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Step 2: Now Short term Medium term Long term Step 1: Define successful ► When?
Define current state future value opportunity scenario

Market Step 4a: Market

Trends & Map market, business and commercial drivers, opportunities and
Trends & ► Why?
drivers? context
Regulation? Regulation?
Value context?
Standards? Standards?
Early / niche
Policy? Policy? Quantify
The challenge – where are we now? (compared to vision)

Competing Competing
firms firms $
& technologies? & technologies?
Customers? Customers?

Application Application
Step 5: Business
Value capture? Define alternative strategy?
strategy? Business models?
Products? paths / options Products?
Services? Services?
Sales & Application
marketing? Step 3: Stepping stones / Demonstrators / Decision points ► What?
Support for functionality,
Define core
path to value What? To whom? When? How? Where? Why? Sales & performance
and marketing? and format
Support for

Sub-systems? Distribution
► Who? logistics?

► Where?

Capabilities Capabilities
Technology? Value creation? Step 6: Technology?
Design? IP? Funding? Elaborate: Design?
Production? Partnerships? Production? Sub-system
Business Risks, Gaps, Enablers & barriers Business
Functionality? performance
processes? Performance? Strategic sub-themes / layers processes?
Supply? (‘unpack’ core path for Step 3; Supply? requirements
Finance? cluster / organise for Step 4) Finance?
Step 4b: Skills?
Map technology, finance, resource and partnering requirements, Quantify nodes $$$ (ranges)
opportunities and context Estimate confidence levels
Other ► How ?
resources? resources?
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