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{{{{{{9(((((((((((//////vvvvvmmmmmfffffbbbgggvfdd Faith is more than a privately held belief or a

personal devotion to God. It is also a different way of interpreting the whole world, of having
what the mystics called the “spiritual senses” which perceive everything as part of the Kingdom
of God, a dominion which is not the slender province of a single soul but which spreads over all
a Christ-glorifying creation. The Catholic Church shapes this new worldview through her liturgy,
her prayers, and her teachings. But the Catholic “ethos” is very different than the one
produced by technological modernity and maintaining it is an effort much more difficult than it
was in the past.
In this collection of essays, poems, and short stories, Brett Fawcett, a convert to
Catholicism whose mind operates a certain way because of Asperger’s Syndrome, describes
his process of learning from the Church how to see and feel the reality of Christ in all things
and how this becomes a standard of morality in holiness in our lives.