People just immediately throw me in the Afroman realm like I’m just this weed guy. In reality, I’m
from 119th street and I can really rap. I really do this shit."<ref name="hiphopdx1928">{{cite
web|last=Sanchez |first=Jolie |
down-rugby-thompson-lo-lifes-and-hanging-out-with-tina-turner |title=Smoke Dza & Harry
Fraud Break Down "Rugby Thompson," Lo-Lifes And Hanging Out With Tina Turner |
publisher=HipHop DX |date=2012-07-10 |accessdate=2014-02-10}}</ref> Producer [[Harry
Fraud]] also spoke about how long it took to complete the album, saying: "We really only started
working on it at New Year’s. And it came out in June. So there hasn’t really been that much time
because we worked on it so quick. That’s important, because I kind of feel like we captured that
moment for ourselves. And there’s nothing to really look back on and say, “Oh we could’ve done
this different,” because it was really all organic and right in the moment. The beats and rhymes
were written right there, so it was whatever was coming to us at the time."<ref

== Critical reception ==

{{Album ratings

|MC = 79/100<ref name="metacritic1">{{cite web|url=http://www.metacritic.com/music/rugby-

thompson/smoke-dza |title=Rugby Thompson Reviews |publisher=Metacritic |date=2012-06-19

|rev1 = DJBooth

|rev1Score = {{Rating|3.5|5}}<ref name="djbooth1">{{cite web|author=Smoke DZA <!--end div

name--> Follow @smokedza &nbsp; |url=http://www.djbooth.net/index/albums/review/smoke-
dza-rugby-thompson-06211201/#review |title=Smoke DZA - Rugby Thompson - Album Review |
publisher=DJBooth.net |date= |accessdate=2014-02-10}}</ref>

|rev2 = [[HipHopDX]]

|rev2Score = {{Rating|3.5|5}}<ref name="hiphopdx1912">{{cite web|last=Company |first=The |

url=http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/album-reviews/id.1912/title.smoke-dza-rugby-thompson |
title=Smoke DZA - Rugby Thompson |publisher=HipHop DX |date=2012-06-22 |

|rev3 = RapReviews
|rev3Score = 6.5/10<ref name="rapreviews1">{{cite web|
url=http://www.rapreviews.com/archive/2012_06_rugbythompson.html |title=Smoke DZA ::
Rugby Thompson :: High Times Records |publisher=Rapreviews.com |date=2012-06-19 |

|rev4 = ''[[XXL (magazine)|XXL]]''

|rev4Score = {{Rating|4|5}} (XL)<ref name="xxlmag1">{{cite web|

url=http://www.xxlmag.com/rap-music/reviews/2012/06/smoke-dza-rugby-thompson/ |
title=Smoke DZA, Rugby Thompson - XXL |publisher=Xxlmag.com |date=2012-06-21 |


''Rugby Thompson'' was met with generally positive reviews from [[music critic]]s. At
[[Metacritic]], which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from critics, the album
received an average score of 79, which indicates "generally favorable reviews", based on 6
reviews.<ref name="metacritic1"/> The Company Man of [[HipHopDX]] gave the album three
and a half stars out of five, saying "''Rugby Thompson'' is a great listen, largely. "Rivermonts" and
"Game 7" feel like filler next to the rest, and "Lo Horsemen" is a bit cumbersome for such a clean
collaboration. Those aside, Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud deliver a solid collection of songs that
grow more interesting on repeated listen, basking in an evolved sound equally representing
vintage and avant-garde New York Hip Hop. Welcome to the new era."<ref
name="hiphopdx1912"/> Neil Martinez-Belkin of ''[[XXL (magazine)|XXL]]'' gave the album an
XL, saying "DZA and Fraud recorded almost the entirety of ''Rugby Thompson'' together at
Fraud’s Brooklyn studio. The rapper/producer tandem has become somewhat of a lost art in an
era where entire albums are created via email exchange between rappers and an internet full of
hungry beatmakers. But the chemistry between these two is palpable. It reminds of when DZA’s
Jet Life compadre, Curren$y, fully came out of his shell with his ''Pilot Talk'' series alongside Ski
Beatz. The same might be said about DZA and ''Rugby Thompson'', an album that not only strips
him of an unfair “weed rapper” label, but is also probably the best rap album to come out of
New York this year."<ref name="xxlmag1"/> Steve Juon of RapReviews gave the album a 6.5 out
of 10, saying "The only impressions I get of Smoke DZA on ''Rugby Thompson'' are that he wants
to smoke weed, fuck around, and make tracks with his friends - which when it comes to free
mixtapes was perfectly fine. Now that he's charging for it though he should come with a little bit
more, especially if he's promising a thematic cinematic album that ultimately doesn't turn out to
be either."<ref name="rapreviews1"/>

Peter Marrack of ''[[Exclaim!]]'' gave the album a positive review, saying "And so, if you want to
learn more about a Harlem kid who grew up selling weed and who now dons $1,500 boots he
purchased from the Ralph Lauren Mansion in Atlanta, then ''Rugby Thompson'' comes highly
recommended. It is a skilfully wrought glimpse into that dream."<ref>{{cite web|last=Marrack |
first=Peter |url=http://exclaim.ca/Reviews/HipHop/smoke_dza-rugby_thompson |title=Smoke
DZA - Rugby Thompson |publisher=Exclaim.ca |date=2012-07-17 |accessdate=2014-02-
10}}</ref> Max August of DJBooth gave the album three and a half stars out of five, saying
"Nothing on the album is groundbreaking and it won’t go on to sell millions of copies, but that
doesn’t mean that it isn’t a worthy piece of musical art. Smoke DZA deserves his place amongst
real down-to-earth rappers, he has paid his dues and his hard work and reputation justifies a
purchase. So lend an ear and slip into the smoky world of ''Rugby Thompson''."<ref

==Track listing==

*All songs produced by [[Harry Fraud]].


| total_length = 38:59

| title1 = Rugby Thompson

| note1 =

| length1 = 2:58

| title2 = New Jack

| note2 =

| length2 = 2:58

| title3 = Baleedat

| note3 = featuring [[Currensy]]

| length3 = 2:59

| title4 = Playground Legend

| note4 =

| length4 = 2:59

| title5 = Ashtray

| note5 = featuring [[Domo Genesis]] & [[Schoolboy Q]]

| length5 = 4:29

| title6 = Fuck Ya Mother

| note6 = featuring [[Sean Price]]

| length6 = 2:26

| title7 = Game 7

| note7 = featuring [[ASAP Twelvyy|A$AP Twelvyy]]

| length7 = 3:03

| title8 = Kenny Powers

| note8 =

| length8 = 2:57

| title9 = Turnbuckle Music

| note9 = featuring [[Action Bronson]]

| length9 = 4:03

| title10 = Rivermonts

| note10 =
| length10 = 2:59

| title11 = Lo Horsemen

| note11 = featuring Thirstin Howl III, NymLo & Meyhem Lauren

| length11 = 4:15

| title12 = Prelude to Judgement Day

| note12 =

| length12 = 2:52



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{{albumchart|BillboardRandBHipHop|45|artist=Smoke DZA|accessdate=February 9, 2014}}


{{albumchart|BillboardHeatseekers|13|artist=Smoke DZA|accessdate=February 9, 2014}}


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