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It is not death that most people are afraid of, it is getting to the end of life, only realise that

you never truly lived. There was a study done, a hospital study. On 100 elderly people facing
death, close to their last breath. They were asked to reflect their life’s biggest regret. Nearly
all of them said they regretted not the things they did, but the things they didn’t do. The risk
they never took, the dreams they didn’t pursue…I ask you, would you last words be, if only I
had? Hey, you, wake up! Why do you exist? Life is not meant to simply work, wait for the
weekend and pay rent. No, no, I don’t know much, but I know this. Every person on this
earth has a gift. And I apologize to the Black community, but I can no longer pretend, Martin
Luther King? That man never had a dream, that dream had him. See, people don’t choose
dreams, dreams choose them. So, the question I’ getting to is do you have courage to grab the
dream that picked you, that befits you and grips you? Or would you let it go away and slip
through? Y’know I learned a fact about airplanes the other day. This was so surprising you
see, I was talking to a pilot and he told me that many of his passengers think planes are
dangerous to fly in. But he said actually, it is a lot more dangerous for a plane to stay on the
ground. I said, what? Like how that sound? Well he said, “Because on the ground, the plane
starts to rust, malfunction and wear, much faster than they ever would if it was in the air.” As
I walked away, I thought, yeah, makes total sense. Because airplane was built to live in the
skies. And every person was built to live out the dream they have inside. So, it is perhaps the
saddest loss to live a life on the ground without ever taking off. See, most of us are afraid of
the thief that comes in the night to steal all of our things, but there is a thief in your mind who
is after your dreams. His name is doubt. If you see him call the cops and keep him away from
the kids, cuz he is wanted for murder, for he has killed more drams than failure ever did. He
wears many disguises and like a virus will leave you blind and divided and turn you into a
“kinda”. See, “kinda” is lethal. You know what kinda is, there’s a lot of kinda people. You
kinda want a career change. You kinda want to get straight As. You kinda want to get in
shape. Simple math, no numbers to crunch. You kinda want something, then you will kinda
get the results you want. What is your dream? What ignites that spark? You can’t kinda want
that, you’ve got to want to with every part of your whole heart. Will you struggle? Yeah, you
will struggle, no wat around it, you will fall many times but who’s counting? Just remember,
there’s no such thing as a smooth mountain. If you want to make it to the top, then there are
sharp bridges that must be stepped over, there will be times you get stressed and things you
get depressed over. But let me tell you something, Steven Spielberg was rejected from film
school three times. Three times but he kept going. The television execs fired Oprah, said she
wasn’t fit for TV, but she kept going. Critics told Beyoncé that couldn’t sing. She went
through depression but she kept going. Struggle and criticisms are prerequires for greatness.
That is the law of this universe and no one escapes it. Because pain is life, but you can choose
what type. Either the pain on the road to success, or the pain of being haunted with regret.
You want my advice? Don’t think twice. We have been given a gift that we call life. So,
don’t blow it. You are not defined by your past, instead you are born anew in each moment.
So, own it now. Sometimes you gotta leap and grow your wings on the way down. You better
get the shot off before the clock runs out, cuz there ain’t no overtime in life, no do over. And
I know I sound like I’m preaching or speaking with force, but if you don’t use your gift, then
you sell not only yourself but the whole world short. So, what invention do you have buried
in your mind? What idea? What cure? What skill did you have inside to bring out to this
universe? “Uni” meaning “one”, “verse” meaning “song”. You have a part to play in this
song so grab that microphone and be brave. Sing your heart out on life’s stage. You cannot
go back and make a brand new beginning. But you can start now and make a brand new
ending. –Prince Ea—
Dear Future Generations
Dear Future Generations, I think I speak for the rest of us when I say, sorry, sorry we left you
our mess of a planet. Sorry that we were too caught up in our own doings to do something.
Sorry we listened to people who made excuses, to do nothing. I hope you forgive us, we just
didn't realize how special the earth was, like a marriage going wrong, we didn't know what
we had until it was gone.
For example, I'm guessing you probably know what is the Amazon Desert, right? Well
believe it or not, it was once called once called the Amazon Rain forest, and there were
billions of trees there, and all of them gorgeous and just um...Oh, you don't know much about
trees, do you? Well let me tell you that trees are amazing, and I mean, we literally breath the
air they are creating, and they clean up our pollution, our carbon, store and purify water, give
us medicine that cures our diseases, food that feeds us. Which is why I being so sorry, to tell
you that, we burned them down. Cut them down with brutal machines, horrific, at a rate of 40
football fields every minute, that's 50% of all the trees in the world all gone in the last 100
years. Why? For this.
And that wouldn't make me so sad, if there weren't so many pictures of leaves on it. You
know when I was a child, I read how the Native Americans had such consideration, for the
planet that they felt responsible, for how they left the land for the next 7 generations. Which
brings me great sorrow, because most of us today, don't even care about tomorrow. So, I’m
sorry, I’m sorry that we put profit over people, greed over need, the rule of gold above the
golden rule. I'm sorry we used nature as a credit card with no spending limit. Over drafting
animals to extinction, stealing your chance to ever see their uniqueness, or become friends
with them. Sorry we poison the ocean so much that you can't even swim in them. But most of
all, I’m sorry about our mindset, cause we had the nerve to call this destruction, progress.
Hey Fox News, if you don't think climate change is a threat. I dare you to interview the
thousands of homeless people in Bangladesh, see while you were in your penthouse nestles,
their homes were literally washed away beneath their feet due to the rising sea levels, and
Sara Palin, you said that you love the smell of fossil fuels, well I urge you to talk to the kids
of Beijing who are forced to wear pollution masks just to go to school. You see you can
ignore this, but the thing about truth is, it can be denied, not avoided. so, I’m sorry future
generation, I’m sorry that our footprints became a sinkhole and not a garden. I'm sorry that
we paid so much attention to ISIS, and very little how fast the ice is melting in the arctic. I'm
sorry we doomed you and I’m sorry we didn't find another planet in time to move to. I am...
You know what, cut the beat, I’m not sorry. This future I do not accept it, because an error
does not become a mistake, until you refuse to correct it, we can redirect this, how? Let me
suggest that if a farmer sees a tree that is unhealthy, they don't look at the branches to
diagnosis it, they look at the root, so like that farmer, we must look at the root, and not to the
branches of the government, not to the politicians runs by corporations we are the root, we
are the foundation, this generation, it is up to us to take care of this planet. it is our only
home, we must globally warm our hearts and change the climate of our souls and realize that
we are not apart from nature, we are a part of nature. And to betray nature is to betray us, to
save nature, is to save us, because whatever you're fighting for, racism, poverty, feminism,
gay rights, or any type of equality. it won't matter in the least, because if we don't all work
together to save the environment, we will be equally extinct.
Fun fact: planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Mankind? About 140,000 years old. Let me put
that in perspective: If you condense the Earth's lifespan into 24 hours, that's one full day, then
we have been here on this planet for...drumroll please...three seconds. Three seconds, and
look what we've done.
We have modestly named ourselves "homo sapiens" meaning "wise man", but is man really
so wise? Smart, yes, and it's good to be smart, but not too smart for your own good. Yes, we
have split the atom. Yes, we build clever machines that navigate the universe in search of
new homes. But at the same time, those atoms we split created nuclear warfare. In our quest
to explore the galaxy, rejects and neglects the home that we have here now. So, no, that
cannot be wisdom.
Wisdom is different. While intelligence speaks, wisdom listens. And we willingly covered
our ears to mother nature’s screams... and closed our eyes to all her "Help Wanted" signs.
Wisdom knows that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if we were wise, we
would not be shocked when we see storms stronger than ever before. Or more drought,
hurricanes, wildfire than ever before. Because there's more pollution than ever before. More
carbon, more trees cut down than ever before at a record pace.
We have increased the extinction of animals by 1000 times the normal rate. What a feat. In
the next 10 to 100 years, every beloved animal character in every children's book is predicted
to go extinct. Lions? Gone. Rhinos? Gone. Tiger? Gorilla? Elephant? Polar bear? Gone. In
three seconds. Species that have been here longer than us will be gone because of us in this
three seconds. In an existence shorter than a Vine video, we turned the circle of life into our
own personal conveyor belt.
Somebody, anybody, help! We were given so much. The only planet in the solar system with
life. I mean, we are one in a million. No, actually, scientifically, we are one in a billion
trillion. That's a one followed by 33 zeros. And I don't wanna get too spiritual, but how are
we not a miracle? We are perfectly positioned to the sun so we don't burn, but not too distant
so we don't turn to ice. Goldilocks said it best: we are just right.
This paradise. Where we are given medicine from trees, not coincidentally. But because like
the song says: We are family. Literally. Everything. Every species is connected genetically,
from the sunflower to the sunfish. This is what we must recognize before it's too late.
Because the real crisis is not global warming, environmental destruction, or animal
agriculture. It is us. These problems are symptoms of us. By-products of us. Our inner
reflection, loss of connection has created this misdirection. We have forgot that everything
contributes to the perfection of Mother Nature. Corporations keep us unaware and
disconnected, but they have underestimated our strength. Contrary to popular belief, millions
are waking up out of their sleep. Seeing our home being taken right up from under our feet.
We cannot allow our history to be written by the wicked, greedy, and loony. It is our duty to
protect Mother Nature from those who refuse to see her beauty.
Call me crazy, but I believe we should have the right to eat food that's safe. With ingredients
we can pronounce. Drink water that is clean. Marvel at trees. Breathe air free of toxins. These
are natural rights. Not things that can be bargained for in Congress. See they want you to feel
powerless. But it has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can
cause a typhoon halfway around the world. Well, when enough people come together, we too
will make waves. And wash the world into a new era filled with love and connection.
Freedom for all without oppression. But it is up to you.
Yes, you watching this behind this screen to make the effort. Because time is of the essence.
And only together can we make it to the fourth second.
The world is coming to an end. The air is polluted, the oceans contaminated. The animals are
going extinct, the economies collapsed. Education is shot, police are corrupt. Intelligence is
shunned and ignorance rewarded. The people are depressed and angry. We can't live with
each other and we can't live with ourselves. So, everyone's medicated. We pass each other on
the streets. And if we do speak its meaningless robotic communication. More people want 15
seconds of fame. Than a lifetime of meaning and purpose. Because what's popular is more
important than what's right. Ratings are more important than the truth. Our government builds
twice as many prisons than schools. It's easier to find a Big Mac than an apple. And when
you find the apple. It's been genetically processed and modified. Presidents lie, politicians
trick us. Race is still an issue and so is religion. Your God doesn't exist, my God does and he
is All-Loving. If you disagree with me I'll kill you. Or even worse argue you to death. 92% of
songs on the radio are about sex. Kids don't play tag, they play twerk videos. The average
person watches 5 hours of television a day. And it's more violence on the screen than ever
before. Technology has given us everything we could ever want. And at the same time stolen
everything we really need. Pride is at an all-time high, humility, an all-time low. Everybody
knows everything, everybody's going somewhere. Ignoring someone, blaming somebody.
Not many human beings left anymore, a lot of human doings. Plenty of human lingering in
the past, not many human beings. Money is still the root of all evil. Yet we tell our kids don't
get that degree. The jobs don't pay enough. Good deeds are only done when there's a profit
margin. Videos of the misfortunes of others go viral. We laugh and share them with our
friends to laugh with us. Our role models today. 60 years ago, would have been examples of
what not to be. There are states where people can legally be discriminated against Because
they were born a certain way. Companies invest millions of dollars hiring specialists to make
Little girls feel like they need "make up" to be beautiful Permanently lowering their self-
esteem. Because they will never be pretty enough. To meet those impossible standards.
Corporations tell us buy, buy, buy, get this, get that. You must keep up, you must fit in. This
will make you happy, but it never does for long. So, what can we do in the face of all of this
madness and chaos? What is the solution? We can love. Not the love you hear in your
favourite song on the radio. I mean real love, true love, boundless love. You can love, love
each other. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Perform an act of
kindness because that is contagious. We can be mindful during every interaction. Planting
seeds of goodness. Showing a little more compassion than usual. We can forgive. Because
300 years from now will that grudge you hold against Your friend, your mother, your father
have been worth it? Instead of trying to change others we can change ourselves. We can
change our hearts. We have been sold lies. Brainwashed by our leaders and those we trust. To
not recognize our brothers and sisters. And to exhibit anger, hatred and cruelty. But once we
truly love we will meet anger with sympathy. Hatred with compassion, cruelty with kindness.
Love is the most powerful weapon on the face of the Earth.
Robert Kennedy once said that “Few will have the greatness to bend history”, but each of us
can work to change a small portion of events. And in the total of all those acts will be written
in the history of a generation. So yes, the world is coming to an end and the path towards a
new beginning starts within you.
I am not Black. I mean, that’s what the world calls me, but it’s not... me. I didn't come out of
my mother's womb saying, “Hey everybody, I'm... Black.”. No, I was taught to be black. And
you were taught to call me that. Along with whatever you call yourself. It’s just a.... label.
See, from birth the world force feeds us these.... labels. And eventually we all swallow them.
We digest and accept the labels, never ever doubting them. But there's one problem: Labels
are not you and labels are not me. Labels are just ...labels. But who we truly are is not...
skin... deep. See, when I drive my car, no one would ever confuse the car for.... me. Well,
when I drive my ...body, why do you confuse me for my... body? It's.... my ...body.... get it?
Not me.
Let me break it down. See, our bodies are just cars that we operate and drive around. The
dealership will call society decided to label mine the "black edition,". Yours the "Irish" or
"White edition". And with no money down, 0% APR, and no test drive. We were forced to
own these cars for the rest of our lives. Forgive me, but I fail to see the logic or pride. In
defining myself or judging another by the cars we drive. Because who we truly are is found
Listen, I’m not here to tell you how science has concluded that genetically we’re all mixed.
And race in the human species doesn't exist. Or how every historian knows that race was
invented in the 15th century. To divide people from each other and it has worked perfectly....
No.... I'm not here to lecture. I just want to ask one question. Who would you be if the world
never gave you a label? Never gave you a box to check. Would you be White? Black?
Mexican? Asian? Native American? Middle Eastern? Indian? No. We would be one; we
would be together. No longer living in the error. Of calling human beings Black people or
White people. These labels that will forever blind us from seeing a person for who they are.
But instead seeing them through the judgmental, prejudicial, artificial filters of who we
THINK they are. And when you let an artificial label define yourself. Then, my friend, you
have chosen smallness over greatness and minimized your.... self. Confined and divided
your ...self from others. And it is an undeniable fact that. When there is division, there will be
conflict. And conflict starts wars. There-fore every war has started over labels.
It's always us... versus them. So, the answer to war, racism, sexism, and every other -ism. Is
so simple that every politician has missed it. It’s the labels... We must rip them off. Isn't it
funny how no baby is born racist. Yet, every baby cries when they hear the cries of another.
No matter the gender, culture or colour. Proving that deep down, we were meant to connect
and care for each other That is our mission, and that it's not my opinion. That is the truth in a
world that has sold us fiction.
Please listen, labels only distort our vision. Which is why half of those watching this will
dismiss it. Or feel resistance and conflicted. But, just remember... so did the cater-pillar.
Before it broke through its shell and became the magnificent butterfly. Well, these labels are
our shells and we must do the same thing. So we can finally spread our wings. Human beings
were not meant to be slapped with labels like groceries at supermarkets. DNA cannot be
regulated by the FDA. We were meant to be free. And only until you remove them all. And
stop living and thinking so small. Will we be free to see ourselves and each other for who
we... TRULY... are?
"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, that’s why it's called the

"Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and
celebration. The hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is
everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life's sweetest
creation." taken from Papyrus, Corp.