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Marketing Feasibility Summary

We have reviewed and studied that our primary market would be the students studying in
different colleges and universities surrounding our location. Our other target markets are those who
people who live in villages near us. Also, people who work in offices near our establishment.

Product Feasibility Summary

We have decided and chose to sell our products in able for us to satisfy the hunger and cravings of
the students, employees, and home owners near our establishment.

Financing Feasibility
Our corporation, Eastsiders Food Ventures Corporation, has invested a total of three million five
hundred thousand pesos (P3,500,00.00) and our expected return of income would be in one (1) to two
(2) years.

Project Background


CARL AFRICA 700 shares 10,000 P700,000.00 20%
REICH CARLOS 700 shares 10,000 P700,000.00 20%
REDG CARLOS 700 shares 10,000 P700,000.00 20%
RAUL DOLATRE 350 shares 10,000 P350,000.00 10%
ISOBEL DOLATRE 350 shares 10,000 P350,000.00 10%
DINA SARMIENTO 350 shares 10,000 P350,000.00 10%
RAUL KISON 350 shares 10,000 P350,000.00 10%
TOTAL P3,500,000.00 100%
Project Proponents

Name of the Business

“RiceTop Fil – Asian Comfort Food”
We chose this name since the food we cater in our venture is a mix of Asian cuisines around the world.
We cater different kinds of rice bowls in the likes of Japanese, Chinese, Persian, Korean, and of course
Filipino dishes. We also chose “Comfort Food” because we serve what you crave for in each cuisine.
Type of Business Organization

We chose corporation as our business organization in order for us to chip in ideas and suggestions for
our business venture to grow. Each of our suggestions and ideas are important so that we can develop
and ensure the growth of our restaurant. Also, since my partner and I don’t have the money to capitalize
the business, we reached out to those other entrepreneurs who want to invest with us to reach the

Business Mission
Our mission is to serve the best quality of food and the right amount of quantity to satisfy customer’s
Asian cuisine of hunger and cravings. Our mission is to meet the needs, wants, and expe