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What are the ethical problems mentioned in this particular case and what are
the probable causes of these problem? The ethical problems mention in the
first case are: every managers are pressured in the new regulations set by the
top management in order for them to stay in their position as a manager and
another problems is that because of the new system of the company, most of
the sales personnel felt pressure to reduce the quality control of their
production that may reduce in rejection of the product. These are the effects
of the changes of the system of the company. Probable cause of this is that,
company didn’t consult first to their employees most especially to every
department managers’ of what are their plans for the betterment of the
company. They must first ask for recommendation or even suggestions from
every manager.
2. Is it alright to do something illegal or unethical to maintain the company’s
image and profitability? We all know that doing illegal things are not right.
Yes, we sometimes do illegal or unethical things for some reason but we must
not tolerate ourselves with this kind of thing. I remember a quote that can be
applied in this kind of situation. It says, “Walang sikretong hindi
nabubunyag!” We know that we secretly do illegal or unethical thing so that
people might not think negative about us or about the company. We put up
business in order to gain profit. And in my case, I’m much happier if I had
gain profit in doing right things. Sometimes I lie but then my conscientious
still reigns.
3. If you are the CEO of the company, what would you do and why?
It’s easy to get in trap of constantly focusing on how we can make money with
our business. If I am the CEO of the company, I will not only focus on the
money but to make sure how I am going to keep my clients and to find ways
how I am going to keep them patronizing the service and product of the
company. As A CEO, I should think about also my employees and to respect
their own personal ethical standards
1. If you were Yvonne Pillar, will you obey your boss? Why or why not? no, I will
definitely not obey my boss, It is illegal and against the lawto manipulate the
companies profit. If the company fired me I'll accept it rather thanused by the
company to do illegal. It may also found out by the BIR and can cause mylicensed
as a CPA to be revoked.

2. Are you morally obligated to follow an order that is illegal?There is no morally

obligation in doing illegal things and since it's illegalit must not be tollerated.
3. Explain the moral implications of the military slogan: "Obey first before
youcomplain."The word itself says that we need to obey every word and every
command that ourhigher officials, if we continue to follow command we gain
their trust, and respectto them, it also gain us good relationship with them. But this
slogan is not alwaysapplicable to ethics. For me if we follow this slogan we
should think of the possitive and the negative effect of this rule.