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percussion, tamed for the circumstance, abandons its traditional explosions and

poundings for layers of tangled sounds where the ear can opt for such and such a
network of rhythms which pulls him into the heart of the matter. The strings opt
for metamorphoses, and the two groups, strings and percussion, which one might
believe to be antagonistic, become accomplices in the adventure.’

T’HARÂN-NGÔ (no. 75) Playing time: 21-22’

(‘Conjuration, contemplation, glorification of the primal forces of Nature’)
for large orchestra
4 linked parts: Astres, Lumière et Nuit; Le Feu, la Terre; Les Moissons et les
Arbres ; L’Air et l’Eau, le Silence et l’Absence.
" Forces: 3 flutes (with piccolo), 2 oboe, English horn, small E flat clarinet, 2
B-flat clarinets, B-flat bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, contrabassoon, 4 horns, 4
trumpets in C – 1 trumpet in D ad lib., 3 trombones, tuba, timpani,
percussion (4 performers), 2 harps, piano (with 3rd pedal), strings
Percussion instruments:
I: vibraphone 1, 3 suspended cymbals (high, medium, low), 2 cymbals on felt,
tambourine, 3 woodblocks, 1 tom (medium) (+ position II), 4 tom-toms (A flat, F,
D, A natural), 1 double-bass tom, 1 snareless side drum
II: marimba, tubular bells, 3 suspended cymbals (high, medium, low), 3 cymbals
on felt, 2 low crotales
III: vibraphone 2 (with 2 metal plates spanning 1 octave), 2 Chinese cymbals, 3
gongs (high, medium, low), 2 tam-tams (high, medium), 4 temple blocks (from
low to high)
IV: xylomarimba, 2 crotales on felt, 3 tam-tams (high, medium, low), low
maracas, 4 bongos (from low to high) (+ position II) 2 tom-toms (F, B), very low
bass drum
! Publisher: Jobert.
‘One finds the ending “ngô” in a certain number of words designating dances of
African origin, sometimes also in the names of instruments accompanying those
dances. Such are, in Andalusian folk art, the Tango, Zorongo, Fandango, just like
a Bongo, an instrument often used in our percussion sections. In addition, this
term “ngô” seems to characterise incantatory dances coming from ancient tribal

LIVRE DES PRODIGES (no. 84) Playing time: approx. 29’

for large orchestra
In two parts: I-Clair de terre – Cortège des taureaux ailés – Immémorial – Hydre
– Clé des songes – Clair de terre – Soleil renversé; II-Conjuration des Sorts –
Alecto – Son noir – Jeu des masques – Clair de terre – Koro-Ngô
" Forces: 3 flutes + flute in G, 3 oboes + English horn, small E-flat clarinet + 2
B-flat clarinets, 3 bassoons + contrabassoon, 6 horns, 4 trumpets, 4
trombones, 1 tuba, timpani, percussion (4 performers), 2 harps, piano (with
3rd pedal), strings

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