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Reality and reflection play an important role in the story.

(Thesis) By portraying a family able to alienate one of their own, without regard to his
condition, the author unknowingly represents modern capitalist society.

Before transformation
Gregor is never recognized by all his efforts. He was taken for granted and expected to support
his family without them considering his needs.

After transformation
Treansformed into a vermin, a bug that is despise by many and crushed and discarded.
In his transformation Gregor was rejected as a sick invalid relative. No one cared to make him
feel accepted. He was ignored and hide out of shame, like when people become sick or old. At
the beginning some start to feel sorry, but eventually people start to reject and abandon and
they become a burden. Capitalist society is also this way. People act in certain ways as long as
they get something in return.

After his death, a time that should be of mourn and grief, his family felt relief. Gregor felt relief
too, knowing that he wasn’t going to cause his family more suffering. Capitalist societies there
is a cycle that never ends. You are useful as long you are productive. Once this relationship ends
people are discarded not only by society but also their families. The fact that this novel is more
than 100 years old and can still portray our current society makes me feel pessimist and
hopeless about the future of our society.