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Technical Data

 Eco-friendly solution against scale and rust

 Keeps pipes and appliances clean
 Works on every pipe material - iron, copper,
plastic, steel
 Long life fully cast in acrylic
 Easy installation without opening the pipes
 10 year-warranty

The Vulcan 5000 has been developed especially for

5000 l/h
Capacity (max.) the use in family houses or in small and medium
(~1325 gal/h)
sized swimming pools. It will protect your piping
50 mm system with a diameter of up to 2” (50 mm) and a
Pipe diameter (max.)
maximum water consumption of 5000l/h (80l/min.).
Voltage 24 Volt

Wattage 2.0 Watt

Impulse cables Scope of delivery
1 Vulcan 5000 electronic unit
Measurements 85/150/30 mm 4 Vulcan impulse cables
1 Electronic switching adapter
Frequency range 3-32 KHz 6 Cable clips
1 Product brochure
Required space 250 mm
1 Warranty card
Programs -

Electronic Switching Measurements of case

power supply unit
weight 1.3 kg
87-260 Volt
In size 37 x 80 x 32 cm
50-60 Hz
24 Volt,
600 mA
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General advice

1. Protect the power supply unit against exposure to direct water.

2. Use the included switching power supply unit only.
3. Do not cut the impulse cable nor the 24 V power cord of the power supply unit.
4. Do not remove the end caps or the impulse cable insulation.
5. The operating temperature of Vulcan ranges from –10° C to +50° C
(14° F to 122° F).
6. Clean the device with water only.
7. Temperature peaks on heating surfaces should not exceed 95° C (203° F).

Notes on the installation

1. For an optimal water treatment Vulcan is best

installed near the water meter or at the main
water supply (pic.1).

2. The impulse cable windings can be placed on

the left side, on the right side or underneath the
electronic device. Leave a save distance of at least min.
1 cm

1cm (1/2”) from each other (pic.2).

3. Vulcan can be installed vertically, horizontally

or at any other angle. If there is no space available
on the pipe the block can also be wall-mounted (pic.3).

4. In case of limited space the windings can be

placed partly on the main pipe and partly on the
distributor pipe (pic.4).

All the installation possibilities are possible

because the treatment impulses extend over
several meters to either side of the pipes.
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Installation instructions Private Line

Vulcan 5000

1. Put the two cable holders through the fixing holes at

the bottom of the electronic device. Now place the device
onto the pipe. Use the cable holders to lash the device to
the pipe.

2. Connect one of the impulse cables to the device and

use another cable holder to lash it to the pipe.

3. Wind the impulse cables around the pipe producing

a coil. Make sure you wind the cable tightly to the pipe
and place the windings close to each other.

4. Lash the end of the cable to the pipe using another

cable holder. Now repeat the procedure with the second
impulse cable.

5. Connect the power supply unit with an electrical

outlet and plug the connector into the upper right
in-jack of the device.

6. The red pilot lights will illuminate as soon as the device

starts to operate. Vulcan works from now on
maintenance free.
CWT - Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH
Köpenickerstr. 154 - 10997 Berlin
fon +49 30 - 23 60 77 80
fax +49 30 - 23 60 77 810

Vulcan order
from your exclusive Vulcan dealer

Vulcan offers you an eco-friendly water treatment system that

protects your piping system and appliances from harmful scale
deposits and rust. The system is based on the patented
Vulcan-Impulse-Technology. The phsical water treatment units
do not require any chemicals, salt or maintenance.

Main features
 works on every pipe material – iron, copper, plastic, PVC, ...
 can be easily installed without opening up the pipes
 is suitable for pipe diameters from 10mm (1”) up to 500mm (20”)
 is fully cast in acrylic for optimal quality endurance
 works independent of the water-flow velocity inside the pipe
 10 years international warranty

The Vulcan unit of comes with a detailed product information and an installation manual
with additional technical information on the technology and the Vulcan effects.

In case you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us on
telephone +49 30- 23 60 77 8-0 Monday-Friday von 10 am - 5 pm.

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