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Old Artist’s Hotel

Arles, France
Stay in the same house as a famous artist! This small but pretty
hotel near Arles has a wonderful sea view. The famous painter
Vincent Van Gogh stayed here in the 1800s, and here he
completed his painting Café Terrace at Night. His room is still
the same - but don’t worry - the bed is new!
We have 6 bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms. We serve
breakfast with fresh fruit from our garden. Breakfast is included.
You can also have lunch and dinner in our restaurant or choose
from one of the many restaurants in the town. The hotel has:
• 3 double rooms • Free Wi-Fi
• 2 twin rooms • Private parking
• 1 single room • Private gardens
• Reception area for easy check-in • Rooms cleaned daily Availability
• Restaurant open 6AM-11PM
July ⊳ Months ⊲
The Old Artist’s House is close to everything. From here, you Mon 1 Tue 2 Wed 3 Thu 4 Fri 5 Sat 6 Sun 7
can easily visit the town, Roman theatre and museums, as well
as the beach and the Camargue Nature Park. There’s a bus stop 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
opposite the hotel and buses go to town and to the beach every 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
10 minutes.
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
It’s the perfect place for families, couples and single travellers.
29 30 1 2 3 4 5
Please ask if you need any extras, all staff are happy to help,
and always with a smile! You can make a booking by telephone fully booked available
or on this website. If you would like more information, please
click the Send email button below. Choose a room
Send email double room 80€ twin room 70€ single room 40€

1 Read the hotel website quickly. Tick 2 Read the website again. Are the sentences true or false?
(√) the four types of information that 1 The first week in July is fully booked. TRUE/FALSE
are on the website.
2 A single room costs 30 euros. TRUE/FALSE
different types of rooms at the
3 You can see the sea from the hotel. TRUE/FALSE
4 A famous artist was born in the hotel. TRUE/FALSE
the hotel swimming pool
5 There is a bathroom in every bedroom. TRUE/FALSE
a special guest who stayed at the
hotel 6 You have to pay extra for breakfast. TRUE/FALSE
check-in times 7 You can eat all meals at the hotel. TRUE/FALSE
meals 8 There is free internet connection at the hotel. TRUE/FALSE
public transport 9 The bus stop is 10 minutes walk from the hotel. TRUE/FALSE
10 The staff are friendly. TRUE/FALSE

3 Match the words with the definitions.

1 en suite A every day
2 check-in B no rooms available
3 fully booked C a room with a bathroom
4 daily D when you arrive at a hotel and get your room key

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