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Lette.. f ..oDl.

We kicked down the bedroom door
in Iraq, and whispered sweet noth-
ings during the pillow talk of de-
mocracy and economic reform.
Yet all the while, the leering eyes
of our lusty politicians, pregnant
with the hopes of American con-
tractors and businessmen, groped
clumsily across the naked body of an ideologically tom country search-
ing for the good stuff, eager to find the G-Spot.
Much has change since 1942 and the world is no longer divided
into Axis and Allies, despite what you've been lead to believe. Dis-
course in this country has been systematically dismantled. Reaction is
favored over intellect, apathy over passion, and silence over conversa-
tion. In the words of Alan Moore, "In lieu of conversation, words will
always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for
those who will listen, the enunciation of the truth. And the truth is, there
is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?"
There is something wrong with this country. However, it is not
black and white. Right and wrong are hard to decipher in this day and
age, yet something slimy has crept its way into our unconscious. War-
time ideology has infiltrated our sovereignty as citizens, pillaged our con- ,~
fidence, and shaken our core. How does this violence translate into sex-
ual frustration, awareness and action? The truth is we don't know, but at
least we are asking these questions.
We know that there are times in this publication where we might
have missed the mark, might have even offended. We are trying to push
against boundaries of our tired conversations with images and words that
provoke a discourse, dependent upon thoughtfulness, participation and
opinion. No matter what you take from this, it's in your hands now. We
are trying to take seriously our responsibility as a generation to stir things
up, to begin a path ofthinking critically about who we really are and
what our hopes are for society. We are staring down the barrel of the
first decade of the new millennium, and it's about time that we all spoke
Melissa Markstrom and Oz Skinner

"You may not be
interested in
war, but war is
interested in
you, "

By Oz Skinner

War - it's so glamorous and sexy, isn't it?

No? Well, Italian Vogue seems to think so:
Last month's issue features a shoot by the
American photographer Steven Meisel, in what
must be the most grotesquely vulgar fashion
pictures ever, inspired by the Iraq war. Shock
and awe most certainly - it takes some talent to
simultaneously glorify jaded soldiers, rape, and
violence while selling this season's hottest cou-
Meanwhile on the home front we are
banned from seeing images of caskets return-
ing from Iraq, we (and the readers ofItalian
Vogue) are being fed subliminal messages that the war is a party, and everyone is invited. The
title even throws me - "Make Love Not War," unless, by "making love," he meant rape, or
subjugation. Is this how American patriotism is perceived in other countries? Are we all just a
bunch of sexed up, alcoholic party goers? Perhaps even more disturbing are the subtle refer-
ences to rape (a distraught woman in a Versace dress in bed with a blissful soldier) and execu-
tion (Women blindfolding men and tying them to a chair, reminiscent of Eugene Armstrong.)
What does this say about the United States and our culture? Perhaps more importantly, is
it an accurate representation? Are we so careless to toss around images that echo real violence,
using them to sell commodities? Is nothing sacred anymore? When the free market takes a
tragedy, like the beheading of a journalist and turns it into a way to sell more clothes, some-
thing is dreadfully wrong. Not only is this photo shoot ignorant of the political climate in
which it is being produced, it is also degrading to women, by depicting a very (unfortunate)
American view of sexuality. Sex, booze, party type atmosphere, war is not only cool, but noW
it is sexy and chic as well. Who doesn't want to drink Jack Daniels and roll around in the mud
in a Versace Dress?
3 Sexuality in America is something that is both exploited and also mystified.
We are force fed media images of what sexuality is supposed to be, while at the same
time ignoring the real facts and responsibilities of being sexual active and free Ameri-
cans. When we see images like these, we need to not only think about the impact they
have but also what they reflect. Do we want our sexual freedom to be limited to appall-
ing spreads in magazines or is sexuality something more? Are we committed enough to
take responsibility for the way our sexuality is portrayed?
It is our duty as Americans to challenge this myopic portrayal of sexuality.
While sex is fun, beautiful, and sometimes kinky, we must be incensed when it is used
to glorify violence and is gratuitous. Sexuality is sacred and should not be wasted on
superfluous pornographic imagery. When people are dying, and war is tearing our world
apart. Nor should it be so carelessly tossed around in graphic degrading imagery espe-
cially considering the very real threat that Iraqi and American women face everyday
from subjugation, sexual violence, and oppression. What next for the fashion world? I'm
looking forward to fashion shoots inspired by Darfur, pedophilia and homelessness.

See the entire shoot at http://maxwelld.livejournal.com/l06615.html

The pornographic wqy of looking or seeing

takes the o~ject of its gaze for its own pleasure
or as a spectacle for its own e'!iqyment without
regardfor the su~jectiviry or su~ject position of
those looked at. ThzJ wqy of looking operates
on both literal andfigural levels: Sex and
violence literallY have become spectacles to be
looked at; and sex and violencefigurativelY
have become linked, within our cultural imagi-
nation, evidenced ry the fact that the phrase
'sex and violence' has become part of our eve-
rydqy vocabulary -in terms of HollYwood
films, it is dijficult to think one without the
other. - Kelly Oliver Author of
Women as Weapons of War

Rite of Passage
Three girls guided by old women like goddesses
filling the sky one by one with stories handed down by
steady hands - feminine and lingering on the weight of truths,
in awe sometimes of their own strength.
Generations of witnesses reclaiming and transforming the night as no less than a
for watercolor wisdom, soft and blurred.

Independence intoxicating, convinced that their journey will be unique, their own
three girls foolishly knocked every shooting sharp warning away.
Mothers looked on knowing boldness no weapon without knowledge
of ancient darkness - so, it creeps into bedtime stories slipped under pillows.

So that there's something familiar about the odor of wine spilled somewhere,
sweat, muffled screams, pain, of heat and of scraping.
And on the morning when the morning after has new meaning
devastation is replaced with realization..'.:, that they'd been prepared for this.
For one in three knows what itmeans to be able to do nothing
but shut your eyes, because of arms and hips pinned to a bed.
Beautiful broughtto ugly by someone - who couldn't help themselves.
Confused and scared, an unstoppable rhythm of violence.

Three girls who never thoughtthey would have to call a special number
they'd read on a poster. Describing the horror she was huddled in the comer,
pressing the phone so close to her mouth, pretending she was talking to her mother,
but the strength that she needed would have to be her own.

One in three a victim and the other two witness.

She could cover the sky so thickly with her pain that it becomes thin
and tears at the mercy of her rage.
But instead, shewill rip off the skirts of girlish fear,
renderher ghosts powerless and mesmerized by her dance.
Arms extended, shoulders forward, calves readily owning the space around her.

Star upon star stacked for every woman

whose body has not been her own, whose eternal scars tell a story
who can, nO matter how dark it is, no matter what is lurking
go out in the night and share with her daughter,
a world that trembles in Her wake.
The constellations no more than
a map of memory - depth endless.
-Melissa Markstrom

Altering a gene in the brafu~f femal~worms changed their,§ex-
ual orientation. The study.reinforces the notion that sexual ori-
entationis'hard-wiredin thebrafn. .

First!/,~,gv""gelicals&; BOIDt/,e Homophobes
rh~British:fluth()rstunned neHal!§,'at Carnegie Ralloh'Priday"night when
;he answere~ one young reade\'squestion about~umbl~46r~b;SaYingthat
le'was gay and had been in 10vewithGrindelwafd,:w~om lie had defeated
fears ago in a bitter fight.


are Hf!rdlyGe"d~;'lVe,.6'"'.
"Women and childrenare fourt~en times more likely to diebthan men during a dis,!.s...
ter. .. tak[ing] the lead in l1litigating, adapting, saving land and homesand protectmg
and caring for~hildren, the sick and injuredin':face of floods, droughts,and energy
andwaterscatcity." .' .... .;:: ... ,....., . : . . . . ..
0;. ..


RAPEX Anti-rape
Rapex fits behind the la-
bia and has no strings or
any1hing protruding. It is ON SALE NOW!!!!
inserted with an applica-
tor like a tampon, and Recommended for girls
removed with the same (12 years and up)
applicator. It has no metal,
Website: http://www.int.ioI.co.za
just plastic and latex!
The device, has fish-like teeth that attach to the head and shaft of
the male private part. It is an easy-to-use invention that could fre(
millions of women from fear of rape.
The rape trap would be so painful for a rapist that it would
disable him immediately, enabling his victim to escape; but
would cause no long-term physical damage and could not .
Rape Trap co.
injure the woman. B
• •
. . . . .••• n"_

S~~S\,.l\le ~ ~e.S
-rO\J&t-\ G~~" I.E <5A"'tl-\f ~{it
~lt~1i'( Q\:€~
B~CffHER. £Ho1' \ONA\,.. ~UcA-re
rPcr\t$R. MoT-HER. CA~·GIU!.R.
Mvse.V\..A~ S\ S 'Te ~ 'B\"\"(..\..\
~~'( c.~'J'( b\«.LY
90~"( G\i.\..~~\e~~
~fLEP\1)W\'tol~~ se»t
~t: E'tt'< ~~--....

"Choosing Gender"
Image by anonymous GMC Student

The Space 5etween
Gordon D. EJlms
Sex is something that naturally intrigues Recently I was walking and talking with
us as humans. We see sexual suggestions in a friend and after my crash course in hockey
the media, in clothing styles and even in the locker room vocabulary we got to talking
body language that people use. The world about "slaying" girls. He told me that re-
loves sex. If you cently he had been
don't have it intimate with a
you're missing beautiful young
out, and if you do lady and between
and you don't like sharing his graphic
it, make sure reflections on the
you're not trying sex I could sense
to play a sport he was anxious to
with the wrong ask me something
equipment. Due to that was perhaps,
the fact that sex even by our stan-
arouses us and dards, inappropri-
promotes mawk- ate. With a straight
ish fantasies face and con-
(sometimes short cerned eyes he
lived or later re- asked "Gordo ...
gretted) there are has a chick ever
myths and legends rubbed your taint
that both make to ny and get you
and break heroes off?" I felt like I
of the bedroom. should have been
Weare all famil- more shocked by
iar with the emi- the question than I
nent female "g- was. I then knew
spot." Rumors that I was not the
float around about only person who
how it may exist, had experienced
it may not. Take it the curious hands
from me, the fe- of a daring female
male g- spot is that enters the land
like herpes it's of the taint.
always there you Through a haze I
just might not fmd it. Why do we not hear could remember a night years earlier when a
about a male version of this orgasm button? female I was making love with reached her
Could some sort of gateway to sex- hand into the sexually uncharted land of
11 ual euphoria like the female g-spot manly hood. After hearing his story and
also be a part of the male anatomy? remembering mine I wondered, are they
In defense of my theory that would tedious journey to find the sensual light
explain this daring behavior I started ask- switch on a partner I felt like UN searching
ing some female friends of mine about sex. for weapons of mass destruction; I was
They told me stories of nights in satin and getting JlQwhere fast.
sexual experimentation: They seemed to Reg~rding the legend· of the taint, I
use little discretion when fillingmein on believe men have a lot tolookforward to.
the details. Suddenly when the question of Just because I didn't meet anyone who has
what mayor may not lie.in that heavenly had a pl~~sing story to tell about male
tundra between the male recreational or- pleasure points does;n't mean there aren't
gans, the conversation took 011,a whqle any. Maybe it will t~ke a few years but
new tone. One friend replied; "Do YQu grundle rubbing could become all the rage.
guys not like it when we do that?" That's V{hqknows? The male g-spotcQuld be
when it hit me. I shoqldn't be sos~eptical uri~oyeredin"aw~ek andhave a clothing
of these adventurous women tliai ~send, line\ named ift~r it the next. The mature
there hands where light rarely goes·.! want and responsible thingtb do if you are a
to like it! Maybe I had bee1!wrongedand man and you .dohave your button found
perhaps I can't mentally harnesstlre pure would be to Send out an email. to everyone
orgasmic sensation'~of the female touch on you know o{know of, with a written dia-
a sweet spot because mine remains un- gram ,showing whereJhisseXual El Dorado
foulld. In the evolution of man the female resides. In closing, I wouldjust like to give
g-sp'ot'sexistence must lrave been con- a salute to these seekers of the male g-spot.
firmed throllghsexual progress and male Without these people taking a risk there
story swapping. I don't think any hiero- could be no controversy surrounding the
glyphs gave detail as to how to send your existence of a male glory bell. It would
partner to a new level of sexual pleasure. simply be agreed upon that men anatomi-
So talk to your friends ladies. Tell cally lack a sex button. I tip my glass to
them your stories of success and failure. you kinky lovers, keep your heads up!
Honestly, the first time I suited up for the

.TenrtiJee Smarr"
.J; ":"n6 "J:a
f\J~Se7" ~
~:JtT"G :J5'Q-h ~
t(,C) My name is Tad*, I'm 19 years old, a sophomore and I have a confession O~
to make. Ever since about the age of nine I have had an interest in diapers. You are ~
probably thinking right now that this is pretty strange, and the truth is for the longest time,
so did 1. then along came this wonderful invention called the internet, and pretty soon I
started to realize that there are thousands and thousands of others out there like me. People
with this fetish are often labeled infantilists. I want to take a minute and stop right here and
make sure everybody knows, and I wanna stress this, that this fetish does not involve chil-
dren in any way, they simply are based around the diapers themselves or the act of an adult
person acting like a baby and for some, using baby things (pacifiers, plastic pants, botdes etc).
I just want to make that clear. Now I know a lot of people are going to think that this is sick
and strange and the truth is that it is. But, it's a personal lifestyle choice. I made it a long time
ago and I am quite comfortable with it. Really it is not different than someone who is into
bondage or other fetishes. I don't criticize people who are into those things, personally I find
anal sex disgusting but I don't criticize people who partake in it. Now I consider myself to be
almost purely a diaper lover or DL, which means that I like wearing diapers and not dressing
or acting like a baby. There are those who are into that, they are called adult babies or AB's.
Through the years I have tried a few baby things, I still own a few of them but in reality they
don't do help the experience for me, they don't enhance it at all, so they don't really affect it.
I simply enjoy wearing and wetting my diapers, a lot of time part of the thrill of it is just
wearing the diapers under my clothes going out in public. That litde bit of exposure without
the world really knowing it, is a bit of a turn on. People who have a Diaper Fetish are mosdy
men. I am not sure why this particular fetish affects men more than women, but research out
there indicates that men are more likely to have this fetish then women. In case any of you
are wondering I am wearing a diaper right now as I am writing this. I have been able to keep
this a secret from my roommates for the past two years. I don't believe that either one has
suspected, and I'd like to keep it that way. I usually wear when he isn't around or

occasionally under my pajamas when I go to bed. I also wear them as a matter
of convenience, for example, ,,,hen I go skiing I find that when get way up the
hill you sometimes there is only one lodge way down at the bottom you've got
a half hour of a lift you have to go up and another half hour to ski down, you
don't always want to take the time to stop and fInd a tree somewhere:
If you wear a diaper you have a little extra padding if you fall on
your ass. Also, on a night I am going to do a lot of drinking (so I
don't have to run to the bathroom all night) or when you have a
long drive home for break, it eliminates having to stop. It's not that
I have to wear them, I just like to. They are comfortable. They are
not that bad to wear really, once you get used to wearing them. So I
guess this brings me to the main point of this, I guess what it really
comes down to I want everyone to know about our world. I was
inspired by a funny bulletin board and decided that its time that peo-
ple know. There aren't really many people who know about this
fetish. In fact, I have only told it to one girlfriend, who took
accepted it was a part of me. But I want everyone to know that
we are out there, and we aren't crazy or gross, just different
and want to be accepted as such.

* Name has been changed to protect the

innocent 14
We are in the middle of
a revolution...
If it has managed to slip your attention, it is
only because we have begun to believe that
the television is the only window into under-
standing the world in which we are not liv-

This movement is made up of discordant

voices, pillaged, exploited, marketed, under-
valued, oversexed and under appreciated.
We are those who refuse accept that the
fixed roles, in which many of us find our-
selves, will continue to serve as borders any
longer. Each of us a mere glimpse of a con-
tinuum that flows freely between race, gen-
der, class, species and spirit. At the same
time that we are celebrating the strength of

our individuality, we are empowered by the

realization that the oppositions between us
are imposed by a system thriving on we who
are divided by ambition, fear, apathy, and anything else that has been dangled before us
in the past.

There is no hesitation - we are taking over our streets and our classrooms. We are abol-
ishing any and all governments until they can prove to us that representation is possible.
The expectation that someone else will solve the problems that we can fix ourselves is
foolish. We will no longer hand over our voices, our bodies, or our rights in allegiance
to the bottom line of a corrupt corporate government. We've eliminated the idea that
we can continue to answer 21 st century problems by building walls or dropping bombs.

We sit at the precipice of a tipping point. We are the rabble rousers, the shit disturbers,
the culture jammers and the new radicals of a new millennium. Freedom is and will
always be an act of violent opposition to the status quo. We are the breakers of the hum-
drum and our passion will spawn a new vision, one of egalitarianism, equality, and
hope. In the face of ruthless oppression we must take the stance of ruthless optimism
that we have the power to use our intellect for more than celebrity gossip, infotainment
acquisition, and compulsive commodity living.

We are at war, with ourselves and others. Humanity is facing a crisis of conscious. Will
we sit passively as the sandbar of liberty ebbs away in the face of fear, or will we speak
up, act out, and risk our bodies and our souls for freedom. Are we willing to take the
risk; are we confidant enough that we are mighty citizens within a migt'lty country and it
is time for us to take it back.

Pay attention. It is no longer a question of who will lead our uprising, or when it
15 will occur - it's already begun.
-Melissa Markstrom and Oz Skinner
I am a virgin...
Okay, but before I go on I have a confession to make, the title of this article isn't exactly true.
As of a few weeks ago I am no longer a virgin, however I remember what it was like being one
and I feel no different than before.
Growing up I was always told that I should wait to have sex; that the first time it should be
with someone special, someone whom I am in love with. That it was going to be one of the
most important decisions that I ever have to make. In our culture there is something special
about being a virgin and it's a HUGE deal when you "lose it". In the end you're really not los-
ing anything, so why is it so important?
On the one hand, American culture reveres celibacy as something you owe to your spouse.
Alternatively, your partner also wants you to be a hit in the sack, which seems impossible with-
out experience. The truth is that you don't owe anything to anyone but yourself. No one else
can make up your mind on sex. I believe the only criteria for having sex is to feel ready and
willing. You shouldn't take into account other peoples thoughts on your virginity, or feel pres-
sured to have sex, because those people aren't worth your time. There are two types of people,
the asshole Ijust mentioned who just wants your virginity as a "trophy", and then there are the
ones who don't want it at all. They are the ones who freak out when then find out you're a
virgin and won't have anything to do with you. Neither one of these people are worth your
time, you should find someone who is just as ready and willing as you are no matter how many
times you have had sex.
It's okay to be sexually active, and you're not a slut if you have multiple partners. You're
someone who is having fun and experimenting with different people and finding out what you
like. Do not let anyone bring you down because of that.
It's okay to be a virgin too. At one point we all were. Being a virgin isn't a weird thing,
"virgins have 46 chromosomes, breathe oxygen, and are descended from primates." Just think,
you don't have to worry about STD's or children. You also get to really experience sex being
an adult and not a child. I know we think everyone is doing it but there are people who aren't. I
am going to be 20 in a few months and I just hopped on the train to pleasure town. You should
be proud to be a virgin if you made it this far. Was my first time something special, amazing
and with the man of my dreams? No, kind of and, well he is really cute. I had sex in a guys
dirty dorm room, not on satin sheets, and I'm not going to
lie, as a woman it was really uncomfortable; and that guy
wasn't 6'2 andjacked. But I don't regret it. I was ready to
have sex and I did. He wasn't my boyfriend or even a good
friend. I had no real connection with him besides a physical
one. Sex will not necessarily create an emotional connec-
tion with someone. Sex will never create what isn't already
there. It is a lens, not a light source.
So for all the virgins reading this, sex is great but being
a virgin is great too. I take off my hat for all of those who
are not sexually active for whatever reason they choose.
Don't listen to anyone who calls you a prude for not having
sex or a slut if you are. Just remember don't hold anything
1 back and have fun in whatever actives you choose to do. Be
r ready to learn, be open to new experiences and be honest
i about your wishes, or reservations.
-Becca Tellar
130 students, staff, andfaculty surveyed
Data analysis by Miles Cleary
Gender & Francis Demby
50% Females Layout by Oz Skinner
48% Males Images by Alex Churchill
1 % Genderqueer
1% Other • 20 was the average age ofsurvey takers.
Sexual Orientation • 22 people have been victims ofsexual violence.
2 % Don't Know
2% Pansexual
5% Homosexual How often do you
8% No Answer
12% Bisexual masturbate?
72 % Heterosexual o never / rare
[j!] sometimes
very often!

I orgasm every time frequently

I have sex:
Yes: 39%
No: 60.8%

The average age offirst sexual experience

was 16.

How often do you Have you ever been

fake an orgasm? o never / rarely tested for an STD?
till sometimes Yes: 53.1%
.. very often I No: 46.9%
• frequently

Has your partner

ever been tested
77% for an STD?
Yes: 37.9%
No: 23.4%
I don't know: 38.7%
@onceptbyJohn Van Hoesen

How big is your penis?

# 15....,----------
of 14
guys 12
11 j } - - - - - - - - - - - -
2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 9.00

Does Penis Size Matter? Size in inches

Yes: 49 No: 66 No Answer: 15

I enjoy I enjoy
Giving oral sex: receiving oral sex:
o not at aliI a little bit o not at aliI a little bit
[;tJ somewhat lliI somewhat
28% • a lotI very much so 16% • a loll very much so

What size breasts do Would you or your partner
you have? consider using the male
11 A Cup (kiwi) birth control 2ill1.
24 B Cup (orange) .
°t) Out of 49 women, 23 saId yes
, 14 C Cup (grape f rUl f .
5 D Cup (cant a1
oupe ) Out 0 55 men, 29 saId no
6 Larger than D cup

What size breasts do What is your most

you prefer on. oth _ ~uently used form of
ers? contraceptive?
60 Male condoms
43 No preference 25 pOll
34 C Cup (grapefruit) 6 P~llin out
26 B Cup (orange) g

# How many sexual partners

of have you had?
R 20
e .¥,,'~~

s 15 {, ",->

o 10
~f.4·.~Ii~... -§_(-_~l<",,"-

5 ~~~,,!;{~c>;""""- - - , - - - - - - - 1
n 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 16 17
t Number of sexual partners
If you could have sex Name one student,
anywhere, where staff, or faculty
would it be? member at GMC
(other than someone
you are currently
In a tree, elevator, blow up moon, in
space, someplace soft and private, beach, involved with) that
in a field, pool, in a confessional, in the
butt, Paris, Killington gondola, hot tub, you would like to
top of a mountain at sunset, a crawl
space, on a cloud, Ames tower, roof of have sex with.
Ames, anywhere, snow cave, in the stu-
dent life office, outside at night, in YOUR
bed, white-house lawn, a mountain Kerri Lee Knights, Bruce Saxton, Jenna
meadow, a train, in the rain, under water, Darling, Rebecca Purdom new Business
on the wing of an airplane at 30,000 feet . Leader, aILtheRA.staff, Mike Blust;
over the Pacific Ocean, outer space, my Matt Osborn, John Van Hoesen, the
bed, library of congress, the top ofMt. Rugby Team, Jack Brennan, Nicolas
Esther in the Adirondacks, in a cemetery, Bourges, Andy, Rob Pudner, Sven the
Mile High Club, Norway, Jerry Seinfeld's new C.S, Eddie, Slim, Porto, Jesse
apartment, bam, in a canoe, an s&m club, Pyles, Lisa Aherim, Annie Laurie Cad-
space, ferris wheel, woods, in a castle, mus, Oz, Evan Miller, Hilary D, Hilary,
train bathroom, in a restroom stall, bath- Deirdre Bailey, John Gaeddert, Chris-
room, in the Taj Mahal, under a waterfall, tina Fabrey, Scott Lan, Gary Marcy,
office, loud as hell in the library while Zack Fortuna, Danny Murane, Chris
reading transcendental poetry, a log Wall, Matt Cote, Dylan Larkin, Will
cabin, phone booth, rooftop with a ton of McKay, Weetie, Mark Dailey, Ian, Gor-
people below not realizing, shower, rugby dan Knight, Lee, Houck, Jacqueline
pitch, Brians Beard, hayloft, on a space (freshman), RA Scott, soccer John,
ship, in the east room, at the gym locker Melissa Markstrom, Alan Marwine,
room, at night on the beach, the ass, in a Sarah Trioli, Merial Brooks, Bill Troop,
car, Jack Brennan's desk, on the soccer Heather (bookstore), Paula Mann, Jer-
field at night, concert, the black sand emy Allen, Melissa Nolan, Laird Chris-
beach, outside, lake, a very risque place, in tensen, John Nassivera, Cailin Ryrie,
the woods, roof of Griswold library, Rob Wakeman, Will, Keke, Don
George Clooney's boat in the 'Perfect Morane, Jim Graves, Nolfris Williams,
Storm", on Gary Marcy's golf cart, a Christian, Rich (dish washer), Jacqui,
tent, in an anti gravity chamber, outside, Dan, David, John, Lucas, Robert Lee,
on the tables in the Withey dining hall the Kiley Matthews, Stacey Bushey, Brian
library. ' Corimiins, NiCo, Andrew V, Robb,
Steve Letendre, Lisa Aherin, Will Haw-
kins, Karen Flelmning, Steve from se-
curity, the boys from basketball, Becca
Tellar. .
For tree-huggers, it can be hard to get through the day without guilty,
pre-occupied micro-decisions. You might regretfully take a cab rather ,
than the bus, or grab Styrofoam take-away instead of just sitting down!
and eating from a plate. In the bedroom, it can be an accomplishment to
wade through all of the cultural pollutants and just enjoy ambivalence-
free pleasures. So, once you've happily integrated one into your life, who
wants to worry about a carcinogenic dildo? Or non-biodegradable
paddles whose ultimate punishment will mean an eternity of landfill
stink? Not sexy.
Glass Goodies-Of all of the non-harmful options,
glass toys seem like a great solution, since their pro- ......-,

duction is relatively nontoxic, they clean easily (use '.1&

non-abrasive cleaners, of course) and are thoroughly recy-
clable. They can be pricey, however, and you can't carelessly

toss one off the bed. You can find a variety of glass items a t , I
Babeland ~nd Good Vibrations. Of course, with all such toys read ... \:
the instructions well s~ you know how to clean, store and use them • ,'. .
Materials and Biodegradability-Of course, the bummer with latex \""1
condoms is that it doesn't decompose. Agents are added to the natural rubber I
to make them generally 97% effective but 100% non-biodegradable. However, I
both silicone and latex are recyclable. Perhaps we'll find a system for recycling
, , the millions of condoms that otherwise end
up in landfills each day? I smell a thesis
Paddles-If it's your thing, you
can "spank your way to a better
world" with the fair trade, sus-
tainable paddle (shown left).
Harnesses-Lots of har-
nesses are made from
leather or nylon, neither of which are good eco-choices. How
happy we were to discover In Her Tube recycled tire rubber
harnesses. Thanks to Bust's Girl Wide Web for the referral.
Solar Vibration-Everyone's post-apocalyptic favorite: 69
Love Toys' sun-fueled vibrator.
Lube and Massage Oils-You don't want petroleum deriva-
tives all over you or your parts. Try: Sensua Organics Lube,
23 Living Nature Massage Oil, Dnllde Sensual Massage
Cream Enjoy! -Complied by Oz Skinner
· t uys
u\ar delUan .
~ack. by lloll

Does boob size matter?

-I'm an equal opportunity sort of guy; I'm certainly not going to tum you away because 01
the size of your boobs. Boob size is simply a bonus, once we are having sex the size of
your chest is the last thing I'm worrying about. Plus, it's those nipples that are most likely
to scare the shit out of me.

-Boobs are like cars, they come in many sizes and colors with different accessories. This
means that men in need of a specific make and model are just shopping for bigger or
smaller breasts. I think there can be shallow guys who just go out looking for the Chevy
Suburbans of the world that are huge and waste a lot of gas, but some go for the more con
servative European models.

Do guys mind having sex with girls who are menstruating?

-I think that most guys would say that it is nasty. That is exactly how I feel. But I can say
that there are some guys that are into it. If that's their thing go for it but I just hope the gir
is into it also. That could make for some awkward moments.

Why are straight guys constantly flirting with and receiving blowjobs
from gay guys? question was submitted by several GMC gay men
-Flirting with a gay guy is like understanding Cosmo magazine, a bit overwhelming, but
you are only going to learn something; probably about how you're fucking up all your
chances with the ladies. Its insider information, only you don't need a subscription...
and I like it.
-A blowjob from a gay guy is probabl:
/r~\ffcr CELL like tossing a football around with
__ ~~I~E~TlC Tom Brady; it's like interacting with i
TV AND master in their field of work. Do you
PARTICLE ~6~~L suppose painting with Picasso woull
~~~;r~ON be a tedious afternoon? The gay gU)
ATTFNlInN has enjoyed his share of blow jobs; he
knows what works and what is just
AREA painful and obnoxious. Just remem-
ber... toothy head is worse than
FOOTNOTE: the "L.idenng to children cry in the middle of the ni!#lt" gland is not d - . o w l . . •
a tri]
due to it's small and undelde'feloped r,alure.
Blld viewed urne! a microscope. to the dentIst, don't gnaw on It.

25 Page layout by OZ Skinner

r ve you ever shot yourself iu the fa« while masturbatiug?
~, I haven't shot myself in th~ fa~e; I'm m?re o~ a ~ribbler, so I don't have the enzyme or
~hateVer that makes semen proJectile. (But I ve tried It)

i TJ ha no I have not, when I am masturbating I usually am aware of my range of squirt.

•"a , h
have come damn close thoug .

khat does a guy really look for in a relationship?

I.Another person to share a bed with, someone to talk to other then his friends. I personally
'IIoked for a girl who has the ability to make me smile and laugh, enjoys a lot of similar things
t~at I do, but also is very different from me, so I don't get bored and learn interesting things
Iabout her life at any time.
1 . .

:Why do guys feel that they need big muscles?

LHahaha, I love this question... here we go. Muscles, penis size, are a misconception of power
land masculinity. The way I feel about muscles is obvious, I love bodybuilding and seeing my
hard work come to life as my body grows, it's like a sense of accomplishment. The idiots that
just want big muscles for gir~s ar~ why guys like me get a bad rap. I enjoy being healt~y an?
reaching for my goal oflookmg lIke a Greek statue, symmetry, well balanced. Some girls lIke a
;nuscular man, but most often they just want the sensitive man who will listen and love them.

,Some guys find it necessary to compensate, while others rely on other significant attributes; like
heir sensitivity, their ability to listen, and of course, the size of their penis.

-I don't think that any guys feel they "need big muscles." Generally a good looking, well built
[body helps in the courtship as many young women swoon over chiseled features.

Are guys sensitive?

-Guys are most definitely sensitive. Most guys will put up a front especially when they are in
front oftheir friends. If a guy really cares about a girl they will tend to be sensitive.

·Ofcourse, we are all human. You're just never going to see me cry, that's all.
What kind of question is this? That's like asking if girls dream, too. Why not just ask if people
breathe? Of course some guys are sensitive; it's just that they usually like Ani Defranco, Theatre
and shopping.
·Yes, guys are sensitive, but American culture tells us to hide it. We're still sensitive, but a lot of
l us ignore it and that's why we're assholes. But
Contributors: really sad assholes on the inside.

Corpulent Courtship
The M!fth of Two Fat Feople in Love

r 'round chunky darlings

• I I'll tell you what occurred.

• lifetime of toiling
•searching slender partners,

g, courting, and chasing

sions of perfection,
, lonely plumpish strangers
, were about to meet
lly and resentfully
ir heads in shame.

e the day
. . two roly-polys
to each other
't roll away
is chocolate stuffed woman a I

eulged and grew.

• lIlies touched before privates I I

Yrealized they needed a big ..

ex, breaks during walks, and I

. to catch their breath,
I laughing.

digestion, heart bum and belly ach

at is missing from the story books

fyou must know, he's too tubby to climb
ly she snores too loudly to be a sleeping I,·.
hand cannot get a grip around the sword
et are too flabby to fit into glass slippers of •
>. . , despite all these fairy tale shortcomings,
o • their inability to fit through the threshold toget
b/J . • e somehow happy.
e somehow content.
.... and beauty are all wrapped in
o arms they hold each other with
large, generous portions of 10 .
27 -Melissa Markstrom 30
A Letter from
We really never even did a whole lot together ex-
cept intensely chat and even more intensely fuck. We
used to fuck the absolute shit out of each other! I hope my
enlightened vocabulary doesn't bother
you, because they were such
sensuous fuckings.
There was the swapping of sweat
and the exchange of interlocking . eyes.
You would moan and your back would
beautifully arch, a tan rainbow disappear-
ing into the citadel of your perfect but-
tocks. Oh! The butt cheeks of g! Centu-
riesof stories could be told concerning
that ass! ...... . •......••
We were like sea mammals, r i d i n g - " " "
the salty waves into that sweet sunset of
star fruit and satin. It was love at first bite, each of us
sinking our mouths in and around the others perfect fruit,
yours the peach fish, the fuzzy peach fish tasting of naked
nectars and sultry seeds, smelling of sugars and sweat
and the sea, the scent of your vagina so needed and nec-
essary, so unforgiving and undeniable, so hot and humid,
so perfect and pure-the greatest cunt in all the land! Like
the moon, my roots would sink beyond the horizon of your
crotch until you would squeeze and squirm in satisfaction,
fulfilling my horny hunger!

I miss sex too

-Anonymous GMC Student

Co V\,v'eYSliltLo V\,{il L'Po eVVtS :
lStf AlAe{ rew C.OlAeLt:j ClIAe{ oz s\t<LlAlAer
I ' I have been haunted by the shadow of myself refracted through the moonlight
prism of yr spirit's presence and have since awoken from a dream of walking
slumber to find myselfdirectioI1I~ssaJJ.et.c011fu~e.~bY$the,~~t~oftl1is~orldwith-
;0ut;TOU... and the'i;roublejs,th~tf()ra:li£etime.al1dall.alfI.h~ves()ugh.t'the
irons that could cauterizelllYigUs~gyv.()':l:t).l;i~~dttlJ.'tl:me·ilito~radiant
~.M':!'i9r of old, a SpartansaiiltwitKwindf()r<l5()lUPfll1~oi"l/rockasapmow, and
the constantly shi£tinghot;izonfppnY'l1()ll1~.. ;.~dtoaccomRlil)l1thes~ feats, on
0+~J;ti~llmy heart was notorigip'~llys~f'iilIllY.l1~a.~Xh.~q.toigi1()r7an'~atbleeds
.man effort to grasp iea,rlessifowththfoughtDe,'fu!llace of suryi'la¢/::and then
x()~~peared,in themid~f()f,~veryQW:tgthatrha~()nce b ut nolongerfeared, in
"theprocess of all ihatl1Va~~()wing¥Wcin the magiocJ)~eath1ess.rush of.;moments
w~:l1one first reco~es.})Jack clmidsClmassing fc#0yecrthe world'seqge... and
;15y%~r side I £in~IJyf~Iffea4Yto reElt, I no long~m~~a.~~drespiteas voyage's a.
c7rtailL death and :agaip;:!~tlast,c(>uldrelish thefeel,pflllYjourn~y'ssteps... I be-
")fmlo'see anew everything.! had ignoreginm)i're'actlQp.awayfl'()Di;the ·darkness
thl"e~t7ning my being... I began feel th~1¥il,¥g¢yclic re~~aseintofll1infinite
the center of m~ beui.g ~ith~emori~s()f,~hatIllse4 t();h~,()f.how,! 11.sed,tc)~ast~.
"mysel£;;alone'"on'tlfe'sC51eRoIJEQhat the phone "",ould ring,ho~lwould put off
my own growth dreams for desperat~graspin.g,gropingfora.llything I coul~
,.£g~1,<lc:r.ossBunfathomable0space'andtill1~ ...and·.returniIlg.t()'1llyhome'after the······"
other world of Boston in which I hal;iexiSt~~i)Vith you, after IIH)"ing at the pace?f
of personal ;','
confidence and navigating fights andq.~l\l~)J.s.~atihg daful:yp:<!n'~all thesurreali-
0ti.es"thf1t.c9J,1.e.xis,ijIhthlOlJn£ilUte sWir18f.o,1.lr:tllakg-tgs•. 'l1Pon.re&nirtg h6meto'
the drudgery of my usual routine, to thelp.l1e~ess of mylateniglit sleepless vi-
..sio)J.S!.\t~. th~.,.bef:l:t.lt!fJJ1Jleart7 breakweepings.ourl:titrackemptiness of,a green'
mountain vision-journeyman companion not to be seen again till who knows
whe11.. }~~xe11'tl)~e11able t0titink of a.s.Wg\ething to.do ... 1 have had. to force
myseITto'livE;';;:;:y~~ht~ iife h~re with~ut you.; J have had to focus hard on not
slipping uncontrollably into past or future .. J have had to do the only thing I
could do ... and each time I attempted to transcribe my consciousness to you, thE
only things I was able to conceive were all these clumsy grunts and furtive el-
lipses ...but I really feel like I am working my mind's necessary synthesis
through, I am becoming more and growing through incorporating the wake of a
life built on hacking yr way to what you want in spite of what scares you... and I
am only sorry that this process has seemed to ignore or forget about you (though
in fact the exact opposite is true) ... and all of this is just me trying to (hopefully)
avoid needless apologies ... and clumsily admit how much I miss you... and how
much my skittish heart wishes for you ... and how I have no idea what to be or
29 d~ ... and how I am ready, and hoping you are well, and desiring to connect
WIth you soon... Image by Chloe Courtesy of Deviantart
11~,yeantt~h~arllies9ngoftllyr,edc1~dwcrr~i()i( .... ..... ." '.,'
{C()nn~Qtions1pai:lEllike.miCrdcl1ips . .•.• ''.. >...... . .• ...••.••...•. " .. ,. •.•

tin@ife.del.iCacies, qaste4inbr~tal~oJi~sty.. ..'. '., .' ...•.. '......•....................•

\that.lblushf9rsh<lttie~ .indU1g~n(so J.amo£Y9l.li~or9~t4a(Icariscatc~l:Y
(-'.'.,'.':. ',- --',. -_.',", - - -_.' ,,,.- . -'

!... •..•.;.(........ ..... ..
.•••.. .....••.. '.. >
.•..... .•....••...•.•...•. < •.. ,,,.' ..•...• ' . . .
.•• .• ;<... ......;.... ' .. , . . .•.•.•
1~Y:~aR~~smarriedto ~our fin~ers crea~eb)1W~4qctsof?ntologica1de!ig;htscr
hCcrressmgmy body wIth fevensh bedt:imestoqEls\' .••. . • • ..... '
\'¥diJi¢.YJittle corner of the world, Uayi.ll 1:>edall\daywith your existellti.£lliS~t
~(Ylol}~e.rbeI ~isconnected~ remainingfrachired (Uld.apCirt ~eparate(lfr?~tl1e.··.
,:eJectrlc,lty"tilat IS a freeflowmg fantasyacro~sthe. eye.mngsky···· .'" . " .' . . . •. . . . . .•. '.'
[FilledliaiJ:yhopes and textured wishes to orate orn~t¢processedorgi~stksfates
1:'othuinan\~ompulsion .". " . ,',' ~'(
tdrcumstantial evidence all that is added to my celestial awareness . . "
f·ll~l0n.ger.~~dicted formulaic aramaic I anlcaptivatedbyyour langu.ape,j:he flip
r:nyingfec~dityfix ferociously fuelinglllY1ire . ... . :.>i . ... . . .
.}.<. ' / '
r~lld.w~~ii'fhee<lT~~. i~di~~e({.intptlieJ:i51i·.ar:<i •. tli~poe.!S"yolPYil1inake!he·'.· .•·. ·
1Worldpa.lpa1Jle.alldI'YiUgackage.itfo~,<:l.rainyaaypi¢rric''rhereweresoIl~te .•·.·.. .•. ,
\'togethe~/ • avilJration.th~finerg~s.·9UJ: molticu1ar ·biograp¥es jntooile··andwe·wil1}
'~¢bol.'nff8m cracked skin and frilcturedspeech . '" " ,.
'MIdconstantby moments of silicon connections ....'
:jVe will.rememberOrpheus and 1tJrs. Lot and when tl1e~tl1friedaround
[and the states that keep us far apcirt, willstarefractur~dattheir devilish ande;
i t~~siardlyplot . ' .' '.' . .... ••..•.. ..'
fWoughl1lYbody owns a darkness I knowyou cannot see
l;andTwol,ild beanumairfriend to bring you down with me . ....,
['>.". . . . . . . . • • . ..•..... '., . . . .' '. .' ." .••.. , .' ..••....
Ifam torn by a decent thatisl1otforme to give, but resolufe I remain fOJ: W~~ alee·••·••
rg~scende? fro~ revolution.~ries~full of~ght and. sla*~J:sof stagnatioll
!inQ longer;hauntingmountams helow the sea '.....' ...•.. ..
(R~rvisions ofmoonlight water serenades; float~pon the.sllffaceskin:u:iring
tf§-~t~,real an~:R~ssible "..'. ".
tyou fuel~e.frres lJi my belly likewordsJmmJl}§{.heaveru; •. ,·'
.:,'<;:,~. .' . . •. •.•.•.

iR?ta~d:f1I,ll offlesfJtake them~n~castt~e;e1,J~t~drea~s't~atwill"cqlllmiser~

'atewlthyou·.: . . . ......•...••.........•••....... ';.'................'.. .... .........'
~tings of goldnmcirdesaroundmy speediilgl1~art~reditc~rds.. ..".;.;',;.
~~iourri.eymCl11ofVictorianproportions,thQug1l,I~emainh~~bled by your atten': .• ~
liti0:ns an~whenr •. . . ..... .... ..... ..,.>;;.....,} •...... , .. ..'
L~lOldyQuandintertwineour·bodiestoawe!odicW}dr1ight.m~lody . •. . . . .i
t-I-willteUyouto seekthe solitude oft:hecaygtn;lln(.Lt:h"~6vhisp~rsofa lovers ten':
!;,~~rtouch ..,.. . . . . ' ..'.. . . . . '..•....... .....,~.: .. '.;~:: .... ....• '. ."
iAridas our .hand!) 'rem~ristuckirH;i.declock.s~1l1(f'ca1en4a.r~Lt:hecountdownha!).
ibegun and the trek is already in motion. " ',,' ."'" '.'
(and with the worn shoes on our feet we will
meet in the ini<:ldle to miraculously'
[sharepulS~s~deiill:>rcices.> .. :' . ; ' . : i . , . ; ; ",.; . . ' ,
,. . .. '. . .. ,'. " . . ' , . ...IriiagebY.SUSann8
( / , ';C ....• ,.; :·.::..,·(J?iIrtes{ofD~Yiaiitarl;
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