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1. Introduction I am Man, Now i will introduce about my self. My full

name is Nguyen Minh Man. I come from Hau Giang province. I am 34 years
old. My birthday is on the tenth of December. I am living on 40, Le Hong
Phong street, Binh Thuy district, Can Tho City. Now, I have work an officer. I
usually go to work by my motorbike. My hobby are playing sports, reading
books and watching TV, but playing football is my best hobby . I like my job
because it’s very interesting .
2. Talk about your hometown I come from Hau Giang province. It is 60
kilometers far from Can Tho. My hometown are rice and fruit, such as: orange
fruit, mango fruit, durian fruit and rambutan fruit. I like many things about my
hometown. For example, people are very friendly and there are beautyful land
capes. I don't like about transportation my hometown. The road still narrow
and muddy, so it is difficult to travel.
3. Talk about your family There are three people in my family. They are
my father, my mother and me. My father is fifty years old. He is a teacher. He
teaches in Binh Thuy high school. He teaches Maths. He has short hair and
dark complexion. He teaches me good things to become a good person. He
always set good sample for me to follow. He is rather strict but I love him very
4. Talk about your work/study Now, I am an officer. I am working in
Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city. I work 40 hours a week from Monday to
Friday. I am off on Saturday and Sunday. Everyday, I go to work by
motorcycle. It takes me about 15 minutes to go there. My daily working begins
at 7 o’ clock and finishes at 5 P.M. In my freetime, I often watch TV or play
sports. I like Hong Kong films. My hobby is football. I like my job because it’s
5. Talk about your free time In my free time, I often watch TV. I watch it
about 3 or 4 hours day. My favorite program is film. I like Hong Kong films.
Sometime I listen to music. I like classical music. It makes me relaxed after
working hart. I also like going shopping. I often go to Coopmart Supermarket
on Sunday. I can take a look or buy something.
6. Talk about your favorite sport I like playing sports in my free time.
My favorite sport is football. I usually play it after working in the everning or
on Sunday morning. I can play this sport with my friends or my family
members. We play it the park near my house, because it has a very big yard for
everyone to play sports there. I like playing sports, because it is good for my
health and it is a good way for me to relax after working hard.

7. Talk about your travelling On my holiday, I often go DaLat. I go there
with my family. We go by car. I like going to DaLat because the weather is
cool. I feel very comfortable. There are a lot of interesting places such as: the
Flower garden, Xuan Huong lake, Cam Ri waterfall. I like the food there. It is
cheap and good. I like to visit Da Lat Matker at night. It is very crowded. I can
buy lovely and cheap woolen clothes. Most of visitors like buying them as the
8. Talk about your shopping habit I like going shopping when I have free
time. Especially, at weekend, I usually go shopping with my family or my
friend. We went to the supper market in the city center. We often buy many
things there such as: food, clother, Household things and so on. We also eat
some fast food or play games in the play ground. I like going shopping it is
good time for me to relax after learning and our family can spend time having
fun together.
9. Talk about your entertainmen My hobby is watching TV. I usually
what a lot of TV programs in my free time, for example: news, sport games,
music or films. I often watch TV at night after working hard. I stay at home
watching TV with my family. I like watching TV very much because it is time
for me to relax and helps me learn new knowledge.
10. Talk about your festival Tet is my favorite festival. It is on the first
day of January of the lunar year. People do many things on Tet, For example:
cleaning the house, cookies good food, getting together with the family,
visiting pagodas and so on. I like meeting friend and visiting relaties. Tet is
time for me to relax and have fun with everybody.
11. Talk about your future plans I hope that next year, I will study post
graduation. I study to get new pro knowledge and have promotion. I and my
friends will study with the teachers at CT university. I have a plan to travel
abroad, like Thai Lan or Singapore. And I will buy souvenirs for my family
and friends.