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Report On Orientation

Duration: 01 – 10 April, 2017

Reporting To Lead Manager

Prepared & presented by

Md. Shah Newaz Kabir

Designation: Assistant Engineer-Mechanical

Transcom Beverage Limited

Gazipur, Telirchala, Bangladesh


Report On Orientation

Transcom Beverage Limited is the exclusive PepsiCo franchise for Bangladesh .TBL
owns and operate modern plants in Gazipur (Konabari & Mawna) and Chittagong for
bottling Pepsi, 7up, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Slice, Pepsi Diet, 7up Light, Aquafina and
Evervess Club Soda. I would like to thank Management of TBL to give me a chance to
prove my ability as a Mechanical Engineer. I am feeling honor to be a member of this
company. My orientation was started from 01 April, 2017 to 10 April, 2017. Following is
the date wise orientation report.

April 01, 2017:

I was introduced with HR Policy, organization’s structure by Mr.Murshedul Huda

(Personnel & Admin Manager).

HR Policy:
Management Employee: Officer & Manager Level are considered as Management
Employee. There are O-1 to O-6 Officer Grade as well as M-1 to M-6 Manager Grade.

Officer Grade with respect to their position

Grade Position
O-1 Junior Officer
O-2 Assistant Officer
O-3 Officer
O-4 Senior Officer
O-5 Executive
O-6 Sr. Executive

Manager Grade with respect to their position

Grade Position
M-1 Assistant Manager
M-2 Deputy Manager
M-3 Manager
M-4 Assistant General Manager
M-5 Sr. Assistant General Manager

Organization’s Structure



Factory Accounts HR Sales


GM Plant


Production QC Maintenance
Dept. Dept. Dept.


Mechanica Electrical


April 02, 2017:

On that day, I was introduced on the production lines of Gazipur Factory. There are total
three plants for manufacturing PEPSI
1. Gazipur plant
2. Chittagong plant
3. Bogra plant

There are five (05) lines in Gazipur plant, three for PET (Line 1, 3 & 4), one (Line-2) for
for GRB (Glass Return Bottle) and the rest one (Line-5) is for Aquafina.

There are two types of drinks

1. Hard drinks
2. Soft drinks
Soft drinks are of two types
1. Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD)
2. Non Carbonated Beverage (NCB)

The main ingredients of soft drinks are

1. Treated water
2. Refined sugar
3. Concentrate
4. CO2

PET bottles are made from perform in blow molding machine & perform are made from
resin at Husky plant.

The process of PET lines is as follows:

Preform &
Blow Bottle wash Filler Warmer Inspection Labeler

Date coding Shrink wrapper


Process of GRB line:

Conveyor Uncaser Pre Bottle Electronic Bottle

Empty Bottle Cap. : 400 Inspecti Washer Inspector
BPM on

Case Packer Date Code Date Code Crowner Filler


Bottle Wash Procedure:

Bottle wash was done by 3 major steps such as below:

 Pre rinse : This step is conducted by NaOH solution.
 Pre Final Rinse : This step are conducted by Devo-Le & Devo AI which remove
heavy metal and adjust pH respectively
 Final Rinse : This step is conducted by chlorine solution which maxm
concentration 1 ppm

Capacity of bottle washer is 24000 BPH

Husky Plant:

Shooting Pot Cool peak



Barrel Cooling plate


Process of Aquafina Line

Bore Well

Shrink Shrink
Wrapper Wrapper
Raw Water
Ware House
Raw Water (48 Hours)
Tank Date Code


Pressure Labeler


Filter Inspection

Polisher Filler
(5 Micron)

Polisher 1
UV Micron

RO RO Water Tank
April Membrane
03, 2017:

On that day, I had orientation program with QC department. A lot of topics for further
development of knowledge would be helpful which is related to QC dept. such as

1. Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

2. Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
3. Syrup

CO2 is mixing in CSD as preservative and refreshment & this CO2 is 99.9% pure.

 In every 1 Ltr PET bottle amount of dissolve CO2 is 4.3 Ltr (Pepsi)
 In every 1 Ltr GRB amount of dissolve CO2 is 3.6 Ltr
 In every 1 Ltr PET bottle amount of dissolve CO2 is 3.6 Ltr (7up)

Intermediate Tank
Water Treatment Plant:
Tube Well Raw Water Coagulation Pressure
Cap.: 400 m3 Tank Sand filter
Cap: 32 m3 ACF
UV (Intensity 65%) Polisher (5 micron)
Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP):

Influent (All Screen Equalization & Aeration tank

Product Line, chamber Neutralization Tank Qty : 4 pcs
Syrup etc.) Cap.: 400 m3

Sludge Disposal Dry Sludge Secondary Clarifier

by Screw

Treated Effluent Disposal to Drain

Syrup (Batching of Slice):

Simple syrup Solid packet Fill pulp in

+ water of ingredients blending tank Homogenizer

Pasteurize Filler
April 04, 20

April 04, 17

On that day, I came to know how a Pre Sales Representative of Nabila Enterprise took
order of Beverage item such as Pepsi, 7up, Miranda, Aquafina from departmental store,
Restaurant & glossary shop. Daily Order short sheet format such as below:


Date :
PSR Name :
Daily Order Sheet

Sl.No. Name Address 200ml. GRB

P/C 7up M/O M/D

April 05, 2017:

On that day, I came to know how a Pre Sales Representative and their reporting Superior
i.e. Customer Executive start their early official work. Early Official work procedure such
as follows:

 Kickoff Meeting
 Consumer Promotional Offer
 VISI Cooler & Non Visi Cooler Outlet
 Territory Score Board Prepare

8 Step of Sale Procedure

 To take preparation
 To exchange regards
 To check store

 To arrange our product such as procedure

250 ml Pepsi 7up Mirinda Mountendew Aquafina

500 ml
-Same as above-
1000 ml
2000 ml

 To present our product

 To discuss own self
 To complete official work

Territory Score Board Preparation Format

MTD Status
Month of Target

Kick of

Name of PSR


Focus Monthly Object

Volume Achieved

Volume Achieved
Name of sub rut

Productive Call

LPBC Achieved

LPBC Achieved
Total Volume

LPSC Target
LPSC Target

PC Target %




April 06, 2017:


On that day, I was introduced by the Account’s team at Gulshan Tower, R-53, Gulshan
North C/A and Dhaka-1212. There I came to know the concept of product (Foreign
&Local Material) procurement system, Bill payment system & previous work order
format. Before getting work order for any particular system which may be useful for our
factory following steps should be followed such as follows:

 Have to take approval from our honorable MD Sir

 Collecting quotation from at least 3 vendors
 Prepare Comparison statement
 Select a suitable supplier according to the quotation price as well it’s product
quality & after sales service from CS that was early prepared

Prior to send a final bill of Supplier to Accounts Department following documents to be

submitted along with the bill:

 W/O Copy
 Previous Bill Copy
 Previous Check received Photo copy
 Project Closing Report
 Certificate of Completion
 MUSAK Copy

April 08, 2017:


On that day, I was introduced of shipping department workflow of

distributions, Automobile operation, PMX and Visicooler

Team of Automobile Department Responsibility:

 Engine Overhauling System

 Suspension System
 Steering System
 Denting System
 Painting System
 Electrical System

Diesel Management System

Per day Diesel Oil requirement to run Diesel Generator is 8000-10000L.If Power Source
from United Power Plant didn’t come then diesel oil consumption rate will be increased.
On that time, Diesel consumption rate will be 27000 L

Post Mix Machine

Total Quantity: 296 pcs

Three Type of Post Mix Machine

 CTC 40-4
 Impulse
 XL impulse

VISI Cooler
Total Qty: 29800 pcs
Available size of VISICooler in the market such as below:

April 09, 2017

Boiler & pump house:


There are one boiler of 3.2-ton capacity (Made in England) & another two 1.6 ton
capacity boiler. All these are gas/diesel driven.

Water of boiler goes to

1. Warmer
2. Bottle washer
3. Syrup

Pump house operation:

Submersible pump, 2 nos, 1, 25,000 Ltr/hr

Raw water tank (6-8 ppm Cl2 dosing), capacity


Sand filter tank

Carbon filter tank (Carbon sucks the Cl2 to free

the water)

Softener Tank (Resin makes hardness of water

zero. If the softening capacity of resin decreases
then 10% brine water poured.

Soft water, tank 1, Soft water, tank2,

capacity 2, 00,000 capacity 50,000 Ltr.,
Ltr. (Cl2 added Cl2 free water
Boiler, CO2 plant,
Bottle washer, cooling tower, all
warmer, rinser generators, syrup
Blow molding & compressor

There are four blow-molding machines

1. One molding machine produces fourteen (14) bottles at a time
2. One molding machine produces eight (08) bottles at a time

3. Two molding machines produce two (02) bottles at a time

Bottles are made from preform in the blow-molding machine at two stages. These
machines are fully PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and user friendly.

In Gazipur plant there are 14 compressors. Those are as following,

NH3 Compressor1nos, KC6, 132 Kw motor
NH3 compressor, 75 Kw
NH3 compressor 3 nos, 75 Kw
GRB NH3 compressor, 90 Kw
3 nos LP compressor
3 nos HP compressor, 40 bars
1 nos IR compressor – most powerful, is supplying air to Blow molding machine.
1 nos Broom wade compressor (LP) is supplying to utilities
Motivator compressor (LP) is supplying to utilities

Substation & generator

There are four (04) gas generators & six (07) diesel generators which each capacity 900
kw & 1000 kw respectively. 250 Kw substation (Source: REB) is used for production line
-2.4 MW line of United power is used for running 6 nos Huskey machine.


It does
1. Dearation of water.
2. Mixing of dearator water with syrup/concentrate.
3. Inline carbonation & buffering ahead of filler.

CO2 manufacturing plant

Reactivator (gas/diesel)


Absorber tank 1 Absorber tank 2

MEA solution


Gas cooler

KmnO4+ Na2CO3

Compressor (Three stage, 80 psi, 200

psi, 1000 psi)


Carbon filter

Storage tank


After completion of orientation period I have got a clear picture about beverage
manufacturing process and it may be helpful to carry out my responsibility.