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Fractions are usually used in business when it capitalizes or is based on the production of

products. It shows how much of a certain material is present or needed to produce the actual product.
For example, a candy company uses sugar as the main ingredient for most of their product, which sums
up to ½ of the actual product. Fractions can also be used for the testing of the quality of the product. We
can say that it would be the grade of the product. It is usually expressed in the scale of 1 to 10 over 10 or
the scale of 1 to 100 over 100. For example, a test was conducted to test the quality of the candy of a
certain factory, and was graded 9 out of 10 or 9/10 by the FDA, which can also be expressed in 90/100.
Bakeries and Factories are most likely to use this mathematical expression.

Decimals are usually used for the exact measure of something which is usually the amount of
money. For example, in a financial statement, the budget amount for a certain aspect is expressed in an
exact manner, which means it states the exact amount of money like; the budget allotted for the use of
vehicles for the delivery, and transportation is 15 560.75Php. In other words, decimals are often used for
costing especially by a business which is based on financing, where every amount of everything should
be exact to avoid miscalculations. Lending companies are most likely to use this mathematical

Percentage is usually used for the percentage of sales, investor’s percentage, percentage
increase, but it is most likely used for the amount of interest rate and in determining the profit and the
loss of the business. For example the interest rate of a lending company is 18% annually or others have a
3% interest monthly. Another example, a certain business had a rate of increase of 3% of their actual net
worth this year or it had a 3% loss of their actual net worth this year. Lending companies are most likely
to be exposed in this mathematical expression.

Though fractions, decimals, percentage are used more on a certain aspect of business, all of
these can actually be used in almost everything which involves measurement. Decimals can be used in
the testing of the product’s quality since in every experimentation involves a hypothesis which means
there is a standard critical value for creating surveys about the product. Percentage can also be used for
determining how much of a material is needed for the material since fraction is simply a representation
of decimal and percentage. Decimals are also the same as a fraction. It is simply a representation for a
fraction and percentage. It's easier to say a bag of chips costs $0.99 than it is to say it costs 99/100 of a
dollar. John Napier, a Scottish mathematician, was the person to suggest using decimals to represent
fractions. He suggested that numbers to the left of the decimal point should represent whole numbers
and numbers to the right of the decimal point should represent fractional numbers. The same idea can
also be applied on percentage which is another representation of fraction and decimal. If the interest
rate is 3% it can be expressed as fraction with a value of 3/100 and as a decimal with the value of 0.03
since these three expressions have a direct relationship with each other. Having a fundamental
knowledge of these three expressions would be a strong foundation for those who are aspiring to have
their own business