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Born in 1950 in the Philippines, Nunelucio Alvarado is active on the South-East

Asian art scene since the beginning of the 1970�s. He presently lives and works in
Bacolod, province of Negros Occidental, Philippines.

He studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman in Manila.

He is well known for his progressive artworks that depict the faces, the plights
and struggles of the Negros-based �sakadas� (labourers hired from outside) and
other marginalized populations.

He has developed a unique and unmistakable style that stands out with its strong
colours, emotions and strength.

He is one of the 4 founding members of the �Black Artists in Asia� a very important
politicised art group of the 1980s�.

His work has been shown extensively in South-East Asia. He has travelled,
peculiarly, to Australia. He received numerous prestigious awards such as the
Thirteen Artists Award from the Cultural Centre of the Philippines (1992), Grand
Prize in the Philip Morris Philippine Art Awards (1997 & 1999)�

Important museums have acquired his works: Singapore Art Museum, Metropolitan
Museum of Manila, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum as have private collectors in the
Philippines and abroad.

Fuman Art has been working with Nunelucio Alvarado for a couple of years now and we
are planning a show in our gallery in Paris (France).