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3233 Burton St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, EUA

Bible and Theology
This unique program can help you deepen your understanding of Scripture, whether
you’re a Bible teacher in a Christian school or a college professor wanting to understand
more about the Christian faith. The program explores the Bible, systematic theology and
church history in context to encourage your spiritual growth and to better equip you for
your work in the world.Credit hours: 46
Number of years to complete: 1-2 (1 if you took many biblical and theological courses
at the undergraduate level).
Recommended preparation: 1 course each in English, literature, philosophy, and
speech and 2 each in history, natural science, and social Science
If you need training in a particular area of ministry, consider one of Calvin Seminary’s
five Master of Arts professional specialization programs. Each program includes a
common core program of thirty-five credits, specialized courses, and electives.
Credit hours: 49
Number of years to complete: 1-2 (1.5 if you took many biblical and theological
courses at the undergraduate level).
Distance learning: Yes. Learn more.MA in Educational Ministry
Calvin Seminary’s MA in Educational Ministries will equip you to provide creative
leadership for educational ministry in many different contexts. Building on a solid
foundation in biblical, theological, and historical studies, you will be prepared to assess
and create curriculum, develop an intergenerational approach to your ministries, manage
church education programs, and challenge your church to think holistically about
educational ministry.

MA in Youth and Family Ministries

Understanding the dynamics of family life is essential if you are called to minister to
youth and their families. The MA in Youth and Family Ministries builds on a solid core
in biblical, theological, and historical studies to equip you to provide creative leadership
in intergenerational faith formation. You will learn effective teaching skills, examine
youth ministry models, study adolescent counseling, and explore how to integrate young
people into the life of the church.
Distance learning: Yes. Learn more.

MA in Worship
The Master of Arts in Worship provides you with a rich biblical, theological, and
historical foundation for providing imaginative leadership in worship. In a time of
significant change in worship practices, the curriculum integrates worship theory with
real life experiences to enhance your educational experience. With the resources of the
Calvin Institute for Christian Worship at your fingertips, you will experience Calvin
Seminary’s integrative approach to worship.
Distance learning: Yes. Learn more.
MA in Evangelism and Missions
Calvin Seminary’s MA in Evangelism and Missions will prepare you for evangelistic
opportunities, church planting, and cross-cultural leadership locally or globally. You will
learn how Scripture forms the foundation of missiology and ministry, how to discern the
ways God is at work in the world, and how Christ gathers his church by his word and
the Holy Spirit. Additionally, you will practice basic approaches to evangelism and
church planting in urban, cross-cultural, and multi-ethnic contexts. You will be equipped
to provide missiological leadership through effective oversight, assessment, and
leadership training.
Distance learning: Yes. Learn more.

MA in Pastoral Care
Caring for people’s spiritual and emotional needs from a biblically and theologically
informed perspective is essential for effective healing work to happen in their lives.
Calvin Seminary’s MA in Pastoral Care equips you with the essential skills of pastoral
care and counseling. You will learn to integrate biblical principles, theological
perspectives, historical and educational understanding, counseling theory, and cultural
discernment into your skills of pastoral care.

 MA (residential and distance education) – $484/credit hour, estimated $11,616/year

(tuition only)

If you already have an MDiv or MTS and want to explore a specialized area of biblical
or theological studies, or pastoral care, the 21-credit Master of Theology program
could meet your needs. Use this program to deepen your knowledge in a certain field or
to prepare for doctoral work.Concentrations include: Old Testament, Ancient Near
Eastern Language and Literature, New Testament, History of Christianity, Systematic
Theology, Philosophical and Moral Theology, Pastoral Care, Pastoral Leadership,
Preaching, Worship, Evangelism or Educational Ministry
Credit hours: 21
Number of years to complete: 1-2
Recommended preparation: MDiv or MTS degree from an accredited institution
 Th.M – $768/credit hour, estimated $16,128/year (tuition only)

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program is a flexible academic program
designed to prepare you for further academic study or other careers that can be enriched
by a strong theological education. You may also be interested in this program if you
desire to understand the Christian faith more deeply. The MTS includes courses in Old
and New Testament, Greek, Christian theology, apologetics, and more.Credit hours: 65
Number of years to complete: 2 (on campus), 3 (distance learning)
Recommended preparation: one course each in English and literature, and two each in
history, philosophy, natural science, and social science. In addition, you are encouraged
to take four semesters of Greek.
 MTS (residential and distance education) – $484/credit hour, estimated $14,520/year
(tuition only)

COSTS (ver o anexo na pasta para detalhes)

One year’s total tuition and estimated expenses by program for married students
with one child* (residential)

These total expenses include tuition, rent, books, food, personal expenses, medical
insurance, additional medical expenses, and transportation

 M.Div program: $49,486 (33 credit hours of tuition)

 MA program: $45,130 (24 credit hours of tuition)

 MTS program: $48,034 (30 credit hours of tuition)

 Th.M program: $49,642 (21 credit hours of tuition)

 Ph.D program: $50,164

*Add $4,000 for each additional child.


You must purchase your own books for study and come to Calvin Seminary with
enough money to purchase your books and any other items needed for beginning study,
even if you expect to receive financial aid. If you have scholarship or loan money
remaining in your account after tuition is paid, you may be reimbursed for the costs of
your books and other expenses. The book allowance is based on full-time enrollment,
but expenses may vary depending on the course and degree program. The book
allowance for 2017-2018 is $850.00. First year students are also allowed to budget
$1,000 for the purchase of a laptop computer.

Other Expenses
Other expenses include allowances for transportation, clothing, recreation, medical
insurance, utilities, and other miscellaneous living expenses. These expenses vary
greatly based on your individual needs. The estimates are considered reasonable but
modest, and were determined after surveying segments of our student body.


Calvin Seminary offers comfortable and affordable

housing for you and your family while you pursue
your theological education.
Choose from one, two, and three bedroom apartments and townhouses available on and
off campus. If you are a single student, you can share an apartment or townhouse and
split rental costs with your housemate.

Amenities included in rental fees:

 Internet
 Laundry

 Utilities: heat, electricity, water, trash and recycling

 Campus safety patrol (on-campus housing)

 Community garden (on-campus housing)

 Playground area

For the 2017-18 Academic Year

On-Campus Housing: Knollcrest East

 18 large two-bedroom apartments located in the Sigma and Omega buildings.

$725.00 per month (the two garden level units are $705.00 per month). (Virtual

 12 three-bedroom apartments located in the Bavinck, Kuyper and Berkhof

buildings. $740.00 per month. (Virtual Tour)

 12 small two-bedroom apartments located in the Bavinck, Kuyper, and Berkhof

buildings. $665.00 per month. (Virtual Tour)

All buildings listed above include a basement with a FREE laundry facility, storage and
playroom space. Each apartment includes a stove, refrigerator and an air-conditioning
unit. There is a playground on site, as well as patrolled campus security. Built into the
monthly rental fee is a $85.00 utility charge.

Off-Campus Housing: Englewood Apartments (Virtual Tour) Eight buildings

located on Englewood Ave., located three miles from campus. Each building has four
two-bedroom apartments. Two are garden level and two are upper units. Each apartment
includes a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and a window air-conditioner. 16 of these
units have carports. There is a FREE laundry facility on the grounds of the apartment

 Upper level unit with carport – $640.00 per month

 Garden level unit with carport – $630.00 per month

 Upper level unit without carport – $620.00 per month

 Garden level unit without carport – $610.00 per month

Built into the monthly rental fee is a $120.00 utility charge.

Off-Campus Housing: Boerema Townhouses (Virtual Tour) Twenty-nine one

bedroom townhouses and one two bedroom townhouse located on Batchawana Street
are also located three miles from campus. Each unit includes a stove, refrigerator, air
conditioner and hook-up capability for washers and dryers. Each unit has a full
basement. You also have access to FREE laundry use at our Englewood Apartments.

 One Bedroom Townhouses: $620.00 per month.

 Two Bedroom Townhouse: $685.00 per month.

Built into the monthly rental amount is a $120.00 utility charge.

Other Off-Campus Housing Off-campus housing opportunities are also available and
an up-to-date list is available from the housing office.

Single Students Sharing An Apartment Price ranges per month range from $230.00 –
$362.50 per month.

Housing Application The housing application deadline is April 1 (Applications will

still be accepted after April 1). Applications can be completed using the following
link: Housing application. Due to limited on-campus housing, housing applications of
those who have been admitted will be considered after the housing application deadline.

Housing for distance learning intensives

If you are a student in one of Calvin Seminary’s distance learning programs, you will
need to find housing in the Grand Rapids area for two 5 day on-campus sessions each
year. You are responsible for the cost of your housing during on-campus sessions. When
you are enrolled in the program, there will be resources to help you find lodging or
roommates for your stay here.

Housing Administrator
Calvin Theological Seminary
Phone:1-800-388-6034 ext. 8618


Master’s Degrees

Anyone seeking to apply for the Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, Master of
Theological Studies, or Master of Theology degree programs should complete this
application. Once you create an account, you may save the application as you work. The
application deadline for fall enrollment is June 1; however, those seeking Financial Aid
should apply by March 1. The application deadline for spring enrollment is November

1. Completed application form and $50 application fee

 Recommendations: Please be prepared with the names and contact

information of four references that can comment on your spiritual maturity,
writing proficiency, speech proficiency, and character. After you submit your
application, your references will be emailed electronic recommendation forms to
complete. (ThM applicants must have 2 recommendations from faculty.) Please
note: We ask that none of your references be family members or spouses.

 Essays: The application includes two brief essays: an autobiography and a

statement of Christian commitment.

 Financial Aid Information: (Optional) A financial aid section is included in the

online application. This section is mandatory only if you would like to apply for
Calvin Seminary Financial Aid and Scholarships. Please be prepared with your
previous year’s adjusted gross income, the value of your investments, the
balance of your monetary accounts, the balance of any loans and/or credit
cards, and information on any sponsors who may be helping to fund your
education. You will find your previous year’s adjusted gross income on your
most recent tax return.

 Payment: Please be prepared to pay $50 USD by credit or debit card when
completing the application. This is a non-refundable processing fee. The
application cannot be submitted without payment.

2. Official transcripts

Applicants must request official transcripts from all prior colleges, universities,
seminaries, and/or professional schools. An official transcript is a sealed copy sent
directly from the institution. Please have your transcripts sent to:

Calvin Theological Seminary

Attn: Admissions
3233 Burton St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

3. TOEFL or IELTS score (non-native English speakers only)

 TOEFL: a minimum internet-based score of 80 total with 23 in the writing

section is required (use institutional code 1096 to order scores)

 IELTS: a minimum test score of 6.5 total with 6.5 in the writing section is
required (order scores through testing location, no institutional code needed)

4. Recent photograph

Having a photograph of our applicants helps us to put a face on the forms we are
receiving. Please email a recent photograph of yourself to
admissions@calvinseminary.edu and include your name in the subject line .

5. Additional requirements (ThM Applicants only)

 All applicants must show transcript evidence of at least two semesters each in
Hebrew and Greek
 Applicants with concentrations in Old or New Testament must pass a language
proficiency exam in the applicable language

 Applicants with a concentration in Preaching must have a verbal interview with

the Director of Admissions

Anti-Discrimination Statement

Calvin Theological Seminary is dedicated to God’s church and its multi-cultural and
multi-ethnic expression. Calvin Seminary does not discriminate on the basis of age,
gender, race, marital status, or national origin and gathers such information on this
application form for statistical purposes only.

After You Apply

The Admissions Office at Calvin Theological Seminary will maintain your file until all
documents and fees have been received. You may check your application status anytime
online, and we will provide frequent updates as well. You may contact us at any time to
ask about your file. Upon completion you will ordinarily be informed of an admission
decision within 10 business days.

Housing Application

After you’ve submitted your online application, you are encouraged to fill out a
Housing Application if you are applying for a residential program and are interested in
living in Seminary housing. You will only be considered for Seminary housing if you
are admitted to a degree program. The deadline to apply for housing for the fall
semester is April 1.


Various types of merit and need-based financial aid are available for study at Calvin
Seminary. In fact, in recent years, over $1.2 milllion in scholarships were awarded to
students. Learn about the types of aid below.


Calvin Seminary awards over 200 merit and need-based scholarships to students each
year, thanks to funding from generous donors. As an incoming student, you are eligible
for awards ranging from $1,000-$10,000. You must complete the financial aid section
on your admissions application in order to be considered for entering student
scholarships. A preliminary scholarship amount will be included in your admissions
letter. In March, the scholarship committee will meet to assign specific named
scholarships to cover the original award. We will then determine if any additional
scholarship funding is available. Spring start students will be awarded an amount for
one semester only. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and re-application is
necessary each year.


Explore various ways to fund your Calvin Seminary education through loans.

Ministry Incentive Program

Who it’s for: US citizens, US Permanent Residents and Canadian citizens who are MA
or MDiv students and intend on serving in the Christian Reformed Church in an
ordained capacity after graduation. This loan is partially forgiveable.
Amount: $5000–$8000

Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan

Who it’s for: U.S. citizens and permanent residents

Amount: Up to $20,500/year

The unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan is not interest free during school, grace, and
deferment periods. Interest on the loan is fixed at 6.8%. Interest payments may be made
periodically, or the interest may be capitalized and added to the principal. Repayment
begins six months after you cease to be enrolled at least half time. You are set up on a
10-year repayment schedule.

Postman Loan

Who it’s for: Canadian citizens

Amount: $1,000–$2,000

The Postman Loan is interest free, and no repayment is required as long as you are
enrolled in school at least half time (this is a federal regulation). Interest on the loan
during repayment is 7% simple interest. However, if you are working full time for the
CRCNA, the loan is interest free. No interest is accrued as long as you are enrolled at
least half time. Repayment begins six months after you cease to be enrolled at least half
time. You are set up on a 10 year repayment schedule.

Canada Student Loan

Who it’s for: Canadian citizens

Amount: Varies

These loans are available to Canadian students. The loan amounts are variable and
determined by the Canada Student Loan program. The interest rate is determined at the
time of repayment. If you plan to apply for a Canada Student Loan, you are encouraged
to do so before the beginning of the school year. Canadian students are responsible for
obtaining directly all forms that are necessary for loan processing, deferment,
confirmation of enrollment, payment schedules, etc. The Calvin Theological Seminary
Financial Aid Office does not have such forms in the office.
Classical aid

Who it’s for: Students who are members of Christian Reformed Church
Amount: Varies by classis

Each classis within the Christian Reformed Church in North America is responsible for
awarding aid to Seminary students who are members of CRC churches in their classis.
Each application process is different and is administered by the Student Fund
Committee. To learn more and apply for classical aid, contact the committee chair for
your classis as soon as you are admitted to Calvin Seminary.

In order to assist in the process, we have created a resource page for both the classis and
the students. This page will help to outline best practices and provide information in one
central location.