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NGN Migration Solutions

Preparing for the Future

SURPASS NGN Migration Solutio
Migrate to Innovation
SURPASS supports LifeWorks, the Siemens In today’s telecommunication markets, ba- Increasingly, ISP’s are encroaching into the
vision and strategy for the future of tele- sic telephony services are still a major source domain of voice carriers by offering VoIP
communications. SURPASS opens the door of revenue for carriers, but in many geog- services with enhanced features. Carriers
to the world of Next Generation Networks raphies they have become a commodity need to have a solution to defend and re-
with its attractive applications and smooth offered by numerous service providers with tain their markets and revenues from this
migration towards all-IP and optical net- little differentiation. Under the pressure of new threat.
works. It provides the building blocks for eroding margins, network operators are fo-
your network of the future: cusing on new sources of revenues while This poses a major problem for those carri-
■ Next Generation Switching making best use of their existing assets. ers who have a TDM base that is still prof-
Carrier-grade and customized Voice itable but who are not yet under pressure
over IP solutions are complemented The new end-customer demand is in voice- to implement IP-based services. They are
by a wide range of attractive con- data converged services. Businesses as well well aware that this situation will change,
verged voice/data applications. as residential users are increasingly asking and may change faster than expected. Car-
■ Next Generation Optics for next generation services and applica- riers worldwide regard the Next Generation
Flexible solutions for migrating your tions. Residential users are continuing to Network as the right approach to changing
transport network towards NGN adopt broadband at a rapid rate and are in- customer demands, but have functioning
while keeping track of OPEX. creasingly looking for value-enhancing ap- TDM networks in place. Most carriers there-
■ Next Generation Access plications for their broadband environment fore prefer a step-by-step migration approach
A complete range of flexible access such as interactive games, movies, TV re- for their transition process, successively
solutions offering any voice, data and play, video-telephony and music downloads. adding IP functionality to their existing net-
video service required for today and work.
tomorrow. Business users are facing difficult communi-
■ Next Generation Network Management cation dilemmas that need to be solved. Peo- The ideal solution would provide the best of
Comprehensive management solu- ple must no longer work in isolated teams, both worlds by allowing continued invest-
tions based on standards and open but in global communities with a common ment in TDM while preparing the ground,
interfaces, guaranteeing evolution goal – and they will become increasingly both financially and technically, for IP-based
capability and the fastest possible mobile. As can be seen in Figure 1, the next services that can be taken advantage of at
launch of new services. few years will see a shift in business com- the appropriate time. But does such a solu-
munication behavior: the synchronizing, tion exist? And if so, does it really give free-
integrating and managing of communica- dom of choice in deciding if, when and how
tions regardless of media, device, applica- the threshold to an IP-based solution is
tion or location. crossed?

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The Ultimate Solution for an Optimized set to all types of TDM or IP subscribers, this provides a high degree of flexibility in switch
TDM-to-IP Migration solution, based on the SURPASS hiE 9200, configuration according to the operator’s
There is indeed a way forward that allows covers all potential customer scenarios – requirements. SURPASS hiE 9200 supports
an IP-based solution to be faced with con- from pure TDM to full IP. high transport and signaling capacities on
fidence without having to abandon all that the transit layer and paves the way for mi-
has gone before – the SURPASS NGN Migra- SURPASS hiE 9200 supports the LifeWorks gration to a Next Generation Network.
tion Switch. This is the perfect cornerstone concept and offers next generation appli- SURPASS hiE 9200 provides functionality
for next generation switching migration cations that enable you to play a major role for highly efficient network operation. This
since it includes packages for both legacy in this new world of communication. Pro- includes sophisticated mechanisms for num-
TDM and IP-based Next Generation Networks viding new IP-based services will help you bering, routing, traffic management, charg-
and therefore unites both worlds. With its satisfy upcoming and evolving customer ing etc. SURPASS hiE 9200 supports per-
unique capability to operate both in TDM demands, tap into new revenue sources fect tuning of the network resources and
and IP-based Next Generation Network do- and lead the emerging market. Based on a thus reduces network investment and op-
mains while offering the same full feature modular architecture, SURPASS hiE 9200 erational costs.

LifeWorks –
Smart Communications Made Easy
LifeWorks is the Siemens ICN concept for the
elimination of fragmented user communica-
tion experiences and the removal of barriers
503 2002 worldwide revenue CAGR from 1999 to 2005 80%
of telecommunications Strongest growth in between all networks, whether private,
service providers Voice over IP and data public, mobile or fixed. Services, applica-
in US$ billion services tions and functionality will be available
CAGR: Compound Average Growth Rate
throughout the different networks – with-
out limiting performance or security.
Homogeneous operability simplifies using
services. To realize this, Siemens ICN uses
the SURPASS carrier solution and the HiPath
enterprise solution, bringing these solutions
together. LifeWorks gives network operators
the possibility to offer new, innovative ser-
vices, allowing differentiation from competi-
20% tors and the exploitation of additional new
sources of income. Due to the enhanced
13% convenience and value which the operator
14 can offer, productivity is markedly increased
when communications throughout business
and private environments are integrated.
Fixed-line voice Mobile voice Data services Voice over IP

Figure 1: The shift to IP-based services

SURPASS NGN Migration Portfoli
Invest Today – ■ Support for a large number of signaling
and Keep Your Options Open variants, connecting you to any carrier in
SURPASS NGN Migration Solution, with its any country
unique capability to operate both in TDM ■ Interfaces for applications, allowing
and IP-based Next Generation Network do- you to open up new revenue streams
mains, is the perfect choice for each of your ■ Full class 4 and class 5 feature set,
strategies – it allows you to stay with TDM increasing customer satisfaction
but also supports you if you decide to “go
Next Generation Network”. It seamlessly The SURPASS NGN Migration Solution,
brings together classical TDM switching and which is based on the SURPASS hiE 9200,
state-of-the-art next generation switching, comprises both
offering VoIP carrier class services and ap-
plications such as: ■ the SURPASS hiE TDM set of packages and
■ the SURPASS hiE IP set of packages
■ Full Next Generation Network support,
giving your customers new services and
■ Top performance and reliability, for max-
imum availability

■ SURPASS hiE TDM set of packages ■ SURPASS hiE IP set of packages

The TDM Trunking capability of the SURPASS Complementing these features, SURPASS
hiE 9200 Migration Switch (boxes with blue IP packages (boxes with orange background
background in Figure 2) provides solutions in Figure 2) cover IP Trunking, IP Local Ac-
for streamlined, perfectly engineered TDM cess and IP Applications. They complement
networks in all network hierarchies and for or replace, at a time of your choosing, the
all regional aspects. It supports a range of multi-layered TDM transit network with a
access equipment for TDM Local Access modern IP-based Next Generation Network
to provide services for analog lines, ISDN- topology with flat hierarchies and self-rout-
BRI, ISDN-PRI, V5.1 and V 5.2 subscribers ing capabilities. They provide connectivity
and offers revenue generating TDM Appli- for IP-based subscribers with powerful
cations to address all end-users connect- access gateways to TDM subscribers and

o ed to your network from residential POTS

up to large business customers.
permit you to increase revenues significant-
ly with innovative IP-based applications.

IP Applications

IN Services
TDM Local ISDN-PRI TDM Applications


TDM Trunking Transit

SURPASS hiE 9200
Migration Switch

IP Phones & Clients, IP PBX

IP Trunking
@ccess SURPASS hiG
IP Local Media Gateway
for Trunks
Access Broa
e.g. V Access
IAD/CPG Subscribers oD SL

DLU IP Network


ISDN-PRI Media Gateway
for Access

Local Switch
Access Gateway

TDM packages IP packages

Figure 2: SURPASS hiE Solutions for both TDM and IP

Migration Switch

Optimized for TDM Networks Local network nodes are used for switch- 9200. Smaller remote Digital Line Units
In many parts of the world, the demand for ing incoming and outgoing subscriber traf- (DLUs) can be attached as indoor or out-
voice channels continues to grow and the fic. Up to 600,000 subscriber lines can con- door installations (RSDLUs) to the host
business from voice services remains high- nect to a local SURPASS hiE 9200 via the SURPASS hiE 9200 and to the larger RSUs,
ly profitable. In such a situation, however, complete range of subscriber interfaces in- thus shortening the local loop length.
it can be difficult to choose the next step cluding analog lines, ISDN-BA, ISDN-PA, V5.1
forward. Should you stay with TDM, accept- and V5.2. In transit or long-distance network
ing the short-term returns this brings or in- nodes, interregional and mobile traffic is
vest in IP solutions for which in some coun- Subscribers must be connected in the most switched to and from other network nodes.
tries a demand may not yet be fully devel- efficient way possible. Depending on sub- Up to 240,000 trunks may be connected
oped? scriber density and distribution, TDM sub- to a SURPASS hiE 9200 transit network node.
scriber interfaces can be aggregated direct-
This situation need no longer present you ly to the SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration The SURPASS hiE 9200 includes all functions
with such dilemmas. The SURPASS hiE 9200 Switch, or to the Remote Switching Units required for an international node, such
Migration Switch is the further development (RSU). The RSU provides a capacity of up to as international signaling, echo compensa-
of the well-known EWSD with improved 50,000 subscribers with RSU internal traf- tion for intercontinental and satellite con-
functions, reliability and performance. It fic switched locally to avoid traffic load on nections, inter-administrative charging and
possesses the lowest downtime of all TDM the transport links to the host SURPASS hiE SS7 screening and accounting.
switches but this is only one reason why
more than 350 operators have chosen EWSD.
Their satisfaction has resulted in more than
300 million installed ports worldwide. On-
going improvements focus on the benefits
to our customers, including low power con- International
sumption, footprint reduction, more pro- Network
cessing capacity, improved operability and
maintainability and a multitude of revenue Transit Network
generating features and services. One ex- EWSD

ample is the more compact system core with

a footprint reduction of 25% compared to
the standard assembly of the core compo-
nents. With the latest generation of access EWSD EWSD
Other Carrier
equipment (Digital Line Unit, DLU), we have Network
achieved a 50% footprint reduction per ana-
log subscriber line and approximately 30%
less power consumption compared to the
previous generation.
Local Network
A TDM Switch for all Network Levels
The SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration Switch is
the solution for local networks, transit net-
works, international gateway networks and
combinations of all of the above. Wherev- RDLU

er your SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration Switch RSU RSU

is used in the network, it can also serve as RSU

a Service Switching Point (SSP) in the Intel-

ligent Network (IN).
Figure 3: SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration Switch operates at any network level
Creating Streamlined
TDM Networks

What is a Streamlined Network? SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration Switch

Streamlining a network means consolidat- for Network Streamlining
ing and flattening out the hierarchy by re- In a streamlined network the number of
ducing the total number of network ele- network elements is reduced in favor of
ments and replacing local switches with bigger switches with greater performance
remote switching units. This makes it more and remote access equipment at the local
efficient in operational and maintenance level, so switching system processing pow- and distribution, the subscriber lines will
cost, since lower complexity and fewer net- er should not become a limiting factor. The be connected to Remote Switching Units.
work elements means less operational ef- SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration Switch coor- The RSU is hosted to a SURPASS hiE 9200
fort. Lifecycle cost is lower due to the re- dination processor provides a call process- Migration Switch and does not need the
duction in floor space and the lower power ing capacity of up to 16 million busy hour core components of a complete switching
consumption. Applications are available call attempts (BHCA), allowing you to build system, saving floor space and power con-
faster, making possible homogeneous dis- network nodes of nearly any imaginable sumption. RSU traffic is switched locally to
tribution of fewer network elements and size in every network level. avoid traffic load on the transport links to
thus faster area-wide implementation of the host.
the same software level. At the transit level, hierarchies are cut and
restructured into a single level using large, Streamlining with the SURPASS hiE 9200
If the following applies … fully intermeshed SURPASS hiE 9200 tran- Migration Switch prepares your network
sit nodes. In smaller networks, hierarchy for IP services, where subscriber demand
■ Your voice network has grown by quick- levels can be reduced even further using may initially be distributed. If so, use a
ly providing telephone access to sub- combined local transit network nodes. At SURPASS hiE 9200 transit node to control
scribers the local level, large SURPASS hiE 9200 lo- several IP access gateways distributed in
■ A large number of small switches at the cal nodes replace several local switching your network while still fulfilling its task
local level provide subscriber access to nodes or, depending on subscriber density for the TDM environment.
your network
■ Different network functions, such as
transit switching and local access are
distributed over several network levels
■ Your network will soon run out of ca- National or SURPASS
pacity and will not be able to meet the EWSD
International hiE 9200
challenges arising from new services, GX GX

increased service usage and the effects

of competition in deregulated markets Switch Switch


… then you should consider network Streamlining

streamlining. of Transit Level SURPASS SURPASS
hiE 9200 hiE 9200




of Local Level

Figure 4: Network streamlining with SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration Switch

Meeting all
TDM Application Demands

Generate new Revenues with More than 200 subscriber features serve SURPASS hiE 9200 Provides Maximum
SURPASS hiE 9200 analog and ISDN subscribers, ensuring the Flexibility
Powerful, flexible and efficient SURPASS hiE right ingredients for customer-specific fea- SURPASS hiE 9200 TDM network applica-
9200 TDM user applications will please ex- ture packages. These value-added features tions comprise state-of-the art network
isting customers and bring in new ones by let you attract new subscribers and increase functions that fulfill deregulated market
providing attractive features that competi- call completion rate and revenue. requirements or allow network resources
tors cannot deliver. to be utilized to the maximum. Although
With Integrated Service Logic (ISL), you may be facing enormous challenges
You can offer the following features with SURPASS hiE 9200 offers an economic so- in such a deregulated environment, you
the SURPASS hiE 9200: lution for expansion of the service package will benefit from a comprehensive set of
by including services into SURPASS hiE 9200 supporting functions:
■ New features for traditional POTS that are usually only offered by a classic IN.
■ Powerful ISDN features SURPASS hiE 9200 ISL makes IN services ■ Carrier selection with call-by-call and
■ IN services available quickly and economically without pre-selection
■ Carrier-grade Call Center solutions the need for an elaborate IN infrastructure. ■ Number portability support movement
■ Highly flexible CENTREX solutions of users between carriers and physical
New lucrative revenue sources can be ex- locations without the need for number
ploited by state-of-the-art Call Center so- change
lutions provided by ADMOSS, the Advanced ■ Calling party number screening that
Multifunctional Operator Service System. grants or rejects access to the network
ADMOSS also provides a common platform for subscribers on a whitelist or black-
for traffic and directory assistance. list
■ Charging mechanisms for inter-admin-
You can address your business customers istrative billing or displaying of charges
with attractive applications such as power- ■ Traffic routing that provides effective
ful CENTREX (Central Office Exchange Ser- routing functions such as carrier-depen-
vice) features with GeoCentrex, an integrat- dent routing, carrier quota, and Siemens’
ed part of the SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration patented Optimized Dynamic Routing.
Switch. Your customers obtain the flexibil-
ity they need for their rapidly changing busi- Summing up, it can be seen that the
ness as GeoCentrex easily integrates distrib- SURPASS NGN Migration Solutions allow
uted business customer office sites into you to stay with TDM as long as practically
CENTREX groups working as a virtual PBX. required. At the same time you are “Ready
for IP” at any time and at any stage of your
Premium features, such as SMS in fixed business. The next section of this document,
networks, open new market segments and therefore, deals with the move to a Next
bring in subscription fees. SURPASS hiE 9200 Generation Network and its inherent advan-
offers a network-based solution for analog tages.
and ISDN terminals, letting your subscribers
send and receive SMS without using a voice
communication path. The messages are sent
via the No.7 signaling network, thus using
a minimum of network resources while gen-
erating maximum revenues.

The Road to the
Next Generation Network

Smooth Migration Instead of Disruptive This package is therefore perfectly suited for
Replacement the smooth migration of subscribers from
No matter how you have decided to intro- TDM to Next Generation Network, such as
duce Next Generation Network services to enterprise customers who intend to replace
your TDM network, SURPASS NGN Migration their old PBX with a new IP PBX or IP Centrex.
Solution opens up a non-disruptive approach To further exploit the cost benefits of an
to go from your working installed TDM base Next Generation Network solution, it also
towards a full-blown Next Generation Net- makes sense to expand the IP-based Next
work with minimal risk and controlled in- Generation Network as close as possible to
vestment. the subscribers, reusing the bulk of the ex-
pensive investment in TDM access (copper
Due to the universal scalability of the lines plus line cards). This is made possible
SURPASS Migration Solution, the migration by the SURPASS IP Converged Access pack-
from TDM to IP can be accomplished in a age, which is a combination of the SURPASS
step-by-step manner and on demand. You hiE 9200 Migration Switch with powerful
can decide precisely when and where to take access gateways.
the next step into IP without having a high
upfront investment with the risk of low ini- Revenue Enhancement
tial usage. If you have an installed EWSD SURPASS IP Applications enables you to in-
base you can even maximize your invest- crease your revenues significantly with in-
ment protection by re-using significant novative IP-based applications such as IP
parts of previous and current EWSD equip- Centrex. Low upfront investment makes it
ment in the new SURPASS solution, such the most important ingredient for an eco-
as the Digital Line Units with all of their nomically viable NGN introduction and your
line cards. future prosperity.

With SURPASS IP you can start offering all Network Migration to IP

the new revenue-generating IP-based ser- SURPASS IP Trunking is the right choice to
vices already today, while migrating your consolidate and optimize your switching
network step-by-step to Next Generation network. With it, you can replace the mul-
Network and fully exploiting the addition- ti-layered TDM transit network with a mod-
al operational cost savings of Next Gener- ern IP-based Next Generation Network topol-
ation Networks. ogy. So, with this package, you can make
optimal use of a Next Generation Network
Subscriber Migration to IP with its cost-effective flat hierarchies and
The SURPASS IP Direct Access package con- self-routing capabilities.
tained in the SURPASS Next Generation Net-
work Migration Solution provides connec-
tivity for IP-based subscribers using devices
such as IP phones and clients, CPGs, IADs,
IP PBXs etc. – with the same full feature
set known from the TDM world.

IP Trunking

Benefit from an IP Backbone be caused by extensive use of dial-in Inter- TDM switches and deploying the SURPASS
Various factors, mainly competitive, are net that cannot be offloaded at the local hiE 9200 Migration Switch and Trunk Gate-
leading to declining tariffs for basic voice network plane. Thus, network resources may ways for the growth of trunk capacity us-
services and to increased cost pressure. become overloaded despite little or no sub- ing an IP transit infrastructure. SURPASS
Voice revenues still account, however, for scriber line growth. To cope with the traf- IP Trunking provides conversion of circuit-
the largest part of the revenues and will fic demand, extension of your transit net- switched voice streams into packet data
continue to do so for the foreseeable fu- work must be considered. The challenge streams (and vice versa) and call-setup
ture. It is thus essential to maintain this now is to support all existing voice servic- and media gateway control through the
important source of revenue, while at the es while taking advantage of cost-optimized IP-based network. It also supports the full
same time concentrating on reducing op- IP backbone capacity. set of transit switch features known from
erational costs to a competitive level. today’s PSTN. In the course of time, addi-
Practical and Cost-Effective Transit Ex- tional trunk gateways can be deployed, in
On the other hand, falling tariffs also drive tension order to migrate all existing trunks into
up PSTN traffic volume, while interconnec- The scenario proposed here enables you the IP-based transit infrastructure, for ex-
tion to other networks, e.g. to mobile or to pursue a highly cost-efficient cap and ample when TDM switches become obso-
other licensed operators, demands higher grow migration strategy. This consists typ- lete.
transit capacity. Traffic growth may also ically of capping the investment in existing


Transit Plane
IP Network
hiE 9200

Trunk Gateways

Local Local Local Local Local Local Local Local

Local Plane

■ Complex network architecture ■ Consolidated network architecture

■ Costly operation and maintenance ■ Simplified network engineering
■ Exhausted capacity ■ Cost-efficient capacity extension

Figure 5: Extending the transit network with SURPASS hiE 9200

Enhancing Your Transit Network Figure 6 compares the total costs associat- to one level. In such a scenario, traffic
SURPASS IP Trunking focuses on reduction ed with extending your transit network with growth is mainly driven by an increase in
of the total cost of ownership through net- TDM equipment with those of deploying calls, the greater amount of interconnec-
work simplification. Firstly, it improves net- SURPASS IP Trunking. For this purpose, a rep- tion traffic to be routed and the extensive
work efficiency since traffic overflow is rout- resentative mid-sized operator network is use of dial-in Internet. However the traffic
ed over a flat IP infrastructure and no trunk modeled, based on realistic and rather con- growth assumed is kept relatively low in
ports are needed for the transit extension. servative assumptions. For instance, the order to provide a realistic analysis.
In addition, the significantly reduced num- costs of introduction of a new technology
ber of E1/T1 equivalent connections to be (e.g. training), as well as a fixed amount The most evident benefit shown by the busi-
managed leads to economic benefits in traf- for base operational expenses inherent to ness case is the fast return on investment
fic engineering, provisioning, monitoring, each technology are included in order to with a Net Present Value (NPV) breakeven
maintenance, inventory and design. Inher- provide a fair comparison. of 2.5 years. The crucial factors here are re-
ent IP backbone self-routing capabilities re- duced capital expenditures and recurring
lieve you of the expense of constantly plan- Furthermore, if the trunking network is ex- operational savings of 60%, mainly due to
ning and load balancing your Trunking net- tended with TDM, it is assumed that the the dramatic reduction of the complex TDM-
work. Secondly, processes can be optimized network architecture, i.e. the number of based architecture. These counterbalance
with end-to-end fully integrated manage- network hierarchies and their complexity, the SURPASS IP Trunking initial investment
ment, reducing operational, administration stays the same. It is also anticipated that and introduction costs. Higher traffic growth,
and maintenance costs. Finally, you can now implementation of SURPASS IP Trunking of course, further improves the business
direct capital expenditures for network in- consolidates this part of the network down case.
frastructure for the first time towards a fu-
ture-proof IP-based Next Generation Net-
work architecture – in order to also tap
new revenue streams with IP applications.
Million €

Breakeven in 2.5 years
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9


Figure 6: Typical business case results for SURPASS IP Trunking

IP Local Access

Offering Your Customers More erating expenditures and to generate new as well as IP-based access for equipment
Today, for most carriers, voice services are revenues by offering next generation ser- such as IP phones, IP clients, Integrated
still the major source of revenue. But at the vices and applications to all your customers: Access Devices (IAD) or Customer Premis-
same time, the complex voice network struc- both IP- and TDM-based subscribers. es Gateways (CPG).
ture and outdated equipment lead to high
operational expenditures and growing in- Unlimited Access SURPASS IP Local Access consists of two
flexibility, thus preventing the introduction With SURPASS IP Local Access you can con- packages – Converged Access and Direct
of new revenue generating services. By in- nect all types of access lines and equipment Access. While minimizing operational costs,
troducing SURPASS IP Local Access, you, the to the new Next Generation Network world. SURPASS IP Converged Access provides
innovative carrier, can exactly address these This IP-based Next Generation Network so- all of today’s TDM access interfaces with its
challenges. This Next Generation Network lution provides any traditional voice sub- complete CLASS 5 feature set in a Next Gen-
solution enables you to optimize your op- scriber access such as POTS, ISDN or V5.x, eration Network environment. It protects
previous investments by offering maximum
re-use of the installed base, ranging from
EWSD switch equipment to EWSD Digital
SURPASS hiE 9200 Line Units and multi-vendor V5.x access
NGN Migration Switch equipment. SURPASS IP Direct Access
enables you to address both existing and
IN Services IP Applications new customer segments with high revenue-
generating IP-based voice services over “any
Direct Access
access” network, e.g. xDSL, Cable, Ethernet,
or Fiber etc. New revenues can be realized
with SURPASS IP Direct Access by offering
bundled voice-data services and multiple
Transit Plane
subscriber interfaces over a single access
IP Phones & Clients, IP PBX line.
IP-IP Gateway Media Gateway
for Trunks

Understanding the Business Case for

d Access
e.g. VoDS
Converged Access
IAD/CPG Subscribers
Many CLASS 5 networks have reached today
IP Network a stage where operational complexities and
costs are too high for today’s competitive
IP Converged Access environment. SURPASS IP Converged Access
Media Gateway fully realizes the cost benefits of a Next Gen-
for Access eration Network.

Access Gateway


Figure 7: Network scenario for SURPASS IP Local Access

The operational benefits are tremendous New Business Opportunities with ■ Allows you to offer multiple voice lines
– SURPASS IP Converged Access enables SURPASS IP Direct Access to each subscriber, a highly valuable op-
the operator to reduce switching-relevant Customers show a growing demand for tion both to increase the average rev-
operating expenses in three main areas: broadband Internet access. In order to enue per voice customer and to differ-
handle the emerging data traffic, carriers entiate from competition in the voice
■ Overall reduction of the number of build up or expand their IP networks. But telephony market.
managed network elements by replac- why should they use these networks for ■ Opens the door to generate new rev-
ing local switches with remotely con- data services only? As an enhancement, lo- enues through offering new services,
trolled access gateways, thus lowering cal voice operators may offer multiple line such as SURPASS IP CENTREX or third-
the costs of operational and adminis- telephony to all existing and new broadband party applications from our we SURPASS
trative processes. This optimization es- access users. SURPASS IP Direct Access from partner program.
pecially allows you to implement new Siemens allows carrier-class and cost-effec-
value-added applications much faster tive provisioning of voice and next genera- Our business case study shows that invest-
and more cost-efficiently. tion services to packet-based subscriber lines ing into SURPASS IP Direct Access leads to
■ In the self-routing network world of or customer premises equipment. The considerable reduction of the network To-
IP technology, planning and operation tremendous economic benefits are based tal Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to
costs for trunks are dramatically reduced. on a number of key business drivers. a TDM solution while enabling new reve-
With SURPASS IP Converged Access, both SURPASS IP Direct Access: nue generating opportunities. Dependent
the local and transit network can be re- on the particular network scenario, the in-
placed, completely eliminating operat- ■ Allows you to offer additional voice ser- vestment in SURPASS IP Direct Access may
ing expenses related to TDM Trunking. vices to all broadband users based on ex- provide positive returns in less than two
■ Power and space savings are obtained isting broadband data access, thus saving years (see Figure 8).
with the SURPASS Media Gateways for access network costs and maximizing the
Access and SURPASS Access Gateways potential for fast market penetration.
due to latest technology that minimizes
footprint and reduces power consump- Million €
tion. 40
Conclusive findings from business case stud-
ies, conducted jointly with operators plan- 30
ning to migrate their TDM networks to an
IP-based architecture revealed that the de-
ployment of SURPASS IP Converged Access 20
can reduce switching network operating
expenditure by up to 60%. But there is more:
SURPASS IP Converged Access achieves short 10
payback times, offering optimization of cap-
ital expenditure right from the start.


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4


Figure 8: Business case results for 4-line telephony for SOHO/SME with SURPASS IP Direct Access
IP Applications

Entering a New Market The World of The we SURPASS Partner Program –

With LifeWorks, the communication of the Next Generation Applications Extending Your Portfolio
future starts today. Innovative applications The market for next generation applications Siemens offers a huge portfolio of ready-
can be delivered over any network and to is not easy to predict. Each user has unique to-use IP applications. Furthermore, this
any communication device in a user-friendly preferences and therefore a myriad of ap- portfolio can be easily complemented with
and efficient way. LifeWorks leverages the plications are called for. This market is, how- third party applications. The flexibility of the
potential of Next Generation Networks for ever, significant, since research indicates SURPASS IP Application servers with their
network operators, companies and users. In that customers are willing to pay for attrac- various standardized interfaces and proto-
today’s telecommunications markets, busi- tive services on top of their monthly com- cols enables you to develop and integrate
nesses as well as residential users are in- munication bill. Furthermore, the Internet such third-party applications quickly and
creasingly asking for next generation ser- is fast becoming an integral aspect of many cost-efficiently.
vices and applications. With growing com- business processes; business customers will
petition, you will be forced to supply vast adopt new services if – amongst others – The we SURPASS partner program intelli-
varieties of innovative and lifestyle-enrich- they can: gently combines Siemens’ competence in
ing applications to the end user in the short- voice-data convergence with the innovative
est possible timeframe. By doing so, how- ■ Reduce their monthly communication potential of world-class players in the ap-
ever, you will be able to tap into new sources costs by outsourcing communication plication business. The large variety of our
of revenue and to counterbalance the de- services, we SURPASS partners with their respective
creasing revenue of your basic services. ■ Reduce travel expenses and increase applications puts us in the unique position
employee productivity, of being able to act as your single point of
■ Give them access to required informa- contact for practically all end-user applica-
tion even if they are away from the of- tion ideas. The we SURPASS partners address
fice. your specific needs and tasks by using their
skills to develop applications using standard-
ized key infrastructure elements, quickly
and efficiently delivering customized appli-
cations to give you perfect on-time rollout.

Conferencing Video Unified Presence

Ring Back Telephony Messaging ... and much
Next Generation Applications


hiE 9200

Switch-based Applications

Figure 9: SURPASS IP Applications architecture

The SURPASS IP Applications Approach Whether your target sector is the business saging and Outlook integration. In so do-
SURPASS IP Applications allows network- user or the private customer, SURPASS IP ing, we have taken into account the addi-
wide deployment of a full range of IP ap- Applications will be key to generating ad- tional CAPEX for enhancing the SURPASS
plications to every subscriber independ- ditional revenue from your existing base; NGN Migration Switch, additional media
ently of the local access technology – all your subscribers will make more use of gateways, application server and software
you need is a simple IP connection. your communication services and they licenses needed to provide the above-
will be willing to pay extra for the added mentioned applications, as well as OPEX,
Besides the SURPASS hiE 9200 switch-based convenience and services they obtain. By including technology introduction and
applications – e.g. IP Centrex or IP-based offering services and applications ahead subscriber provisioning costs.
Call Center – you are also able to offer ap- of the competition, you will secure your
plications using our standardized inter- business future. As can be seen from Figure 10, with IP
faces and protocols such as INAP, CORBA CENTREX plus the above-mentioned addi-
or SIP. SURPASS hiE 9200 makes these ap- As one example we have calculated a typi- tional applications, the breakeven will be
plications available economically, requir- cal business case for a bundling of IP reached shortly after year 2.
ing only a minimum of additional infrastruc- CENTREX with Conferencing, Unified Mes-

New Revenue Streams with SURPASS IP

SURPASS IP Applications allow you, the op-
erator, to tap into new sources of revenue
by combining the previously separate worlds
of data and voice processing and commu-
nications into one unified multimedia ser- Million €
vices offering. 200





Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Revenue Revenue IP CENTREX OPEX

Figure 10: SURPASS IP Applications increase profitability
The Next Generation Network Manage- When migrating from EWSD to Next Gen-
ment System eration Network, the existing NetManager
One of the keys for a successful migration can be easily extended by upgrading the
to the Next Generation Network is an opti- software with additional components cor-
mized management system. It must be responding to the new network elements.
easily integrated in the existing environ- For each IP package NetManager provides
ment and support revenue generation as specific management features:
well as reduction of operational costs.
■ SURPASS hiE IP Trunking: verification of
NetManager fulfills these market demands the Quality of Service by monitoring,
as an integral part of the SURPASS hiE so- analysis and report of the network per-
lutions that are ready for business: formance.
■ SURPASS hiE IP Local Access: service pro-
■ Revenue generation depends on a fast visioning for all voice features from POTS/
introduction of Next Generation Network ISDN to IP clients, from supplementary
services. This is possible due to the full subscriber services to IP Centrex.
integration of SURPASS hiE packages ■ SURPASS hiE IP Applications: service
with NetManager. package profiles and mass creation of
■ User-friendly operation support and au- end-user database.
tomation of Operation, Administration
and Maintenance tasks help reduce the The NetManager architecture provides all
operational costs and further speed up the flexibility you expect from a Next Gen-
the service provisioning process. eration Network Management System.
■ Configurations tailored to the required
functionality and capacity allow an op- ■ Modular client-server architecture with
timized investment according to the industry standard hardware and soft-
current needs and future growth. ware scaling from a single terminal to
■ Integration into cross domain and cus- a centralized network-wide Operation
tomer care management systems is done and Maintenance Center.
by means of open interfaces based on
standard protocols and simple informa-
tion models.

■ Carrier-grade availability based on state- Cross Domain Management & Customer Care
of-the-art hardware with proven reliabil-
Open Interfaces
ity and several options for redundancy.
■ Remote access from anywhere with Cit-
rix MetaFrame technology.
Service Management Network Management
The NetManager Base System supports Applications Applications
100% operability of the SURPASS hiE pack-

■ The Windows-like graphical user inter- Base System

face offers interactive user guidance to
support the operators and administra-
tors in their daily tasks. NetManager
■ The Fault Management process to de-
tect and repair faults in the network el- SURPASS
ements is supported by a hierarchical
IP Trunking IP Local Access IP Applications
topology and network map, alarm lists
with a flexible filter mechanism and in- Figure 11: NetManager architecture
teractive maintenance manuals. Alarm
forwarding to other management sys-
tems is provided via SNMP interface.
■ The Security Management is based on ■ Subscriber line and trunk maintenance
single sign-on for authentication and ■ Service provisioning for voice and IP ser-
identification, control of access rights vices including Centrex
to different levels and tracing of the ini- ■ Configuration management for call
tiating operator. routing, SS7 routing and traffic controls
■ Performance management.
NetManager value-adding applications for
service and network management simplify In summary, NetManager allows you to
and automate complex and frequent tasks make the most out of the SURPASS hiE
further reducing the operational costs in migration with the flexibility to optimize
the following areas: your operational process.

Highlights at a Glance
New Revenue Opportunities
The flexible architecture of SURPASS hiE with its open platforms enables you to offer new
revenue-generating services fast and cost-efficiently. SURPASS hiE gives you the leading edge
over your competition.

Smooth Migration
In contrast to a disruptive replacement, SURPASS hiE offers you a smooth and cost-efficient
migration from TDM towards a Next Generation Network. SURPASS hiE enables you to do this
migration in a step-by-step manner by fully utilizing your previous and current investments,
especially if you deploy EWSD today.

Optimize Your Network

With its unmatched flexibility, SURPASS hiE gives you the opportunity to consolidate and opti-
mize your TDM network by introducing feature-rich Next Generation Network technology
whenever and wherever needed. SURPASS hiE optimally combines the tapping of new revenue
streams with the minimization of your operational expenditures.

Secure Investment
SURPASS hiE provides you with a future-proof switching platform, enabling you to offer all
of today’s and tomorrow’s revenue generating services and applications to your complete
customer base. SURPASS hiE solutions guarantee excellent voice quality and very high
reliability – securing today’s revenues by keeping your customers satisfied with your services.

Ready for Deployment

SURPASS solutions are readily available for deployment in today’s networks. More than
60 operators worldwide already rely on SURPASS equipment for operation in a commercial

The SURPASS Product Family
A Reference Guide to the Complete Portfolio

SURPASS hiE 9200 is the core The SURPASS hiS is a powerful superior traffic management and QoS per-
component of the SURPASS NGN and versatile stand-alone multi- formance. SURPASS hiD 3100/3400 is a re-
Migration Solution. It unites two protocol Signaling Transfer silient, fully redundant platform, delivering
different worlds: legacy TDM and Point and Signaling Gateway. It can han- unrivalled port density and scalability start-
IP-based Next Generation Net- dle SS7 over TDM, SS7 over ATM and SS7 ing with eight E1 ports up to 192 STM-1 or
works. Endowed with the unique capability over IP. It bridges fixed and mobile TDM net- GigE ports on a single footprint.
of operating in both TDM and IP-based Next works, IN platforms and Next Generation
Generation Network domains, it offers the Networks. SURPASS hiS is based on an ad-
same full feature set to all types of TDM and vanced multiprocessor system with the high- SURPASS hiX
IP subscribers. Consequently, SURPASS hiE est possible performance and reliability.
9200 covers every customer case from pure The SURPASS hiX is a highly scalable
TDM to full IP and offers a smooth migration and flexible access system which can
path from TDM to Next Generation Switch- SURPASS hiR be deployed in voice only, data only
ing. SURPASS hiE also includes the Open or multi-service scenarios. It can be
Service Platform which is the platform for The SURPASS hiR is a family of configured with all existing interfaces such
NextGen Applications. It delivers open ap- fully IP-based resource servers as xDSL, POTS, ISDN-BRI, ISDN-PRI, V5.2, E1/
plication programming interfaces (APIs) providing announcements and T1/leased lines. SURPASS hiX provides access
via several application building blocks. This user interactive dialogues for the IP network. to either the legacy TDM/ATM networks or
lets operators implement new and innov- It supports intelligent network-based ser- the Next Generation IP core Network. Under
ative end-user applications quickly and flex- vices and is controlled by the SURPASS NGN the control of any softswitch, SURPASS hiX
ibly, thus generating new revenue for the Migration Switch. guarantees a smooth migration path to the
carrier. Next Generation Network with maximum
SURPASS hiQ 8000
The SURPASS hiG Media Gate- SURPASS hiT
The SURPASS hiQ 8000 is the ways for access and trunks are
brain of all SURPASS NGN Over- highly reliable elements that me- Our complete Multi-Service Pro-
lay Solutions. It provides feature- diate between circuit-switched voice net- visioning Platform, which
rich VoIP applications for Next works and the IP network. SURPASS hiG re- comprises SURPASS hiT 7070,
Generation Networks and imple- lays voice, fax, modem and ISDN data traffic SURPASS hiT 7050 and various CPE appli-
ments control of access equipment, media over the IP network using QoS-enabled IP cations, allows the building of new and
gateways and resource servers. Furthermore technology. These media gateways employ extension of existing metro and regional
it includes a multi-protocol signalling gate- cost-effective trunk and access interfaces transport networks. It also is key in the
way functionality. to interconnect with circuit-switched voice provisioning of full-featured multi-service
networks: trunks/SS7, V5.2, PRI and CAS. access for corporate customers. The prod-
They are controlled by the SURPASS NGN uct family delivers a variety of services –
The SURPASS hiQ family con- Migration Switch. Ethernet services at various levels of quali-
tains several specialized server ty and VPN and VLAN connectivity, as well
platforms for handling a variety as TDM, storage area network (SAN), and
SIP of tasks. The SURPASS hiQ SURPASS hiD transparent services.
Gatekeeper performs the registration and
routing functionality for H.323 clients and The SURPASS hiD family offers an
H.323 networks. The SURPASS hiQ Proxy ideal solution for access and edge SURPASS hiT 7500, the multi-
and Redirect Server connects SIP sub- data switching applications, deliv- haul-dense wavelength division
scribers and SIP domains to the SURPASS ering ATM, TDM, Frame Relay, IP and Ether- multiplexing (DWDM) system,
Next Generation Network. The SURPASS net services over converged ATM, MPLS, or including a full range of transponders with
hiQ Directory Server supports the gate- Ethernet networks to meet customers’ expect- and without tunable lasers and multiplexing
keeper and SIP proxy by means of a cen- ations for highest QoS levels. SURPASS hiD transponders, represents the leading DWDM
tralized LDAP user database, which specific- is optimized for Ethernet and ATM DSLAM platform on the market. Several automation
ally stores profiles of registered H.323 and aggregation and also facilitates the realiza- features and a 100% reconfigurable add
SIP subscribers. tion of Triple Play solutions, thanks to its drop capability pave the way for the DWDM
networks of the future.

SURPASS is a Trademark of Siemens AG

NetManager™ AccessIntegrator™

NetManager is the management AccessIntegrator is the man-

system for SURPASS Next Gen- agement system for SURPASS
eration Switching solutions and Next Generation Access solut-
products. It supports operation, ions. It addresses Next Gener-
administration and maintenance (OA&M) ation Network challenges with a flexible,
tasks and includes functions for fault, con- modular and open client/server architect-
figuration, accounting, performance and ure following the TMN layering concept.
security management. Value adding applic- Modular applications for element manage-
ations simplify daily tasks and complex ones. ment, domain management and value-
NetManager also performs integration into added features allow tailored solutions for
the Web environment, integration into cross- any network topology and feature require-
domain management systems and into the ments. Open standard CORBA and SNMP
business processes of the network operator. interfaces allow integration into any end-
to-end management OA&M environment.
AccessIntegrator guarantees the maximiz-
TNMS™ ation of earnings by reducing OPEX.

The TNMS Telecommunication

Network Management System Advanced Provisioning Manager™
provides network management
for SURPASS Next Generation Additionally to the element &
Optics. An integrated service provisioning domain manager AccessInteg-
system, TNMS controls the network from rator, the APM Advanced Pro-
the elements to multiple domains. Remark- visioning Manager is a full-blown
ably easy to use, it fully integrates PDH, SDH, end-to-end provisioning and network man-
DWDM (core and metro), Ethernet transport, agement solution supporting the challenges
Ethernet switching, RPR and MPLS technol- DSL broadband access providers are facing,
ogy. TNMS also provides standardized open such as to provision and recover services
interfaces such as TMF CORBA for integrat- quickly and guarantee a high level of service
ion into third-party business environments. quality. APM addresses all of the provider’s
needs – from automated end-to-end flow
through provisioning and connection man-
agement in seconds, through fault man-
agement, network inventory and capacity
management up to mass rollout of large
numbers of DSL ports within the shortest
time possible. APM’s open interfaces per-
mit easy integration into OSS and BSS sys-
tems and enable fast and efficient integrat-
ion of existing or other-vendor equipment.

BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempts PBX Private Branch Exchange
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
CAPEX Capital Expenditures PRI Primary Rate Interface
CENTREX Central Office Exchange PSTN Public Switched Telephone
Service Network
CORBA Common Object Request
Broker Architecture QoS Quality of Service
CPE Customer Premises Equip-
ment RDLU Remote Digital Line Unit
CPG Customer Premises Gateway RSDLU Remote Shelter Digital Line
DLU Digital Line Unit RSU Remote Switching Unit
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
EWSD Digital Electronic Switching SME Small and Medium Enterprise
Systems SMS Short Message Service
SNMP Simple Network Management
IAD Integrated Access Device Protocol
IN Intelligent Network SOHO Small Office/Home Office
INAP IN Application Part SS7 Signaling System #7
IP Internet Protocol SSP Service Switching Point
ISDN Integrated Services Digital
Network TDM Time Division Multiplexing
ISDN-BA ISDN Basic Rate Access
ISDN-PA ISDN Primary Rate Access VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol
ISL Integrated Service Logic
we SURPASS Siemens Partner Program for
Modem Modulator-Demodulator SURPASS Applications

NPV Net Present Value xDSL Any form of DSL

OA&M Operations, Administration

and Maintenance
OPEX Operational Expenditures

Our strengths – your gain

SURPASS provides smooth and cost-effec- With its modular design, open platforms
tive migration towards an all-IP and optics and open interfaces, SURPASS allows you
converged network for every type of service to invest in future-proof technology that
and application. It encompasses a complete can be used in any network, at any point
range of carrier-grade IP network solutions in time and whenever it fits your strategy.
for building NGNs.


Siemens Information and Communication Siemens Information and Communication

Networks is a leading supplier of networks Networks supplies everything you need
and real-time applications for enterprises for a smooth and profitable migration from
and network operators. Over one million existing networks to Next Generation Net-
customers in more than 160 countries trust works:
our solutions. Our global footprint and our ■ Real Time Communications
expertise in voice and IP communication ■ Next Generation Switching
enable us to deliver turnkey network solu- ■ Next Generation Access
tions of any scale and complexity through- ■ Next Generation Optics
out the world.
Comprehensive Services
LifeWorks We offer our customers comprehensive
With LifeWorks, the communication of the services for the whole value chain. Our
future starts today. Innovative applications worldwide presence also allows us to ad-
can be delivered over any network and to dress customers’ needs at a local level.
any communication device in a user-friendly
and efficient way. LifeWorks leverages the Your Partner for Profitable Networks
potential of Next Generation Networks for Siemens Information and Communication
network operators, companies and users. Networks has extensive knowledge in the
areas of carrier and enterprise networks.
Next Generation Networks We exploit this expertise to further realize
Next Generation Networks deliver voice, da- our vision of a seamless network extend-
ta and video applications over one network. ing from the global carrier down to the in-
Network operators can now increase prof- dividual customer. As your partner, we of-
itability by generating new revenue streams fer innovative solutions that deliver fast
at a lower cost. Enterprises are able to boost return on investment, boost productivity,
productivity by integrating our communica- and help you explore new business oppor-
tion solutions into their business processes. tunities. Your continuing success is our
End users enjoy the benefits of new voice/ priority.
data applications. www.siemens.com/networks

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