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'''Dale C. Allison''' (November 25, 1955-)<ref name=ContempAuth>{{cite web|title=Dale C.

Allison, Jr.|url=http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE
%7CH1000201036&v=2.1&u=kirk10507&it=r&p=LitRC&sw=w|work=Contemporary Authors
Online|publisher=Gale|accessdate=10 June 2013|location=Detroit|year=2011}}</ref> is an
American [[New Testament]] scholar, historian of [[Early Christianity]], and [[Christian theology|
Christian theologian]] who for years served as Errett M. Grable Professor of New Testament
Exegesis and Early Christianity at [[Pittsburgh Theological Seminary]].<ref>{{cite journal|
last=Sweeney|first=James P.|title=Matthew: A Shorter Commentary: Based on the Three-
Volume [[International Critical Commentary]]|journal=Review of Biblical Literature|year=2006|
volume=8|page=404}}</ref> He is currently the Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament
Studies at [[Princeton Theological Seminary]].<ref name=Princeton>{{cite web|title=World-Class
New Testament Scholar Joins Princeton Theological Seminary Faculty|
url=http://www.ptsem.edu/index.aspx?id=25769805953|publisher=Princeton Theological
Seminary|accessdate=18 June 2013|location=Princeton, NJ|deadurl=yes|
id=25769805953|archivedate=18 June 2013|df=}}</ref>


Allison received a B.A. from [[Wichita State University]] (1977) and an M.A. (1979) and a Ph.D.
(1982) from [[Duke University]].<ref name=ContempAuth /> Prior to joining Princeton
Theological Seminary in 2013, Allison served on the faculties of [[Texas Christian University]] in
Fort Worth, Texas, [[Friends University]] in Wichita, Kansas,<ref name=ContempAuth /> and
[[Pittsburgh Theological Seminary]] in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the author of books on
early [[Christian eschatology]], the [[Gospel of Matthew]], the [[Epistle of James]], the so-called
Sayings Source or [[Q document]], the [[historical Jesus]], [[George Harrison]], religious
experience in the modern world, and the [[Testament of Abraham]]. He has been called "the
premier Matthew specialist of his generation in the United States" and "North America's most
complete New Testament
38756]{{dead link|date=December 2017 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }} Allison
has served on many editorial boards including ''[[New Testament Studies]]'' and the ''[[Journal
for the Study of the Historical Jesus]]''<ref name=Princeton /> and he was for many years the
main New Testament editor for the multi-volume ''Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception.''

He was formerly a prominent defender of the view of the historical Jesus as an [[apocalypticism|
apocalyptic prophet]] expecting the imminent end of the age, and of the "thoroughgoing
eschatology" of [[Albert Schweitzer]]. This view is laid out in his books ''Jesus of Nazareth:
Millenarian Prophet'' and ''Constructing Jesus: Memory and Imagination and History'' (which the
[[Biblical Archaeology Society]] named best book relating the New Testament for 2009-2010).
This view stands over against those of the [[Jesus Seminar]] and such scholars as [[John Dominic
Crossan]] and [[Marcus Borg]], whose reconstructions of Jesus are largely free of apocalyptic
elements. In recent years, he has been a critic of the standard scholarly means of authenticating
sayings attributed to Jesus and events concerning him, and he has proposed an alternative
approach that takes into account the modern scientific work on human
[[memory]].<blockquote>We can, nonetheless, make numerous informed judgments—for
instance, that the Romans crucified Jesus as “king of the Jews”—and we can, happily, judge
many propositions more probable than others. It is, for example, much more credible that Jesus
was a millenarian prophet than that the eschatological enthusiasm reflected in so many early
Christian texts appeared independently of his influence. Still, a vast ignorance remains, and our
reach often exceeds our grasp. Time after time, if we are honest, arguments concocted to
demonstrate that Jesus really did say this or really did do that fall flat. Historians of Jesus,
including myself, have too often assumed that we should be able, with sufficient ingenuity, to
reconstruct the genealogy of almost every individual tradition. But it is not so. Some things just
cannot be done, and desire does not beget ability.<ref>{{cite book|last=Allison|first=Dale C.|
authorlink=Dale Allison|title=Constructing Jesus: Memory, Imagination, and History|
url=https://books.google.com/books?id=IzfuJOf1JLMC&pg=PA460|date=1 November 2010|
publisher=Baker Academic|isbn=978-0-8010-3585-2|page=460}}</ref></blockquote>

Allison's newest book, ''The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus,'' disavows Schweitzer's
"thorough-going eschatology" saying on page 96, "I have come to see that too much associates
itself only obliquely, if at all, with eschatology, that the puzzle will always have large lacunae.…
Nonetheless, Jesus did, when gazing about, perceive a perishing world." Allison is also
associated with the claims that historians of early Christianity have much to learn from cross-
cultural [[messianism]] as well as from the critical study of visionary experiences both within and
without religious contexts.
== Publications ==


*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale | title=Night Comes: Death, Imagination, and the Last
Things | publisher=Wm.B.Eerdmans Publishing Co. | year=2016 | isbn= 978-0-8028-7118-3}}

*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=A critical and exegetical

commentary on the Epistle of James |series=[[International Critical Commentary]] | publisher=T.
& T. Clark | year=2013 | isbn= 978-0-567-07740-0}}

*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=Constructing Jesus: Memory,

Imagination, and History | publisher=Baker Academic | year=2010 | isbn= 978-0-8010-3585-2}}

*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=The Historical Christ and the
Theological Jesus | publisher=Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co | year=2009 | isbn= 978-0-8028-

*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=The Love There That's Sleeping:
The Art and Spirituality of George Harrison | publisher=T. & T. Clark International | year=2006 |
isbn= 0-8264-2756-1}}

*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=The Luminous Dusk: Finding God in
the Deep, Still Places | publisher=Eerdmans |year=2006 | isbn=0-8028-3218-0}}

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Christian Tradition and Its Interpreters | publisher=T. & T. Clark International | year=2005 |

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Q | publisher=Trinity Press Intl. | year=2000 | isbn= 1-56338-329-2}}

*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=Scriptural Allusions in the New

Testament: Light from the Dead Sea Scrolls (The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Origins Library 5)
| publisher=BIBAL Press | year=2000}}

*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=The Sermon on the Mount:

Inspiring the Moral Imagination (Crossroad Companions to the New Testament) |
publisher=Crossroad | year=1999 | isbn= 0-8245-1791-1}}

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Prophet | publisher=Fortress | year=1998 | isbn=0-8006-3144-7}}

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Exegetical and Critical Commentary on the Gospel according to St. Matthew (Vol. 3, chapters 19-
28) |series=[[International Critical Commentary]] | publisher=T. & T. Clark | year=1997 | isbn= 0-

*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale|authormask=3 | title=The Silence of Angels |

publisher=Trinity Press International | year=1995 | isbn=1-56338-131-1}}

*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=The New Moses: A Matthean

Typology | publisher=Fortress and T & T. Clark | year=1993 | isbn=0-8006-2699-0}}

*{{cite book | last=Davies | first=W. D. |authormask=3 |author2=Dale Allison | title=An

Exegetical and Critical Commentary on the Gospel according to St. Matthew (Vol. 2, chapters 8-
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*{{cite book | last=Davies | first=W. D. |authormask=3 |author2=Dale Allison | title=An

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*{{cite book | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=The End of the Ages Has Come: An
Early Interpretation of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus | publisher=Fortress | year=1985 |
===Selected Articles===

*{{cite journal | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=The Secularizing of the Historical

Jesus |journal=[[Perspectives in Religious Studies]] |volume=27 |issue=2 |date=Summer 2000 |
pages=135–151 }}

*{{cite journal | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=Rejecting Violent Judgment: Luke

9:52-56 and its Relatives |journal=Journal of Biblical Literature |volume=121 |issue=3 |date=Fall
2002|pages=459–478 }}

*{{cite journal | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=Resurrecting a Calf: The Origin of

Testament of Abraham 6:5 |journal=Journal of Theological Studies |volume=55 |issue=1 |
date=April 2004|pages=103–116 }}

*{{cite journal | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=The Resurrection of Jesus and

Rational Apologetics |journal=Philosophia Christi |volume=10 |issue=2 |date=2008 |
pages=315–335 }}

*{{cite journal | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=What I Have Learned from the
History of Interpretation |journal=[[Perspectives in Religious Studies]] |volume=35 |issue=3 |
date=Fall 2008|pages=237–250 }}

*{{cite journal | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=Matthew and the History of its
Interpretation |journal=Expository Times |volume=120 |issue=1 |date=October 2008|pages=1–
7 }}

*{{cite journal | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=Blessing God and Cursing People:
James 3:9-10 |journal=Journal of Biblical Literature |volume=130 |issue=2 |date=Summer 2011|
pages=397–405 }}

*{{cite journal | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=A Liturgical Tradition Behind the
Ending of James |journal=Journal for the Study of the New Testament |volume=34 |issue=1 |
date=September 2011|pages=3–18 }}

*{{cite journal | last=Allison | first=Dale |authormask=3 | title=Eldad and Modad |

journal=Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha |volume=21 |issue=2 |date=December
2011|pages=99–131 }}



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