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Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute''' is a [[rehabilitation hospital]] that provides inpatient and

outpatient care for children and adults in [[Washington (state)|Washington]] state in the United
States. It provides treatment for [[stroke]], [[spinal cord]] injuries, [[orthopedic]] issues, [[brain]]
injuries, other injuries and illnesses. St. Luke’s is the largest (102 beds)
6910990], Health Hospital</ref> and only level 1 trauma rehabilitation hospital in the [[Inland
Northwest (United States)|Inland Northwest]] region.<ref name= "yellow
470110327?lid=1000144039113], Yellow Pages</ref> St. Luke's was named one of the nations
"Top 100 Most Wired" hospitals in 2013.<ref
name>[http://www.hhnmostwired.com/winners/PDFs/2013PDFs/MostWired2013.pdf 2013
Most Wired], Health Care's Most Wired, a project of [[Hospitals & Health Networks]]</ref>


711 S. Crowley St.

[[Spokane, Washington]] <ref name= "yellow pages"/>

and several outpatient locations through Spokane


St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute was created as a division of [[Inland Northwest Health
Services]] (INHS).


St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute is accredited by the [[Joint Commission]] <ref name= "Joint
%27s+Rehabilitation+Institute&ddstatelist=WA&st_nm=WA&st=WA], Joint Commission</ref>
and the Commission Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).<ref name=
"CARF">[http://www.carf.org/providerProfile.aspx?cid=8482], Commission Accreditation of
Rehabilitation Facilities</ref>


*Physical Therapy
*Speech Therapy

*Recreation Therapy

*Respiratory Therapy

*Occupational Rehabilitation

*Neuromuscular Therapy

==External links==

[https://www.st-lukes.org/ https://www.st-lukes.org/]




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