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Protection & Substation Automation Systems

using Optical Communication in the Power Network


Qatar General Electricity and Water Corpora-

tion KAHRAMAA is continuously extending
the infrastructure for electricity and fresh wa-
ter in order to cope with the growing demand
of the country.

For the development and promotion of the

energy sector, KAHRAMAA is investing in
most modern, efficient and well-proven tech-
nologies for power generation, transmission,
distribution and communication.

ABB’s solutions for Communication and

Substation Automation go a long way in sup-
porting KAHRAMAA to achieve reliability
and efficiency improvements in daily opera-
Increasing reliability for Electrical High Voltage Network

Network Extension Benefits for KAHRAMAA

This project involved the construction

n Reliable control and supervision of
of a 132/66/11 kV substation at Gharafa substations and transmission lines.
South West and a 66/11 kV substation at
n Centralised supervision for efficient
Education City, supplying power to the and fast maintenance.
prestigious Qatar Foundation complex.
n Future proof Communication and
Substation Automation System.
It further comprises extension of the n Maximum operational safety and
communication network and the replace- efficiency.
ment of some 132 kV overhead lines with
underground cables. Why ABB

ABB was entrusted with the supply and

n Combined solution from one supplier -
delivery of substation automation, control One-Stop Shop.
and protection systems, teleprotection
n Experience in Protection since 1903
equipment as well as a communication and Utility Communication for many
system extension to seamlessly integrate decades.
the two new stations into the existing
n Excellent references of turnkey projects.
power system.
n Strong local presence.

Scope of Supply from ABB

n Substation Automation, Control and

Protection Systems for the new substa-
n Communication System FOX515-
Multiplexers and Teleprotection
Equipment NSD570 for
- New substations
- Upgrading of adjacent substations
and the Control Centre NCC.
n SCADA: Integration of new
substations into existing Supervisory
and Control Systems.

ABB’s Services for this Turnkey Supply:

4 Project Management
4 Design, Configuration and Documen-
4 Installation, Wiring and Testing
4 Commissioning
4 Training of KAHRAMAA’s personnel
for operation and maintenance
Substation Automation
Control and Protection System
At station level, SAS570 Substation Auto-
mation Solutions with proven functional-
ity including interlocking and automatic
sequences provide high-quality operator
support for control and monitoring of the
entire stations.

Redundant front-end station computers

and working places operating in a hot-
standby mode ensure highest availability
and leave no room for single points of

On bay level, the modern control and

protection solutions including Touch
Screens respectively displays simplify local
control, monitoring and maintenance.

Station Computer Station Computer Hard Copy Event Printer

Service Printer

Print Server

Ethernet LAN

4x RER 111
GPS CLOCK Starcoupler
Optical LON Interbay Bus
BAY Level (in Star Configuration)

Protection unit
RET 521 Bay control unit
REC 316*4

Main 1 Protection Unit

Tap changer controller
REL 316*4
Bay control unit
REL 316*4 BB / BFP bay unit
REB 500
Bay control unit
Main 2 Protection Unit REF 545
REL 316*4

Bay Control Unit

REF 545
BB / BFP bay unit
REB 500
Bay control unit
Bay control unit
REF 541
REC 316*4

Tap changer controller

BB / BFP bay unit
REB 500 BB / BFP bay unit
BB / BFP bay unit
REB 500 REB 500
BB / BFP bay unit
REB 500

4 x 132kV Lines 2 x 132/66kV Trafo 132kV Bus Section 66kV and 11kV Feeders
Multi Service Communication on Optical Network

Communication Network

Back in the nineties KAHRAMAA started to In the supervisory center each equipment
use optical fibers for the communication be- can be supervised and all alarms can be
tween the substations and the power plants. collected and displayed. Based on this
Lately this network is now extended by centralised overview of the status of the
several new links and ABB is again supplying communication network fast and efficient
utility-grade FOX equipment which supports reaction is possible in case of failures.
all services requested to be interconnected: The new system is designed for transmis-
n Traditional voice signals (telephone sets) sion of real-time signals and operation in
n Trunk lines between analogue & digital the harsh environment of power utilities.
PAX/PABX All equipment is mounted into steel cabi-
n Data Transmission for SCADA (RTU) nets, configured and carefully tested in the
n Transmission of Metering Values ABB factory. - During installation special
n Data connections based on IP / Ethernet. attention was given to the reliable power
supply of the equipment where now 2 in-
The transport capacity in the FOX network is dependent supply lines are available - one
set to 155 Mbit/s (STM-1) which gives suffi- of them with an un-interruptable supply
cient reserves for the near future and eventual chain using batteries and chargers.
extensions. Further upgrading to STM-4 and
STM-16 is always possible without interrup-
tion of interconnected services. Teleprotection signalling with NSD570
As a standard solution KAHRAMAA is
requesting a dedicated solution with inde-
pendent links using redundant NSD570
equipment for the transmission of the
commands to protect the high voltage
lines. - As an integrated solutions, FOX
can support this service also.

Project Reference:
KAHRAMAA 132/66/11kV Gharafa South West
& 66/11kV Education City Substation
Optical Communication Network
The network consists of
n 1 completely new SDH ring with FOX515
multi-service equipment.
n 1 existing SDH ring with new access
multiplexers FOX515.
n Several dedicated NSD570 links to trans-
mit protection commands. FOX515 for multi-service communication on optical fibres

To comply with KAHRAMAA’s availability

requirements, a high degree of redundancy
was implemented:
n The SDH rings provide full traffic
protection in case of any interruption.
n All dedicated NSD570 links for the
transmission of commands are fully
NSD570 for Teleprotection Signalling

NSD570 NSD570 NSD570 NSD570

Existing RTU
NSD570 NSD570 NSD570



NSD570 NSD570

FOX515 STM-1 Mux Existing SDH Mux

FOX515 STM-1 Mux Existing SDH Mux

FOX515 STM-1 Mux

FOX515 PDH Mux

FOX515 STM-1 Mux
FOX515 STM-1 Mux FOX515 PDH Mux

FOX515 STM-1 Mux Existing SDH Mux

Existing SDH Mux

Existing RTU
Existing RTU

FOX515 PDH Mux

Existing RTU FOX515 PDH Mux

Edu City Gharafa SW NCC Naeeja

ABB’s Solutions for Utility Communication

n ETL Family: ABB’s Power Line Carrier equip-

ment is used worldwide to transmit channels
of voice, data, and protection signals on high
voltage lines over distances up to 1,000 km
without intermediate equipment.
n Teleprotection Terminal NSD: Stand-alone
equipment providing maximum flexibility
for all transmission schemes for commands,
such as: Blocking, direct transfer tripping and
permissive transfer tripping. Commands are
transmitted within extremely short transmis-
sion times over different transmission media,
such as pilot wires, optical fibres, PLC links,
and microwave.
n FOX Family: Versatile combined Access and
Transport Multiplexer for optical communi-
cation networks in utilities. Interconnecting
services such as protection signalling, legacy
data, voice signals and LAN traffic.
FOX fully supports PDH and SDH techno-
logy, including equipment and traffic protection
schemes, from 200 bit/s up to N x 64 kbit/s,
and further from 2 Mbit/s (E1) up to 10 Gbit/s
The utility-graded multiplexers are highly

© ABB Switzerland Ltd, June 2006. The right to modifications or deviations due to technical progress is reserved.
reliable and fully managed, for applications
in access, regional and backbone networks.
As network elements they fully comply with
relevant ITU-T recommendations.
n Optical Amplifiers: Cover all requirements
for optical communication links up to 300 km
without intermediate equipment. Standard
transmission capacities range from 155 Mbit/s
(STM-1) up to 2.5 Gbit/s (STM-16).
n PDH Microwave Radio: EL series, 7 GHz
band, 4 x E1, 8 x E1, 16 x E1, protected configu-
1KHA - 001 062 - REN 1000 - 06.06 - Printed in Switzerland

ration with Space Diversity if required.

ABB Switzerland Ltd n SDH MW Radio: 7 GHz band, STM-1,
Power Systems protected configuration with Space Diversity if
Brown Boveri Strasse 6 required.
CH-5400 Baden/Switzerland
Phone +41 - 58 589 37 35 n UHF/VHF Radio: Low capacity point to point
or +41 - 844 845 845 (Call Center) radios with access multiplexers. - Multipoint
Fax +41 - 58 585 16 82 solutions for remote SCADA data acquisition.
e.Mail utility.communication@ch.abb.com
e.Mail substationautomation@ch.abb.com n PAX Sopho Family: Telephone Exchange
(PAX, PABX) for applications in utility envi-
www.abb.com/utilitycommunications ronment.