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ABB = ASEA BROWN BOVER( ABB Network Control & Protection #J01001, 0QU24UIN 19 H0U991010 BBsOVILL: om vrs san MRT DRONA TT | Current and voltage measuring relays iH 1MDBog0 6-EN Page 1 2 ‘Shang eve Aout 1090 SEES OES tee AxXK1 eo EB? roma ROTO va Features RIK Tow current ely, 0-60 He and do stigh resting aio ‘ligh sensitivity 0.5-2 mA ac ‘*No auxiliary voltage required ‘Low power consumption in measuring c- cuit 20 RXEEB low votage relay, de ‘High overload capacity, 125 mA continu- ‘High sensitivity 0.1-1.2 and 1-12 Vde ‘ously '*0-0.12 and 0-1.2 V setting of hysteresis RXIB high speed currentrelay, 50 oreo He “Low Bowes conumaicn in measuring ‘Operate time < 15 ms jh overload capacity, 150 V continuously ‘Resetng timo <1 me #10 mA to 15 A total range for four models RXOTD three-phase voltage relay, 50-60 Hz e TiBmAto 15 8 ota ronge or our models for networks wth or without neal ‘Operation for single, two-orteo-phase RXEB voltage relay, 50-60 Hz or de voltage reductions ‘*High accuracy, < 1% consistency of operate *Small consistency value 10 ms. asc eee a oe co = oe oy scccomorton ectey eae Sage ete ton a, see th feat ane taney iggy ae Aa gdp cn re ieonne Lac aee ne secret eaten a i oa ‘ABB Network Control Current and voltage ‘1MDB08006-EN & Protection measuring relays Poses RXIB 24 contd Current circuit Ovatioad capacity and power consumption (1-12) xU5 reread Power ‘Sal factor, Us oAVortv (coconnectbio} Scaletactor “Cont 18 058 Setting and graduation i errr fe offigest A AA seting) <5 To mA 030 48 7 stores, adjustable 2% ma o70 32 8 (the stterence bowen 5 mA 12 1818 porate value and resat valu. (0-12)xU5, or A 27 3 as 025 A 65 00 0 Overload capacity os A to 180230 coniruoushy ts0v 8 2 fF a8 Bee 230 Inout resistance: ere Input votage’ 97!< 103% ores Fai aa Ty ERY peat oe SEE ree remem wee ee HEAT" some gone ntayectge ota, uous eB ake sere ‘change from Operate value pomalid Bute om som ety gman oO 400 ms, 60 ms Beto 90% Uy Carine Lope Genser clears cee See cvs eal Fearing en cece Openinine e250 me « we. ipa independer Overtoad capacity. rae sos sr ctty “avenue Fatcorlign: Shange < 0.12% hessumgerut Approx. 07 VAhase oe: parabens SEI tetas Antena Apt 2¥8 Mi “seu Qverosdcapacty Soe arn bi Seta Fa, aow.c0He nn emul Impulse voltage test 1.2/50 us, 5.0 kV, 0.5 5 owns at saa Powertrequency fest 0.5 KV, SO Hz, 2min ua Festvuvirtit 4-840, 20 oe twebuntet Bani 28 ste Fomine i “4 ornate tact circuits and earth 2.0 kV, 50 Hz, 1 min. Seren ace SSM TASER) nwuune 40 toate Disurbres wets: wor is Pe, osteors. mn Femmaremer 25/4 comms 2chwoeere cach eee 2818 20 Contact data: The same data as for oimensone av tC modes Bese cone dt: Necfermcs tbe carpe ex yum vase Fo swe ouse a x og renter eee seats a0 RK 433 001 “AA for Us = 110/63.5 V AB for Un = 380/220 V Version with test ewitch RTXP 18 and time relay RXKE, terminal diagram 7426 003-AAA '* Ordering No. RK 651 217-AA '*Specify rated ac voltage U, and de auxiliary voltage ieee ! aT By ~ tra ee 1 ++-—--—" rr ——— ‘ABB Network Control Current and voltage 1MDB08006-EN measuring relays ao RXEB 2 Scale Overload Scale Overload capacity range capactyoon- ange continuously v fimously V_Orderingo. v Ordering No Te overvohaga Tay ae undewaliage Tiny 29036 PK42$001-AD 21-25 90 RK 424 101-AD Sea8 58 TAP 508888 TAP 50-7080 “AH 408570 TAH to-130 160 “AN 50-70 a0 “AL 130-160 180 TAP SS-1t0 37 CAN 220-200 310 TAS W0s'125 185, TAP 180-220 270, cas 200-280 390 car ac overvtage relay 2c underotage relay 100-120 150 RK 424001-DM 85-100 190 RK 424 101-OM No-130 150 TDN Soo 140 “ON WM] us --4 bd Wye 7B, | me TTB ama RxOTO 4 ‘Connections to network without neutral '*Ordering No 380 or Phase 110V. 220 Tie Bi-218—BIB-21S Lie 81-313 312-313 243 4-413 412-413 Auxiliary voltage wig 243s Connections to network with neutral 220 or Phase 635V a B12 2 312 B 412 N 213, 313, 413 Auxiliary voltage 11-113 BN ia 143 t fe ue aggdassay Pre ht TTT 2232 “phy t- ++ | (2006-5) ‘ABB Network Control & Protection ‘Current and voltage measuring relays ‘1MDB08006-EN Terminal dlagram 7426 003-AAA pas ‘Tre ghaso nderchane rotate wy aes. Some? 2 Yeon Bae References. ‘Breaker failure relay RAICA 1MDB05005-EN RARIC MDB02008-EN COMBIFLEX accessories fnol. power supply modes 1MDB13004-EN COMBIFLEX connection and installation components 1MDB19005-EN