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In the a place there are two fighters from Indonesia..

Commander : my weapons just sharpen bamboo (holding up) even this blunt.
But I'm sure I can make Indonesia free from invaders.
Soldier : Are you sure, Sir?
Commander : Oh yes sure ! However form our enemies, I'm sure we can, Fighting !!!!!
Soldier : Fighting !
Commander : Re..Ready grak! Lencang front and right Grak ! Good! Good! Good! down
the right hand grak! down the left hand grak! Break grak!
Soldier : Sorry Sir, I want to go to the toilet.
Commander : we dont have time, the invaders will comes. Hurry up come back.
Soldier : Okay, I will...
Commander : knives, sharpen bamboo (showing) I am ready to make Indonesia free and
shoot them!

Village women come wear kebaya and bring basket

Girl : Duuuh so quiet, I am lonely ...... nothing anyone? Where is them ...? all
young man is fighting for Indonesia.What is country colonized Indonesia?
Netherlands? Japan? Chinese? or Americans?
Many people said that they are very dangerous. OMG, God help me, I am
afraid .
(Like read a poetry)
Oh ........ Mas
Where are you
I was waiting for a long time in here But..
You did not come
I looked for you in the beach, mount, river, but I can not find you, and I can
not meet you
Oh Mas you are cruel.
You leave me alone.

The Comander come..

Commander : I am look okay, so cool

Soldier : (coming in a hurry) Ho'oh....
Commander : Hey what’s going on?
Soldier : I shoot invaders
Commander : (with proud) Hahaha.. waw, it’s very good

Girls come...

Commander : Hi prety woman cah ayu ..... what's your name ...?
Girl : (with a flirtatious attitude)
Commander : Oh beautiful girl, you so sweet ......
Girl : My name Sri Rahayu Widia Ningsih Bojodiningrat Tukiem. You can call me
Tukiem !!
Soldier : Loh ... loh .... loh .... what’s going on with comander?

(Girl give the food)

Commander : Hey girl why this food for me like this, sandbar?
Girl : Please don’t complaint! just eat because only that we have. Yo know.
Soldier : Okay....
Girl : It's me .... and for me .....
Soldier : Where’s mine? ...............
Girl : Here one, two, three, four
Soldier : Let's give me another, girl ...
Girl : Here is one more
Soldier : again..
Girl : Here again ... ya again .....
Soldier : again ................
Girl : Its finish, enjoy the food, enjoy the taste, and enjoy the letting.

All person eat the cake while resting.

On the other hand, the two invaders are make a strategy together to invade Indonesia.
They were talking.

Netherlands 1 : Do you want to be rich from this Indonesian result ?

Netherlands 2 : Of course. That is I want. I want wealthy. By the way? Do you have
any ideas?
Netherlands 1 : Ahaa !!!! We must catch them, we can torment them so that they
will die slowly .. hahaha its very happy..
Netherlands 2 :Hemm, haha that’s good idea. But.. OMG Hellow..The Indonesian’s
People very much will be long time to be death. When are we rich?
Netherlands 1 : Okay, that’s true. Let's think again!

While pacing thinking.

Netherlands 2 : Hemmm .. we can poison them!

Netherlands 1 : No no no!
Netherlands 2 : Why?
Netherlands 1 : Poison is expensive. We're going to lose. You stupid!
Netherlands 2 : so what? Come on we think to find good idea.
Netherlands 1 : Heeemm .. we can bomb them , so they will be die..
Netherlands 2 : Great idea! You’re smart! What are you waiting for. Let go do it

The fighters come ..

Music : Bummmmmmmm!
Soldier : Wow, what going on, what happen, what the sound..... ????
Commander : gledek ...... !!!!
Music : Bummmmmmmm!
Soldier: : If that .....?
Girl : BOMM!
Soldier : Ne... Ne.. Netherland come..
Commander : Well, now you can go girl..
Girl : Well Mas.
Commander : Well, for the first we hide.
Soldier : But drink this first (thrusting aqua)
Commander : Where the spoon?
Soldier : just drink straight

When they hide, the Netherlands had come to attack.

Netherlands 2 : Where the people of Indonesia in here!

Netherlands 1 : I think they are afraid of us. HA HA HA !!!! HA HA HA !!! HA HA HA
HA !!!
Netherlands 2 : HAHAHA (laughing)
Netherlands 1 : Indonesia, Indonesia, get out! Show you, I'll shoot you
Dor ..! Dor ..! Dor ...!
Show your self, where are you?
Soldier : Oh my hand, my stomach, (3x) commander goodbye!
Netherlands 2 : Dor ...!Dor ...!
This is your time to died! Where else Indonesia!
Commander : Dor ..! Dor ...! Dor ...! Hemmmmm .... if you feel Netherland get
out! Don’t hiding. I am very angry with you. Come Netherlands
stump your face ...! Get Out ...! Get Out ...!

Two Netherlands come to shooting

Netherlands 1 : Dor ..!

Commander : Ouch god my buttucks (holding the hurt on the stomach)
Netherlands 2 : Dor ..!
Commander : Oh hit again, my hat .....I die, I die.
Netherlands 1 : Wow wow wow, we are win, we are win !! Ha Ha Ha
Netherlands 2 : yes, yes, yes .. we are rich, we are rich !! Hahaha
(Come a girl crying)
Girl : Mas Commander! please do not die. Mas Commander! Mas
Commander! I am alone without you..
Commander : (wake up) I do not know.. I want to die (died again) ....
Girl :Mas ... Mas .... wake Mas ..... (crying) ... Mas .... dont live me alone
... I am afraid to be alone mas mas ... with who I mas ..... this country
need a commander, Indonesia need the fighters, ... .hemmmm ....
emmm ... emmm (weeping and crying)