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Every path has a starting point,

a place where we draw our route,

our goal, our destination.
Then the journey begins.
The trip is interactive and there
are experiences and integration
throughout the path.
And the point of arrival may be the point for new departures. After all, mobility is not only a
path. It encompasses integration and diversity of trajectories, some brief, some long.
It must be accessible and democratic. It is by all and for all.
Latin American
Transport Fair
Latin American
Transport Fair
The LAT. Bus will present the news and trends of the sector and a content framework of targeted companies and specialists.
"In addi on to a great showcase with products, services and technologies linked to transporta on, with the support of the main
en es in the segment, we want to create an environment conducive to discussions regarding the paths for improving
produc vity of enterprises and the passenger services. Undoubtedly, the fair is a business event, but not only that. Some issues
present in the everyday life of the sector need to be discussed, and we will have the opportunity to do so during the LAT. Bus", he

Simultaneously to the fair, there will be held the 32nd NTU Na onal Seminar, which will focus on the contribu ons of public
transport for urban mobility. The mee ng will promote the discussion of proposals for public transporta on within the
framework of urban mobility, in a delicate moment for the country, in prepara on for the 2018 elec ons and debate about the
new direc ons for public transport. There will be addressed issues such as adequacy of road infrastructure, financing, legal
security, technology and improvement of public services.

According to the President of the Delibera ve Council of Abra , Eduardo Tude, the expecta on regarding LAT.Bus is the best
possible. "The industry is experiencing a moment of resump on, with businesspeople inves ng in fleet renewal and
improvement of the offered services and with the hope that 2018 will be a turning point for the segment of the road passenger
transport. The new format of the exhibi on prepared by OTM, biennial, is the most the adequate for both exhibitors and the
business community. And by adding La n America members, it tends to be a highlight event". Abra will par cipate in the
mee ng of the Member companies on July 31, followed by a technical visit to the fair.

For Fred Carvalho, Director of Ins tu onal Affairs for Anfavea, the se ng is ideal for the event. "The proposal of a La n
American transport fair is extremely mely, as it will show the Brazilian importance in the produc on and marke ng of buses and
all its peripherals. The Brazilian mobility industry has become one of the largest in the world and currently stands out both for
industrial and commercial opera ons, but also in the development of systems and technologies for the opera on of transport
Latin American Transport Fair consolidates the positive scenario the
country is beginning to experience, bringing together the very best in
products, services and technology.

From July 31 to August 2, the LAT. Bus (La n American Transport Fair) will be held at the Transamérica
Expocenter in São Paulo. The event, organized by OTM Publisher and MF Promo on and Event will bring together
more than 80 exhibitors from various fields related to the highway transport of passengers: chassis, body and auto
part manufacturers, service operators and providers, technology companies working in electronic cke ng,
intelligent transport systems (ITS) and means of payment, in addi on to the main en es: Na onal Associa on of
Urban Transports (NTU), Na onal Associa on of Automo ve Vehicle Manufacturers (Anfavea) and the Brazilian
Associa on of Land Passenger Transport Companies (Abra ).

The fair will be geared towards all segments of public transport: road, city and freight. The idea of promo ng
an event of La n American character marks the moment of resump on of economic growth. "We have observed
an industry growth, signaling a posi ve period for transporta on. It is a scenario conducive to crea ng La n
American amplitude, since Brazil is an important economic pole in the region. Prac cally all bodywork makers and
automakers export to these markets. The sector needs to dare to overcome difficul es, and now is the right me,
"says Marcelo Fontana, Director of OTM Publisher.

Ÿ Managers of food ckets; Ÿ Workshop Tools;

Ÿ Banks; Ÿ Suppliers of flooring;
Ÿ Electronic cke ng; Ÿ Tl-transport Informa cs;
Ÿ Car dealerships; Ÿ Mechanisms of i nerary;
Ÿ Consultant in transport; Ÿ Automakers;
Ÿ Brokers and insurers; Ÿ Engines;
Ÿ Flight a endant; Ÿ Road passenger transport Operators;
Ÿ Distributors of fuels; Ÿ Metropolitan passenger transport operators;
Ÿ Parts and accessories Distributors; Ÿ Chartering and Tourism Transport Operators;
Ÿ Bus Builders; Ÿ Public transporta on-related Agencies (Government);
Ÿ Washing and lubrica on Equipment; Ÿ Oil Companies;
Ÿ Students and researchers; Ÿ Products for vehicle safety;
Ÿ Manufacturers and distributors of raw materials (e.g., Ÿ Products for fuel economy, oil lubricants, etc.;
steel, aluminum, etc.); Ÿ Rebuilding engines;
Ÿ Manufacturers of vehicle components (e.g.: armchairs, Ÿ Tire Retreading
wheels, glass, etc.); Ÿ Cleaning Services in bus and/ou garages;
Ÿ Equipment manufacturers and/or providers of services Ÿ Trade unions, associa ons and federa ons of transport;
related to transporta on; Ÿ Refrigera on systems;
Ÿ Tire manufacturer; Ÿ Electrical and Electronic Systems;
JUL ------ AUG
The TRANSPUBLIC is a biennial event that, in all previous editions gathered the
major manufacturers of bus chassis, bodywork and components, as well as
service providers, among them the technology companies. Among the leading
suppliers in the industry were the makers of Mercedes-Benz chassis,
MAN/Volkswagen, Volvo, Scania and Agrale, and body manufacturers Marcopolo,
Caio, Comil, Irizar, Mascarello and Neobus, which exposed the latest releases to
the market with originality.
49 exhibitors 2018

8.188 m² of occupied
80 exhibitors
exhibition area
16.000 m² of internal display area
3.000 m² of external display area
7.530 visitors
8.000 visitors


Contribu ons of public
transport for urban mobility.
JUL ------ AUG
The NTU-Na onal Associa on of Urban Transport companies reached its 30 years and the stage of
this great celebra on was the "VI TRANSPUBLIC", held on August 29, 30 and 31 2017. In addi on, the
event held the 30th Edi on of Na onal NTU Seminar.

Efficient, accessible and quality mobility is the key to crea ng produc ve and welcoming urban
spaces, with high quality of life. In order to achieve this ideal, however, it is essen al to consider the
central role of public transport - there is no ra onal mobility not based on public and collec ve
solu ons, opera ng seamlessly with other modes of transport, which is already provided for in the
Na onal Policy of Urban Mobility.
To advance this agenda, the 32nd Edi on of the NTU Na onal Seminar will open space for reflec on
and discussion of consolidated proposals and new ideas for public transporta on within the
framework of urban mobility in the country. As Brazil prepares for the 2018 elec ons and debates
new direc ons that the country should adopt to boost a new cycle of growth and development, more
robust economically, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive.
In partnership with a great vehicle of the na onal media, urban public transporta on by bus will
discuss the key challenges and will present a "minimum agenda" with proposals for effec ve and
innova ve solu ons for urban mobility. This "minimum agenda" will be available as subside for the
Government programs of candidates and those interested in the subject. In the same spirit of
dialogue, the event will open space so the representa ves of main candidates can debate such
proposals and present their ideas.
There will be covered topics ranging from the adequacy of road infrastructure
and mass transit prioritization to the calculation and financing of operational
costs through the legal security of contracts, technological modernization and
environmental impact reduction, improvement of service quality and
articulation with public entities, among others, which are necessary for public
transportation and may fulfill its function as a social right provided for in the
Constitution, meeting the expectations of those who use this service daily.
In addition to dealing with the future, the National NTU Seminar will also talk
about the present, addressing actions and contributions to the urban public
transportation and that could be presented to society in various areas. Those
include reduced fuel consumption and emissions of pollutants, reduction of
deaths from accidents, disease prevention, educational, cultural initiatives
aligned with the UN Goals of Sustainable Development, and that can help
Brazil to achieve the goals set by the Global Development Agenda for 2030.

On the second day of the event, the NTU promotes a set of technical
workshops that will present the latest technological innovations and trends for
the future of public transportation, in Brazil and the world.
31/07 (Tuesday)

10:00 - Meeting of the NTU Councils (exclusive for members of the Board)
2:00 pm - Official opening of the Transpublic Fair 2018
-Meeting of NTU Boards (lawyers, technical and communication – exclusive for NTU members)
-Opening of the Registration for the Seminar

01/08 (Wednesday)
9:00-Opening of the Transpublic Fair
10:00 - Official opening of the National NTU Seminar
10:30 - Presentation of the document "Building the new tomorrow today - proposals for public transport
and sustainable urban mobility in Brazil", with a minimum agenda for the next Government in the area
of urban public transportation-NTU, in partnership with the Media.
11:00 - Round table "proposals and commitments to public transportation and urban mobility", with
representatives of the seven major presidential candidates for the elections of 2018
Government proposals for public transport and urban mobility of each application (up to five minutes for
each, order set by lottery)
Comments on the proposals in the document "Building the new tomorrow today - proposals for public
transport and sustainable urban mobility in Brazil" (up to five minutes for each, order set by lottery)
Debate on the main presented points (mediated by media journalist)

1:00 pm-Lunch
2:30 pm-Panel "Positive Agenda-urban public Transport contribution to the achievement of the
development goals of the country"
Presentation of the 2030 Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and commitments
undertaken by Brazil, especially in the areas of environment, health, and sustainable cities; role of the
private sector in achieving the goals - UN representative
Debate (mediated by NTU)

- Representative/environmental specialist
- Representative/healthcare specialist
- Representative/expert in the area of traffic safety
- Representative/expert in the area of mobility
- Representative/expert in the area of resilient cities/sustainable cities
- Representative of the Ministry of Cities
4:30 pm-Panel "the path of dialogue-building relationships with developers, users and society”
Presentation on the importance of building relationships with developers, users and stakeholders of
society, made by corporate communications specialist
Debate (mediated by sector businessman)
- Representative/crisis communication specialist/image management (FSB?)
- Representative/media specialist
- Representative of the entity of the communications sector
- Representative corporate communications business group
5:30 pm -Closure
8:00 pm- Presentation ceremony of the 2018 Urban Transport Merit Medal and dinner (guests only)

02/08 (Thursday)

9:30 to 1:00 pm-Workshops

1:00 pm-Closing ceremony of the seminar and lunch
2:30 pm to 5:00 pm-technical visit to the public transportation system of São Paulo
(exclusive for members to NTU and press)

Pavilhão C, D e E
Marcelo Fontana