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statistics for machine learning Pratap Dangeti 2017.

pdf 485
Python for Quants - Pawel Lachowicz.pdf 235
Mining massive dataset.pdf 513
Data Analysis with Open Source Toolsn Philipp K. Janert 2011.pdf 513
Sebastian Raschka, Vahid Mirjalili - Python Machine Learning. Machine Learning and
Deep Learning with Python, scikit-learn and TensorFlow (2017, Packt).pdf 513
Head-First-SQL-Your-Brain-on-SQL-A-Learner-s-Guide.pdf 513
Data-Mining-and-Statistical-Analysis-Using-SQL (1).pdf 513
Head-First-Statistics.pdf 513
Head-First-Data-Analysis.pdf 513
Statistics in a Nutshell_ A Desktop Quick Reference - Sarah Boslaugh, Paul Andrew
Watters(1edition).pdf 513
Corporate Finance - Jonathan Berk, Peter DeMarzo - 2017.pdf513
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(1).pdf 513
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D Jordan - 9th.pdf 513
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Brealey, Stewart C Myers, Franklin Allen - Principles of Corporate Finance (2016,
McGraw-Hill Education).pdf 513
Data Mining_ The Textbook - Charu C. Aggarwal.pdf 513
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Statistics, 2nd Edition - Jr., Ph.D., Robert A.
Donnelly.pdf 513
Successful Algorithmic Trading - M. Halls Moore.pdf 513
Applied Corporate Finance 4th - Aswath Damodaran.pdf 513
Big Data Analytics Made Easy - Y. Lakshmi Prasad.pdf 513
Statistics in Plain English, 3rd Edition - Timothy C. Urdan.pdf 513
Statistics Done Wrong_ The Woefully Complete Guide - Alex Reinhart.pdf 513
Advanced Algorithmic Trading - Michael Halls Moore.pdf 513
Python for Probability, Statistics, and Machine Learning - Unpingco J..pdf 513
Financial Modelling in Python (The Wiley Finance Series) - Shayne Fletcher,
Christopher Gardner.pdf 513
Data Mining For Dummies - Meta S. Brown.pdf 513
Mastering Python for Data Science - Madhavan S..pdf 513
Principles of Corporate Finance Brealey and Myers uSixth Edition.pdf 513
Ivo Welch - Corporate Finance 4th Edition for the Masters of Finance and Master of
Data Science degrees (2017).pdf 513
Business Analytics_ Data Analysis & Decision Making - S. Christian Albright, Wayne
L. Winston.pdf 513
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Analytics in a Big Data World_ The Essential Guide to Data Science and its
Applications - Bart Baesens.pdf 513
Too-Big-to-Ignore-The-Business-Case-for-Big-Data.pdf 513
(Springer Texts in Business and Economics) Jan Ubøe (auth.)- Introductory
Statistics for Business and Economics_ Theory, Exercises and Solutions-Springer
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Statistics_ The Art and Science of Learning From Data - Alan Agresti, Christine A.
Franklin, Bernhard Klingenberg.pdf 513
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Python Data Analytics - Fabio.pdf 513
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Simulation, Calibration and Hedging (Wiley Finance Series) - 2015.pdf 513
Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies.pdf 513
Big-Data-Glossary-.pdf 513
Mastering-Data-Mining-with-Python.pdf 513
Sciences.pdf 513
Analysis and Use of_Financial Statements.pdf 513
openintro-statistics.pdf 513
Machine Learning for Hackers_ Case Studies and Algorithms to Get You Started
[Conway & White 2012-02-25].pdf 513
Larry Wasserman_ALL OF Statistics.pdf 513
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and Visualization. A course in three modules (2017, Packt).pdf 513
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Interactive Data Visualization for the Web_ An Introduction to Designing with D3
[Murray 2013-04-05].pdf 513
Statistics and data analysis - McKeand and Kapenga.pdf 513
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Corporate Finance - Stephen Ross, Randolph Westerfield, Jeffrey Jaffe - 10th .pdf
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Alberto Cairo.pdf 513
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Introduction to Machine Learning with Python_ A Guide for Data Scientists - Andreas
C. M__ller, Sarah Guido.pdf 513
Investment Valuation_ Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset -
Aswath Damodaran.pdf 513
Bernard Marr - Big Data in Practice_ How 45 Successful Companies Used Big Data
Analytics to Deliver Extraordinary Results (2016, Wiley).pdf 513
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(2018).pdf 513
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Visualization, Big Data, and the Quest for Better Decisions (2014, Wiley).pdf
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Decisions and Improve Performance (2015, Wiley).pdf 513
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Business Leaders and Practitioners (2014, Wiley).pdf 513
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Agriculture, Health and Environmental Security (2016, CABI).pdf 513
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Apress).pdf 513
Today-s-Businesses.pdf 513
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Works with Data (2015).pdf 513
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Science of Learning From Data (2017, Pearson).pdf 513
Corporate Finance 4th Global edition - Jonathan B Berk; Peter M DeMarzo.pdf 513
Principles of Corporate Finance - Richard Brealey, Stewart Myers, Franklin Allen
11th.pdf 513
[Wiley Finance, 324] Aswath Damodaran - Damodaran on Valuation_ Security Analysis
for Investment and Corporate Finance (2006, Wiley).pdf 513
UNDERSTANDING MACHINE LEARNING From Theory to Algorithms Shai Shalev-Shwartz.pdf
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 2nd Edition.pdf 513
[Mcgraw-Hill_Irwin Series in Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate] Stephen Ross,
Randolph Westerfield, Bradford Jordan - Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Standard
Edition (2012, McGraw-Hill_Irwin).pdf 513