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Children and art (RUDY) SITPWG Flick 2 keys 1: piccolo, clarinet 2:clarinet, alto (Michael, Jemma) quartet hn 1xPerc

iccolo, clarinet 2:clarinet, alto (Michael, Jemma) quartet hn 1xPerc Harp 1 female solo Vibes cymbals triangle 8 players 1 singer
A Little Priest (RUDY) Sweeney Todd Anna + Joe 1 Keyboard (Lewis to sort) 1: Fl, 2: Fl,Cl 3: Cl, 4: Ob, 5: Bsn Full 2xTp, Hn, 2xTb 2xPerc Harp 1 male and 1 female solo kit if 2 players also timp 19 players 2 singers
All I ask of You Phantom Joe + Emily P 2 Keyboards 1: Picc,Fl, 2: Cl, 3: Ob, 4: Cl, BsCl, 5:Bsn Full (strings split a lot) 2xTp, 2xHns, Bs.Tb 1xPerc Harp 1 male and 1 female solo Perc (glock cymbal timp) 19 players 2 singers
Nothing Chorus Line Emily Daniels 1 Keyboard (k2=harp, k3=str) 1: Fl, Cl 2: Fl, Cl 3: Ob/Cor A (or Cl) 4: Bsn, Cl Full (Elec) Strings playing k3 3xTp, 2xTb 1xKit, 1xPerc Harp 1 female solo could do just kit (perc is bells etc.) 18 players 1 singer
Glitter and Be Gay (RUDY) Candide Emily Peace 1 Piano 1: Picc, Fl, 2: Cl, 3:CorA, Ob 4:BsCl,Cl 5: Bsn Full Tp,Hn,Tb 1xPerc HARP 1 female solo timp + kit Only got full score 15 players 1 singer
Stars Les Mis Alex Fritze 2 Keyboards (rudy on k2) 1: Pic,Fl,A.Fl. 2: Cor. 3: Bb,Eb,B.Cl Full Tp, 2xHn,Bs. Tb 1xPerc HARP MAYBE????????????? 1 male solo Perc (aux) 15 players 1 singer
one day more Les Mis ALL 2 Keyboards (rudy k2) 1: Pic,Fl,A.Fl. 2: Cor. 3: Bb,Eb,B.Cl Full Tp, 2xHn, Tb 1xPerc ALL (4 females, 3 males) Percussion (tom tom/timp/crash) 15 players 7 singers
cell block tango (RUDY) Chicago Girls 2 Keys 1: sop, clari, alto (jemma)2:sop, tenor (caitlin) 3: bari, bs clari, sop (ed) Vl solo, DB 2xTp, 2xTb. 1xKit 4 females kit book + claves 12 players 4 singers
Merrily Overture (RUDY) Merrily We Roll Along ORch 1 Piano 1: Picc, Asax, Cl (michaeL)2: Cl, Asax (Jemma) 3: Tsax(flick), 4:Barisax (ed) Ac Bass 3xTp, Tb 1xKit N/A straight kit book 11 players N/A

rudy, JoeDawson madigan, flick, caitlin, ed holmes , Jemma Annie-May, Jess Meakin, Sally, Sophie Walker Caroline Breman (harp) Evie Coplan Luke Davies, George jefford, Adam Meyer, Pol, Lizzie, Will King Simon Chorley Dan Hester

All I Ask of You (LEWIS) Emily P+Joe 4mins 10mins
A Little Priest (RUDY) Anna + Joe 7mins 15mins
Nothing (LEWIS) Emily D 4mins 20mins GET SOMEONE TO SING CELL BLOCK
Glitter and Be Gay (RUDY) Emily P 6mins 30mins
Stars (LEWIS) Alex F 4mins 10mins
One Day More (LEWIS) ALL 4mins 20mins
Cell Block (RUDY) GIRLS 7mins 15mins CUT DIALOGUE
Merrily Overture (RUDY) All to leave except Flick 3mins 10mins
0945-1015: Arrive (say start at 1015), 1015-1030 TUNE Merrily
45mins of singing 2hrs20mins rehearsal 1030-1040: All I ask (LEWIS) Stars
1040-1050: Stars (LEWIS) Nothing
1050-1110: Nothing (LEWIS) Cell Block
1110-1140: Glitter (RUDY) A Little Priest
1140-1150: Merrily (RUDY) Glitter and be Gay
1150-1205: BREAK Children and Art
1205-1220: Priest (LEWIS) All I ask of you
1220-1235: Cell Block (RUDY) One Day More
1235-1255: One Day More (LEWIS)
1255-1305: Children (RUDY)
10mins leeway
microphones to sort!! 1315-1400: LUNCH
printing 1405-1500: PLAYTHROUGH

15 mins

ipad for me rudy wants printed a4