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This ESCROW SERVICES AGREEMENT (the 11 Agreement") is entered into this 30nd
day of May, 2014 by and between:

Fossberg International, Inc., ("Fossberg" or the "Escrow Agent"), a Canadian company,

having its office address at 1594 De La Brocquerie, Saint Bruno, Quebec J3V 4E2,
Canada, Phone: +001-450-441-9242; Mobile: 1-514-943-9707 Direct to my desk: 1-450-
461-0002i Facsimile: +001-450-461-0003; Email Address:rafhotline@aoI.com; Skype ID:
robert.alexander.fossberg, duly represented in person by Mr. Robert Alexander
Fossberg, President and Chief Executive Officer;


BENITO FELIX LUCENA, a citizen of Argentina, holder and bearer of Passport I

Number:AAB818933 with current residential address at: Avenue Monroe 3624 -Flat 2,

Office "E", City Buenos Aires Argentina, Phone+5445425112, Mobile:+541158747251;

Email Address:benito.lucena@grnail.com; Skipe ID: benito.lucena3 (hereinafter
referred to as the Client" .)


WHEREAS, Fossberg is a duly organized and existing under the laws of Canada with
full power and authority to carry out any business activity not prohibited by Canadian
law; and BENITO FEELIX LUCENA, Consultant Business Individual

WHEREAS, Fossberg is authorized to receive lawful client funds in trust as a fiduciary

and to make disbursements from said account upon the client's written request and
instruction; and

WHEREAS, the Client is an individual business consultant residing in the state of

Argentina, and is in the business of Consultant Business Financial, and is engaged in
other lawful enterprises; and

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Escrow Services Agreement
WHEREAS, the Client BENITO FELIX LUCENA has substantial net profits arising
from one or more lawful business activities organized in one or more major money
center banks in western Europe; and

WHEREAS, the Client desires to retain Fossberg to act as its escrow agent in receiving,
depositing, managing and releasing the net profits derived from one or more business

NOW, THEREFORE, for the mutual promises, covenants, warranties and

representations, the timely receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged, the
parties agree as follows:

1. Use of Fossberg Attorney Bank Account. The Fossberg bank account, described
further in Exhibit A attached hereto and made part of this Escrow Agreement, will be
used as the initial deposit account for the wiring of several tranches of United States
Dollars or European Union Euros which monies would be electronically wired via
SWIFT from one or more major money center banking institutions.

2. Pre-advice. The Client shall use its best efforts to provide Fossberg with a pre-advice
copy of the incoming wire a minimum of one banking day prior to the receipt of the
incoming funds.

3. Possible Opening of Account for Client. Fossberg represents to Client that he will
use his best efforts to assist the Client to open a sub-account in its name for his/her own
purposes. The success of such an endeavor, of course, is dependent upon Fossberg's
ability to receive a color copy of the principal's passport, a history of funds report,
confidential client information statement, and other relevant and reasonable
information required by the Bank and the Bank's acceptance of such documentation.
The parties further acknowledge that other factors that may not be within the control of
Fossberg will also affect the likelihood of success in opening of a sub-account for the

4. Escrow Fees. In exchange for the timely and professional delivery of escrow
services, Fossberg will charge an escrow fee of 3(three) per cent annual (3%) of the total
amount of fees placed into Fossberg's escrow account. Said fees will be deemed earned
when they are deposited. However, the disbursement of the monies received pursuant
to the Client's written instructions transmitted by Client or Client's designated agent

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Escrow Services Agreement
- - ---_._----------------------------------

are understood to be a material escrow service to be provided by Fossberg, so long as

the distribution instructions do not violate any applicable law.

5. Taxes. Fossberg will have no responsibility for reporting monies received pursuant
to this Escrow Agreement to any tax authority. Fossberg further represents to the
Client that neither Fossberg nor any of its employees or agents shall make any such
. report or filing. It is the sole responsibility of the Client and its tax advisor(s) to report
and pay income tax to all relevant tax authorities with respect to all monies received
and disbursed pursuant to this Agreement.

6. Certification of Non-Criminal Source of Funds. By signing this Escrow Agreement,

the Client certifies and affirms under the penalty of perjury that, to the best of its
knowledge, information and belief, the monies being wired into Fossberg's escrow or
sub-account are not from any unlawful sources, do not constitute money laundering,
are not part of a criminal enterprise, and are not the proceeds from nor destined to
support terrorist or criminal activities of any kind.

7. Choice of Law and Arbitration Provision. This Escrow Agreement shall be

governed by, and its terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the
laws of Canada. The parties hereto further agree that Canada shall have jurisdiction
over the _parties and subject matter of this Agreement. In the event of a dispute that
cannot be amicably settled, the parties agree to have such matter arbitrated under the
rules governing arbitration provided by the International Chamber of Commerce (Paris,
France), latest provisions. Any judgment rendered by said arbitrators may be entered
in any court having competent jurisdiction thereof. In any action to enforce this Escrow
Agreement, the prevailing party shall also be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and
the actual costs associated with such action.

8. Assignment. Neither party without the prior written consent of the other may
assign its rights and duties under this Escrow Agreement.

9. Final Agreement, This Escrow Agreement terminates and supersedes all prior
understandings and agreements, whether written or oral, on the subject matter here-of.
Only a further writing that is duly executed by both parties may modify this Escrow

Escrow Services Agreement
10. Waiver. No waiver or breach of any term or condition of this Escrow Agreement
shall operate as a waiver of any other breach of such term or condition nor shall any
failure to enforce any provisions hereunder operate as a waiver of such provision or any
other provision hereunder.

11. Hold Harmless and Indemnification. The parties agree that Fossberg
International, Inc., and Robert Alexander Fossberg, acting as Escrow Agent, shall in no
event be liable for the failure of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, nor
for any damage caused by Fossberg's reasonable exercise of discretion in any particular
matter, or for any other reason, except for Fossberg's gross negligence or willful
misconduct with respect to the performance of his duties that are specifically set forth in
this Escrow Agreement.

Moreover, Fossberg International, Inc., and Robert Alexander Fossberg, shall not be
responsible for detecting or reporting third party forgeries, impersonations, or fraud
with respect to communications from the Client., his/her agents, bankers, or advisors,
in dealing with the client's matters. It is further understood that the Escrow Agent is
acting ingood faith in carrying out duties that are purely ministerial in nature and that
the Escrow Agent shall incur no liability whatsoever except for gross negligence or
willful misconduct.

12. No Opinion Rendered on Underlying Transaction. The parties agree and

understand thatFossberg International, Inc., and Robert Alexander Fossberg, have not
rendered a legal opinion to any party with respect to the underlying business
transaction that is the subject of this Escrow Agreement.

13. Counterparts. This Escrow Agreement may be executed in one or more

counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, but all of which taken together
shall be deemed one and the same instrument. Facsimile or electronic transmissions of
this Es-crow Agreement, when duly signed, shall be accepted by the parties as legal and
binding as the original thereof.

14. Instructions. The parties acknowledge the following instructions to the Escrow

To accept wire transfer of funds into the Fossberg sub-account set forth in Exhibit A
attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement. Upon confirmation of receipt of

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Escrow Services Agreement
each deposit of the escrow funds into said Fossberg sub-account, the Escrow Agent will
promptly notify the Client of such receipt by electronic mail or facsimile and will then
immediately disburse these funds in accordance to the written instructions signed by
the Client and delivered to Fossberg International, Inc.

IN WITNESS WEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Escrow Agreement to be
executed by their respective duly authorized representatives on the day and year first
written above.




Name: Robert Alexander Fossberg
Title: President & Chief Executive Officer
Passport No.: GI258084
Date of Issue: 09 MAY 2014
Date of Expiry: 09 MAY 2024
Country of Issuance: Canada


On May 30, 2014, before me, CARLOS ANTONIO GARCIA TOLEDO,

EnroIlment 3434, Registration:1196,City of Buenos Aires, Argentina ,a notary
public, personally appeared ENITO FELIX LUCENA, who proved to me on
the basis of satisfactory evi e ce to be the person whose name is subscribed to
the within instrument an a knowledged to me that he executed the same in
his authorized ca acity, d t at by his signature on the instrument the person, or
the entity upon b alf 0 hic the person acted, executed the instrument.


Signature: -1--++-+-----1--- (Seal)

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Es row Services Agreement


On May 20, 2014, before me, CARLOS ANTONIO GARCIA TOLEDO, Enrollment
3434, Registration: 1196,City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a notary public,
personally appeared BENITO FELIX LUCENA, who proved to me on the basis of
satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within
instrument and acknowledged to me that he executed the same in his authorized
capacity, and that by his signature on the instrument the person, or the entity upon
behalf of which the person acted, executed the instrument.


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Escrow Services Agreement

Signature: _ (Seal)



. NAME OF BANK: Royal Bank of Canada

BANK ADDRESS: 30 Clairevue Boulevard West

St. Bruno, Quebec
Canada J3V IP8

ACCOUNT NAME: Fossberg International, Inc.



NAME OF BANK OFFICER: MS. Jocelyne Desnoyers

BANK PHONE NUMBER: +001-450-653-7847

BANK FACSIMILE NO: +001-450-653-5356

BANK OFFICER E-MAIL ADDRESS:jocelyne.desnoyers@rbc.com

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Escrow Services Agreement

F 0 1053 8378

Buenos Aires. 30 de Mayo de 2014. En mi earacter de escribano

2 Titular del Registro 1196 de la Cludad Aut6noma de Buenos Aires

3 CERTll"ICO: Que Ia/s ttrrnas que ob rain en el

4 documents que adjunto a esta foja, cuyo requerimiento de cernflcackin se

5 formaliza simultaneamente per ACTA mimero 188 del LIBRO

6 mimero 55 , es/son puesta/s ell mi presencia por Ia/spersona/s

7 cuyo/s nombre/s y documento/s de identidad se menciona/n a continuaeion aSI come

8 la justiflcacion de su identidad, Benito Felix LUCENA titular del D.N.!

9 11.134.850.- El compareclente justifiea su identidad de acuerdo al incise "a" del

to art. 1002 del Codigo Civil.- Certlftcacton efectuada en el Sello F 010538378.-






MAT. 3434








L 012100980

EL COLEGlO DE ESCRInANOS de la Ciudad (h, Buenes Aires. Capital Federal de la Rc})ublicu

Argentina, en virtud de las Iacultades que le conftere la ley urganica vigente, LE(;ALlZA la flrma

Y s e It o del c sc r tb ann CARlOSANTONIOGARCIATOlEOO

ob r an te s en e l do cumenro ane xo, presentado ('[I cl dia de la f'ech a bajo

cl N" 140602252137JC La presente legalizacioll no juzga sobre

cl centenido .f forma del dncumente,

.os.~1AC1O BeNGURIA.H-
:I> A
ID ,» *.•••

00 '"
-0 c.
IH ,..,
En nombre del Gob/erne db la Republica Argentina,
IH m
w z la slJ,/er/dad que exp/de 61 preeontc paSlJporto,
» » (!Joga y sottaite a todos equettos a quienes puede
;:0 A
Cl A concernfr deJen peeer lIbremontc .a su tltuter y

Vl ID presten» la f1sisttJncia y prote-ccld" nqcosaria.

+' m
•••• The Government of the Ropfibltca Argentina, hereby
o -j
W 0 requests all whom It may concern, to pormlt the
A bearer to pass without delay or hlndranco and In case
of neod to g!Vij all JaWful aId and protec1fol1.
N m
+' r-
o •...• Em nome do Govarnc da RepubrJca ArgentJna, a
+' X autorldade que concede 0 pl'esento POS$~pOrle,
N 1\
co 1\ roga e sollcfta as autorJdad&s compe!ontes, delxnr
00 A
...• A paas ar Hvremento '0 titular e pr'6star.fhe tcde a
-" A assJstencla e proiaQ;lo necessarIa.
••.• 1\
IH 1\
+' 1\ Au nom du Gouvet'nement de la Republique
00 A Argentine "sutorJhi quf dellvro 10present passeport,
V1 A
o 1\ domande ~ tOU5 ceux qui pourraiont atre co.ncerne~,
1\ 1\ de tatsser paasar Hbre.ment son tltulaire et tuf pr.\$tcr
A I\. "assistance et fa proJoeUoFl necossairo.
I\. /\
/\ I\.
A /\
o A

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