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Presented to the

Marketing and Advertising Department

In partial fulfillment
of the course requirements in
Second Term, A.Y. 2017-2018

A Strategic Marketing Plan for


Submitted to:
Mrs. Julie Balarbar

Submitted by:
Santos, Floyd
Chua, Gwyneth
Villavicencio, Alec
Lim, Jeremiah
Inocencio, Joaquin
Trinidad, Abby
Submitted on:
June 5, 2018




A. Company History

Talent House Manila (THM) - established in January 2018, is a school of

performing arts and a learning establishment that enhances the artistic skills of different

artists from dancing, singing, acting, playing musical instruments, and even hosting. It

was founded by a group of marketing students in De La Salle University who has an

unwavering passion for the arts. Several of the founders have joined several workshops

and talent enriching companies. After sharing their experiences, they have decided to

incorporate their own knowledges and familiarities to further develop the enrichment of

the talent scene and performing arts here in the Philippines. They have decided to put

up a talent school that would cater to a wider age range and would like to give several

opportunities for Filipino talents to be discovered and cultivated not only locally but also


The company aims to enrich Filipino talents in the field of performing arts. THM

provides outstanding education that produces world class talents with the help of

renowned talent experts in the Philippines who are professionally practicing their own

craft in the performing arts scene.

B. Ownership, Management and Organizational Structure

THM is currently operated by 9 people with wide-ranging business, management

and artistic backgrounds. The company’s organizational chart is headed by its President

and Chief Executive Officer, Raven Leonardo wherein he oversees all operations of the

business. Agnes Garcia functions as the Vice President for Marketing and Advertising;

she conceptualizes and manages all marketing and advertising programs of THM. Under

her team is Leigh Armamento who is the Advertising and Promotions head; she is in-

charge with all the publicity and advertising materials of THM. Also under Agnes’ team is

Kat Belarmino who is the Product and Brand Manager; she’s in-charge with how the THM

is being perceived by the consumers and she also spearheads all marketing related

activities and initiatives of the company. Mark Luancing, the Vice President for Sales,

makes sure that all sales plan, quotas, data analyzation, sales training and sales

territories of the company are well managed. Under him is the Accounts Manager, Shell

Fulgar; Shell is responsible for managing THM’s accounts in achieving high sales targets

and also responsible for building relationships with new clients and leading team

productivity. Jannah Loy, the VP for Management and Services is in-charge with the

overall welfare and experience of the students of THM. She also oversees the Human

Resources and the Accounting and Finance Department which are headed by Francis

Pontines and Alec Villavicencio respectively. Francis is in charge with the employee

administration, training and compensation & benefits. While Alec manages the

accounting, audit and procurement of THM.

Figure 1. Organizational Structure of Talent House Manila

C. Company Culture

The company’s culture thrives on being artistically passionate, timely and relevant

and home of globally competitive talents. THM ensures you will be able to develop and

hone your chosen artistic skills by enrolling in the programs that the school is offering.

They believe in providing one of a kind curriculum that will further develop one’s talent

and make it ready for the competition in the real world. THM also believes in the power of

bridging people together through a classroom setting style of classes wherein students

will be able to share and apply their learnings which can be a way for them to learn not

only through their teachers but also with their classmates.

D. Mission - Vision Statement


Talent House Manila aims to guide artists as they traverse the stage to a fulfilling

self-discovery. It also targets to provide the highest caliber of artistic education for

aspiring and gifted musicians, actors, singers, and dancers so they may achieve their

highest potential as artists, leaders and global citizens.


Talent House Manila seeks to expand the cultural arts community, cultivate a

caliber of artistry, and be able to inspire audiences with innovative and transformative

performances for an effective appreciation of the arts and creative ideas.

E. Products / Services

Talent House Manila is geared towards offering learning opportunities for people

who would like to hone their artistic potential and be able to be part of several

performances every after their workshop. Each of the talent courses will cater to different

age and skill group. First, there will be the Kids class which are available for children from

ages 7-12. Second class is the Teens class for passionate and artistic teenagers aged

13-17. Lastly, will be the Advanced intermediate class for talents who are 18 and above.

Only the intermediate and advanced class will held auditions and application screenings

once they want to enter the said class, but will just have an interview after applying. The

production class will only accept students who are aged 15 and above.

1. Course Offerings

● VOICE - Singing is a way of expressing art with different feelings and

emotions. The music division offers varieties of genre and techniques

that are very helpful in the expansions of one’s knowledge on how to

develop and use each one’s vocal ability and prowess. 24 sessions of

vocal training + songwriting (Includes Broadway, Pop, Ballad, R&B and


● INSTRUMENTS - The heart in each musician is his instrument. The

finest musicality that a player can acquire is achieved through unlimited

patience and discipline. The Instrument Division is pursued in finding the

hearts of each musicians and molding it for an intense passion for the

arts and crafts. 24 sessions of instrument training + notes reading

(Maximum of 2 instruments: piano, guitar, violin, trumpet and drums)

● THEATER - Theater is a calling, an art, a craft, a political act, a

profession, and a business. Talent House Manila Dramatic Division is

dedicated to providing the theater artists with the necessary tools, artistic

and personal, to meet the demands of all aspects of work in an ever

evolving performing arts landscape. 24 sessions of acting and dramatic

classes with musical theatre.

● DANCE - The Dance division offers different kinds lessons. It aims to

create true contemporary dancers – trained equally in classical ballet

and modern dance. This helps develop a person’s capabilities in dancing

and this also helps in the development of a person’s patience in learning

and mastering different kinds of styles and choreographies. 24 sessions

of dance classes (choice of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, or


● PRODUCTION - The school offers training to people interested in

production. Every production is not possible without the people behind it.

From different operations and technical aspects of a show which are the

lights, sounds, set design and a whole lot more. The production division

aims to teach the students on how to build a show and how to run one.

24 sessions of production classes (includes script writing, show

production, hosting and directing)

2. Prices and Packages

Package Deal Price

Voice 24 sessions of vocal Kids: Php 12,000.00

training + songwriting Teens: Php 15,000.00

(Includes Broadway, Pop, Intermediate Advanced:

Ballad, R&B and Soul) Php 15,000.00

Dance 24 sessions of dance Kids: Php 12,000.00

classes (choice of Hip- Teens: Php 15,000.00

Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Intermediate Advanced:

Ballet, or Ballroom) Php 15,000.00

Instruments 24 sessions of instrument Kids: Php 11,000.00

training + notes reading Teens: Php 14,000.00

(Maximum of 2 Intermediate Advanced:

instruments: piano, guitar, Php 14,000.00

violin, trumpet and drums)

Theater 24 sessions of acting and Kids: Php 12,000.00

dramatic classes with Teens: Php 15,000.00

musical theatre. Intermediate Advanced:

Php 15,000.00

Production 24 sessions of production Php 11,000.00

classes (includes script

writing, show production,

hosting and directing)

Note: All sessions are held only 3 times a week with 3 hours per session.

F. Target Market

Primary Target Market Profile: Star Hopefuls

THM’s primary target market are the Star Hopefuls ages 13-26. They are the

ones who who really has a passion for music and performing arts and are planning on

pursuing their talent as their own recreation of profession. Currently studying or working

in Metro Manila and belongs to the classes AB and upper C. They live in subdivisions in

cities like Makati, Manila, Marikina, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Pasig and Taguig.

The primary target market are the ones who have already joined a talent class at

least once or are the ones eager to learn and be part of a performing arts class or who

wants to be part of productions. They are focused on learning and exploring their craft in

the world of performing arts. They are the once conscious of their image and are usually

active in social media platforms. These individuals excel both in their careers and

personal lives.

Based on user status, the Star Hopefuls are the ones who likes to explore on

different talent camps and different opportunities that will give them connections and

wider chances of having a career in the field of performing arts or who would like to

enjoy their passion while they still are not focusing on some things which are not arts

related. So these target market are not usually loyal to any brand because of trying to

gather more learnings and experiences.

Secondary Target Market Profile: Stage Parents

THM’s secondary target market are the parents who would like to engage their

children in to something which is artistic. They are ages 35 - 45 and they have children

currently in either grade school, high school, or college. They are college graduates who

have stable jobs or have their own businesses whose families are also either class AB

or upper C. They live in homes in Metro Manila.

The secondary target market enjoys to spend money on their children for the

sake of their fulfillment for their children to be able to experience and learn new things

other than what is thought in school. They try to keep with the latest trends, which

translates them to thinking what their children would want. They also like to post

updates of their social lives, either personal, work, or family, on social media.

Parents are potential buyers who would influence their children to avail the

product or will force their children to be in it or to have it. These people are brand loyal,

but since they are trendy they would likely try out a new product and would be loyal to it

if they are satisfied.

Tertiary Target Market Profile: Little Dreamers

For THM’s tertiary target market, they want to tap students who are still in the

elementary level ages 7-13. These are students who are studying at prestigious schools

like La Salle Green Hills, O.B. Montessori Green Hills, La Salle Santiago Zobel School,

Xavier School, Ateneo Grade School, Assumption College, St. Paul College Pasig,

British School Manila, Brent International School, etc. They belong to income class AB

and upper C. Same with the Primary and Secondary Target Markets, they also reside in

Metro Manila.

In terms of user status, elementary students are not busy as usual compared to

other students. They are also on the stage of self-discovery who are trying to find their

identity and trying to discover and hone their skills by trying out. These individuals are

not loyal to any brand and will most likely change when there is an opportunity.


A. Sales

While there is no available data regarding the sales of talent schools in the

Philippines, based on the 2015 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry,

operation of concert and theatre halls and other arts facilities ranked fourth in the top

five leading industries with the highest compensation with a total average annual

compensation of P541,700.

The income generated by the arts, entertainment and recreation industry in 2015

amounted to P158.9 billion. 88.3% of which is coming from the gambling and betting

activities, earning P140.4 billion. Operation of concert and theatre halls earned a total of

P1.1 billion, which is 0.69% of the total income.

B. Coverage

Makati City is located at the center of National Capital Region (NCR). It is known

to be the financial center or the financial capital of the Philippines because it has the

largest concentration on both multinational and local corporations in the country. Makati

is also known as a major cultural and entertainment hub in Manila. It is also known for

its shopping destinations – Powerplant mall, Greenbelt and Glorietta.

National Capital Region is composed of 17 cities namely; City of Manila, the

Philippine capital city, Quezon City, the country's most populous city and former capital,

and the cities of Caloocan, Las Piñas, Makati, Malabon, Mandaluyong, Marikina,

Muntinlupa, Navotas, Parañaque, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Taguig, Valenzuela and

Pateros. Shown in the table above is the total population in the National Capital Region.

As of August 1, 2015, the total population in NCR totaled to 12,877,253. 1.02 million

higher compared to the 2010 population of 11.86 million. The annual population growth

rate is at 1.58%.

Having a total population of 582,602, Makati is the 17th largest city in the

Philippines and the 41st most densely populated city in the world with 27,010 persons

per square kilometer. The daytime population of Makati however, has been estimated at

a minimum of 3.2 million to 4.2 million in 2010, which is 6-8 times its night-time

population during weekdays.

Based on the 2016 Annual Financial report for Local Government Units, Makati

City is ranked as the second highest earning city in the Philippines, with a total equity of

P41.625 billion and a total revenue of P14.266 billion. Quezon City is ranked first with a

total equity of P43.897 billion and a total revenue of P18.037 billion.

C. Market Share

Talent Schools in the Philippines doesn’t usually have their own institution, they

are usually made or organized by a certain theater company or a media and

entertainment based company. Workshops are offered by these institutions and some of

them has already made a name in this industry. There are no available market share data

that will tell which of these talent or entertainment companies has it’s biggest share in the

market. But there are several theater companies who offers workshop and are very much

present and booming as of today. According to an article from ABS-CBN News, the talent

workshops that made it to their article are PETA’s workshop series, Atlantis Musical

Theater workshop, Ballet Philippines Workshop, Tanghalang Pilipino Regional Workshop,

and Star Magic Workshop. Some other renowned talent schools includes, Yamaha

School of Music, The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab, 9Works Theatrical, School of

Rock, Voice Academy of the Philippines and more.

D. Category

Figure 2. Top Five Leading Industries in Labor Productivity for the Sector by
Industry Sub-class:
Source: Philippine Business and Industry

Talent House Manila falls under the category of performing arts school because it

offers theater, dance, voice, musical instrument and production workshops. According to

the 2015 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry, the operation of concert and

theatre halls and other arts facilities generated PHP1.1 billion worth of total income. The

figure above shows the top five industries as to labor productivity in 2015 which includes

the operation of concert and theatre halls and other arts facilities amounting to PHP 537.1

thousand. Furthermore, the subsidies received by the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

sector from the government during the same year reached PHP 308.9 million. Among the

industries from the sector, the operation of concert and theatre halls and other arts

facilities received the largest subsidy from the government that amounted to PHP213.6

million (69.2%). It was distantly followed by other sports activities and gambling and

betting activities with PHP54.5 million (17.6%) and PHP33.5 million (10.8%) respectively

("2015 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) - Arts, Entertainment

and Recreation Sector For All Establishments: Final Results | Philippine Statistics

Authority," 2017).

Based on the statistics, it shows that the performing arts industry is doing well and

striving in and has given many contributions to the country. The government even

supports the theatre halls and other arts facilities in order for the brilliant individuals to

showcase their talents. In connection with this, the Talent House Manila’s chosen venue

for its students’ recital is at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

E. Competition

The performing arts industry in the Philippines is filled with a lot of institutions that

cater to the different fields of art. There are schools solely for dance, theater, production,

voice and musical instruments. Different entertainment agencies scout hidden talents

from these schools in hopes of absorbing future stars into their company. Since, Talent

House Manila offers all fields, the top establishments that are in par are: Philippine

Educational Theater Association (PETA) and the Star Magic Workshops. PETA is the

oldest of the two, with over 50 years of experience. While, Star Magic Workshops are in

demand because it is known to produce artists for ABS-CBN.

F. Product Life Cycle

Figure 3. Product Life Cycle of the Performing Arts Industry

The product life cycle is a model to analyze the progress of a product through its

life span. This technique can be used to assess an individual firm’s products, a type of

product, or an industry. In this case, three different companies are being assessed in

order to understand their performances in the industry through its life span.

Introduction: Talent House Manila

The introduction stage is when the product is brought into the market or when a

company enters the industry. This stage of the cycle could be considered as the most

expensive stage for the company because high investment would be needed (Living

Better Media, 2016). The cost of the company will be very high, especially in a

competitive sector, since this stage will require research and development, consumer

testing, and marketing plan. On the other hand, the size of the market for the

product/service offered by the company is small, thus sales and the revenue are also low.

Since Talent House Manila is new in the industry, awareness of the company’s

product is very low. Considering that they are a new entrant in the market, the company

must strategize for product awareness in order to develop a market for their product. In

the performing arts industry, the competitor are very limited thus Talent House Manila

only has few companies to compete. With this, the company will consider implementing

price skimming strategy in order to showcase an impression of quality, credibility and

reliability of our products. The company will invest in the quality of training, equipments,

and mentors that can justify the high price of the company. Because of the difficulty in

competing in the industry as a start up with a high price, intensive promotions should be

needed. Talent House Manila should maximize the power of social media and the use of

print ads. In addition, analyzing the psychographics of the primary target market, social

media is the most accessible and frequently visited medium by the market.

Growth: Star Magic

The growth stage is wherein sales starts to increase. The product of the company

becomes more known to the public. In addition, this is also when a company starts to be

recognized and stabilize in the industry. This stage is characterized by a strong growth in

sales and profits, and because the company can start to benefit from economies of scale

in production, the profit margins, as well as the overall amount of profit, will increase. This

makes it possible for businesses to invest more money in the promotional activity to

maximize the potential of this growth stage.

Star Magic has been in the industry for 25 years and through the years, they have

produced a number of great and successful personalities. With their successful artists,

they have been showcased in numerous films and dramas which are distributed by the

country’s leading television network, ABS-CBN, with an average national audience share

of 46% (ABS-CBN News, 2018). Star Magic continues to maintain its quality workshops

by having or inviting more well-known professional trainers/mentors. As Star Magic

continues to build its brand and market in the industry, the pricing of the workshops are

maintained at P10,000-20,000 as demand continues to increase.

Maturity: PETA

In the maturity stage, the product is already established and the goal of the

company is to maintain the market share they have built up. This is probably the most

competitive time for most products and businesses need to invest wisely in any marketing

strategies they undertake. They also need to consider any product modifications or

improvements to the production process which might give them a competitive advantage.

As for the price, this may be lowered in order to capture consumers’ attention and

compete with the competitive market. The distribution of the firm must become more

intensive in order to encourage more consumers to prefer the brand over its competitors.

The Philippine Educational Theater Association or PETA has performed

successfully in the industry for the past 51 years. Through the years, PETA remained as

one of the top theater organizations in the country. According to PETA (n.d.), they have

produced over 540 plays where they have generated a significant amount of cash. On the

other hand, the company extended their brand by adding more workshops such as

broadcasting, television, and film production. As a fulfillment of many of its long-term

goals, PETA invested in a Theater Center to enable it to pursue its vision of a Philippine

Theater that is truly integrated and vital to the development of people and society (UNDP,

n.d.). In addition, PETA has built a network of partners as part of their promotional

strategy in sharing their and tapping of potential participants. For pricing, the company

has set their workshop lower than its competitors because of the of new competition in

the industry.

G. Boston Consulting Group

The BCG model takes into consideration two variables which are market share and

market growth. This model is very helpful since it helps determine which products of the

company is in need of more funding and attention. It is essential that every company

maintains a balanced portfolio by having high-growth products as well as low growth

products, which is why this model assumes that the best strategy is to be able to dominate

the market when the market is mature; Since products with greater market share or within

a fast growing mature market are expected to wield relatively greater profit margins

(Kotler, 2003).

This model showcases the competitors in the market into 4 categories based on a

combination of market growth and market share relative to the largest competitor. One

these categories are the stars which have high market share and high market growth,

while question marks have low market share and high market growth. Another one is

cash cows which have high market share and low market growth. And lastly, dogs which

have low market share and low market growth.

Figure 4. Boston Consulting Group Matrix of the Performing Arts Industry

Question Mark: Talent House Manila

Most businesses in the industry starts as a questions mark, a company that tries to

enter a high growth market in which there is already a market leader. With that, Talent

House Manila is considered as the question mark in the matrix. Since the company is a

new entrant in the market, high investment is needed in this industry. Talent House

Manila will be offering different kinds of programs such as voice, dance, theatre, and

production workshops. Each workshop will incur high cost due to its equipments and

salary of the professional instructors. Thus cash needs are high because of their growth,

but their cash generation will be small because of their low market share. Intensive

promotional strategies will be needed by the company in order to aggressively compete in

the market.

Star: Star Magic

The products that are present in this quadrant have the potential to generate large

amount of profit due to its position in the market and the possibility of growth in sales as

the industry expands. In this case, Star Magic is the star in the performing arts industry.

The talent company has increased its presence in the industry with its numerous

personalities in the network, ABS-CBN. They shed large investment in order to maintain

its position in the industry. Star Magic talents undergo training in acting, personality

development and physical enhancement before being cast in the television shows of

ABS-CBN and the films of Star Cinema, as well as other film projects in the Philippines,

commercial projects and corporate events. The company significantly invest on their

professional local/international trainers, equipments, etc… However, through Star Magic’s

well-known artists’ successful films, dramas, tv commercials, endorsements, and other

projects, they have high generation of cash.

Cash Cow: PETA

Products under this category show a return on assets which are greater than the

market growth rate, thereby generating more profit than they consume. In addition, these

companies produces high level of cash. They have a superior position in the market with

a low cost. In this case, PETA is the cash cow in this industry. The Philippine Educational

Theatre Center has been operating for more than 50 years and it generated a lot of cash

through its successful theatrical plays. According to PETA (n.d.), they have built a

connection for more than 700 networks nationwide. In addition, they have also tapped

around 4,650 participants to join their workshops. This shows that PETA continues to

dominate the market and continue to generate high amount of cash even though they are

already saturated.


A. External Analysis (PESTLE)

1. Political & Legal

Philippines’ Tax Reforms: Lowering of Income Tax

According to PinoyMoneyTalk, under the Duterte administration, a new tax reform

was implemented by the Department of Finance (DOF); is set to be used until the year

2019. Substantially, the tax reform package will lower down taxes and exempt those who

earn P250,000 annually. Though majority of the population will benefit from this, high-

wage earners will be charged with a high amount of P1,450,000 +35% that excess over

P5,000,000 annually. This will affect the industry of performing arts schools drastically

especially when it comes to its employees. With the current annual salary of a basic

musical teacher (P300-360,000 per year), the income tax lessened by 10% in 2013 from

a high of 30% to 20% with the new Tax Reform Law. And it will even be lowered down to

15% by 2020. This implementation will motivate professional musicians to share their

expertise and apply to be teachers in performing arts schools because of the increase of

net income they get monthly, excluding other optional/mandatory benefits. The new tax

reform will also allow employers in the industry of performing arts schools to recruit high-

class teachers as one of their assets. The diagram below shows the proposed lowered

income tax until 2019 and 2020 onwards:

Until 2019:
Brackets Income per year Tax Rates

1 Below P250,000 0%

2 P250,000 to P400,000 20% of the excess over


3 P400,000 to P800,000 P22,500 + 20% of the

excess over P400,000

4 P800,000 to P2,000,000 P130,000 + 30% of the

excess over P800,000

5 P2,000,000 to P5,000,000 P490,000 + 32% of the

excess over P2,000,000

6 Over P5,000,000 P1,450,000 + 35% of the

excess over P5,000,000

2020 onwards:
Brackets Income per year Tax Rates

2 Below P250,000 0%

3 P250,000 to P400,000 15% of the excess over


4 P400,000 to P800,000 P22,500 + 20% of the

excess over P400,000

5 P800,000 to P2,000,000 P102,500 + 25% of the
excess over P800,000

6 P2,000,000 to P5,000,000 P402,000 + 30% of the

excess over P2,000,000

7 Over P5,000,000 P1,302,500 + 35% of the

excess over P5,000,000

2. Economic

Increasing Philippine GDP

Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in ASEAN (Association of

Southeast Asian Nations) and as it perpetually grows, it positively affects not only the

performing arts industry but other industries as well. In the fourth quarter of 2017, GDP

increased by 1.7 and is still continuing its positive growth in the first quarter of 2018 with

1.5% increase. Additionally, according to Trade Economics statistic growth forecast for

the entire 2018, they expect to have a growth of 7-8%. With continual positive growth,

teachers in the performing arts industry will be more inspired to teach and share their

knowledge on their specific field because it will be able to enhance their standard of living

due to higher average income. Also, the industry will have more budget to spend on

research and development and better tangible assets which can help the schools become

more profitable because of more disposable income businesses get. The graph below

portrays the Philippines’ GDP growth rate from 2015 to the first quarter of 2018:

Figure 5. Philippines GDP Growth Rate (2015-2018)

3. Social

Philippines: World leader in social media usage

For the past years since late 2016, Philippines led the world in terms of time spent

on social media despite having one of the slowest internet speed in among the ASEAN

countries with an average high of 3 hours and 57 minutes amongst 67 million users in the

country; social media websites/applications include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

Snapchat, and many more. (Camus, 2018). With this being said, as social media is deals

great influence on consumers especially with the idols, celebrities and endorsers’

promotional schemes, social media platforms could and is, matter of fact, being used as a

tool to advertise businesses. These platforms help spread awareness towards kids,

teenagers, and even parents who have children who are looking for performing arts

schools to seek and hone their hidden talents.

4. Technological

Digital connection and Advancement of Technology

Based on Euromonitor, digital connection viably through the use of gadgets such

as cellular phones, laptops, etc., have significantly changed how consumers live and

shop and it affected the way businesses, manufacturers, retailers sell their

products/services because the advancement of technology created more avenues for

selling to meet the needs of consumers with the use of innovation to gain a higher

competitive advantage among competitors. To give justice, within the spectrum of Asia-

Pacific countries, it was home for more than half of the world’s internet users.

Moreover, by 2030 according to Euromonitor, 99% of global mobile telephone

subscriptions will already have internet connection which will greatly affect the way the

performing arts industry market their services such as online advertisements,

marketing, and promotional strategies.

5. Environmental

Effectivity of workshops during Summer

Most parents already know the importance of keeping children busy and active

even when school is out. That's why there are parents who are in search for summer

workshops, summer sports clinics, summer lessons and activities which their kids could

participate or be enrolled in. In this era of technological innovation where kids tend to be

more tech savvy than before and kids tend to face their phones or ipads the whole day,

keeping them busy especially during summer. According to a research commissioned by

the wallace foundation and conducted by RAND Education, summer learning programs

can help boost the confidence of the child and the ability to learn more and produce

productive outcomes. Summer programs could boost children’s learning aside from the

lessons they learn during school days. That is why most sports, arts, and recreational

classes are offered during summertime, to also get the full time and attention of the


B. Porter’s Five Forces

Threat of New

Supplier Power Competitive Rivalry Buyer Power

Low High High

Threat of Substitutes

Bargaining Power of Buyers: High

Buyers are price sensitive, they always look for the best deals that would fit their

budget. Consumers are more likely to choose a brand that offers a more affordable price

over a premium priced one. Due to several similar products in the market and price

sensitive consumers, there is a low switching cost for the buyers.

Since competitors are priced at different ranges targeted specifically for certain

segments, buyers have a variety of brands to choose from. Product availability is also not

a problem as most competitors are established and positioned. Consumers can easily

choose among the other competitors which make brand loyalty weak.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Low

The bargaining power of suppliers is low because most of the materials needed

to produce the products are easily available from a variety of suppliers. There will be

numerous suppliers to choose from as they do not have a competitive advantage over

each other. Instruments and production equipments will need supplies which are easily

available and will be needed by our product for production training, instrument

workshops and voice lessons. Materials for theatre, acting and dancing workshops are

also easily available therefore, Talent House Manila can easily negotiate the terms of

payment and price.

Threat of New Entrants: Low

Introducing a new performing arts school in the market requires high

capital cost.

Threat of Substitutes: High

Consumers all have different preferences when it comes to learning how to play

an instrument, sing, dance and act. There are several substitutes for learning these.

Self-learning is the most basic form of learning, anyone can just go to youtube and look

for tutorials and lessons. These tutorials and lessons are very accessible because of the

internet. Tutoring is also one of the ways to learn. People can just hire talented tutors for

a cheaper price who can teach their students how to act, sing, dance and play the

instrument. Consumers can also learn through friends and family. Some of these skills

can be passed down for free by those who are close to them.

Competitive Rivalry: High

An intense competition exists in this industry. Existing brands utilizes rigorous

promotions and advertising as they collaborate with other brands and have social media

presence. One aspect that can make competitive rivalry more intensive is that brand

loyalty is weak which can result to easy brand switching.

C. Competitive Profile Matrix

Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Weight Score Weighted Score Weighted Score Weighted
Factors Score Score Score

Quality 0.25 4 1.00 3 0.75 3 0.75

Price 0.20 2 0.40 3 0.60 1 0.20

Programs 0.20 3 0.60 3 0.60 4 0.80


Location 0.15 4 0.60 3 0.45 4 0.60

Financial 0.10 4 0.40 3 0.30 1 0.10


Marketing and 0.10 4 0.40 3 0.30 2 0.20


Total 1.00 3.40 3.00 2.65



● Programs Offered

Talent House Manila Provides a wide variety of programs and some of the

classes they offer are very unique compared to its competitors. They offer Voice

Lessons, Dance Workshops, Theatre and Acting Workshops, Instruments

Workshops and Productions Training.

● Product Quality

Talent House Manila is a performing arts school in the Philippines that

provides a top notch artistic education. They provide quality equipments needed

for each class. This makes sure that every consumer is contented and will get what

they paid for.

● Location

Talent House Manila will be located in makati. Makati is considered as

Philippines’ very own Wall Street therefore, it is an ideal place to start a business.

There are a lot of residentials, schools, businesses and malls in makati. The

accessibility and convenience of Talent House Manila is one of its great strengths

because it will be near its consumers.


● Marketing and Advertising

Talent House Manila is on its introduction phase therefore the consumers

do know that the product exists. There will also be complications in presenting the

product advertisements for it might not reach its target market. As for the

competitors, Star Magic and PETA have already established their brand and

products through their advertisements. However, the company will invest in some

advertising materials to close the gap from the customers.

● Financial Position

Talent House Manila is new therefore, the capital of the company is low

compared to its competitors, star magic and PETA that has been profiting for a

long time.

● Price

Talent House Manila’s prices are higher than Star Magic and PETA due to more

Programs being offered and opportunities that the school gives to their students.

D. Competitive Profile



Theater for Artistic Acting, Voice, and Voice, Instruments,

Development Dance Workshop Dance, Theater,
PRODUCT/ Workshops, for different age and Production
SERVICE Theater for groups Workshops for
Development different age groups
Theater in
Broadcasting and
Television, and Film

PRICE P9,000-P11,000 P10,000-26,000 P11,000-P15,000

The PETA theater ABS-CBN Makati City

PLACE Center, Quezon Broadcasting
City Center, Quezon

Newsletters, Advertising Advertising

Social Media Collaterals, Collaterals,
Advertisements, TV Commercials, Discounted
PROMOTION Seasonal Packages Going to different sessions, Radio ad,
for workshops, cities for audition, Social Media Ads,
loyalty discounts Mall shows loyalty discount,
mall activation

E. External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix

Key External Factors Weight Rate WTD Rating Rationale



Lowered Income Tax 0.15 2 0.30 Professionals are motivated

to work

Increase in GDP 0.20 4 0.80 Since there is an increase in

GDP, Talent House Manila

could also raise its prices to

be able to garner more


Digital Connection 0.15 3 0.45 Reviews regarding the

school could be shared

through the internet which

will help market Talent

House Manila


Established competitors 0.30 2 0.60 There are different

establishments that also

cater to performing arts.

Available substitutes 0.20 2 0.40 There are YouTube tutorials

on dance, singing, acting,

and etc.

TOTAL 1.0 2.55


A. Internal Analysis

1. Management

The management team of Talent House Manila is in control of making the best

decisions for the company. They are also in charge of effectively promoting the brand

through Marketing and Advertising. Aside from that, they also maintain an orderly

workplace that would benefit the students and the employees. They also ensure to take

their employees into consideration in every decision they make for the company.

2. Motivated Workers

Talent House Manila ensure to have the best set of employees. All employees

are required to go through seminars and training to be able to obtain the quality

standards of the company. Through these seminars, the employees are also expected

to fully understand the vision and mission of the company, as well as the company’s

values and live by them. Talent House Manila also maintains a good relationship with

their employees by having different activities and programs for them to also enjoy. The

company treats their employees fairly and with respect at all times to be able to create a

positive working environment for each and everyone. Certain rules and regulations are

imposed among the employees to be able to maintain an orderly workplace.

3. Competitive Advantage

Talent House Manila offers a wide variety of classes – voice lessons, dance

workshops, acting workshops, theater workshops, instruments workshops and

productions training, the company has a lot to offer. This is an advantage for THM

considering that their competitors have fewer selections with regards to the programs

that are being offered. In addition to that, Talent House Manila also offers the best set of

instructors that have undergone enough training and experience to be able to provide

quality education for their students.

4. Strong Brands

The main competitors of Talent House Manila – Star Magic and PETA, have

already established a relationship with their customers throughout the years. This is an

edge for the company’s competitors especially because Talent House Manila is a new

company that is only being introduced to the market.

5. Intensive Distribution and Effective Promotion Campaign

Since Talent House Manila will be located in Makati, it will be accessible for

people who are living within the metro – north or south. Competitors, Star Magic and

PETA are both located in Quezon City which is a disadvantage for people living in the

south. As for promotions, Talent House Manila will be promoting through giving out

flyers and putting up informative and enticing billboards/posters to be able to get the

attention of their target customers. They will also be offering early bird discounts for

students who will be enrolling during a certain period. The company will also be

promoting on the different social media platforms to be able to raise awareness among

their target customers. In addition to that, the company will also be promoting through

radio advertisements to reach more of the target market.

B. Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix

Critical Success Factors Weight Rating WTD Rating Rationale



Programs offered 0.20 4 0.80 THM has a wide

array of programs
offered with some
of it being unique

Product quality 0.25 3 0.75 THM provides
needed per class
that are also
headed by
professional and
teachers to give a
top-notch artistic

Location 0.15 4 0.60 THM will be

located in Makati,
which is highly
accessible and
convenient to the


Marketing and advertising 0.10 2 0.20 THM is only on its

phase, while
competitors are
established and

Financial position 0.10 1 0.10 THM being new,

has a low
revenue and a
low market share.

Price 0.20 1 0.20 THM’s prices are

a bit more
expensive than
PETA but
somehow at par
with Star Magic
due to benefits of
our classes.

TOTAL 1.0 2.65


A. SWOT Matrix

Helpful Harmful

Strengths Weaknesses

Internal Origin 1. Huge Variety of 1. Higher Price than

Classes Competitors
2. Professional and 2. No Reputation Yet
Experienced Teachers 3. Low Market Share
3. Location 4. Weak Marketing and

Opportunities Threats

External Origin 1. Increased Popularity 1. Well-established

of Homegrown Competitors’ Brand
Filipino Talents Names
2. Future International 2. Benefits of the
Partnerships Competitors
3. High Market Growth 3. Available Substitutes
4. Lowered Income Tax
5. Increase in GDP
6. Digital Connection

1. Strengths Analysis

Huge Variety of Classes

Talent House Manila offers five different workshops namely voice, dance,

instruments, theater and production classes - all of which have 24 sessions each. The

voice class is consisted of vocal training and songwriting that includes Broadway, Pop,

Ballad, R&B and Soul. The dance class has many options for one to choose from such as

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet or Ballroom. The instruments class includes notes

reading and instrument training with a maximum of two instruments only which are piano,

guitar, violin, trumpet and drums. The theater class is composed of acting and dramatic

classes with musical theatre. Lastly, the production class consists of scriptwriting, show

production, hosting and directing.

Professional and Experienced Teachers

The company follows a strict process of recruiting trainers of the students for each

kind of class because one of its top priorities as a performing arts school is to give second

to none and incomparable learning experience to the students. The applicants must be

able to reach all the qualifications and requirements in order to be eligible to be part of the

Talent House Manila teachers.


Talent House Manila is located in Makati City, the country’s very own Wall Street.

The place is extremely accessible and convenient for the company’s target market,

whether they live in North or South, since Makati City is approximately the center of the

North-South vicinity. Moreover, it is also an ideal place to start a business because there

are numerous residential, schools, businesses and malls around the city. Therefore, it is

considered as one of the strengths of the company because it is nearby its target market.

2. Weaknesses Analysis

Higher Price Than Competitors

Talent House Manila’s price range is from P11,000 to P15,000 while its

competitors, PETA and Star Magic workshops, are P9,000 to P11,000 and P10,000 to

P20,000, respectively. This shows that Talent House Manila has significantly higher

prices than PETA. It may not be a good idea to surpass the competitors’ price as a start-

up company but Talent House Manila ensures that its students’ parents are getting their

money’s worth through giving the most exceptional education and providing the best

quality equipment necessary for each class.

No Reputation Yet

The company was only established in January 2018 with the purpose of improving

the artistic skills of its students in dancing, singing, acting, playing musical instruments,

hosting, script writing and directing. Because of this, it does not have something immense

that it can brag about to the public for the reason that the company has not proven

anything yet in a short period of time.

Low Market Share

Since Talent House Manila is just new to the market, it holds low market share in

quick growing markets consuming large amount of cash in order to maintain or gain

market share. It has not captured a large market share yet in the performing arts industry

whereas its competitors PETA and Star Magic Workshop have been in the business for a

fairly reasonable amount of time now. In consequence of that, low market share is one of

the company’s weaknesses.

Weak Marketing and Advertising

Compared to its renowned competitors, Talent House Manila has a weak

marketing and advertising for the reason that it is only on the introduction stage thus the

service that the company offers is just new to the consumers. In contradiction of its

competitors, they have established excellent, effective and useful advertisements that

helped them make a name in the industry. Furthermore, the company is not entirely

certain that its promotional materials will be able to reach its target market well.

3. Opportunities Analysis

Increased Popularity of Homegrown Filipino Talents

There is an increasing popularity of homegrown Filipino talents in today’s era. The

Philippines is known for its talented, passionate artists in the performing arts industry –

from singers and dancers to actors and actresses. In regard to the dance scene, the

Philippine Ballet Theatre featured “The Merry Widow” and the homegrown talents led by

2016 Cultural Center of the Philippines’ highest-awarded female dancer, Irene Kim

Abrogena, and 2016 World Ballet Competition 4 th Place winner, Veronica Atienza,

alternating in the lead role (INQUIRER.net, 2017). This is just one of the many proofs that

the Filipino artists are becoming well-known to the performing arts industry, both locally

and abroad.

Future International Partnerships

One of the company’s long term goals is to partner up with international companies

that produces Broadway shows. For instance, Talent House Manila will be scouting its

own artists to be part of the casting for Disney Theatrical Productions Limited or

commonly known as Disney On Broadway. The company will make sure that they are

completely prepared for their auditions. The company can also give financial support if

THM artists need assistance in applying for Disney On Broadway’s upcoming auditions.

This will be their stepping stone in being part of a Broadway show.

High Market Growth

There is a high market growth for Talent House Manila since it is a start-up

company within an industry that has a prevailing market share. The company is

considered as the question mark in the Boston Consulting Group matrix, that’s why it has

an opportunity of having a high market growth. Hence, majority of the businesses start as

question marks as the company is trying to enter a high-growth market in which there is

already an existing market share.

Lowered Income Tax

Based on the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN law that was

implemented by the Department of Finance, the new tax reform package will lower down

taxes with an exception of those who earn P250,000 annually. With the present-day

annual salary of a musical teacher which is P300,000 to P360,000 per year, the income

tax will be lowered to 15% by 2020 from a high 30%. Therefore, there is an increase of

net income they get monthly. This will greatly and positively affect the performing arts

industry because professional artists can be more motivated to share their expertise and

consider the option to be a teacher in performing arts schools.

Increase in GDP

One of the fastest growing economies in ASEAN countries is the Philippines.

Because of this, it has a positive effect on not only the performing industry but also other

industries, too. The teachers in the performing arts industry will be more driven to teach

due to higher average income thus enhanced standard of living. There will also be an

increased budget in the industry to spend on research and development which can help

companies or schools to be more profitable. As for Talent House Manila, it can increase

its prices to be able to earn more profit.

Digital Connection

There is a significant change on how consumers live and shop and how

businesses sell their products or services because of the rise of digital connection. By

2030, 99% of global mobile telephone subscriptions will have internet connection that will

have a significant effect on how the performing arts industry market their services. For

this reason, Talent House Manila can use this to further improve its services through the

reviews that are shared online.

4. Threats Analysis

Well-established Competitors’ Brand Names

One of Talent House Manila’s competitors is Philippine Educational Theater

Association or PETA, one of the top theater organizations in the Philippines that has been

in the industry for nearly 50 years. In addition, it has made “a network of partners who

value culture as medium for change, and believe that theater can be a tool for education,

social change and development.” ("PETA - Philippine Educational Theater Association,"

n.d.). On the other hand, Star Magic Workshop was founded in 2009 while Star Magic

was established on May 12, 1992. Star Magic Workshop was created in order “to offer

quality training in acting for film and television, dancing and singing as facilitated by only

the best in the Philippine entertainment industry.” ("Star Magic Workshops," n.d.).

Benefits of the Competitors

Star Magic Workshop is affiliated with ABS-CBN, a Filipino media and

entertainment company based in Quezon City. The aspiring artists from Star Magic

Workshop have a high chance of being recognized by the management and can use their

experience from their workshop to join auditions of upcoming movies and TV shows

under ABS-CBN. This can also be their stepping stone to becoming a real actor or

celebrity in the show business.

Available Substitutes

The Internet is one of the greatest creations and provides everyone in the world

with internet access a boundless source of knowledge, information and entertainment.

Using a search engine like Google, one can ask a question and find an answer to that on

the web. Furthermore, there are millions of YouTube videos that can help explain

innumerable and diverse topics and even online courses that can be watched to teach a

person about many subjects. The best thing about this is that it is free and tremendously

convenient to the viewers because they can just do it at home.

B. Strategy Goal

External Opportunities External Threats

1. Increased Popularity 1. Well-established

of Homegrown Competitors’ Brand

Filipino Talents Names

2. Future International 2. Benefits of the

Partnerships Competitors

3. High Market Growth 3. Available Substitutes

4. Lowered Income Tax

5. Increase in GDP

6. Digital Connection

Internal Strengths SO1: Students under the S1T1: THM offers a variety

1. Huge Variety of theater, voice and dance of classes which competes

Classes classes with the help of the with schools that only cater

2. Professional and expertise of the company’s to one specific field.

Experienced exceptional teachers can S2T3: YouTube tutorials

Teachers help prove that THM is could be used as

3. Location worthy to be a partner of substitutes however,

international companies that students will not be

produce Broadway shows. guaranteed of the quality of

SO2: Given that THM has a education they will receive.

wide selection of classes These “instructors” could

available, this shall increase have no background yet,

the number of enrollees as they make tutorials on

not all performing arts dancing, singing, and

schools have as much playing instruments. On the

workshops offered putting other hand, THM assures

the company at an that all its teachers are

advantage. This will then professionals and with

increase the THM’s market experience.


Internal Weaknesses WO1: Maximize the use W4T1: THM should

1. Higher Price than of social media, through advertise persistently

Competitors promotional materials, in because people need to

2. No Reputation Yet order to create awareness recognize the brand. Since

3. Low Market Share about the services offered the competitors of THM are

4. Weak Marketing by the company. already established

and Advertising W2O6: Filipinos are avid companies, the only way to

social media users. THM compete with them is to

should utilize this in order match their promotions and

to create a good reputation advertisements.

for the brand. They should

ask THM’s students to

post reviews and their

experiences on their social

media. This way, future

students will perceive the

brand as credible because

of the reviews from former


C. Financial Goal

1. Short Term

● To have at least 25 students per class

● To get sponsorships and show buyers.

● To achieve breakeven

● To make all after workshop concert presentation sold out on

ticket sales.

2. Medium Term

● Increase market share to 10%

● To add more classes and teachers to accommodate more


● To have sold out matinee and gala shows for workshop


● To get more investors

3. Long Term

● Increase market share to 15%

● To transfer to a bigger venue for an after workshop

presentation concert.

● To have licensed shows for workshops.

● To add classes schedules by AM and PM classes to

accommodate more students.

D. Problems Identified

Service Problem

1. Why does the company offer a huge variety of classes instead of

focusing on solely one workshop class?

2. Will the company be able to satisfy the students in terms of learning


3. How will the company be able to compress learning in a 24-session


Pricing Problem

1. What pricing strategy is best suited for the company to use?

2. How much are the consumers willing to pay for each class?

3. Why should Talent House Manila set a higher price than PETA and

Star Magic Workshops that are already well-established companies?

Distribution Problem

1. How will the target market know about the company?

2. Why should Talent House Manila be located in Makati City?

3. Why are the headquarters and workshop venue located in just one


Promotion Problem

1. How will the company compete with its competitors when it is just

new to the market?

2. What promotional strategy should the company use in regard to brand


3. How can the company communicate its benefits to the target market?

People Problem

1. What are the qualifications and requirements of the teachers in order

to be eligible to train the students?

2. How will the company recruit trained employees?

3. How will the company ensure that the students are learning and

being well-trained by their teachers?

E. Marketing Strategies

1. Product

Brand Positioning Statement (BSP)

Talent House Manila is the ONLY performing arts school in the Philippines that

provides the highest caliber of artistic education with the help of some of the most

renowned Filipino Talent experts in partnership with local and international talent


Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Bound in producing world class talents.

Market Penetration

Since Talent House Manila is new in the market, the firm is tapping specific areas

with high potential profitability. THM wants to take advantage of the low threat of new

entrants in the market by constantly attempting to become the superior alternative among

their competitors. Although the competition in the market is aggressive and the service is

expensive, the service will still stand out because of its unique offerings Talent House

Manila wants its customers to get what they paid for in terms of its value.

2. Price

Based on the survey conducted on how much the respondents are willing to pay,

Talent House Manila will implement a price skimming strategy by pricing it at P11,000-

15,000. Because of the service’s unique workshops and classes offered, the cost of

production will increase resulting to a decrease in volume. With that being said, the

company should raise the prices in order to cover the expenses incurred. With this

strategy, the firm can evaluate whether the initial pricing is effective or not.

According to the survey, 70%, 66.7%, 66.7%, 63.3%, 53.3% of the respondents

are willing to enroll at voice and dance workshops, instruments + notes reading, acting

and dramatic classes with musical theatre and production management workshops

respectively at the imposed price. This shows that even at a higher price, the consumers

are willing to try the services if it was offered in the market.

3. Place

The services of Talent House Manila are available in their office located at Makati

city. It is situated in the commercialized area that is convenient for both North and South

residents. Makati is one of the busiest cities in NCR which makes it the ideal location for a

startup business. The company believes as soon as it reaches its growth stage, it plans

on expanding not only in Makati but in more branches as well along with our partnerships

with Disney, Broadway and local tv networks.

4. Promotion

Advertising Collaterals

In order to entice the target market in purchasing the offers made by Talent

House Manila despite its price compared to similar services and its competitors, the

company will be using promotional materials that communicates the main benefit of the

service - enrich Filipino talents in the field of performing arts. Having these promotional

materials placed in malls and on radio and social media would be effective since it

targets the main media touch points the target market comes in contact with on a daily


All promotional strategies would be towards one goal - which is to raise

awareness of the service and the brand by using aggressive advertising.The

promotional materials will be heavily placed along social media where the target market

usually goes to. The main benefit will be communicated in the promotional materials so

that the target market can understand what the service does and what it can do for


5. People

In the initial years of operation, Talent House Manila will have a simple

organizational structure. The company will be run by its founders in terms of marketing

and operations. This will have a moderate staff for delivery and production. Our main

investment for the organization will be under the operations which entails hiring

professional teachers to work on improving the capacity of the workshops and classes.

Talent House Manila expects to continue growing and expanding in the coming years,

which would entail hiring more employees and staff.


Recruiting will be done by Talent House Manila founders initially and as Talent

House Manila grows and expands, recruitment duties will fall under the human

resources department. The company will hire professional teachers by offering

professionals or them sending their resumes to us.


New recruits will have a 3 day orientation in the main office which will tackle the

overall functions of the department. The orientation will be divided into Operations,

Sales, and Product Management. They will also be given a 1 month training program in

which will include how to make the products, the overall operations. Through the

training program they shall be assigned with a senior partner and would be shadowing

them. The senior partners will be mentoring and guiding the newcomers with the

process around the company. It will be required for all new recruits so that they will be

competent and knowledgeable about the product, how the company works and its


Increasing Morale

Talent House Manila understands that valued employees leads to motivate

employees. When employees are treated well, they will work harder for the company.

Talent House Manila shall increase the value of employees by including them when it

comes to brainstorming for the innovation of the services, including their insights where

it matters. The company values a customer centered viewpoint and entrusts that

through voicing their suggestions there are more to work with than planning it within the

ranks. Aside from that, Talent House Manila employees will have a rewards like

employee of the month and also company outings.


There will be a quarterly evaluation for all employees and staff. This is to ensure

that all employees and staff members have lived up to the standard that Talent House

Manila has instilled in them during the training process.




Brand Activation in January - Brand Awareness Php 500,000.00

social media and December 2019 and Product
radio Familiarity

Social Media Posts January - Brand Awareness Php 10,000.00

December 2018 and Online

Discounts March - May 2018 Sales Promotion Php 300,000


Teacher posts August - December Brand Awareness Php 15,000.00


Facilities and September - Brand Awareness Php 5,000

classes post December 2018

Event Activation: January 2019 Brand Awareness Php 500,000.00

and Product


Everyone is born with a talent, but not all have the capacity to develop it and

be able to achieve their highest potential. World-renowned artists are seen all over

the world and they are idolized by millions of people. Although, before these artists

made it to the top, they have discovered their talents like any other person and

made sure that these have been improved. Talent House Manila is comprised of

executives and teachers who have come to know their talents and have had the

opportunity to refine them as well. The privilege of having our talents developed,

which has now become our passion and our way of living, inspires us to share the

knowledge to those that are incapacitated.

In line with the company’s goal of expanding the cultural arts community

and at the same time developing the talents of aspiring and gifted artists, Talent

House Manila’s commitment to the society is to extend its efforts in achieving our

goal to individuals with disability and those who are not capable of financing their

dreams. The company aims to give out free summer classes to at a maximum of 2

disabled individuals, which shall eventually help them boost their confidence in

cultivating their talents even when faced with an unfortunate situation. Moreover, a

portion of the proceeds of each production that has at least one participating

disabled individual will go to organizations for disabled people. As there are

several different organizations that specialize only on a certain disability, the

proceeds will go to one organization per year on a rotation basis. Organizations

such as Tahanang Walang Hagdan, Philippine Association of the Deaf, Center for

Autism and Related Disorders, EPHPHETA Foundation for the Blind, Development

Center for the Handicapped Foundation, etc. are the beneficiaries of the said

program. On the other hand, every year Talent House Manila is to give out

scholarships to some qualified less fortunate individuals to take classes along with

the other enrolled students and give them the same opportunity as the others. The

foundation for these programs are the reflection of the values of the company and

the goal of impelling individuals for a brighter future.


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