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'''''Scary Godmother''''' is a series of children's books and [[comic book]]s created by artist [[Jill
Thompson]] and published by [[Sirius Entertainment]] beginning in 1997.



* '''Scary Godmother''' - A tall, skinny and pretty-looking [[fairy]]-[[witchcraft|witch]] with long

curly red hair, pale green skin, small bat wings on her back, purple and green leggings. She lives
on the Fright Side (a world where scary Halloween monsters live). She befriends a little girl
named Hannah Marie, who was scared by her older cousin Jimmy into holding the doorknob to
the haunted house Scary Godmother and her "broommates" were in. She also rides a broom and
has a pet ghost cat named '''Boozle'''. Thompson has acknowledged that the character bears a
resemblance to its creator.<ref name=Jozic/> Her voice was done by [[Tabitha St. Germain]] in
the TV adaptation.

* '''Hannah Marie''' - Hannah is scared of monsters, but then she realizes monsters don't eat
kids. Hannah's very kind and friendly, and it's implied that she has a crush on Orson, a young
male vampire. In the first TV-special, her older cousin, Jimmy, and his friends scare her, but the
monsters on the Fright Side help her get back at them in the end. Dresses as a fairy princess. She
is voiced by [[Britt McKillip]].

* '''Jimmy Brando''' - Hannah's cousin who has little affection for her. Since he didn't want to take
her trick or treating, he and his friends instead plan on scaring her. However, his plan backfires
after Hannah befriends Scary Godmother and her broommates, all of whom give Jimmy and his
friends a taste of their own medicine. A year later, he was so traumatized by that ordeal that he
tried to stop Halloween from happening (by destroying all Halloween-related items, like
pumpkins, costumes and candy), but is otherwise touched when he stumbles into a party that
Scary Godmother, Hannah, and their friends were celebrating. Often dresses in a [[Devil]]
[[wikt:Sweatsuit|sweatsuit]] on Halloween. He was the antagonist of the 1st and 2nd books, but
in the ending of 2nd and the rest of the series he became good.

* '''Jimmy's friends''' - Jimmy's three companions, whom he talked into scaring his cousin,
Hannah, when she first went trick-or-treating. Unlike Jimmy, they aren't bad children, just easily
influenced. They were content with Hannah's company, and even helped her save Halloween
when Jimmy tried to ruin it once.
** '''Bert''' - A boy and the most imaginative of the three. Dresses as a [[baseball]] player
wearing a cardboard [[sport utility vehicle|SUV]] around his body.

** '''Daryl''' - Sweet and naive. Dresses as a piece of [[candy]]. Has a crush on Katie.

** '''Katie''' - She's the most empathic of the three. Has a crush on Daryl, which is revealed when
she tells him she'll trade him chocolate bar for a kiss, though also at times it seems she likes
Jimmy. Dresses as a black [[cat]]. She is voiced by [[Britt Irvin]].


* '''Mr. Skully Pettibone''' - One of Scary Godmother's "broommates". He's the [[skeleton]] that
hides in people's closets to keep their secrets safe, and, as he puts it, just rattle around. Come
Halloween, there's nothing Skully likes more than to cut loose and roll the bones at a good party.
His characterization in the books, and to a greater extent in the animated specials, is to a large
extent that of a stereotypical "female lead's gay best friend," as suggested by his repeatedly
coming out of closets. His voice was done by [[Scott McNeil]].

* '''Bug-A-Boo''' - A huge, round monster with multiple yellow eyes, fur, a pointy tail, horns and
a huge mouth with sharp teeth. He is the type of monster that lurks in places like basements,
under beds, in closets, and other deep, dark places (and knows what children are scared of, even
Jimmy and his friends). Frightened of him at first, Hannah perceived him as the "monster in the
basement" that Jimmy told her would eat children lest she feeds him candy. While she does that,
Bug-A-Boo tells her that his job is to ''scare'' children, not eat them! ("If I went around eatin' all
the clients, I'd be out of work!"). They have since become great friends. His voice was done by
[[Garry Chalk (actor)|Garry Chalk]].

* '''Harry''' - A talkative [[werewolf]] who wears a blue, [[domestic sheep|lamb]]-patterned shirt.

He hails from '''Ackerman Forest''' (a pun on horror honcho [[Forrest J Ackerman]]) which is
somewhere in the Fright Side. With a hammy, self-absorbed and pitying personality and an
insatiable appetite for food (especially candy and snacks), he is a huge nuisance to Scary
Godmother and her broommates. Is a big fan of the TV "skelevision" show ''The Spectral Six''. It
is notable however that while annoying, Harry is still a full-grown male werewolf possessing
razor-sharp claws and fangs, incredible strength, and highly acute lupine senses. It would be
unwise to get between Harry and something he wants---especially if it's anything food-related.
His voice was done by [[Garry Chalk (actor)|Garry Chalk]].

* '''Count Maxwell''' - A tall, thin and bald [[vampire]] dressed in black. The most famous vampire
on the Fright Side, he is the "King of the Night". Usually very old-fashioned, Max feels awkward
for being so out of touch with the times. His visual design is suggestive of that of [[Count Orlok]]
in Murnau's ''[[Nosferatu]]'' as played by [[Max Schreck]], his vocal characterization of [[Béla
Lugosi]] impersonators. His voice was done by [[Scott McNeil]].
* '''Ruby''' - Max's beautiful wife who is also a vampire and the "Queen of the Night". She is
more "modern" than her husband, which drives him batty. Has long, black hair and is clad in a
satin dress. Her appearance recalls that of 1950s horror show hostess [[Maila Nurmi|Vampira]].
Her voice was also done by [[Tabitha St. Germain]] in a Russian accent.

* '''Orson''' - Max & Ruby's preteen son who is a vampire like his parents. He is the "Prince of the
Night". Wears modern [[Goth subculture|goth]] clothing, thin round glasses and has blue dyed
hair. In the TV-specials, it's implied but never confirmed that he has a crush on Hannah (and that
she may reciprocate his feelings). In the book versions, it's confirmed that Orson does in fact
have a crush on Hannah. His voice is done by Richie Warke.


Thompson described the work and the character this way: “Scary Godmother is like your fairy
godmother, but for Halloween. There’s really nothing scary about the Scary Godmother. She’s
fun and macabre; reminiscent of childhood with a little bit of social commentary mixed in."<ref
name=Ash>{{cite web |url=http://westfieldcomics.com/wow/low/low_int_050.html |title=Jill
Thompson interview |accessdate=2008-11-22 |last=Ash |first=Roger |coauthors= |year=2001 |
work= |publisher=Westfield Comics }}</ref> She stated that “comics are so segregated now” and
that she wanted to create something that both young readers and adults could enjoy."<ref
name=Ash/> She decided to create something with a Halloween theme after looking for a
Halloween-themed children's book for her niece and not finding anything that she liked.<ref
name=Butcher>{{cite web |url=http://www.popimage.com/feb00/profile/jillinterview.html |
title=ProFile Interview - Jill Thompson. |accessdate=2008-11-22 |last=Butcher |first=Christopher
|publisher=PopImage }}</ref> The books employ a combination of storybook/comic formats.<ref
name=Butcher/> Thompson does the interiors as well as the covers for Scary Godmother, and
she said that planning ahead and meeting deadlines can be a challenge.<ref>{{cite web|
url=http://www.tcj.com/244/i_thompson.html |title=Interviews: Jill Thompson (excerpted from
The Comics Journal #244 |accessdate=2008-11-22 |last=Lynn |first=Emmert |coauthors= |date=
|work= |publisher=The Comics Journal |deadurl=yes |
n.html |archivedate=May 13, 2008 }}</ref>


* ''Scary Godmother''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 09/1997. Book.

* ''Bloody Valentine Special''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 02/1998. Comic.

* ''Revenge of Jimmy''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 09/1998. Book.

* ''Holiday Spooktacular''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 11/1998. Comic.

* ''The Mystery Date''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 09/1999. Book.

* ''Wild About Harry''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 02/2000 - 04/2000. Comic miniseries (3 issues).

* ''The Boo Flu''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 09/2000. Book.

* ''Activity Book''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 12/2000. Comic.

* ''Wild About Harry TPB''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 09/2001. Collecting Scary Godmother:Wild
About Harry #1–#3.

* ''Scary Godmother''. SIRIUS Entertainment. May 2001 - February 2002. Comic miniseries (6

* ''Ghoul's Out for Summer TPB''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 07/2002. Collecting Scary Godmother
mini-serie #1–#6.

* ''Spooktacular Stories TPB''. SIRIUS Entertainment. 08/2004. Collecting Scary Godmother

Summer Preview 1997, Bloody Valentine Special, Activity Book, Holiday Spooktakular.

* ''Scary Godmother HC''. Dark Horse Comics. 10/2010. Collecting Scary Godmother, Revenge of
Jimmy, The Mystery Date, and The Boo Flu.

* ''Scary Godmother Comic-Book Stories TPB''. Dark Horse Comics. 06/2011. Collecting Scary
Godmother #1–#6: Ghoul’s Out for Summer; Scary Godmother: Holiday Spooktacular; Scary
Godmother: Bloody Valentine Special; Scary Godmother: Activity Book; Scary Godmother: Wild
about Harry #1–#3; Scary Godmother and Friends Ashcan; Scary Godmother: Six Feet South of
the Border from Action Girl #13; and more.


* The original book ''Scary Godmother'' was a top votegetter for the [[Comics Buyer's Guide Fan
Award]] for Favorite Original Graphic Novel for 1998.

* [[1998 in comics|1998]] - nominated for the Lulu of the Year [[List of Lulu Award
winners#1998|Lulu Award]]

* [[1999 in comics|1999]] - won the Lulu of the Year [[List of Lulu Award winners#1999|Lulu

* [[2001 in comics|2001]] - [[Eisner Award|Eisners]] for Best Title for a Younger Audience and
Best Painter/Multimedia Artist(Interior)<ref>http://www.comic-con.org/awards/2000s</ref>
==Film adaptations==

Two films have been produced based on the series. The first, ''Scary Godmother: Halloween
Spooktacular'', premiered on television in Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Canada in 2003.
Later, it premiered in the United States on [[Cartoon Network]] in 2004. The film was the first
one Mainframe Entertainment used its new software/animation pipeline for. Jill Thompson co-
wrote the script, and had some creative control over the project. When she was shown early
character designs for the film which resembled the watercolor illustrations in her books, she
requested that the characters instead be fully computer-generated.<ref
name=Moltenbray>Karen Moltenbray, Witch’s Brew: Mainframe Entertainment mixes up a wide
range of graphic styles to create a unique look for Scary Godmother, Computer Graphics World,
October 2003, Volume 26, Number 10</ref> (In an interview, Thompson stated that she wanted
them to go with CGI because "I'm doing 2D. Nobody else should be doing 2D, just me.")<ref
name=Jozic>{{cite web |url=http://www.comicsbulletin.com/features/9811008001477.htm |
title=Interviews Archive: Scary Jill Thompson? |accessdate=2008-11-21 |last=Jozic |first=Mike |
coauthors= |date= |work= |publisher=Comics Bulletin |deadurl=yes |
ures/9811008001477.htm |archivedate=2011-05-23 |df= }}</ref> However, the mostly static
backgrounds used in the film more closely resemble traditional cel animation or the illustrations
in Thompson's books.<ref name=Moltenbray/> Because of that, the 3D characters often appear
to "pop out" from their backgrounds. The visual style of the film has been described as
resembling that of [[Tim Burton]]'s ''[[The Nightmare Before Christmas]]'' rather than that of
computer-animated films such as ''[[Finding Nemo]]''.<ref name=Moltenbray/> A review of the
film in [[School Library Journal]], however, described the film as "[[Toy Story]] meets Tim
Burton", and thought that the animation closely resembles Thompson's watercolor
illustrations.<ref>{{cite journal|last=Reynolds |first=Angela J. |author= |authorlink= |coauthors=
|date= September 2004 |title=Muitimedia Review: Video |journal=School Library Journal |
volume=50 |issue=9 |pages=70 |publisher= |location= |issn=0362-8930 |quote= }}</ref>

The second, ''[[Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy]]'' (based on the second book),
premiered in 2005.



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