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Writing Parts 1 & 2

Part 1 - Computer Club

You want to join a computer club. Fill in the form. You have 3 minutes.

Computer Club Membership Form

Full name:
 Miguel Angel Marquez Fernandez
Date of birth:
Day: * sixteen
Month (write in full): * March
Year: * 1989
City / Town / Village: * Navas de San Juan
Interests (list 3):

Part 2 - Computer Club

You are a new member of a computer club. Fill in the form. Write in sentences. Use 20-30
words. You have 7 minutes in total.

Computer Club
Please write some reasons why you are interested in computers.

I am very interested in everything related with computers because it is the future and
everything will be controlled by them: our home, in our daily life, etc we will have to use a
pc compulsory. They will be compulsory.
Computer Club
You are a member of a computer club. You are talking to some other members in the travel
club chat room. Talk to them using sentences. Use 30 to 40 words per answer. You have 10
minutes in total.
Jane: Hi! Welcome to the club. What do you use your computer for?
 I play every day computer games and I have to started to study a computer course for to
create mobile application, I will create an application that we could use for call to
emergency services when we are in danger.

Maximum 40 words, 3 minutes

Herbert: Welcome! Can you remember the first computer you used? What was it like?

* Yes it is impossible to forget it; it was a Pentium 2 It was very slow. My fathers bought it
for me because I was a good student. I had to learn computer science for beginners, it was a

Maximum 40 words, 3 minutes

Ahmed: What would you like to learn from the computer club?
Maximum 40 words, 3 minutes

Of course, I would like to learn to program faster and more efficient and I want to learn to
repair hardware because I have to look search for a job and I have got some interesting job
Writing Part 4
You are a member of a nature club. You received this email from the club:
Dear Member,
We are writing to tell you that the next meeting of our nature club (the morning walk around
the nature reserve) has been postponed for 2 weeks, as the nature reserve is closed for
repairs to the paths. It will now take place on Sunday the 15th of this month, and we will be
the first to try out the new paths. The fee will still remain at £3:00 per participant. Please
contact the club secretary if you need to change your plans or would like to book.
Write an email to your friend. Write about your feelings and what you are planning to
do. Write about 50 words. You have 10 minutes. *
50 words, 10 minutes. Use friendly, informal English here, but use standard spelling and

From: Miguel@gmail.com
To: poeter@yahoo.uk
Subject: new meeting

Hi Peter,
As you knows ( solo para tercera persona del singular) the meeting club has been postponed
so I would like to propose that we goes museum because on that those dates they will
present a new collection of very populars artists. I am sure that you enjoy it. Only once this
collection has been in this country and a lot of people will go a lot of people.

Write an email to the secretary. Write about your feelings and what you would like to
do. Write 120-150 words. You have 20 minutes. *
Maximum 150 words, 20 minutes. Use formal English here. Remember to open and close your
letter appropriately.

Este email es formal, vuelve a escribirlo con la estructura correcta.

Hello my dear Nature Club, I am very sad because the meeting has been postponed. I had prepared
some typical food with ingredients of this area to enjoy all together. The food will spoiled and I had
thought that I will go to the social lunchroom to search it with them.

I have also thought that we could to make a solidarity market and buy ours second hand things and
with this money we could to repair ours olds paths.

By last last I would like to propose to organize some Sundays to pick up trash of the forest with
children and we would learn to them that we are killing the world and I have got only one. I think
that it will be a beautiful social activity.

I leave you cordiality, thank you very much