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Deborah Wyche Jackson

5832 Rover Drive | Jacksonville Florida, 32244| (904) 401-6847 cell


OBJECTIVE: A recent graduate with a Bachelor Degree of Applied Science in Information Technology Management.
I’m keen on applying my academic foundation as well as my practical experiences. Solving customer care complaints
efficiently, in a friendly manner by listening for key concerns for prompt resolutions. My interests are technology, and
customer service retention.


Kelly Educational Staffing Services Jacksonville, FL
Substitute Teacher Duval County Public Schools K – 12 March 2015-Present
• Taught [one or more] of these: English, math, social sciences, art, computer operations and music.
• Followed policies and regulations in keeping progress notes.
• Follow normal teaching schedule including all subjects
• Ability to establish an evenhanded and ethical atmosphere for all students.

DO-IT-Program (intern) Jacksonville, FL

Access STEM Computing Intern Program University of Washington May 2013-July 2013
• Created Web Pages and maintained web pages
• Learned and used social media tools that I learned to help with STARS outreach activities kids from 5-12 grades.
• Developed a basic Computer curriculum
• Mentoring middle and high school students.
• Prepared assignments for the poster presentation for the STARS Celebration.
• Learned and used Java, worked on Java projects.
• Used Office 2013 and other office products.

Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ)

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) Jacksonville, FL
President January 2013-March 2015
• Developed project plan for the first Technology Immersion event.
• Created flyers using Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word.
• Liaison to vendors, volunteers and event business sponsors
• Coordinated on-time delivery of food, tee shirts, vendor setups.
• Resolved customer care issues that may have impeded the success of the first FSCJ-AITP organizational event.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority Jacksonville, FL

Radio Operator/Assistant Dispatcher/Customer Service Representative May 2003-September 2004
• Respond to emergency and non-emergency 350 employees and supervisors.
• Resolved service issues while multi-tasking with windows.
• Transmitted information to appropriate public safety personnel, resolve issues.
• Tracked radio transmissions by accurately entering data.
• Implemented tracking method for faster customer care calls.
• Relayed weather-related issues to employees, and assigned duties.
• Implemented and maintained filing systems to use with Microsoft office suite.
• Interact with the customers directly and quickly in a manner that promoted the highest level of customer service.

Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) Jacksonville, Florida
Bachelor of Applied Science Degree - Information Technology Management May 2017

Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) Jacksonville, Florida

Associate of Arts Degree December 2012