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17:26:02. JUNE 23rd 2018.

Operator: 911. What is the address of—

Caller: Inaudible.

Operator: 911.

Caller: Uh, yeah there’s a guy walking around shooting off his gun
and he looks intoxicated and um, that’s just not safe around here.

Operator: When the person—

Caller: He uh, light skinned—

Caller: He just blew off a shot like 5 minutes ago and before that he got off another shot 20 minutes ago.

Operator: Is he shooting at people or into the air?

Caller: No. Just in the air and at the ground.

Operator: Sorry?

Caller: He’s shooting in the air and he’s shooting at the ground.

Operator: Okay, one moment.

Operator: Is anybody shot or is it just that he is being reckless with the gun?

Caller: There’s like three people, three kids (inaudible) neighborhood walking around with a drink, like
he drinking and shooting a gun (inaudible-muffled).

Operator: I’m sorry. Your phone is cutting in and out. Can you hear me okay?

Caller: Yeah. I can hear you.

Operator: Okay, Describe the gun.

Caller: Uhhhh. It’s like a Nine. A silver 9 millimeter. if I’m not mistaken. It’s chrome at the top but um
he’s uh he’s like 6 feet, light skin. He gotta bald—

Operator: Hang on. Hang on. I’ll get a description in a second. Where is he now?

Caller: Uh. Walking up (inaudible).

Operator: Your phones cutting out.

Caller: He’s walking up 46th and Bryant and he was (inaudible) like he was walking towards Lyndale.
Operator: So he was going eastbound on 46th?

Caller: Uh. Like they (inaudible)—

Operator: Towards (inaudible)—

Caller: He was going northbound. Yeah. He’s going northbound on Bryant. Going up
towards the numbers on Bryant. He walking at uh, 46 . He was walking up the numbers and uh and I
think he live in the neighb—

Operator: So he was northbound on Bryant from what street?

Caller: Uh, 46th and Bryant. And he’s walking back and forth to Lyndale. He’s walking back and forth.

Operator: Okay. I need to get his description. Do you know his name?

Caller: Uh, no. I don’t know his name, um, I just know he’s like 6 feet, ah, he got like a
bald head tapered. He got a—

Operator: How old does he look to be?—

Caller: He have a wife beater. Uh, like almost 36. 35. He got a wife beater on. He walking around with a
back pack. A black back pack.

Operator: What color is the tank top?

Caller: Uh. I believe it is white or grey. Cause when he let of the shot, I left! I ran!

Operator: Right. And you said he was like 35, 36?

Caller: Yeah, like 35, 36. He had no facial hair. He had a bald head taper with designs in it.

Operator: Yep. Yep. You told me. Is he thin, medium or heavy?

Caller: Um. Like 180.

Operator: Are you or anybody else in danger right now?


Operator: Can you see him from where you’re at?


Operator: I’m just asking if you can see him from where you are.

Caller: Oh. No. I cannot see him from where I’m at.

Operator: Does anybody need an ambulance?

Caller: Uh, no. I don’t think, like I said, I don’t think he had shot anybody. He just shooting in the air. And
he shot another one in the ground. By the time he shot the second one in the ground, I
. And didn’t look back.

Operator: Okay. How do you know he was drunk?

Caller: Uh, because he had a big bottle of Amsterdam on him.

Operator: Okay. He was carrying it around with him?

Caller: Yes he was. He got a (inaudible). He got a (inaudible). (Inaudible) and we all seen him do it
(inaudible) shot and that’s why everybody started running away. Made (inaudible) jump, man! You gotta
move around before he shoots somebody!

Operator: Right.

Caller: He let off that second shot and everybody started running!

Operator: Alright. Don’t approach him. An officer will be dispatched—

Caller: Oh, I’m not!

Operator: --as soon as possible.

Operator: Did you want the police to come and talk to you or just try and find him?

Caller: Oh. No, no, no, no ma’am! I don’t want to be labelled as a snitch. Could be killed doing shit like
this. Please do not send no cops. Don’t say my name. I just want to be (inaudible)

Operator: I won’t. I understand. I haven’t asked your name. Can you confirm your phone number for me

Caller: Uh.

Operator: I’m sorry your phones cutting out. Hello?

Caller: (muffled talking in the background)

Operator: Can you hear me?

Caller: Yeah. Can you hear me?

Operator: Can you confirm your phone number for me please?

Caller: I don’t know my phone number ma’am.

Operator: I already have it. I just have to ask you to confirm it.
Caller: (Inaudible) I don’t want to give it to you. If you already got it…I be knowing so much right now, I
don’t, I don’t—

Operator: Okay. If anything changes or you have any further information.

Caller: Okay. Thank you.

Operator: You’re welcome. Bye-Bye.


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