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The Maastricht Treaty, which laid down the

rules for euro membership, says that 8. In the 1990s the Belgian government was
governments may not have budget ---- of more involved in numerous scandals that
than 3% of their GDP. contaminated it with a reputation for
incompetence and ----.
A) deficits
B) restrictions A) participation
C) rates B) despair
D) allocations C) corruption
E) assets D) dislike
E) certainty
2. In their ---- to overcome the anti-social effects
of modern architecture, architects have directed 9. Foreshadowing is an established literary ----
their attention to more informal settlements. that adds layers of meaning to events or details
in films and literary works.
A) avoidance
B) condition A) reference
C) attempt B) indication
D) involvement C) device
E) development D) deception
E) appreciation
3. It is indeed a beautiful vase but its value
is obviously impaired by this ---- in the handle. 10. The ---- of capital punishment is another
issue which has aroused widespread
A) diversion disagreement.
B) attribute
C) distinction A) consultation
D) preservation B) contest
E) defect C) abolition
D) distinction
4. An indirect ---- of winning the E) confiscation
photographic competition was the offer of more
11. The first great theorist of dramatic art
A) response was Aristotle, whose ---- of tragedy in The
B) benefit Poetics has dominated critical thought ever
C) appreciation since.
D) disposition
E) achievement A) solution
B) reference
5. When Shakespeare died in Stratford in 1616, C) discussion
no collected ---- of his plays had been published. D) recognition
E) allusion
A) title
B) edition 12. Air pollution is obviously one of the major ---
C) section - of city life.
D) print
E) manuscript A) references
B) disadvantages
6. The liver receives a quarter of its blood ---- C) attempts
from the hepatic artery. D) definition
E) expressions
A) substance
B) condition 13. This new anthology of poetry, edited by
C) supply Brian Johnson, is not only a judicious selection
D) connection of the best poems but also a major work
E) sample of serious ----.

A) decision
7. Even in developed countries it is not unusual B) edition
to see wage and job ---- against women. C) disturbance
D) enthusiasm
A) separation E) scholarship
B) difference
C) discrimination
D) insurance
E) diversity

14. Today, after a decade of isolation and 20. Reflex behaviour is ----; it arises
a devastating war, Iraq faces the daunting ---- automatically in response to an appropriate
of reconstructing its economy. stimulus.

A) task A) insignificant
B) jeopardy B) invalid
C) effort C) insufficient
D) failure D) involuntary
E) achievement E) inadequate

15. Much of our knowledge of the ---- lives of the 21. Due to its geographical position, ----
ancient Romans has been derived from the historical heritage, and strategic importance,
excavations at Pompeii and nearby Strasbourg was chosen as a seat for various
Herculaneum. European institutions.

A) pretentious A) familiar
B) daily B) rich
C) complete C) fluent
D) convenient D) elective
E) extensive E) subsequent

16. Competition is generally regarded as an --- 22. When people think of democracy
- ingredient in the search for efficiency they generally couple it with a ---- amount of
and innovation. liberty for individuals and groups.

A) irrepressible A) desolate
B) impulsive B) considerable
C) improbable C) delicate
D) indispensable D) sincere
E) arrogant E) drastic

17. Small children often become unsettled if 23. No ---- authority has the right to dictate
they are forced to spend long stretches of time whether a state shall adopt a socialist or a
in a ---- space. capitalist economic policy.

A) considerable A) comprehensive
B) selected B) outside
C) restricted C) reputable
D) potential D) irresponsible
E) rejected E) compulsive

18. This hotel certainly offers a high standard

of service at ---- rates. 24. The latest figures concerning the
company's sales are certainly very ----.
A) contemporary
B) competitive A) determined
C) relative B) intensive
D) conceivable C) emphatic
E) reliable D) reluctant
E) disturbing
19. The European Commission is opposed to
any ---- change in current banking practices. 25. This table is certainly a rare example of
18th century furniture and the carving on the
A) reluctant leg was ---- at that time.
B) emotional
C) relentless A) occasional
D) crucial B) distinguished
E) resentful C) competitive
D) subjective
E) prevalent

26. Queen Mary’s attempts to restore 32. In 1968, Bermuda, which used to be a British
Catholicism to England during her reign (1553- colony, was ---- a new constitution and
1558) resulted in ---- turmoil and much autonomy except for foreign relations, defence
bloodshed. and internal security.

A) internal A) leased
B) reasonable B) exploited
C) stable C) appropriated
D) arrogant D) granted
E) versatile E) abolished

27. For the information systems to work 33. The search for truth ---- rational guidelines,
properly, you need to ---- the technology to suit and, though some of our subjects may lie on the
the situation. outer limits of scientific research, we examine
them through science’s lens.
A) convince
B) adjust A) demands
C) reduce B) relates
D) sustain C) reaches
E) ExplaiN D) orders
E) establishes
28. Language learning can ---- in interesting
ways across different societies and cultural
settings. 34. By the 2nd century A.D., peace and order
once more ---- in Rome's outlying provinces.
A) divide
B) distract A) delivered
C) vary B) exceeded
D) tend C) prevailed
E) dismay D) restrained
E) resisted
29. Since the 1951 takeover of Tibet by
China, Tibetans have occasionally, 35. The respectability that Britain ---- on
but unsuccessfully, ---- against their America's actions is worth more to America than
Chinese masters. the provision of any amount of military aid.

A) settled A) transmits
B) bargained B) proclaims
C) allied C) distributes
D) proposed D) commissions
E) revolted E) confers

36. Few would ---- that corporations, especially

30. French law ---- that all food products sold the multinational ones, are enormously
in France should have the contents listed powerful.
in French.
A) involve
A) stipulates B) resume
B) dominates C) promise
C) suspends D) disdain
D) confides E) deny
E) Treats
37. The lawyer submitted to the court
31. The origins of stress vary from person several documents to ---- his point of view.
to person, and people ---- differently to
stressful events. A) support
B) overcome
A) refer C) refrain
B) rely D) improve
C) adopt E) alienate
D) react
E) appeal

38. The Chinese government has ---- Morocco a 44. Syndicalism embodies the idea that workers,
6.4 million USD loan for the construction of through direct action, ---- a general strike,
three dams to supply drinking water to the should seize control over the means
country's rural areas. of production and hence gain political power.

A) invested A) especially
B) allocated B) previously
C) estimated C) tremendously
D) ranged D) respectfully
E) ventured E) consistently

39. Though it is fashionable to denounce

negative campaigning, every political expert 45. In spite of the widespread effects of
knows it can be ---- effective. Christianity on the Anglo-Saxons, they clung ----
to many of the superstitions and customs from
A) defiantly their pagan past.
B) suitably
C) extremely A) hardly
D) sensitively B) firmly
E) lately C) rapidly
D) fairly
40. The growing closeness between China and E) urgently
the Gulf nations has not gone unnoticed in the
rest of the world, most ---- in the US. 46. The endlessly flat landscape and thousands
of miles of well-maintained cycle tracks make
A) similarly cycling an ---- popular activity in the
B) vaguely Netherlands.
C) relatively
D) equally A) additionally
E) notably B) effectively
C) ultimately
41. ----, consumer-spending in France is D) extremely
strong, but could soon be weakened by E) accurately
rising unemployment.
47. The Vikings gave the whole of Europe a
A) Eventually hard time, ---- their close neighbours across
B) Inevitably the Baltic.
C) Currently
D) Conclusively A) especially
E) Recently B) previously
C) consecutively
42. British supermarkets have more D) considerably
political influence than ---- any other corporate E) pitifully
sector in Britain.

A) often 48. Galileo, Descartes and many other

B) immediately European thinkers helped to lay the foundations
C) almost of today's ---- global education system.
D) fairly
E) quite A) increasingly
B) constantly
43. Apparently as much as 20 per cent of C) repeatedly
London fires are started ----. D) reluctantly
E) selectively
A) reputably
B) appropriately 49. Russia has a fleet of 250 nuclear
C) preferably submarines, 170 of which are ---- out of service.
D) deliberately
E) compulsively A) currently
B) vehemently
C) conventionally
D) adequately
E) consequently

50. On Tuesday, I'll be able to let you know ----

how many people will be attending the

A) mostly
B) fortunately
C) comparatively
D) precisely
E) immensely


1 D 11 C 21 B 31 D 41 C

2 C 12 B 22 B 32 D 42 C

3 E 13 E 23 B 33 A 43 D

4 B 14 A 24 E 34 C 44 A

5 B 15 B 25 E 35 E 45 B

6 C 16 D 26 A 36 E 46 D

7 C 17 C 27 B 37 A 47 A

8 C 18 B 28 C 38 B 48 A

9 C 19 D 29 E 39 C 49 A

10 C 20 D 30 A 40 E 50 D