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Volunteer Candidate Information

Email Completed Form to volunteer@salaambaalaktrust.org

DATE: 26/9/2017____________________________________________________


1. Name: Kulmeet Singh____________________________________________

2. Email Address: Kulmeet.singh13@nmims.edu.in_________________________
3. Mobile Number (India):7710054482 ______________________________________________
4. Tentative Address (India): Flat-6 Ashoka Appartments Shradhanad road Ville parle east
5. Age and Birthday: 26 and 03/04/91 ____________________________________
6. Gender: _Male__________________________________________________________
7. Nationality: __Indian______________________________________________________
8. Languages Spoken: __English, Punjabi___________________________________
9. Intended Date of Joining: ___01/02/2018__________________________________________
10. Intended Date of Leaving: ___24/02/2018_________________________________________
11. Please indicate the days of the week you will be able to volunteer:
√ Monday √ Thursday
√ Tuesday √ Friday
√ Wednesda  Saturday

12. Please indicate the time of the day you are available to volunteer:
√ Morning  Afternoon  Both

13. Emergency Contact information:

Name: _Harbans Singh Relationship:Father

Telephone Number: 9811258205 __________________________________________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________________

Volunteer Candidate Information
Email Completed Form to volunteer@salaambaalaktrust.org

14. How did you find out about Salaam Baalak Trust:
Through NMIMS University

15. Describe what skills and talents you have that you think would be helpful for Salaam Baalak

IT Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Managerial Skills
16. Describe what are your strengths and weaknesses and how they will help and harm your
time spent at Salaam Baalak Trust:
Team Work-Can easily get along with the children and the staf
Decision Making- Can be helpful in making critical decision .
Risk Averse

17. Have you ever volunteered anywhere else? If so where and what activities did you do?
Yes, Imparted IT knowledge to students of 7 th class as a part of CSR initiative by Accenture.

18. Please explain any expectations and apprehensions (fears and worries) you have
concerning volunteering at Salaam Baalak Trust:
Expectation – Should contribute to the society through the organisation.

Apprehensions- Will not be able to travel outside Delhi.

19. What areas are you interested in? (pls. tick mark)
 Life Skills Education & Non-Formal Education
 Creative Expression, Sports and Talent Development √
 Formal Education and Tutoring √
 Documentation, Marketing and Communication
 Medical Health and General Health Care
 Computers and Multimedia √
 Mental Health
 Any others (pls. specify)
Volunteer Candidate Information
Email Completed Form to volunteer@salaambaalaktrust.org

20. Have you ever been convicted of or entered a plea of guilty to a felony or
misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation? (If yes, please specify)
 No √
 Yes _________________________________________________________________

21. Do you currently use illegal substances or have a drug/alcohol problem? (If yes, please
 No √
 Yes_________________________________________________________________

22. Please list any physical limitations or health problems:

23. Please provide the names and contact information of TWO references not related to

1. Name:Jasmeet Singh _______________ Telephone Number 8375919636_______

E-mail Address: jasmeetsingh.bedi93@nmims.edu.in

2. Name:Vaneet Verma _______ Telephone Number7011755839___________________________

E-mail Address: vaneet.verma28@nmims.edu.in_______________________________________

Thank you for showing interest!

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