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The Triple


By Dennis B. Weis “The Yukon Hercules”

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Please Note:
The author of this report is not a medical doctor nor does he claim to be. It is not his
intent to diagnose or prescribe. Although the product mentioned, Creatine M onohydrate,
is nutritional, allergic reaction may vary. The author therefore does not accept
responsibility for any adverse reaction to the supplementation protocol.

Please be sure to use extreme caution with the Creatine powder (and or liquid) if you
have not used it previously. Not all of the nutritional practices contained within the pages
of this report are suitable for everyone. If in doubt, consult a sports nutritionalist or a
qualified medical professional.

Copyright 2003 by Dennis B. Weis

All rights reserved

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About Dennis B. Weis
Dennis B. Weis is a Ketchikan, Alaska-based power/bodybuilder. He is a hard-hitting,
uncompromising freelance professional writer and investigative research consultant in the
fields of bodybuilding, nutrition, physiology, and powerlifting.

Dennis was first published over two decades ago (1976) in the pages of Iron M an
magazine. Since that time he has become known to almost every mainstream
bodybuilding/physique magazine’s readership through the United States and Europe.
The magazines that publish his articles include but are not limited to Bodybuilding
M onthly (U.K.), Exercise for M en Only, Hardgainer (Nicosia, Cyprus), Iron M an,
M uscle & Fitness, M uscle M ag Int’l, and Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness.

You have undoubtedly read dozens of his 100+ feature-length articles in many of these
popular worldwide magazines under his own name and under the names of certain top
physique stars and powerlifting personalities. The credentials of this prolific writer
extend beyond the scope of just writing articles, for he is the author of three critically
acclaimed best-selling books: Mass! (1986), Raw Muscle (1989), and his newest
release, Anabolic Muscle Mass – The Secrets of Anabolic Reinforcement Without

In recognition of his writing accomplishments, he has received M eritorious Service

Awards relating to all published works as a magazine consultant and published book
author. In addition to these honors, he has attended Barnes & Noble and Waldenbooks
autograph parties and had window displays for his books. He has also been a featured
guest on various radio talk shows around the country, where he shares his knowledge and
experience regarding such issues as bodybuilding and the Super fitness lifestyle.

During the past two decades, Dennis has established a small but dynamic one-man
business to service male and female bodybuilders, fitness buffs, and powerlifting
enthusiasts of all types with very personal (one-to-one or mail order) and highly
professional instruction on all phases of physical excellence.

He has coached literally hundreds of select clients, one of the most notable as personal
training advisor to the 1983 M iss M innesota winner. One of the training tools he uses as
a personal trainer is the revolutionary and famous Samra R.E.S .T. Principle. It is
through the S amra R.E.S .T. Principle and his own unique methodics of training and diet
(NO Anabolic Steroids!) that he himself has accomplished many remarkable feats of
strength over the years, such as:

• Bench press 324 lbs., full squat 530 lbs., deadlift 650 lbs.
• High-rep full squats with 300 lbs. for an amazing 75 consecutive
repetitions (this is to this day the unofficial world record for this lift), 405
lbs. x 27 repetitions, and 450 lbs. x 15 repetitions, all performed at a
bodyweight of 207 lbs.
• S trict Two-Hand Barbell Curl, 185 lbs. for 3 repetitions.

• Cheat Two-Hand Barbell Curl, 250 lbs. for 10 consecutive reps.
• Preacher Bench Barbell Curl, 125 lbs. for 40 repetitions and 185 lbs. for
one single repetition.
• Preacher Bench Reverse Barbell Curls, 100 lbs. x 100 consecutive
• Barbell S traight-Arm Pullovers w/Two Hands, 140 lbs. for 20 consecutive
repetitions and 190 lbs. for one single repetition (this lift of 190 lbs. is a
mere 20 lbs. off the listed world record).
• Vertical Leg Press, 800 lbs. x 20 repetitions.
• Quarter S quats (in a power rack), 1,000 lbs. x 20 repetitions.
• Bodyweight-Only Pushups, 150 repetitions; Pullups, 27 reps.

M any of these remarkable lifetime feats of strength and muscular endurance were
accomplished at a bodyweight of 215 lbs. with measurements of: height, 6’ ½”, chest
(normal) 48-1/2”, upper arms (contracted) 18-1/4”, and calves 17-1/2”.

These personal best lifetime achievements of strength and body part measurements didn’t
happen by chance, for Dennis has more than 30 years of experience as a
power/bodybuilder and is a winner of several powerlifting competitions and, as well, was
a runner-up in arm wrestling and bodybuilding contests.

As a promoter of the natural bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle, Dennis conducts seminars
for bodybuilding gyms, fitness clubs, high schools, colleges, and youth groups. If you
are looking for a professional spokesperson of this caliber and wish to receive more
information, e-mail him at:



One of the most popular crazes among supplement-conscious power/bodybuilders during
the 1990s was the use the natural ergogenic muscle enhancer, Creatine M onohydrate. I
have had the opportunity to observe firsthand the rather dramatic results from this
skeletal muscle chemical (metabolite). I, too, was mildly enthusiastic about Creatine
Monohydrate during my first experiments, but I’m not convinced more than ever that I
was far too conservative.

Enthusiastic power/bodybuilders from all around the nation and world continue to report
fantastic results of increased available “instant” energy, stronger muscle torque
(contractions), and greater gains in muscle size and strength. It has become obvious to
me that Creatine Monohydrate is an excellent supplement for active
power/bodybuilders and, in my opinion, is clearly one of the most powerful and valuable
natural supplements yet discovered.

So exactly what is Creatine, and how does it function in the body? To begin with, it is a
naturally occurring chemical (metabolite) found in red skeletal muscle tissue. As a power
ergogenic aid, it is a major player for energizing muscles that are involved in high-stress
movements. Creatine (phosphate) is synthesized within the body from the three amino
acids: Arginine, Glycine, and M ethionine. The more Creatine (phosphate) your body
can make, consume, and store in muscle tissue, the stronger you will become. In addition
to this, Creatine (phosphate) czn be isolated from various sources of fish and beef. Beef
in particular is high in the organic chemical Creatine Phosphate (CP). The basic muscle
chemistry of how Creatine functions goes something like this.

The energy system or fuel used for muscular contractions is a compound called adenosine
tri(three) phosphate, or ATP. ATP provides energy by releasing one of its three
phosphates. The single phosphate forms adenosine di(two)phosphate, or ADP. The ADP
then releases an electrochemical energy into the muscular environment and shortens the
thin and thick filament protein (called actomyosin) cross-bridges, which shortens the

The amount of ATP stored in muscle is quite limited and will only fuel high-intensity
muscle torque (contractions) for lifting a barbell, etc., for 10-15 seconds max, then it
poops out. In order for this energy system to continue releasing electrochemical energy,
more ATP must be created. Creatine phosphate has a direct responsibility or involvement
in the ADP/ATP intercellular energy cycle. Here’s how Creatine phosphate gets
involved in the energy cycle. The stored Creatine phosphate in muscle tissue releases its

phosphate molecule, which then binds with adenosine diphosphate, recreating adenosine
triphosphate, which can again provide energy. And we go full circle again. Hopefully,
from reading this encapsulated commentary on basic muscle chemistry, you will realize
that, without Creatine phosphate, only a couple of reps of an exercise could be performed
before fatigue sets in.

As you will soon discover, chemically unbound Creatine supplementation will become a
major player in ensuring rapid, dramatic, and LAS TING results in increased strength
and muscle.

However, before I present a strong case for Creatine supplementation, I’d like to digress
for a moment and talk about the beef factor. As I mentioned earlier, beef is high in
Creatine. A fresh, uncooked one-pound steak, for example, supplies about 3 ounces of
Creatine. So if you want to get bigger and stronger, then perhaps you should eat lean
(10% or less fat) cuts of red meats such as top round steak and flank steak often. Steak
and eggs is another option and is the strong man’s favorite meal.

Personally, I enjoy eating the bodybuilder’s sandwich as a satisfying way to get some
extra Creatine. You simply take a slice of cold roast beef and roll it up in a slice of low
sodium provolone cheese. Before you “pooh-pooh” the beef factor, think ab it for a
moment. Why was the Tyrannosaurus Rex the strongest and most feared dinosaur? He
was a meat eater – red meat, that is.

Normal unsupplemented (synthesized within the body) Creatine levels in muscle tissue
are 3.5 to 4.0 grams per kilo. To increase these levels to any marked degree would
require a 191-220 pound power/bodybuilder to consume 2-3+ pounds of beef a day just
to meet the Creatine supplementation criteria that I’ll be speaking ab later on, and this
isn’t very practical, much less possible. Proper Creatine supplementation intervention
will raise the normal levels of 3.5-4.0 to a whopping supersaturated 5 grams per kilo.

One of the best ways I know to introduce the power-boosting agent, Creatine, into your
daily diet is by implementing the TRIPLE PHAS E: Powdered Creatine Plan. (I
realize that sports nutritionists and other experts in the field of orthomolecular
biochemistry and health may hold other varying views.) Within the scope and space of
this plan, I’ll share with you the “secrets” for making it work correctly. You’ll learn
such step-by-step instructions as:

How to take Creatine

How much Creatine to take
How to cycle Creatine

OK, it’s time to get NASTY and learn all the secrets about proper Creatine

The TRIPLE PHASE: Powdered Creatine Plan consists, as the wording
suggests, of 3 “unique” cycling phases. The first phase is Loading, the second is
Maintenance, and the third is Unloading. An explicitly calculated encapsulated
summary of each one is as follows:

Creatine Loading
Minimum 5 days
Maximum 7 days

To achieve supercompensation levels of Creatine in skeletal muscle will require you to

take one level teaspoon (5-gram serving) of 100% pharmaceutical grade (99% pure)
Creatine powder 4-6 times daily.

Here’s how. M easure out one level teaspoon of Creatine powder and mix it thoroughly
into a 6-8 ounce glass of water. Better yet, mix the Creatine powder into a sugary
beverage such as Kool-Aid or an inexpensive sports drink containing glucose polymers
(maltodextrine). You can even use warm (not hot) cocoa. Fructose-based drinks and fruit
juices like apple, grape, or orange should not be your beverage of choice because the fruit
sugar contained in these liquids has a low glycemic index. They are poor stimulators of
the “insulin-releasing” effect. Combining Creatine with a sugary or glucose polymer
liquid (as opposed to fructose-based drinks) will increase the absorption rate of Creatine
into muscle tissue by nearly 60% as opposed to using water alone.

The number of daily servings of Creatine will depend on your body weight (see
accompanying chart) Each serving needs to be consumed at separate intervals, 2-3 hours
apart. This will help you avoid stomach distress. If doing this is not sufficient, simply
take an antacid tablet 20 minutes prior to Creatine consumption. Also, increasing the
amount of liquid beverage used (from 8 ounces to 12-16 ounces, but be conscious of the
increased calorie content) will help to alleviate stomach discomfort to a great degree. It
is a good idea to plan the Creatine dosages so that they are consumed between major
meals/snacks on workout and non-workout days alike.

Creatine Loading

Body Weight (lbs.) Daily Servings of Creatine Total Daily

(1 serving = 5 grams)

190 or less 4 20
191 to 220 5 25
221 and up 6 30

Aggressively pursue Phase I on consecutive days (one day right after the other) and don't
be surprised if you experience a rather dramatic lean body mass (muscle) gain of 2-4
pounds after 5 to 7 days of Creatine loading.

Next, here’s . . .

Four Hot Tips

Maximum Muscle Tissue Hydration Loading

1. Never allow a Creatine dosage to stand (after being mixed) for more than 10-15
minutes. Drink the beverage immediately (while the Creatine powder is suspended in
the liquid) and you won’t have to deal with the Creatine residues settling on the
bottom and sides of the glass. This can rob you of receiving a full 5-gram serving of
the Creatine powder that is so necessary for “cell voluminizing” or “cell hydration.”

2. A Creatine drink or beverage should be consumed at least 30 minutes prior to or 2

hours after the consumption of a major high-protein meal (or replacement drink such
as MET-Rx by M ET-Rx USA, Mypolex Plus Deluxe by EAS, Rx-Fuel by Twinlab,
or Lean Body by Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition) and/or high-protein snack.
Proteins as well as hot teas and coffee (which contain caffeine) kick up stomach
acids, which ultimately limit the maximum absorption of Creatine into the muscles.
Speaking of hot drinks . . .

3. Never allow a Creatine beverage to be microwaved (nuked) because doing so

breaks down the molecular structure and solubility of the Creatine powder.

4. Depending on your bodyweight and which phase (I, II, III) of the Powdered
Creatine Plan you are using, always consume a dosage or serving (per particular
phase instruction) within one-half hour upon the completion of a workout and always
before you load up on the amino capsules.

Creatine Maintenance
Minimum 30 days
Maximum 45 days

If your bodyweight is 190 pounds or less: Consume one serving (one level teaspoon = a
5-gram serving) of Creatine at two separate intervals (see Hot Tips 2 and 4 above) on the
days you work out. On non-workout days, consume only one serving of Creatine.

If your bodyweight is between 190 and 220 pounds: Consume one serving of Creatine at
three separate intervals on scheduled workout days. Tip: Consume 3 to 8 grams of

Creatine right after the workout. On non-workout days, consume one serving twice at
separate intervals.

If you weigh over 220 pounds, consume one serving of Creatine at four separate and
distinct intervals on scheduled workout days. On non-workout days, consume 3 servings
of Creatine at separate intervals.

Creatine Unloading
Minimum 15 days
Maximum 30 days

Bodyweight 190 or less: 3 grams (1/2 teaspoon+) of Creatine.

Bodyweight 191 to 220: 4 grams (3/4 teaspoon) of Creatine.
Bodyweight 221 and up: 5 grams (1 teaspoon) of Creatine.

Creatine Strategy

At two separate intervals every other day (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15), consume the
number of grams of Creatine appropriate for your bodyweight (see above).

Creatine Strategy

Upon completion of the Every-Other-Day strategy and for the next couple of weeks
(days 16 through 30), select one day out of each 7 and, at two separate intervals, consume
the number of grams of Creatine appropriate for your bodyweight. Schedule the two
servings on what you consider to be a heavy-duty training day. For me personally, for
example, it would be the day I train chest, delts, and triceps as opposed to a workout day
where I train back and biceps or even a leg workout. M y post-recovery time, both
biological and/or psychological, on pushing movements (i.e., bench presses, press behind
neck) takes longer than on pulling movements (i.e., barbell rows, curls), so I take my
Creatine servings on a pushing day.

Upon completion of Phase II, Creatine Unloading, One-Day-A-

Week strategy, you have three options to consider:

1. You can give your body (and wallet) a break and totally lay off from Creatine
supplementation for 2-3 weeks. Creatine uptake levels in the skeletal muscles will
decline (as will muscle torque/contractions and size) somewhat when you stop
supplementing Creatine, but your levels will still be higher than the normal
unsupplemented levels of 3.5-4 grams per kilo prior to initial Creatine

supplementation use. Besides, if your day-to-day nutritional integrity includes red
meat and fish, you're still going to be consuming 1 to 2 grams of Creatine daily.

2. Rather than taking a total layoff from Creatine supplementation (see Option 1),
many power/bodybuilders will, upon completion of Phase II, Creatine Unloading,
begin a new Phase II, Creatine M aintenance, cycle.

The logical progression of the TRIPLE PHAS E: Powdered Creatine Plan would
be as follows:



3. The logical progression plan of Creatine supplementation cited above works well
as long as there is no more than a total 30-day layoff. What happens if there is more
than a 30-day total layoff (due to injury, sickness, vacation, etc.) from Creatine
supplementation? In that case, you’ll have to begin all over again with Phase I,
Creatine Loading, as previously detailed and then continue the cycle with Phase II
and III. If you are looking to “jump-start” the loading process, then you might want
to consider using a brief but intense Super Saturation Creatine Loading Phase.

The theory behind this unique loading strategy is to consume 4 to 6 equally

divided servings of 5 to 10 grams each of Creatine M onohydrate for 3 to 5
consecutive days, according to the following chart.

Super Saturation Creatine

Loading Chart

Body Weight (lbs.) Daily Servings of Creatine Total Daily Grams

90-140 *6 30
140-175 **4 40
176-225 **5 50
225 and up **6 60

* = 5-gram servings (one level teaspoon)

** = 10-gram servings (two level teaspoons)

REMEMBER that the Super S aturation Creatine Loading Phase is to be used a

minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5 consecutive days. Upon completion of this
phase, continue on with Phase II and then on to Phase III.

Regardless of which loading phase is implemented, you will rather dramatically

increase depleted whole-body Creatine levels with the bottom line being unbelievable
results: Improved strength, increased muscle stamina, and greater intensity.

Blitzing through just one cycle of The Triple Phase: Powdered Ceatine
Plan, some small- to medium-built power/bodybuilders have gained 4-6 lbs. of lean
muscle mass, while larger bodybuilders have made gains of 10-14 lbs. of lean muscle

A Capsule Comment
Those Creatine Supplement Ads

There are some supplement companies that are selling Creatine at extremely reduced
prices (almost lower than distributor or wholesale prices). Don't be fooled by this!
M any of the cheaper brands contain fillers (such as sugar) and other inferior
additives. They simply do not live up to their exaggerated ad claims.

If you have any questions regarding any supplement company’s product, request
information from the company on their process of formulation and ask them to
provide you with all the published technical information on it as well. If the company
does not comply, then:

1. Don’t use any of the company’s supplements (e.g., Creatine) if they can’t
provide this information.

2. Don't purchase any supplement product where the manufacturer does not list the
ingredients on the label. Sometimes, even when the ingredients are listed on the
label, it doesn’t guarantee that it’s actually in the can.

Let’s assume that you've found two different brand names of Creatine and you are
interested in purchasing one of them. Find out what the active ingredients are in each,
and then compare the total content of each ingredient from both brands. By doing
this, you’ll get the most bang for your buck ($$$) when you make your purchase.

Only rip-off artists make claims about supplements that are too good to be true. I
suggest you buy supplements such as Creatine M onohydrate from companies that
sell only pure laboratory-grade products. I personally have used and highly
recommend the Creatine M onohydrate formulations from Beverly International


Drinking copious amounts of water throughout the day is essential to your

physical well being and the success of this program. I suggest that a person who
doesn’t have a kidney disorder or is not taking diuretics drink at least .66 times
their body weight in ounces of water daily. For example, you weigh 200 pounds.
200 x .66 = 132 ounces, or thirteen 10-ounce glasses of water daily.

Final Comment
I have included a sample outline of how a 190-220 lb. power/bodybuilder might
initiate the TRIPLE PHAS E: Powdered Creatine Plan. The carefully timed
dosages/servings of Creatine will vary slightly, depending on when you arise each
morning, eat meals/snacks, and time of the day you hoist the Heavy Iron. Stay

M any more quality e-reports on bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition, etc., will be
published in the near future. These e-reports will be full of result-producing (almost
“secret”) information. Be sure to watch for them at the following websites:


A Quick Review Sample

Creatine Secrets of the Pros
Creatine for Females


Creatine Plan
The following sample of major meals/snacks, workouts, and Creatine
supplementation is for a power bodybuilder who weighs between 191 and 220
pounds and wakes up at 6:00 A.M. an d performs a high intensity workout at 6:00


Time 5-7 days 30-45 days 15-30 days

6:30 A.M . B: B: B:
8:30 A.M . 5g Creatine 5 g Creatine 4 g Creatine
9:30 A.M . MM : MM : MM :
11:30 A.M . 5 g Creatine
12:30 P.M . L: L: L:
2:30 P.M . 5g Creatine 5 g Creatine
3:30 P.M . MA: MA: MA:
5:30 P.M . 5g Creatine
6:00 P.M . 70 min W/O 70 min W/O 70 min W/O
7:30 P.M . 5g Creatine 5g Creatine 4g Creatine
8:30 P.M . S: S: S:
10:00 P.M . BS: BS: BS:

Codes: B = breakfast, MM = midmorning snack, L = lunch, MA = mid-afternoon snack,

S = supper, BS = bedtime snack, g = grams

Phase I – Consume 5-gram doses of Creatine as scheduled on workout AND non-

workout days alike.

Phase II – On scheduled workout days, consume the Creatine servings as scheduled.

Another strategy would be to consume 3g Creatine after breakfast and lunch and 8g
Creatine after the workout. Though not listed in the schedule above, consumer 5g
Creatine at two separate intervals on non-workout days, preferably after a main meal.

Phase III – During the first one or two weeks of this phase, consume two 4g doses of
Creatine every other day, on workout days if possible. During the next two weeks,
consume just two 4g doses of Creatine and only on one day out of every 7. Schedule it
for what you consider to be a heavy-duty training day.

Professional Bodybuilders
(Suggestions by Charles Poliquin)

To determine how many grams per day a power/bodybuilder needs of Creatine, follow
these guidelines:

Loading (5 days)
M ultiply body weight in kilos by .45 grams

M ultiply body weight in kilos by .225 grams


Body Weight

Pounds Kilos Pounds Kilos Pounds Kilos Pounds Kilos Pounds Kilos
(lbs.) (kg) (lbs.) (kg) (lbs.) (kg) (lbs.) (kg) (lbs.) (kg)
99 45.00 124 56.36 149 67.72 174 79.09 199 90.45
100 45.45 125 56.81 150 68.18 175 79.54 200 90.90
101 45.90 126 57.27 151 68.63 176 80.00 201 91.36
102 46.36 127 57.72 152 69.09 177 80.45 202 91.81
103 46.81 128 58.18 153 69.54 178 80.90 203 92.27
104 47.27 129 58.63 154 70.00 179 81.36 204 92.72
105 47.72 130 59.09 155 70.45 180 81.81 205 83.18
106 48.18 131 59.54 156 70.90 181 82.27 206 93.63
107 48.63 132 60.00 157 61.36 182 82.72 207 94.09
108 49.09 133 60.45 158 71.81 183 83.18 208 94.54
109 49.54 134 60.90 159 72.27 184 83.63 209 95.00
110 50.00 135 61.36 160 72.72 185 84.09 210 95.45
111 50.54 136 61.81 161 73.18 186 84.54 211 95.90
112 50.90 137 62.27 162 73.63 187 85.00 212 96.36
113 51.36 138 62.72 163 74.09 188 85.45 213 96.81
114 51.81 139 63.18 164 74.54 189 85.90 214 96.27
115 52.27 140 63.63 165 75.00 190 86.36 215 97.72
116 52.72 141 64.09 166 75.45 191 86.81 216 98.18
117 53.18 142 64.54 167 75.90 192 87.27 217 98.63
118 53.63 143 65.00 168 76.36 193 87.72 218 99.09
119 54.09 144 65.45 169 76.81 194 88.18 219 99.54
120 54.54 145 65.90 170 77.27 195 88.63 220 100.00
121 55.00 146 66.36 171 77.72 196 89.09
122 55.45 147 66.81 172 78.18 197 89.54
123 55.90 148 67.27 173 78.63 198 90.00

Creatine Loading and Maintenance
Lean Bodyweight Females
(lbs/kg) Loading gms/Maintenance gms
80 36 6 2
100 45 8 2.5
120 55 10 3
140 64 11.5 3.5
160 73 13 4
180 82 14.5 4.5
200 91 16 5
220 100 17.5 5.5