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Rulerships: What are They? by Douglas Noblehorse

hen we study astrology we first best. So how does the student of astrology
learn the basics - the meanings penetrate to the deeper levels of meaning
of signs, houses, planets and hidden in the horoscope?
aspects - which is no small undertaking! But
then the hard part begins… how to assemble This is where the doctrine of astrological
and make sense of it all. This process can rulerships comes in to play. Modern
take years for many of us… years of buying astrologers by and large understand the
and reading books alongside years of actual notion of rulership through the idea of
horoscope interpretation for family, friends dispositorship. Simply put the planet that
and eventually clients. rules the sign of a particular planet or point
disposes or colors that particular planet. For
Mastering this kind of synthesis is an instance in the example above, the Moon
achievement for anyone who is seriously would disposit Jupiter (as Cancer is ruled
interested in astrology, but it is only the first by the Moon) while Mars would disposit
step in becoming fluent in the language of the Sun in Aries. Somehow by virtue of this
the horoscope. At this point in our study we relationship the dispositing planet molds
know and can articulate what for instance or shapes the outcome of the disposited
planet - the Cancerian
Jupiter would be more
Planetary rulers are not simple affinities... emotional (Moon) than
a normal Jupiter; the
Jupiter at 20° Cancer in the 1st house square Arian Sun would be more aggressive and
the Sun at 20° Aries in the 10th house means confrontational than a normal Sun.
(i.e. conflicts with the father over education,
etc.)… but is real life that simple or black- This explanation however doesn’t address
and-white? Even if you can give voice to the the fundamental question that appears -
various manifestations of such a planetary what’s the difference between Jupiter being
combination (which if overdone can confuse in Cancer and Jupiter being disposited
and alienate your client) the ensuing by the Moon? In other words, what’s the
character description is one-dimensional at difference between a planet in a sign and
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the relationship between the planet and the and Saturn. Likewise, our discussion of
ruler of the sign? Jupiter in Cancer being aspects will be limited to the classical five
disposited by the Moon supposedly makes aspects - the conjunction, sextile, square,
Jupiter more feeling-oriented and protective; trine and opposition.
how is this different from Jupiter simply
being in Cancer? And if both astrological The modern idea and meaning implicit in
patterns (planet in the word rulership
a sign and planet’s (coming from
relationship to sign’s the Greek word
ruler) give us the
Signs show characteristics, but arkhon) implies
same information, do not signify things. As a result, notions of command
why would we need
to examine both
signs do not rule and therefore and control, of an
authoritative top-
patterns? are not the lord of things. For down relationship
instance, Scorpio does not like that between king
To answer that and subject, employer
question, we have to signify sex; Scorpio is sexual and employee,
define what rulerships however. Libra does not signify general and private,
really are as opposed even parent and
to what modern
relationships; Libra though can be child! However,
astrologers have quite relationship-oriented. when one examines
assumed them to be. the historical texts
Planetary rulerships are not simple affinities that established horoscopic astrology one
(as in the conception of modern rulerships, quickly realizes that the modern idea of
i.e. Uranus rules Aquarius, Neptune rules “authoritative command and control” was
Pisces, Pluto rules Scorpio… or Aries… - never intended by the founders of horoscopic
all simple affinities) - although affinities do astrology.
form the foundation of rulerships. However,
rulerships are much more complex than The word commonly used in Greek texts to
simple affinities. As a result, we will keep to denote a planetary “ruler” was oikodespotes,
the rulerships for the traditional 7 planets - a compound word which can be broken down
Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter into “oikos”, meaning domicile or household,

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and “despotes”, meaning master or dominant For instance, recent scholarship has come
planet as it was used by Vettius Valens in to the conclusion that taverns and brothels
the 2nd century CE. So oikodespotes means were among the business enterprises that
dominance in a domicile or household were actually conducted from the owner’s
master. domestic household! To this end, specific
rooms in Greek households were devoted
But why does the domicile concept play to conducting commercial business - some
a central role here? Besides the obvious with their own dedicated access to the
connection to the astrological term house it’s outside world! And if you’re conducting
important to realize that the Greek domicile business, you’ll need someone to oversee
or household paradigm plays a central role or take charge of the day-to-day commerce.
underlying the concepts found in horoscopic In astrology, this person is signified by
astrology which are still used today. Ancient the Domicile Lord, or sign ruler as it is
Greek households were set up much somewhat misleadingly termed in the
like Western modern era.
households found
today, with one In astrology, a
major addition. planet takes a
Greek cities domicile in a
didn’t necessarily specific zodiacal
have standalone sign (or image,
commercial i.e. the image
outlets (what we of the Ram
might call stores) is the sign of
- if you wanted Aries) with
to purchase a which it shares
particular product a fundamental
(i.e. some new affinity. Robert
pottery jugs, new Schmidt of
clothing, wine, Project Hindsight,
etc.) you went to the person’s domicile or who among others is translating what
household who specialized in that product. remains of the original Greek texts into

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English has settled upon the translation

“domicile lord” to denote what modern In signifying areas of
astrologers understand as a planetary ruler.
Lord and lordship are therefore the terms
life, planets are called
we will use henceforth in this publication in general significators. In
place of ruler and rulership.
a general sense Venus
Finally, the ancient texts are full of signifies relationships
references to not only planetary lordships, for everyone. However,
but other kinds of lordships as well,
including exaltations, trigon/triplicities, to find the astrological
confines/terms, trigonals and monomoira. factor that specifically
What are all of these? How do they
manifest? And how do they differ from
signifies relationships in
normal lordships? Is one kind better than a particular horoscope
another, more powerful, more important?
These are the issues addressed in this
the astrologer looks
publication. to the house - for the
subject of committed
Why Use Lordships?
Why should we use lordships at all? What relationships it is
kind of information do we access using the 7th, for casual
lordships? Astrologers know that:
• Planets supply information regarding relationship the 5th, for
motivation (i.e. Jupiter wants to expand, platonic relationships
Mars wants to make war, Venus wants
to party, etc.);
it’s the 3rd, for social
• Signs show characteristics (i.e. Scorpio and professional
is intense, Virgo precise, etc.);
• Houses (along with planets) show areas
relationships it’s the
of life (i.e. Venus generally and the 7th 11th, etc.
House specifically are relationships,

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the Moon generally and the 4th House hypersensitive Mars in Cancer? Are these
specifically are family matters, etc.); and planets aware of each other, yet simply do
• Aspects reveal relative ease of not interact leaving the native caught in the
relationship (i.e. oppositions difficult, middle between impulses at cross-purposes
trines harmonious, etc.) (implied by the natural square between Aries
and Cancer?)
What happens though when a pair of planets
are not in aspect? For instance what if the If these last two questions are answered
Sun was at 2° Aries and Mars was at 20° in the affirmative, then one would expect
Cancer? These two are not in aspect (unless human life and motivation to be one-
you’re using heavily-conceptualized, little- dimensional, as many people have few
used minor aspects and/or humongous orbs); proper aspects in their horoscopes. Yet, real
what is the nature of their relationship, if life is not this way, despite some people’s
any? Is this example simply a matter of best efforts at being as shallow as possible.
unrelated psychological impulses - the
idealistic, assertive Sun in Aries manifesting Humans are inherently social animals. We
with but no relationship to an introverted, spend our time and energy establishing
and maintaining
contacts and
networks with
others, much as our
brains are made
up of neurons
whose function
is to form and
maintain synaptic
contacts and neural
networks with other
neurons, giving
rise to human
Shouldn’t the

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astrology we practice, which is supposed to the Domicile Lord in fact takes on the
mirror and describe (as above, so below; as responsibility for providing resources for
below, so above) human life form similar its domicile sign. Rather than acting as an
networks? authoritative ruler, the Domicile Lord acts
more like a steward or superintendent -
Horoscopic astrology does just that by like an apartment building superintendent.
providing astrology with a networking Of course, the Domicile Lord provides
system for the movement and exchange of according to its own nature - what Saturn
energy and/or information. This in turn supplies to Capricorn and Aquarius is going
implies that every planet in our horoscope is to be austere, stark and simple. In contrast,
in relationship to every other planet in our Jupiter’s provisions will be lush, extravagant
horoscope, for good or ill. and over-the-top. If a planet is in Capricorn
and wants to sleep, Saturn will provide a
Domicile Lords simple blanket or mat on the floor. Jupiter
As discussed above, Domicile Lords are will provide an elegant four-poster bed,
the rulership system most familiar to while Mars might give up an Army cot.
today’s astrologers. However, rather than
a planet being a dumping ground or outlet When a planet is in the sign opposite its
(dispositor) for a sign or another planet, Domicile it is said to be in Anti-Domicile,

Sun is Domicile Lord of Leo,

Moon of Cancer,
Mercury of Virgo & Gemini,
Venus of Taurus & Libra,
Mars of Aries & Scorpio,
Jupiter of Sagittarius & Pisces,
and Saturn is Domicile Lord
of Capricorn & Aquarius.
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or detriment as later Medieval astrologers the Greek household paradigm the Exalted
called it. The planet then is wild and ornery, Lord likely corresponds to the owner of the
contrary to its innate nature and takes on no domicile or the head of household - which is
responsibility whatsoever. It’s like when you not the same as the steward/superintendent
go to Las Vegas… “what happens in Vegas, Domicile Lord.
stays in Vegas!”
When a planet is in the sign opposite its
Exalted Lords Exaltation it is said to be in Depression, or
Exaltations are an ancient part of astrology; fall as later Medieval astrologers called it.
accepted astrological wisdom today is that The planet then is hampered, as it is said to
the Exaltations date from the Babylonian be “cast down” or obscured by being in a
period which predates the establishment hole or hollow. This planet finds it difficult
of horoscopic astrology by the Greeks. to operate as its options are severely limited.
However, on closer examination to the As the state of a planet is paramount in
actual Babylonian texts one realizes that determining how well it fulfills its Lordship
the Babylonians did not place planetary duties, a planet in Depression is unable to
exaltations in quite the same places or signs serve as a Lord, especially as a Domicile
that we’re used to. And as Exaltations are Lord.
intimately connected to the Hellenistic
notions of Domiciles,
Joys, and Sect as seen in
the Thema Mundi, some Sun is Exalted Lord of Aries,
scholars suspect that the
Exaltations as we know Moon of Taurus,
them today actually derive Mercury of Virgo,
from the Hellenistic period.
Venus of Pisces,
Simply put, exaltation Mars of Capricorn,
means to “raise up” or “lift
up on high.” An Exalted
Jupiter of Cancer and
Lord therefore is honored Saturn is Exalted Lord of Libra.
or glorified by its sign. In

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Trigonal Lords no different from astrologers today who

Trigonal Lords are simply the Domicile use their own individualized grab bag of
Lords of signs that are trigonal (the original techniques!
term for trine) to the sign under scrutiny.
For example, if you’re examining Aries, the Under certain conditions (see Example
Sun and Jupiter are Trigonal Lords for Aries Chart section below) Trigonal Lords
because the Sun is Domicile Lord of Leo step in to assist the original Domicile
and Jupiter is Domicile Lord of Sagittarius. Lord in the discharge of his or her duties.
Leo and Sagittarius are trigonal to Aries. These Trigonal Lords act as colleagues or
Of course, in this case we ignore the Sun as associates of the Domicile Lord - much
Trigonal Lord of Aries as it is already the like a building superintendent today might
Exalted Lord of Aries. call upon a colleague for assistance at
times. However, depending on the nature,
Trigonal Lords are mentioned by an ancient condition and position of the Trigonal Lord,
Greek astrologer named Serapio, who seems he or she might have ulterior motives that
to almost mention them in passing. He does either support or interfere with the original
point out that “some” astrologers use them, Domicile Lord’s agenda.
implying that they were not universally used
by ancient astrologers. Of course, that’s If you perform a bit of astrological algebra,
you can combine this
Lordship scheme into
Trigonal Lords: two planetary groupings:
Fire-like signs belong to the The Sun, Moon, Mars
and Jupiter versus
Sun, Mars and Jupiter; Mercury, Venus and
Water-like signs belong to the Saturn. These planetary
groupings correspond
Moon, Mars and Jupiter; to the idea of planetary
Air-like signs belong to Friends and Enemies
as found in Jyotisha
Mercury, Venus and Saturn, or Indian Astrology
as do Earth-like signs. (Vedic is somewhat of

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a misnomer…) It’s a matter of historical guidance for the planet. For instance, Mars
record that Jyotisha or Indian Astrology in Gemini will denote someone who devotes
was heavily influenced by Greek astrology a lot of time and energy to talking and
in the first centuries of the Common Era communicating, with an emphasis on critique
- thus, a path for the transmission of this and sarcasm. However, if this Mars were in
particular doctrine from Greece to India is the Confines of Saturn as opposed to being in
definitely suggested. The Indians of course the Confines of Jupiter, the Mars in Gemini
have molded and refined this doctrine over sarcasm would be more pronounced, harsh
the last two millennia to suit their particular and even cruel in the Saturn confines than in
astrological and cultural needs. If they have the accepting, more jovial confines of Jupiter
found it useful, it follows that the original where the sarcasm takes on a lighter, more
Trigonal Lords are also found to be useful. comical tone.

Confine Lords Monomoira

Confine Lords are what Medieval astrologers These are Degree Lords where each
somewhat misleadingly called the Terms portion (degree) is assigned a planetary
According to the Egyptians - where the representative. (See the Monomoira table in
Egyptians in question were actually the Appendix.) There are two schemes for
cosmopolitan members of the Hellenistic assigning Monomoira Lords. The classical
Empire (either Greek or Roman) who could scheme involves assigning the first degree
be any nationality, not just Egyptian or
Greek. They are irregular divisions into
five regions of each sign of the Zodiac.
Lordships are given only to Mercury,
Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The
Lights - the Sun and the Moon - do not act
as Confine Lords. (See the Confine Lord
table in the Appendix.)

Confine Lords supply a planet or

astrological point with operating
principles that provide a measure of
The Confines of Aries
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of the sign to the Domicile Lord, with Sabian Symbols, among others.
each subsequent degree being assigned
in descending order to the next planet in In other lectures I’ve tied the immortal
Chaldean Order. The Chaldean Order is part of the Soul as posited by Plato to the
based on apparent speed of the planet as astrological Ascending Degree. Following
such: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, that line of thought I see the Monomoira
Mercury, Moon. For instance, the first degree Lord of the Ascending Degree as an imprint,
(0 degrees up to 1 degree) of Scorpio is mask or avatar for our Immortal Soul.
assigned to Mars, the second degree to the This approach is supported by the term
Sun, the third degree to Venus, and so on. monomoira itself - mono of course meaning
one and moira carrying the meaning of part
An alternate scheme based on Triplicity or portion (degree) through to the concept of
Lords or Rulers also exists; it seems to the nativity’s participation in Fate or destiny.
originate from the Medieval period of In fact, the Moirae refer to the three Fates in
astrology when scholars were doing their Greek myth - Clotho (whose responsibility
best to re-create and understand the original was choosing when people are born - a clear
Greek astrology. It’s a stretch, but one might connection to the Ascending Degree and
also be able to at least draw a philosophical Ascendant), Lachesis (who measures the
connection between Monomoira Lords and span of a life; Lachesis also assists souls in
later degree interpretation structures like the choosing their next life, assigning them lots
in the process) and Atropos (who chooses
the manner and time of death.)

Trigon Lords
Not to be confused with Trigonal Lords,
Trigon Lords are what Medieval astrologers
called Triplicity Rulers, a special set of
three planets assigned to each Element that
also takes Sect into account. One planet
corresponds to the Diurnal sect, one planet
to the Nocturnal sect, and one planet is
Common or Participating.

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The condition (as found in the nativity) of Lords of the Sect Light (Sun for a diurnal
Trigon Lords for a particular planet or point or day chart with Sun above the horizon;
in the chart shows how well the native takes Moon for a nocturnal or night chart with
advantage of motivation. As an analogy, Sun below the horizon). If they are favorably
you might have the baddest sailboat in the placed (favorable signs, angular houses, with
world, but if there is no motivating power the benefics Venus and/or Jupiter) then it’s
(i.e. no wind) you’re not going anywhere reasoned that the horoscope as a whole is
no matter how beautiful your boat is. Only well motivated and the native will achieve
if the winds are favorable will you make significance. If not, then things will be more
significant progress! A universal technique in difficult (but not insurmountable) for the
classical astrology is to examine the Trigon native.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (Fire-like):

Sun (diurnal), Jupiter (nocturnal)
Saturn (common participating)
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (Earth-like):
Venus (diurnal), Moon (nocturnal),
Mars (common participating)
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (Air-like):
Saturn (diurnal), Mercury (nocturnal),
Jupiter (common participating)
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (Water-like):
Venus (diurnal), Mars (nocturnal),
Moon (common participating)

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Trigon Lords also lead into forecasting Time • Trigon Lords are sect-based Element
Lord procedures; the life of the native can be Lords that show a planet’s ability to take
generally separated into two, possibly three advantage of motivation.
periods of life. If you have a diurnal chart,
the diurnal Trigon Lord will hold sway over Example Chart
the first period of life, while the nocturnal The example chart used to illustrate the
Trigon Lord takes up the second period of different Lordships discussed in this article
life. The common participating Trigon Lord is the marriage chart for Prince William and
(as stated by its nomenclature, participating) Kate Middleton, set for April 29, 2011 at
works with both diurnal and nocturnal 11:19 AM GMT (the pronouncement of man
Trigon Lords throughout the life. A thorough and wife) in London, England. The chart is
discussion of this aspect of Trigon Lords is tropical and uses Whole Sign houses. The
beyond the scope of this article however. Ascendant is 15 degrees Leo 34.

In summary Domicile Lords, Exaltation

Lords and Trigonal Lords
• Domicile Lords act as stewards or These three lordships are involved with
managers; responsibilities include the management of domiciles or houses, as
. determined by the sign at that place (sign on
• Exalted Lords act as domicile owners the cusp.)
or overseers; they can participate with
the Domicile Lord in the management In order for a planet to act as a Domicile,
of the domicile. Exalted or Trigonal Lord for a particular
• Trigonal Lords are colleagues of domicile or house, it first must be able to see
the Domicile Lord and assist in the that house. What does this mean? If a planet
management of the domicile, but they sees a domicile or house, it means that that
have their own agenda. planet is in a classical or traditional aspect
• Confine Lords show fundamental by sign (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or
operating principles or guidelines. opposition) to the domicile or house.
• Monomoira or Degree Lords stamp
individual degrees with a planetary For instance, Mars is Domicile Lord of

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Aries, but if Mars were in Virgo, Taurus, the Moon. Now finally, suppose the Moon
Scorpio or Pisces (all inconjunct/quincunx or were in Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio or Pisces and
in aversion to Aries) he cannot see Aries and therefore unconfigured to Aries. That leaves
therefore his ability to manage or oversee the the Aries house completely unmanaged
domicile of Aries would be hampered and (assuming there are no other planets resident
negated. It’s as if the Domicile Lord were in Aries) - and would suggest that in the
not at home to manage the household affairs! native’s experience the affairs of that house
When this happens for a particular domicile are completely unmanaged.
the astrologer then looks to the Exalted Lord
(if any) and its placement and condition. If you have planets that are Lords of a
In the above example we would look to house by definition, but do not see (are not
the Sun as Exalted Lord (Sun is exalted in in aspect by sign to) the house, you cannot
Aries.) However, if the Sun likewise were simply ignore the unconfigured Lord. The
in Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio or Pisces then the native, when confronted by issues signified
Sun cannot manage Aries. Then we turn to by the domicile or house, will flounder a bit
the Trigonal Lord(s) for further prospects at first in dealing with those issues (because
for domicile management. Since we’re the Lord doesn’t see the house) before
looking at Aries (and have already dealt with realizing it isn’t working and moving on to
the Sun) then the Trigonal Lord that would the other substitute Lords.
qualify for Aries would be Jupiter (who is the
domicile Lord of Sagittarius, trigonal/trine to Finally, as mentioned above, a planet that
Aries.) is in its Depression (in the sign opposite its
Exaltation) cannot act effectively as a Lord.
Now suppose that Jupiter likewise were
in Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio or Pisces and Royal Marriage Chart
therefore unconnected to the domicile Aries. Leo is rising, so the Domicile Lord is the
Now we enter into the realm of speculation Sun. The Sun is in Taurus in the 10th, a
and supposition - some astrologers have pivotal/angular house. This is a classical
posited that the Lights (preferably the Sect aspect to look for in the charts of royalty
Light) - as archetypal Royalty - step in to - of course, an astrologer would want the
take up the slack. In our Aries example the Lord of the Ascendant (Leo) in the highly
Sun has already been ruled out, which leaves visible, respected 10th house! This is a strong

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position; there is no need for additional help Anti-Domicile and is therefore somewhat
from the Trigonal Lords (although both unreliable and undependable as she really
Trigonal Lords Mars and Jupiter being in doesn’t want to deal with any responsibilities.
Aries trine the Ascendant doesn’t hurt!) Saturn is the Exalted Lord for Libra and we
find Saturn posited in Libra, which combined
2nd/Virgo: Mercury is Domicile Lord, but with a weak Venus as domicile lord puts
we find him in Aries, which is unconfigured Saturn in the driver’s seat as regards the third
to Virgo. Mercury is also the Exaltation house. Saturn possibly gives this marriage
Lord for Virgo, so ditto. So the financial a structured environment and surroundings
affairs of this royal marriage start off on with responsibilities at home that Will and
shaky ground. The Trigonal Lords provide Kate will constantly seek to escape through
no help either - Trigonal Lords for Virgo are the ninth house Venus.
Venus and Saturn; Saturn in the chart is in
Libra, in aversion to Virgo, while Venus is
in Aries, also in aversion and unconfigured.
In this case we might default then to the
Sect Light - which is the Sun in this
case as he is above the horizon in
this diurnal chart. The Sun is
powerful in the 10th and is
in a trigon/trine to the 2nd
house. Financial affairs
for this marriage might
be a bit messy, ultimately
reverting back and relying
on the English monarchy
(the Sun) for stable support.

3rd/Libra: Venus is Domicile

Lord for Libra; in this chart
Venus is in Aries in opposition
to Libra. Venus in Aries though is in

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4th/Scorpio: Mars is domicile lord, but 5th/Sagittarius: Sagittarius is ruled by the

being in Aries he cannot see Scorpio. There ebullient Jupiter in Aries in the 9th. This
is no Exaltation Lord for Scorpio, so we’re couple will like to travel to unfamiliar,
forced to turn to the Trigonal Lords Moon faraway places for philosophical, political
and Jupiter. Jupiter also is in Aries and and philanthropic purposes - perhaps much
cannot interact with the 4th house Scorpio. like Prince William’s late mother Diana.
That leaves the Moon in Pisces in the 8th
in a trigonal relationship to the 4th. This 6th/Capricorn: This house’s Lord is
suggests a emotional reverence for the past, Saturn in Libra from the 3rd, squaring the
for traditions, for family, which in this case 6th. Duties and responsibilities may weigh
is the royal family. This will not be readily heavy on this couple while at the same time
apparent to the outside world as the Moon is defining them. Saturn’s square will also
in the hidden and private 8th house. weigh heavy on the royal couple; however,
Saturn being in Libra shows that they will
more than rise to the occasion, as much as
they may dislike it.

7th/Aquarius: The house of

marriage is in a trigon with its
lord, once again Saturn from
the 3rd. This might suggest
that Prince William’s
brother Prince Harry
will be quite close to the
couple - and that everyday
responsibilities may come
to define the marriage
- the couple’s personal
preferences notwithstanding.

8th/Pisces: Jupiter is the

Domicile Lord of the 8th, but cannot

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engage with the 8th as he is in aversion

from the Aries 9th. The same situation
characterizes the Exaltation Lord,
Venus. Mars as Trigonal Lord
is also in Aries! That leaves
the final Trigonal Lord the
Moon, which is resident
in the 8th. This would
indicate deep spiritual
connections (involving
humility and sacrifice, i.e.
for William the keenly felt
loss of his mother) and an
emotional closeness between
Will and Kate. This of course
is supported by the presence of
Neptune in this house. Only those
very close to Will and Kate will realize
the depth of their connection.
leaves the Moon, which is exalted in Taurus,
as the solitary Lord looking after the 10th, as
9th/Aries: This is obviously the power house
the Trigonal Lords for Taurus are in aversion
in this chart - and not only because of the
in this chart - Mercury in aversion from
Aries stellium plus the MC point. This is
Aries, and Saturn in aversion from Libra.
because the Domicile Lord Mars is in Aries
With the Sun in Taurus resident in the 10th,
- and so is in prime position to immediately
it portends that William will be much more
provide resources needed and demanded
visible in this marriage, while Kate remains
by the stellium and by the MC. Likewise,
behind the scenes somewhat.
Jupiter - a Trigonal Lord for Aries, as well as
the nocturnal Trigon Lord - is present also.
11th/Gemini: Mercury manages this house
from Aries in the 9th. There is a lot of
10th/Taurus: Venus is the Domicile Lord
activity in the 9th, including one of Gemini’s
here, but is in aversion from Aries. That
Trigonal Lords Venus. As the 11th shows
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Hermes Half-Hour

rewards coming from professional activities immediately noticeable.

and social standing this suggests that Will
and Kate will benefit greatly from their 9th 1) All the Confine Lords for the Ascendant
house activism - and not only financially! through Saturn are found in Aries in the 9th,
while the lone holdout - the Ascendant - has
12th/Cancer: The Moon is Lord from the its Confine Lord in Saturn, opposing the
Pisces 8th, in a trigonal relationship. Will Aries 9th from the Libra 3rd. This gives the
and Kate will find their emotional refuge and immediately noticeable opposition pitting
solace in each other. Interestingly, the Lot of Saturn against the Aries stellium a weight
Fortune is in the Cancer 12th; in the Fortune of internalized principle for Will and Kate.
chart (where you put the Lot of Fortune’s They will like to travel and they will like to
sign in the 1st place or house) it’s Domicile engage in activism, but for them it will be
Lord the Moon is 9th from Fortune, echoing deeper - the principle of the matters they
and reinforcing the 9th house activity we see investigate and discover will be paramount
in the natal 9th!

Will and Kate’s

Confine Lords

Ascendant: Saturn
Sun: Mercury
Moon: Mars
Mercury: Mercury
Venus: Venus
Mars: Mars
Jupiter: Mars
Saturn: Mercury

While this won’t be a

complete, exhaustive analysis
of the Confine Lords for Will
and Kate’s marriage, two things are

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for this royal couple. Lord when the going gets rough!) Mercury in
Aries sometimes speaks too quickly; Venus
2) Mercury, Venus and Mars are found in Aries is naturally averse to any kind of
in their own Confines. This is especially Venusian responsibilities. However, the buck
potent for Mars who is also found in will always stop for Will and Kate at Mars
his own Domicile. Planets in their own in Aries in the 9th. And being in his own
Confines are much more autonomous - they Domicile and his own Confines (conjunct
are not beholden to any other planet for the Aries Trigon Lord Jupiter) Mars is
their operating principles, or for the way more than up to the task of shouldering
the conduct business. This means they’ll responsibility. Will, Kate and their marriage
, but it also means that they will accomplish much!
alone are responsible for the consequences,
especially Mars! (At least Venus and Monomoira
Mercury can point to Mars as their Domicile While in theory one can examine Monomoira
for any point in the horoscope, for this
discussion I’ll begin with the Ascendant.
In this chart the Monomoira or
Degree Lord for the Ascending
Degree (15 Leo 34, so the 16th
degree of Leo) is Venus.
One might reasonably
infer from this that the
marriage will be quite
popular (the Ascending
degree being the mask the
nativity presents to the
outside world…) if not a
bit controversial (Venus in
Aries can be a bit wild and
irresponsible…). However,
following the trail of Monomoira,
you find that the Monomoira for

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Venus is in turn Mercury; the Monomoira M*A*S*H astrology and have no time for
for Mercury is Mars, as it is also for Mars, depth study for your clients.) For those charts
Jupiter and the MC point. This gives Mars of intimate importance to the astrologer (or
(already powerful placed) quite a bit of for those clients willing to reimburse the
say over how the Aries planets are seen astrologer for his or her in-depth analysis)
by others. Although Venus and to some this doctrine pays unending dividends in
extent Mercury have a hand in generating understanding the deeper layers of the
controversy, it will be Mars who has the final nativity. Domicile, Exaltation and Trigonal
say. To this end Will and Kate will be well lordships demonstrate the interaction
served by demonstrating that their actions between planets in handling or managing a
speak louder than words… or popularity! particular domicile or house; Confine Lords
reveal insight into the working principles
Summary that mold planets; Trigon Lords show the
In summary, it’s true that Lordship doctrine nativity’s readiness to respond to motivation;
is a complex and interrelated discipline and Monomoira provide clues to the
that certainly does not lend itself to every metaphysical underpinnings to the planets
chart studied (especially if you’re doing and points in the nativity, especially the

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Egyptian Bounds/Lunar Monomoira
Degree/Sign A B C D E F G H I J K L
00 - 01 ed cc bb da e` bb fc dd ee bf bf ce
01 - 02 e` cb ba df ec ba fb d` ed be be cd
02 - 03 ec ca bf de eb bf fa dc e` bd bd c`
03 - 04 eb cf be dd ea be ff db ec b` b` cc
04 - 05 ea ce bd d` ef bb fe da eb bc bc cb
05 - 06 ef cd b` dc ee b` fd df ea bb bb ca
06 - 07 ce c` ec db cd bc b` de ef ba ba cf
07 - 08 cd cc eb ca c` cb bc cd ee ef cf ce
08 - 09 c` bb ea cf cc ca bb c` ed ee ce cd
09 - 10 cc ba ef ce cb cf ba cc e` ed cd c`
10 - 11 cb bf ee cd ca ce bf cb ec e` c` cc
11 - 12 ca be ed c` ff cd be ba eb ec cc cb
12 - 13 bf bd c` cc fe c` bd bf ca eb cb ea
13 - 14 be b` cc bb fd cc b` be cf ea ea ef
14 - 15 bd ec cb ba f` cb ec bd ce cf ef ee
15 - 16 b` eb ca bf fc ca eb b` cd ce ee ed
16 - 17 bc ea cf be fb cf ea bc c` cd ed b`
17 - 18 bb ef de bd fa ee ef bb bc c` e` bc
18 - 19 ba ee dd b` bf ed ee ba bb cc ec bb
19 - 20 bf ed d` ec be e` ed ef ba cb eb da
20 - 21 de e` dc eb bd ec e` ee bf ca da df
21 - 22 dd ec db ea b` db cc ed fe cf df de
22 - 23 d` fb da ef bc da cb e` fd fe de dd
23 - 24 dc fa df ee bb df ca ec f` fd dd d`
24 - 25 db ff fe ed da de cf fb fc f` d` dc
25 - 26 fa fe fd e` df dd ce fa fb fc fc db
26 - 27 ff fd f` fc de d` cd ff da db fb da
27 - 28 fe d` fc fb dd dc c` fe df da fa df
28 - 29 fd dc fb fa dc fb dc fd de df ff fe
29 - 30 f` db fa ff db fa db f` dd de fe fd