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An FX Original Series

Based on the Marvel Comic


Behind the Scenes

LOGAN is a series based on the Marvel Comics Character "Wolverine." As with

any show adapting a character you want to establish a world and tell a story. Each character

has a unique story that makes them popular in the public eye, with Wolverine it's Tragedy and

Love. He's loved only few and his actions for those he loves is nothing short of interesting.

LOGAN is the story of a wounded Lover alone in the world without purpose, forced into

carving his own. This finds a Wolverine open for the world to disect and open for this series

to inform and play.

The title of the Series is "LOGAN" both for it's simplistic nature and an Homage

to James Mangold's film. This title says we're taking the material as Serious as the film did,

but this isn't the same Logan as the Film. He's still very much Wolverine, but using his true

name as the title suggest what we're trying to accomplish with this series, a serious look

inside the character on an unparralled scale.

The Opening Credits of many series these days use an Original Score, and while

that has become a normal trait among TV now, we're shaking things up. The Opening Credits

for the Series will be set to the Peter Gabriel Cover of "My Body is a Cage" the song not

only thematically and tonally fits with Logan but also tells his story. A Man unable to die, to

join the love of his life in the afterlife, caging what might be his desire to die with the secrets

to his life locked away in his mind.

The Main Goal

With any series it has an ultimate main goal. Telling a story and setting a universe

for the characters to play in. With LOGAN we're playing with one of the richest mythologies

in all of comics. The Goal of the series can be simplified as "Adapt the Best Version of the

Wolverine Mythology." To help achieve this goal and to tell this story we're going to go back

to the Comics where this started and adapt Wolverine in a highly unique and inventive

manner that honors and upholds the traditions of the character and breathes new life into the

franchise. Taking inspiration from Comics by creators like Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Len

Wein, and others. The Goal is adapt a quinetessential, entertaining, and adult version of


Set Up

The Series opens days after Logan has left the X-Men and effectively the

Wolverine role behind. Leaving due to a broken heart when Jean Grey, a.k.a. Marvel Girl

Married Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops. The series finds Logan searching for his place in the

world finding himself isolated from the X-Men. With that he goes back on the last mission he

had, his memories. Dragged into a world of espionage and government Secrets Logan begins

to unravel the journey that lead to him becoming the Wolverine.

To tell this high octane story will require a particular set of rules. Rules made so

the story can be elevated to it's full potential. Adding an element of work and challeng for the

story of Logan helps the series delve deeper into the character's psyche and into the

mysterious past beset by him. These will be referred to as...

Rules for the Road...

1. Wolverine is the only X-Men too appear in the Series. While this is a series set in that

World, Wolverine is seperating himself from it, and while it would be a good and cheap

ratings boost to advertise an X-Man as a Guest Star, it's best if Wolverine is the only one we

see for the duration, after all this is his show you know...

2. TV-MA is a necessary rating. Wolverine isn't a cuddly character, his stories are rooted

deeply in violence, whether it be the good kind or the bad. Putting limitations on this doesn't

help the series it hinders it. This is Wolverine, 'Logan' finally gave us a Rated R Wolverine

Film. The least we can do to honor that is a TV-MA series.

3. Non-MCU. While Wolverine as an Avenger in the MCU myself and other fans have

wanted for a decade, this story is best served on the outskirts unconnected to the MCU. This

is more to open up casting options, but also to keep from having to keep up with any

continuity beyond the continuity set up in this series.

4. Grounded, Gritty, Dark Action. This wouldn't be a Wolverine Series without heavy

doses of Action, that being said, we're dealing with Mutants and just because they can do

amazing things doesn't mean we have to take the glorified route, instead we're going to the

short realistic fights. Wolverine has metal claws, short of Sabretooth or anyone super strong,

fights don't last with those things in the game.

5. Pecking Order. A lot of movies and a lot of T.V. Series like to employ the Multiple

Villains angle, nothing wrong with that at all. To do it right it's best to have a Pecking Order.

This allows Villains and characters to act out their roles and not overstep their bounds as well

as building towards a credible threat. Wolverine has always been a fighter and any time we

put him in a fight, it better damn well be a challenge for him as a character. Whether it

challenges him to not kill some low life punk or if it challenges him to find a way to fight

harder and better.

6. Continuity is Key. Continuity is a very hard thing to establish with any Television Series,

establishing a clear cut continuity in X-Men is enough to drive someone insane. Instead we'll

settle for establishing and keeping our own continuity as to avoid any confusion in the

grander scheme. What this series will do is present the absolute beginning, middle, and end of

Wolverine's life and a clear cut continuity to it. Fans will be able to track what happens from

A to Z in his life.

7. This is a life story. This is the life of Wolverine, the comic industry's most famous

Anti-Superhero. His life is a dark, grounded affair. Wolverine, outside of his X-Men

adventures, has never went to space. He has been a Spy, a Soldier, a Mercenary, and a

Weapon and the dark tale behind that will be the focus.

8. 8, 13 Episode, Seasons. Limited time makes for maximum effort in what you have

available. 8 Seasons is a strong, honorable run. 13 Episodes is a highly reduced number that

allows actors to pursue other projects between seasons and inspires the creative team to make

sure no time is wasted in telling sprawling large scale stories.

9. Less is More, More or Less... Wolverine's past had, before 2005's Origin, been the most

popular and fun Mystery in the Marvel Universe. While Answering all the questions would be

absolutely tempting. Sometimes less is more, but we will answer some of the more juicy

questions. For quick answers: Sabretooth is Wolverine's Father. Wolverine was Born without

Bone Claws (but don't worry for fans of them, he will get them Via Mutant Growth

Hormones.) And Wolverine was born sometime around 1882-1885. We will answer the

Weapon X questions. For the reference to keep continuity together, a loose timeline will be

provided detailing Wolverine's life. Mixing in elements of the comics as well as some

original ides this will be the closes to a revealed detailed past for this incarnation of


10. Super Anti-Hero. Wolverine has often been misconstrued as a Superhero, now the

classic Comic Book Fan knows, Superheroes don't kill and Wolverine has quite the body

count attributed to him. But he does good. He even wears a costume, although not so much

for self promotion and more to hide his identity (and maybe a helmet to keep from any Psyche

attacks). His costume has to be an earned moment, important for the goodwill of the fans for

this new iteration of the beloved Canuk.


Breakdowns do a detailed look at the plot threads over the 8 seasons and their

resolutions. Giving an idea where things start, where they end, allowing everything inbetween

to be developed. The seasons breakdowns will conclude with an aftermath chapter for certain

characters. The breakdowns will also go over basic character profiles as we meet them.
The Life of Wolverine, Pre-X-Men:

Born to Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth, James Logan Creed suffered most of his

youth under abuse, witnessing his mother being beaten before he took his beatings. Aided by

a young girl named Rose, Logan and his Mother Elizabeth escaped, and were found by a

wealthy Candadian Family known as the Howletts. Elizabeth married the golden child of the

Family - John Howlett, who took in Logan and his family as his own. Sometime Elizabeth

discovered she was pregant and hid it from her husband, not wanting to raise another child of

Victor's lineage. She faked a miscarriage and had convinced the groundskeeper, an Irishman

by the name of Thomas Logan to raise the boy, he does but forces Elizabeth into an abusive

relationship. He raises the boy as his own, beatings and all, naming the poor child Dog.

On the even of James'16th Birthday, when Dog was only 10 Years old, Thomas

Logan was fired and broke on the grounds, forcing Dog to assist him. This lead to Thomas

killing John Howlett Sr, enraging James he took a bowie knife and killing Thomas. Scared,

Dog fired a blast into James only for them to watch before their eyes as it healed. With four

Fingerail Claws, like his father's, James swiped Dog across the face. James runs off with Rose

to a mining colony in the souther edge of Canada. Dog wonders the Canadian Wilderness till

he happens across Victor Creed, to which Creed already knows the boy is his.

Creed trains Dog to be a killer like him, administering the same beatings, but

teaching the boy to fight back. Helping Dog grow and develop so he can get revenge on his

brother. Dog is eventually hired by James' Step-Grandfather to find him. Dog tracks James

down to the mining village after an 11 year absence. He finds His older brother has made a

nice life for him and the Girl Rose has fallen for one of the workers. Dog commences to

attack James as Rose and her Husband intend to leave Canada. A fight ensues between James

and Dog, ending with James ontop Ready to kill Dog with the same Bowie knife he stuck his
dad with, Rose is pushed out by the crowd falling on the knife. This kills James internally

who leaves the town. After wondering for a few years James, now going by Logan, enlists in

the Military. Nicknamed Lucky Logan Howlett, he has a steady and legendary military service

record. His mutant abilities carry him as one of the most Legendary Soldiers among the

Allied Forces. This leads to Logan serving in Both World Wars, The Korean War and a brief

stint as a spy after spending 3 tours in Vietnam. Logan becomes a legend among C.I.A

Operatvies, second only to a mysterious Operative known as... Sabretooth.

Sometime in 1980 he is drafted to a black ops Team, known as Team X. Doing

the Government's dirty work, Logan again cross paths with his Father, Victor Creed, working

under the codename Sabretooth. The two know each other well, agreeing to put business

ahead of their own rivalry, leading to them working close together until 1990 When Logan,

Codenamed Patch, attempts to retire from the team with another member: Feral a.k.a. Silver

Fox. They leave the team on bad terms, but are deadset on living a normal life away from

killing and away from the pain they suffered in their youth. Sabretooth refuses to let Logan

escape, vowing to make sure he pays for it. Peace for Logan lasts until 1994 when Logan

comes home on his Birthday to find her beheaded and mutilated with 'Happy Birthday'

Written in blood. This causes Logan to track down Sabretooth where the two get into a

massive battle in the town and later battling again on the mountain top. Sabretooth nearly

kills Logan by tackling him off the mountain. He leaves Logan for dead joking he is about as

ferocious as a baby Wolverine. It is discovered Logan had survived, it took 3 days for his

body to completely heel from the incident. During this time Logan fell onto drugs and alcohol

hoping to numb his failure. He eventually falls under the care of Lord Ogun and is given

purpose again before being captured roaming the streets of Calgary by Department H, entered

into the Weapon X Program.

He remains an unwilling participent in Weapon X for 6 years experiencing daily

experiments, mind wipes, and mutation therapy until one day an opportunity to escape is

presented during a Coup from Canadian Superhero Team Alpha Flight. Logan is taken in,

with no memories and his mind reset to the point of being unable to speak. James Hudson and

his wife Heather assist Logan in teaching him how to speak again as well as trying to help

him restore what memories they can. Out of gratitude Logan joins Alpha Flight, operating

under the codename Wolverine. After spending a few years as a Superhero, Wolverine leaves,

having fallen in Love with Heather but unwilling to pursue it, as he felt he owed too much to

James and Heather for saving him from the Weapon X Project. He spent 2 years wondering

the world looking for his memories until he was approached by Professor Charles Xavier,

begging his help to save his Students from an incident happening of the coast of Madripoor in

a place called "The Savage Land" and thus began Wolverine's X-Men career. Season One

begins 2020, Roughley about 15/16 Years since Wolverine Joined the X-Men.

Season One

Main Plot Threads:

A.) Logan has left the X-Men going back to hunt for his Memories. Starting with the last

thread given to him in an apology note by Jean. He's in Madripoor hunting for a figure named

'El Tigre' who was the shadow financer of the Weapon X Project and along the way is hinted

as knowing who Logan really is. This leads to the rumor of covert Team X Files called the

Identity Disc.

B.) Sabretooth gets wind of Logan's leaving the X-Men and goes on the hunt for him. Taking

his resources to go after Logan building a massive conspiracy to mess with him. Starting with

Logan on his Birthday.

C.) Members of the Shadow Group known as Team X go on the Hunt for Wolverine's Help,

as Weapon X has resumed production and has begun hutning down the members. Rumor has

it they're preparring a Weapon related to a Team X Mission took place 20 years ago.

D.) Sabretooth begins hunting down the surviving scientist to take down. Chronicaling the

escape of Dr. Caroline Hines and her Husband Dr. Abraham Cornelius. The fleeing scientist

hunt for any member of Team X that would offer them shelter.

E.) Flashbacks chronicling the lead up to Logan being Christned Weapon X and Escaping.


A.) El Tigre is revealed to be Sabretooth. Logan gains the Identity Disc only to learn

Sabretooth purposely ommitted any information about Logan as a way of teasing him.

B.) Sabretooth gets his confrontation with Logan. Having him tied down and held down by

his goons, Sabretooth takes the only file of Logan's pre-Weapon X life and reads aloud a

couple of teasing elements (i.e. Mentioning a Son, which would later on be Revealed to be

Daken) before burning it infront of him Leading to a massive Confrontation that ends with

Sabretooth escaping.

C.) The Weapon is revealed to be the Russian Assassin Arkady Gregorivich-Rossovich, now

mutated into the Powerful and cunning Omega Red, working for Weapon X on the promise of

getting the Carbonadium Synthesizer from Logan. Kestrel, Maverick, and as a revelation to

Logan, Silver Fox all have been Murdered. With Wolverine learning that Silver Fox, under

the codename Feral operated alongside him with Team X. This leaves Logan in pain.

Knowing that Creed had single handedly manipulated almost his whole life.

D.) Hines is Murdered Cornelius Flees vowing Revenge on every surviving member of Team

X for not being able to save his Wife. He comences to Steal Weapon X Research from

Sabretooth and go on the lamb.

E.) The Flashbacks reveal Wolverine's life in the 1960's-1990's chronicalling his time as a

Soldier, A cop, his operations in Team X and his Weapon X involvement. This includes the

forced injection of Mutant Enhancing Drugs, causing Logan to develop Bone Claws. This

leads to a revelation (to the audience) that Logan was aided in his escape of Weapon X by the

Canadian Mutant Superhero Group Alpha Flight. Causing Logan to track them down to find

more answers. Leading to him to return to Alpha Flight for Answers.

Season Two

Main Plot Threads

A.) Logan goes on the hunt for Alpha Flight, finding James Hudson and his wife Heather

operating under the civilian guise of Farmers in Northern Canada. This leads to the trio

looking back into the history of Alpha Flight.

B.) Logan Temporarily joins Alpha Flight again as a team member taking up the Wolverine

Mantle yet again. He begins to discover the more heroic qualities in him leading him to

actively use a costume.

C.) Alpha Flight is being attacked by a former member and a close friend to Wolverine.

Attacking Alpha Flight with a deep vendetta against what he percieves as their crimes against

Mutant Kind. Using the Spirit of the Wendigo Against the team as well as threatening to

expose them for their crimes against Mutants.

D.) A romance between Heather and Logan is flirted, But Logan is highly reluctant due to his

gratitude towards James for saving him from Weapon X and helping him gain purpose years

ago. This leads to a love triangle as Heather begins to see her Husband and wonder about a

life outside of him, curious as to whether he would ever stop being a Superhero and actually

settle down and raise a family.


A.) It is revealed that Alpha Flight, under James leadership, doubled as Department H's Black

Ops team following the Dismantling of Team X. Department H had used them to round up

any potential Mutants who Escaped Weapon Alpha, including Weapon X/Wolverine.

B.) Betrayed by James revelation of being connected to Weapon X, Wolverine Leaves Alpha

Flight telling James that had he not saved his life so many times he'd have killed him, and for

Alpha Flight to never come after him or they'll die. Members try to make amends to

Wolverine, which he refuses.

C.) After Fireheart's part in revealing the atrocities of Alpha Flight, Wolverine kills him,

apologizing for killing his first friend after Weapon X. He takes Fireheart's uniform for a

keepsake, feeling that he deserves the regret and reminder.

D.) Logan leaves, Heather and James enter Marriage Counseling with little hope of saving

their relationship, having had a falling out over the recent events. This causes them and Alpha

Flight to be on a downward path. Unsure of the team's foundation this causes every member

of Alpha Flight to begin questioning their place, and whether James did to them what he did

to Logan.

Season Three

Main Plot Threads:

A.) Logan arrives to Japan, taking cases as a Private Investigator, hired in secret by an

Underworld Assassin, Yukio, to help protect the illegitimate Daughter of Yukio's Boss, the

leader of the Black Hand: Harada Shingen. This leads to a romance in the making between

Logan and Mariko, as she sees that Logan is more than the animal his legends talk about, as

well as a very intelligent, well read individual.

B.) Logan is dragged into an ongoing crime story of the Blackhand and their attempt to merge

in the Yakuza. Using the assistance of an Old friend, Inspector Kimura Asano, intends to

dake down both gangs. Moving into a full blown investigation Wolverine and Asano move

through the criminal underworld.

C.) Mariko goes on the run, with the assistance of Yukio. Logan Follows, to protect them

from punishment by the Black Hand and to keep the Yakuza from using them as a bargaining

chip. Logan intends to get to the root of the issues as he delves deeper into the mystery of why

The Yakuza is battling against the Black Hand.

D.) A rising force in the Army of the Yakuza appears... A powerful and theatrical crime lord

The Silver Samurai. He aims to reclaim his birthright and control over the Black Hand under

any circumstances. This leads the Silver Samurai to travel to Japan finding an old Sense to

Logan known as Lord Ogun. Pleading for his help in taking over the Black Hand, The Silver

Samurai convinces Lord Ogun to assist even going as far as to have forged the Muramasa

Blade, a blade magically reinforced with Logan's blood, causing it to negate Wolverine's

healing factor.


A.) Logan falls in love with Mariko, dedicating his life to protecting her. Leading to a

Confrontation between The Wolverine and Shingen for Yukio. Which Wolverine wins by

dishonoring himself. Leading to be forced into leaving Japan, with his feelings validated by

Mariko, who has fallen in love with him as well.

B.) Kimura's Death brings trouble to Logan, leaving him with only one option to save

Mariko, making a deal to help the Silver Samurai take over the Black Hand in exchange for

Mariko's safety. This leads to an alliance with Logan and The Yakuza after an honorable

confrontation between Logan, as the Wolverine, and Harada as The Silver Samurai.
C.) A war broke out between the Black Hand and the Yakuza. Leaving both sides dismantled

after Shingen's murder of the Silver Samurai. This leads to Mariko realizing her father's and

Brother's Place as Criminals. She is forced to head over both Gangs to keep the peace in

Japan and end the gang war.

D.) The Silver Samurai is revealed to be Harada Keniuchio, legitimate and unloved son of

Shignen. He made it his life's mission to earn his Father's respect and murder him for

abandoning him and his mother and leaving them with the family name as a curse. He attacks

The Black Hand until getting his wish in a final confrontation between himself and his father

Shingen, resulting in The Silver Samurai's Death. The Muramasa Blade is wielded by Mariko

in honor of her half brother.

Season Four

Main Plot Threads:

A.) A new boss emerges in the Tokyo Undergound. A figure named The Gorgon. Along with

his Lover: Lady Deathstrike, they aim to use their gang, the Red Lords, to take over the Black

Hand and the Yakuza.

B.) Mariko Leads the Black Hand and Yakuza under the name The Scarlet Samurai, honoring

her brother. She battles against the Red Lords, but has been losing the war. She seeks

Wolverine's help, promising to marry him if he assists her in taking down the more violent


C.) Wolverine's dark past once again emerges as he discovers Lady Deathstrike, an Assassin

who posed as his Lover, wanting to kill him for the death of Her elder brother during a Team

X Black Ops mission, leading to the revelation of how to bond Adamantium to bone.
D.) Yukio begins to see images and visions causing her alarm. This sets her on a quest to

discover the source of the visions and to see if they are preminition or deception.

E.) The Gorgon goes on the hunt for an ancient Sword used by the Silver Samurai, the

Muramasa Blade. Intending to use it to Kill Wolverine Directly and take control over Japan.


A.) The Gorgon falls, killed by the Wolverine. Lady Deathstrike escapes vowing her revenge

on Wolverine, despire the revelation that Wolverine didn't kill her brother. Wolverine tries to

redeem her but is proven that it isn't possible for everyone he encounters to face redemption.

B.) In the Underground war for Japan, Mariko is poisoned by the Gorgon, killing her slowly

before she could marry Logan. For Mercy she instructs him to kill her, allowing her to die

with Honor and not from the Gorgon's poison. Wolverine Relunctantly complies and the act it

self causes him to leave Japan forever.

C.) Lady Deathstike learns her revenge is misguided, as another Mutant with Wolverine's

abilities killed her brother before Team X arrived to the site. Refusing to believe Wolverine is

completely innocent in the incident. Swearing her revenge she sets out for the Mutant that

killed her Brother.

D.) Yukio discovers the visions she encountered were deceptive callings by the Gorgon

aiming to alienate her from Mariko. This results in Yukio not being able to save Mariko's life

and feeling shame. In restitution she takes over the mantle of the Scarlet Samurai turning the

Black Hand from Gangsters into Protectors of Japan, something Mariko was unable to do.

E.) Logan discovers the Muramasa Blade, taking it from the hands of the Gorgon and ships it

"Home" to the care of Scott Summers, being really only able to trust Scott to use it should it

ever become necessary.

Season Five

Main Plot Threads:

A.) An Experiment escpaes the compound known as Department X. Director Xander Rice

instructs his covert team to hire Sabretooth to track down the Experiment, dubbed by them as

"The Native."

B.) Wolverine arrives back to the United States with Sabretooth hunting him down delivering

the information on the Escaped Subject. Forcing Wolverine into helping as Logan quickly

realizes that The Native is a clone of his former Lover Silver Fox.

C.) The Native hunts for her memories gaining small glimpses from Hundreds of years

before. Beyond The memories of Silver Fox.

D.) Sabretooth begins to investigate the secrets behind Department X, looking to gain

leverage on Xander Rice.


A.) Sabretooth is successful in killing the Native, setting his sites on the scientist responisble

after they attempted to pull him from the assignment. Xander Rice escapes intending to use

his data to finish his shadow project... X-23.

B.) Wolverine fails to save the Native plunging him down into a deeper depression, especially

at the revelation she was Pregnant with his child. This sends Wolverine down a rabbit hole of

depression, unsure of what to do next.

C.) The Native discovers her memories, leaving a name for Wolverine to search for: Remus.

This sets Wolverine off on a new path, looking to discover Remus.

D.) Sabretooth discovers the existence of a Mutant of similar powers to Wolverine and

himself, only having lived for thousands of years. He discovers the name... Romulus.
Season Six

Main Plot Threads:

A.) Lady Deathstrike's revenge quest comes to an end as a Mysterios figure with Claws kills

her. Her body is promptly dumped on Wolverine's door step as a sign.

B.) Wolverine has gone on the hunt for Remus. Returning to the home of the Weapon X

Project, a massive building hidden in the woods near Roanoke, Alberta Canada.

C.) Sabretooth's hunt for Romulus Picks up as he encounters another mutant with hightened

senses known as "Wild Child." Sabretooth goes on the hunt certain that he has a connection

to Romulus.

D.) An experiment escapes Xander Rice's control, with help from a mysterious Mutant, X-23

goes on the run. Both seeking assistance from Wolverine.


A.) It is revealed that the killer of Lady Deathstrike is Daken, the son of Wolverine and Silver

Fox. He's on the hunt to kill Wolverine, having been brainwashed into believing that

Wolverine killed his mother.

B.) Wolverine finds Remus, learning that her and Romulus have been as old as having seen

Ancient Rome. Not only that, but the two were Lovers as Remus has always been Wolverine's

Shadow Guardian in youth, having once disguised herself as a young girl name Rose.

C.) Sabretooth tracks down and kills Wild Child, getting a hold of more information about

Romulus, finding him to be the possible original feral Mutant. This leads Sabretooth to

re-institute the Weapon X Project one last time to gain further enhancements to fight

D.) X-23 is on the run with Remus, and they find Wolverine where Remus reveals that X-23

is a clone of them, taking form as their daughter, one that Romulus intends to exploit to hit a

further Evolution.

Season Seven

Main Plot Threads:

A.) Wolverine, Remus, and X-23 are on the Hunt for Daken and Romulus. Intending to save

Daken and kill Romulus.

B.) Sabretooth re-emerges and is confronted by Romulus, who intends to push Sabretooth's

evolution to it's maximum potential.

C.) Daken goes on the run, Having been exposed to his Father, and learning that his Father

didn't kill his Mother. This leads Daken on the war path for revenge.

D.) Romulus uses his research and wealth to build a shadow Weapon X. With Xander Rice

assisting Dr. Cornelius to bond adamnatium to his bones as well as give him Adamantium

Claws. Romulus is desperate to see the final stage of his mutation, wanting to use the power

to become the dominant species.


A.) Wolverine's Team takes on Romulus. With a truce at it's end, X-23 is taken to the Xavier

institude along with Remus, where the two can be safe. Wolverine refuses to return.

B.) Sabretooth, with his fully mutated and upgraded assists Wolverine in Killing Romulus,

after Wolverine had saved Sabretooth. This leads to a begrudging end to their conflict.

Sabretooth escapes, fully powered to live his life as he sees it. Honoring Wolverine for saving

his life.
C.) Daken get's his revenge, beheading Romulus, seeing his father to be a hero, he goes on his

own personal journey intending to find his own purpose.

D.) Romulus is killed and his assets are stolen by Dr. Cornelius, refusing to let his quest for

vengeance die with Romulus.

Season Eight

Main Plot Threads:

A.) Cornelius builds a massive empire and begins sending waves of enhanced mercenaries

after Wolverine to kill him. Cornelius sets up a new Facility set in Nevada, turning his

mercenaries into enhanced monsters thanks to the work of Genetic Terrorist Viper.

B.) Wolverine discovers his powers to be fading. He goes on the hunt for Cornelius to find

out why. This drags Wolverine into a massive Political conspiracy.

C.) Friends of Humanity founder and Political incumbant Grayden Creed aims to force in a

Mutant Registration Act, joining forces with Senator Henry Gyrich and Colonel Williams


D.) Wolverine's former mentor Lord Ogun has put a bounty on his head to draw him out,

looking to see if his pupil has truly outclassed the master.


A.) Cornelius is killed, Questioning what Wolverine has done with his life. Wolverine

reflects on his time as an X-Men, and his time outside, finding satisfaction in what he's done

as a a hero.

B.) With his powers gone, thanks to the work of Viper's genetic serums, Wolverine is fatally

wounded, killing Viper and taking a last stand to kill Cornelius before being encased in

C.) Graydon Creed is exposed for Crimes against humanity as well as having his parentage

revealing him as the son of Omega level mutants Sabretooth and Mystique. Gyrich is arrested

and Stryker committs suicide refusing to be judged by any other authority than God.

D.) Lord Ogun is defeated, proud of his pupil he gives Wolverine an herb that will enhance

his healing for a period of time as well as informing him of the source of his recent misery

leading to Wolverine's last stand.


Following Wolverine's death in the series there are certain events that would take

place. Seeing each character take a different path, because of their interactions with Logan.

Giving a sense of weight to his actions with even his deadliest enemy. This is the aftermath of

the series finale...

X-23 is enrolled into the Xavier Institute, finding a new family. Greeted warmly by the

X-Men. She finds her places at the school, now going by the name Laura, she joins the

X-Men taking up the codname Wolverine in honor of her father.

Daken travels the world learning of his father's exploits, seeing what kind of hero he was and

how horrible his life was. Daken intends to make up for trying to kill him by going to

Madripoor and making it a home, taking up the Wolverine mantel to clean it up and see it to

it's full potential.

Remus goes on the run, looking for more mutants like her attempting to save them. She pines

for her lost love, wanting to follow his example. She gains a partner in her journey, starting a

team of hero mutants dedicated to stopping mutant experimentation.

Sabretooth joins Remus and assembles X-Force. He mourns for the death of his son and only

friend: Wolverine. He finds purpose when coming across a young, scared, mutant orphan -

Blink. Sabretooth takes her in vowing to be a father to her...

Character Breakdowns:

Breakdowns handle the character descriptions, With Character's often cast for a

series duration Each Season gets a breakdown of characters debuting in that season, so each

Season breakdown focuses soley on any newly appearing characters. Breakdowns list

Character's name, role, what age they are visually, height and description.

Season One:

LOGAN, Series Lead. 30's, 5' 9". Former X-Men member, going back out on the road to hunt

for his memories. He's rough around the edges and as a very serious anger management

problem. Logan searches for purpose and to be whole inside. While a rough figure he has a

distinct code of honor and Chivalry.

SABRETOOTH, Co-Lead Character, 40's, 6' 6". Logan's Sadistic rival and the architect of

most of Logan's Misfortune. He is the true head of Weapon X, using it as a way to enhance

his own mutant abilities and test the waters of Adamantium Bonding to Bone. With blank

white eyes and his animalistic physique scares just about everyone who encounters him.

SILVER FOX, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 4". Logan's one true love. A Native American

Mutant with similar powers to Logan and Sabretooth. She is a sweet soul and brings out the

best in Logan, and the worst in Sabretooth.

MAVERICK, Supporting Character, 30's, 6' 2". Handsome, cavalier, Maverick is the model

man for many and a hell of a Soldier. One of Logan's close friends, he aims to bury his

demons with the dismantling of Weapon X.

KESTREL, Supporting Character, 40's, 6' 3". Smart and strong. An emotional rock Kestrel

was alway one to break tension. Now a Born-Again christian he seeks to make the bad he did

right, including helping Logan get his revenge for what was done.

COLONEL WILLIAM STRYKER, Supporting Character, 40's, 6' 2". Strong southern

military Colonel. Responsible in part for Department H to secure U.S. Funding. Stryker is a

bitter Racist seeing no Humanity in Mutants. He is the official Commanding Officer of Team

X, and one of the leaders of Weapon X.

ARKADY GREGORIVICH, Supporting Character, 40's, 6' 5". A russian Serial Killer and

Assassin, he discovered latent Mutant Abilities making him very dangerous. This lead to his

Capture by Team X and his transformation into Omega Red by Department H. For this he

carries a very targeted hatred for Logan.

PROFESSOR TRUETT HUDSON, Supporting Character, 50's, 5' 10". A genius and a

sociopath. Professor Hudson follows the science till the science ends. He is facinated with

Logan as a test Subject and aims to turn him into the Perfect weapon for Stryker.
DR. ABRAHAM CORNELIUS, Supporting Character, 40's, 5' 11". Cornelius is a Scientist

who seeks to make the world a better price. His idealism is what allows him to be corrupted

by Professor Hudson and Weapon X, turning Cornelius into a much daker individual.

DR. CAROL HINES, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 10". Hines is an idealist who seeks to

make the world a better place. She takes her position in the Weapon X program as a duty,

hoping to keep the victims from experiencing pain ignorant to the intentions of the program.

DR. DALE RICE, Supporting Character, 50's, 6' 0". Dr. Rice is a good hearted individual

but a low man on the Weapon X totem pole. He has a moral standing which leads to him

making often unfortunate choices.

LINDSEY MCCABE, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 10". A P.I. and partner to Logan, as he

operates under the name Patch in Madripoor. She joins him on the road to help him discover

the secret behind the Weapon X Project. A sweetheart in spirit and a street smart fighter.

Season Two:

JAMES HUDSON, Supporting Character, 40's, 6' 2". Beyond the smoldering chin and

Handsome veneer looks is a Man trying to be a good hero, feeling held back by his past. He is

Wolverine's closest friend but may also have stabbed him in the back.

HEATHER HUDSON, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 9". James' wife. A loving woman

dedicated to being the idol that she is percieved as, as a member of Alpha Flight. She can

sense something troubling her Husband, and seeks to fix it.

WALTER LANGOWSKI, Supporting Character, 40's, 6' 5". A man of science and fact,

Walter was a bright star in Genetic research, until an incident transformed him into the

massive Sasquatch. He serves Alpha Flight as muscle and mind.

EUGENE JUDD, Supporting Character, 50's, 3' 6". A kindly sage in the body fo a dwarf.

Eugene's role as Puck keeps him in good spirit. He loves being a hero to the point of being

almost oblivious to the troubles the team is facing.

MICHAEL TWOYOUNGMAN, Supporting Character, 40's, 5' 10". A doctor, a medic, The

Shaman, Michael is a pacifist who seeks to only heal. He carries himself very modestly and

even chides himself for not being willing to take more action to help the team in their battles.

NARYA, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 10". The Snowbird, a child of magic fully grown as

the sworn protector of Canada. She steeps herself in mystic truths and acts as a sage for

Shaman. Narya has joined Alpha Flight on the promise they become the guardians of Canada.

THOMAS FIREHEART, Supporting Character, 30's, 6' 2". Former member of Alpha

Flight who has turned sour on the team. He sees them as little more than pawns and focuses

his blame squarley on James. He is willing to kill anyone to bring their crimes to light.

THE WENDIGO, Supporting Character, N/A, 6' 11". A creature cursed to wonder the

Canadian wilderness, protecting it from the influence of man. The Wendigo has been

captured and controlled by Fireheart as a way to battle Alpha Flight.

Season Three:

YASHIDA MARIKO, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 0". Daughter of Black Hand leader

Shingen, Mariko is a strong willed woman who seeks exile from her Father's empire. She sees

the good in people and wants to turn the Yashida Name into something honorable.

YUKIO, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 9". Bodyguard to Mariko, strong willed and stern.

Yukio was raised by the Black Hand but shares a vision of the future without it. This leads to

considering Mariko more than an assignment but a sister as well.

HARADA SHINGEN, Supporting Character, 70's, 5' 10". Mariko's Father, Crime Lord and

leader of the Black Hand. Shingen took hold over the Yashida family and Fortune. This has

given Shingen a grip over crime only jeopardized by the waring members of the Yakuza.

HARADA KENIUCHIO, Supporting Character, 40's, 6' 6". First born and disgarded son of

Shingen. Keniuchio has taken his father's actions against him and his mother as an afront. and

has sworn vengeance a motivation that lead him to control the Yakuza as The Silver Samurai.

KIMURA ASANO, Supporting Character, 40's, 5' 9". A detective and long time friend of

Logan's. Asano seeks to bring down the Black Hand and the Yakuza down as a way of

proving his honor. He puts the letter of the law in top regard, but sees cracks in the system.
LORD OGUN, Supporting Character, 50's, 5' 9". Former mentor to Logan, he assisted Logan

in getting his life and his purpose back years ago. Ogun sits as a wizard of men, possessing

knowledge thousands of years old. He is impartial in all conflict, helping whoever seeks him.

HIDEKI NOBORU, Supporting Character, 40's, 5' 0". Corrupt cop and all around ruthless

individual. He hates Logan, having very racist views towards any 'Gaijin.' He is set to marry

Mariko and become 2nd in command of the Black Order and climing the political ladder.

Season Four:

OYAMA YURIKO, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 7". An assassin raised in the Yakuza

system, Her Brother was Dr. Kenji Oyama, a scientist who learned how to bond adamantium

to bone. She blames Wolverine for her brother's death, having turned herself into Deathstrike.

SHISHIDO TOMI, Supporting Character, 40's, 6' 3". An assassin born from nothing seeking

the power of Black Hand and the Yakuza. He leads the Red Lords, a dangerous new gang.

Wolverine is a neutral party to him but he understands Wolverine is in the way of his goals.

Season Five:

THE NATIVE, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 4". A Clone of Silver Fox by an Organization

Department X. An animilastic woman, evolved with Bone Claws and a healing factor. The

Native seeks to discover who she is, tracking the memories of Silver Fox and another mutant.
DR. XANDER RICE, Supporting Characters, 40's, 6' 1". A corrupt scientist and scientific

head of Department X. He uses his 'monsters' in an attempt to kill Wolverine. He is backed by

a mysterious figure, who intend to benefit on the back of Xander's research.

BIRDY, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 8". Sabretooth's assistant, a mutant with a unique

ability to help supress emotion or rages. She cares for Sabretooth having seen the pain inside

him, locking her into what could be seen as an abusive relationship for her boss.

Season Six:

X-23, Supporting Character, Teens, 5' 1". Direct clone of Wolverine, Mutated for further

enhancements. An angry child unsure of her place in the world, and scared. She escapes the

Department X Facility, seeking to find her way in life after getting revenge against Dr. Rice.

REMUS, Supporting Character, 30's, 6' 6". Sister of the mysterious Romulus. A protector of

Mutants, she seeks to see her brother killed. She looks after X-23. She's watched over

Wolverine since he was a child, even masquerading as his former tutor named Rose.

KYLE GIBNEY, Supporting Character, 30's, 5' 8". Pet to henchmen to Romulus, known as

Wild Child. Gibney was once an experiment that was saved by the being he calls Master. He's

had his run ins with Wolverine and Sabretooth, only ever having been afraid of Sabretooth.

AKIHIRO DAKEN, Supporting Character 30's, 5' 9". Child of Wolverine and Silver Fox, he

was ripped from his mother's stomach and raised in Japan by abusive parents. trained by

Romulus, Daken is a person with a massive chip on his shoulder and a hatred for everyone.
Season Seven:

ROMULUS, Supporting Character, 50's, 7' 0". A Mutant older than Ancient Rome. Believing

himself to be a god. He sees Sabretooth and Wolverine as the closest thing he can have to

brethren. He intends to become the perfect being and a perfect ruler to take over the world.

Season Eight:

OPHELIA SARKISSIAN, Supporting Characer, 30's, 5' 9". A genetic terrorist known as

Viper, Ophelia grew up in a Black Widow-Esq Hydra Program known as Octopus. She is a

nihilist and a sociopath. She only serves her greater good, which includes killing Wolverine.

SENATOR GRAYDON CREED, Supporting Character, 30's, 6' 2". The human son of

Sabretooth, a bitter racist and bigot who founded the Friends of Humanity. He takes a strong

anti-mutant position as Senator. Praying on people's fears and ashamed of his past.

SENATOR HENRY GYRICH, Supporting Character, 50's, 5' 9". A cold calculated

politician very willing to screw anyone over. He sees the Friends of Humanity as allies

supporting his anti-mutant stance. He seeks to use his power to reinstate the Sentinal


Costumes are an important part of any production, even more so in Comic Book

Adaptations. For any comic book series costumes are highly metaphircal for the character's

state of mind as well as ever changing. Over this chapter will be images from comics

detailing what Wolverine and Sabretooth's outfits would look over the series.

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The Hard Sell

This is a series about Logan. He's lived, he's loved, He'll die. This is that story,

told in a dark and compelling world. The story isn't for the faint of heart nor the easily

offended. It's a show that accurately demonstrates the dark and sick nature of a world that

doesn't love and doesn't care. This is the world Wolverine inhabits. Telling it honestly is as

important as treating the material with importance. This is no easy series to pitch. This is the

Wolverine, a cultural Icon. This series aims high and intends to meet the expectations set by

the character and the fanbase. This series is Wolverine... This series is... LOGAN.