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Simulation Software Comparison

The comparison of AnyLogic and other simulation tools is inspired by ORMS Today Simulation Software
Survey published in October 2015.
The comparison is divided into 7 chapters. Following is the list of the chapters and the information they
Software Overview
• Vendors
• Typical Applications
• Primary Markets
Operating Systems / Software / Hardware Support
• Supported Operating Systems
• Compatible Software to Perform Specialized Functions
• Controlling or Running by External Software
• Multiprocessor CPU Support
Model Building
• Supported Simulation Methodologies
• Graphical Model Construction (i.e. drag-and-drop model building)
• Programming / Access to Programmed Modules
• Code Reuse (e.g., objects, templates)
Model Building (continued)
• Input Distribution Fitting
• Output Analysis Support
• Batch Run / Experimental Design
Model Building (continued)
• Optimization
• Run Time Debug
• Model Packaging (e.g., possibility to share a completed model with others who might lack the
software to develop their own model), Is This Feature Free?
Model Building (continued). Animation
• Cost Allocation / Costing
• Mixed Discrete / Continuous Modeling (Levels, Flows, etc.)
• Real Time Viewing
• Export Animation (e.g., MPEG version that can run independent of simulation for presentation)
• Compatible Animation Software
• 3D Animation
• Import CAD drawings
Additional Information
• Is Student Version Free?
• Major New Features (since 2013)
• Vendor Comments

Back Software Overview

Software Vendor Typical Applications Primary Markets

AnyLogic AnyLogic North Multimethod general-purpose Manufacturing, Supply Chains and
America simulation tool Logistics, Warehousing, Business
Processes, Healthcare, Pedestrian
Dynamics, Railroads, Vehicle
Traffic, Oil and Gas, Mining,
Defense, Social Processes and
Marketing, Ports and Container
Terminals, and more

Arena Rockwell Automation Arena is used for simulating Manufacturing, Supply Chain,
and analyzing existing and Government, Healthcare,
proposed systems as well as Logistics, Food and Beverage,
operational analysis Packaging, Mining, Call Centers
Enterprise INCONTROL Manufacturing, Material Manufacturing, Material Handling,
Dynamics Simulation Solutions Handling, Logistics Logistics

ExtendSim AT DE processes: production Manufacturing, Business,

lines, supply chains, Lean/Six Healthcare, Security and Defense,
Sigma, call centers, logistics, Transportation, Pharma, Green
emergency rooms, and Environmental Engineering,
transportation Communication
Imagine That Inc.
ExtendSim Suite Reliability, High-Speed/Volume Food and Beverage,
Processes, Packaging Lines, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and
Agent-Based, Process Flows, Gas, Mining, Pulp and Paper,
System Design, Prescriptive Government and Public Sector,
Analytics Sales, Management Presentation

FlexSim Simulation and modeling of Manufacturing, Packaging,

any process, with the purpose Warehousing, Material Handling,
of analyzing, understanding, Supply Chains and Logistics,
and optimizing that process Healthcare, Factory, Aerospace,
FlexSim Software
FlexSim Products, Inc. Simulation and modeling to Healthcare, Healthcare Systems,
Healthcare analyze, optimize, and better Architecture
understand healthcare

Pedestrian INCONTROL Crowd management & control Architects, AEC, Facility Owners,
Dynamics Simulation Solutions Emergency and Security
Managers, Schools

Software Vendor Typical Applications Primary Markets
Patient Flow RX Strategic High Level Patient Healthcare
Flow and Bad Management

Process Lean, SixSigma, value stream All

Simulator mapping, process mapping,
flow chart simulation,
continuous process
ProModel Process optimization and Manufacturing, Production, Supply
Optimization improvement, resource Chains and Logistics, Healthcare
Suite utilization, system capacity and and Life Sciences

SAS Simulation SAS Discrete-event simulation: Manufacturing, Banking,

Studio supply chains, resource Pharmaceutical, Healthcare,
management, capacity Energy, Government, Retail,
planning, workflow analysis, Education, Transportation, etc.
cost analysis, more
Simio Simio LLC A product for professional Academic, Aerospace and
modelers and researchers. Defense, Airports, Healthcare,
Powerful OO modeling and Manufacturing, Mining, Military, Oil
integrated 3D animation for and Gas, Supply Chains,
rapid modeling Transportation
SIMUL8 SIMUL8 Corporation Lean, Assembly Line, Strategic Manufacturing, Healthcare,
planning, BPMN, Line Education, Engineering, Supply
Balancing, Healthcare Chains and Logistics, Business,
Systems, Shared Services, BPMN, Lean, Public Sector, Call
Capacity Planning Centers
Tecnomatix Siemens Product Discrete-event simulation, Automotive OEM, Automotive
Plant Simulation Lifecycle visualization, analysis and Tier-1, Consulting, Aerospace,
Management optimization of material flow, CPG, Logistics, High-tech and
Software Inc. resource utilization and Electronics, Machinery,
logistics Healthcare
WITNESS Lanner Facility and Process Design, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas,
Resource and Throughput Healthcare, Nuclear, Defense

Back Operating Systems / Software / Hardware Support

Software Supported Compatible Software to Perform Controlling or Running by an Multiprocessor

Operating Systems Specialized Functions External Software CPU Support
AnyLogic Windows, Mac, Linux Excel, Access, any database, OptQuest, AnyLogic models can be exported as
Stat::Fit, any Java / DLL library e.g. for standalone Java applications that can be
bayesian or neural networks run from/by any other application
Arena Windows OptQuest Visual Studio for the purpose of
automation as well as VB

Enterprise Windows Various Various


ExtendSim AT Can be controlled and communicated

with as a COM Automation Server by
Excel, Access, or any other Windows
application that can be configured as an
Automation controller
Excel, Access, SQL Server, MySQL,
Windows, Mac
ExtendSim Suite Stat::Fit, JMP, Minitab, any custom DLL

FlexSim OLE, ActiveX

Excel, database software, C++

FlexSim applications OLE

Software Supported Compatible Software to Perform Controlling or Running by an Multiprocessor
Operating Systems Specialized Functions External Software CPU Support
Pedestrian Windows Various Various

Patient Flow RX Excel Excel

Process Excel, Visio Visio

Simulator Windows

ProModel Excel, Access Excel, Access, C#, VB, VBA

SAS Simulation Windows SAS and JMP software, either run Any program that is able to launch a Java
Studio externally or embedded via SAS Program application
Simio Windows Microsoft Azure, Wonderware, OptQuest, Wonderware, OptQuest, any .Net
.Net Programs, Excel, Access, SQL Programs
Server, MySQL
SIMUL8 Windows Excel, Stat::Fit, OptQuest, SQL Excel, any COM enabled IDE

Tecnomatix Windows Matlab, C dlls, Excel, SAP, Simatic IT, Any software supporting remote control
Plant Simulation Teamcenter, Autocad, Microstation functionality, e.g. COM

WITNESS Windows Can link in any COM enabled DLL or OLE and COM control options
EXE as a component module

Back Model Building

Software Supported Graphical Model Programming / Code Reuse

Simulation Construction Access to
Methodologies Programmed
AnyLogic Discrete Event,
Agent-Based, and
System Dynamics
Arena Discrete Event

Enterprise Discrete Event

ExtendSim AT

Discrete Event

Discrete Event
Pedestrian Discrete Event
Patient Flow

Simulator Discrete Event

SAS Discrete Event
Simio Discrete Event

SIMUL8 Discrete Event

Tecnomatix Discrete Event

WITNESS Discrete Event

Back Model Building (continued)

Software Input Distribution Fitting Output Analysis Support Batch Run /

Experimental Design
AnyLogic 31 built-in distributions plus Reports, model execution Flexible user interface to
custom distribution. logs, charts, output to the create the following
Distribution fitting with built-in fully integrated experiments: Parameter
Stat::Fit, ExpertFit, or other database or any external Variation, Compare Runs,
software data source (databases, Monte Carlo, Sensitivity
spreadsheets, text files) Analysis, Calibration, and

Arena Arena Input Analyzer to fit Arena Output Analyzer and Process Analyzer to run a
distributions Process Analyzer to review series of different model runs
results and users may use in a batch
external products as well

Enterprise Autofit module to generate Functionalities for the Scenario Manager to define
Dynamics distributions based on actual generation of reports and experimental designs. Batch
data Experiment Wizard to do runs are part of the
extensive analysis functionality of Experiment

ExtendSim AT Scenario Manager factors

and responses can be dialog
At user option. Store run
variables, database
results in the internal
tables/records/fields, and
database or export to an
35 pre-defined distributions even entire databases. Also
external application. DOE
plus includes Stat::Fit Sensitivity Analysis, quantile
ExtendSim includes manual, full
software for distribution fitting and interval statistical
Suite factorial, and two options
analysis, Gantt charts, and
each for JMP custom design
confidence intervals plus
and Minitab optimal design
export to other applications
for analysis

A full suite of charts and

Fully integrated with graphs in the Dashboard, as An experimentation engine is
FlexSim ExpertFit well as extensive Excel built into the software
Healthcare output options

Pedestrian Autofit module to generate Visual Analysis Support is Experiment Wizard to

Dynamics distributions based on actual included perform batch runs or
data experimental design

Software Input Distribution Fitting Output Analysis Support Batch Run /
Experimental Design
Patient Flow

Output analysis reports and

15 pre-defined distributions,
charts included. Also outputs Scenarios can be predefined
plus distribution fitting using
Process in Excel and Minitab for to experiment on parameters
Stat::Fit included
Simulator analysis

ProModel 16 statistical distributions Output Viewer and Minitab Running multiple scenarios
Optimization available

SAS JMP software integration SAS software products Experimental design;

Simulation automated via JMP software
Studio integration

Simio Works with ExpertFit and MORE Plots for risk analysis, Run manual scenarios with
Stat::Fit. Supports table sensitivity analysis, custom multiple replications.
driven input sampling dashboards, comprehensive Concurrent full use of all
data in pivot tables, export processors. Built-in ranking
summary or details to and selection
external packages
SIMUL8 Custom options within Multiple Replications and
software and Stat::Fit Scenario Management

Tecnomatix Beta, Binomial, Cauchy, Datafit, Charts, Sankey, Built-in Experiment Manager
Plant Continuous Empirical, Bottleneck Analyzer, Energy supporting distributed
Simulation Erlang, Gamma, Laplace, Analyzer, Neural Networks simulation
Normal, Pareto, Poisson,
Triangular, Uniform, Weibull,
and many others
WITNESS recommend ExperFit Multi response tables / WITNESS Experimenter,
charts, variance and boxplot simple and advanced modes,
charts, confidence intervals, line by line or range / sets
parameter sensitivity report. combination, batch command
Direct link to Minitab options

Back Model Building (continued)

Software Optimization Run Time Model Packaging Is This Feature

Debug Free?

AnyLogic OptQuest included, any Models can be

custom optimization exported as
algorithms standalone Java
applications or shared
online on
Arena OptQuest for Arena Arena Runtime

Enterprise Various integrated links Enterprise Dynamics

Dynamics to optimizers Viewer

ExtendSim AT Two RunTime

packages are
available: the Demo/Player RunTime
Demo/Player and the is free
An evolutionary optimizer
Analysis. Open and Analysis RunTime has
ExtendSim Suite included
run models built by more capabilities and
others. Change costs extra
parameters and view
FlexSim The trial version of
FlexSim / FlexSim
An optimization engine Healthcare is capable
powered by OptQuest of running any
FlexSim available simulation model built
Healthcare with FlexSim / FlexSim
Pedestrian Pedestrian Dynamics
Dynamics Viewer
Patient Flow RX ProModel Silver
Via experiments and
running simulation
Process scenarios Visio, Excel

ProModel Via SimRunner ProModel Silver

Optimization RunTime
SAS Simulation Via data transfer to
Studio SAS/OR software; can be
embedded in simulation
model via SAS Program

Software Optimization Run Time Model Packaging Is This Feature
Debug Free?

Simio OptQuest. Featuring Requires Team Edition

Multi-Objective and or above to package
Pattern Frontier model
SIMUL8 OptQuest SIMUL8 Viewer and

Tecnomatix Genetic Algorithm, Built-in Pack and Go

Plant Simulation Layout Optimizer, Neural functionality
Networks, Hill Climbing,
Dynamic Programming,
Branch and Bound
WITNESS Algorithms incorporated Run-only licenses
in WITNESS available
Experimenter include
Simulated Annealing,
Tabu search, Hill Climb
and Six Sigma algorithm

Back Model Building (continued). Animation

Software Cost Mixed Real Time Export Compatible 3D Animation Import CAD
Allocation / Discrete / Viewing Animation Animation Drawings
Costing Continuous Software


ExtendSim AT

ExtendSim Suite


Patient Flow RX



Software Cost Mixed Real Time Export Compatible 3D Animation Import CAD
Allocation / Discrete / Viewing Animation Animation Drawings
Costing Continuous Software
SAS Simulation


Plant Simulation

Back Additional Information

Software Is Student Major New Features (since Vendor Comments

Version Free? 2013)
AnyLogic New GIS implementation with The only simulation tool that
support of online-based tile maps; supports combining Discrete Event,
Road Traffic Library; Fluid Library; Agent-Based, and System
built-in database Dynamics simulations in one model
Arena Updates have been made to
OptQuest interface, 3D Animation,
Symbol Factory, Data Interfaces
Enterprise 64bit version, enhanced
Dynamics visualization capabilities,
customized reporting, extended
graph functionalities, new objects
ExtendSim AT ADO DB support, Statistics DB The advanced technology in
report, ExtendSim DB Add-In for ExtendSim AT simplifies modeling
Excel, Item Logging, Templates & analysis of complex processes &
Library, Smart Blocks/Connection scales as your company grows

ExtendSim Flow Attributes, ES DB Add-In for When you want a little more than
Suite Excel, Multi-Component Failure ExtendSim AT. Bundled pkg with
Modeling, Recipe Building and 3D animation, discrete rate
Batching Capabilities, Enhanced capability,reliability technology
FlexSim Enhanced material handling FlexSim is committed to help
features (AGV and Conveyor answer questions relating to any
modules), improved charts and process in the most intuitive, easy-
graphs to-use interface possible
FlexSim Improved documentation, enhanced FlexSim Healthcare is committed to
Healthcare visuals (including shadows and supporting the healthcare industry
shaders), improved interface, 64-bit by helping them answer "what if"
version questions
Pedestrian Enhanced algorithms for crowd
Dynamics management & control, 64bit
version, enhanced visualization,
new simulation objects
Patient Flow


Software Is Student Major New Features (since Vendor Comments
Version Free? 2013)
ProModel SharePoint Connection, Multi-View
Optimization Runner, Intellisense, Logic
Suite Windows, Syntax Guide ,Expanded
Debug Window
SAS Parallel execution of design points, Included with SAS/OR. Integrated
Simulation real-time data trimming, enhanced with SAS and JMP analytical
Studio mobile resource management capabilities. Models can incorporate
any SAS or JMP code
Simio See the website for a Latest architecture, designed by the
comprehensive list. Our list of Dr. C. Dennis Pegden team, takes
recent developments is incredible! Flexibility and Rapid Modeling to
new levels
SIMUL8 Day Planner, Resource Schedule, SIMUL8 Professional includes,
Travel Time Matrix, Resource Online Training and Annual
Individuality, Scheduled Maintenance for the first year as
Maintenance, MORE Plot,Variable standard
Tecnomatix Pointcloud integration, Energy Siemens PLM Software appreciates
Plant analysis, Fluids simulation, PLM the opportunity to participate in this
Simulation integration, Worker behavior, Multi- simulation survey
portal cranes
WITNESS All new 3D technology with options WITNESS sells on productive quick
for full immersion. New modelling with great
Experimenter with COM API, experimentation and sensational
Upgraded Interface VR when required