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1. Turn on the power switch from OFF to ON, machine will

automatically start with BLUETOOTH mode, take out your
cellphone to connect machine with its name NICHOLAS,then
you could play cellphone’s music out loud through machine.

2. Changing mode: The device plays the files on a late-in-file-

first basis. For example, if you insert the TF card when the
tracks in a flash disk are being played, the device will
automatically play
the tracks in the TF card first (TF indicator illuminated). By
pressing Mode on the device or on the remote control, you can
switch the state between the flash disk and TF card for
contents to be played.

3. Adjusting volume: revolve volume knob on the device’s rear

panel to adjust the volume. You can also press “ + and -” on the
remote control to adjust the volume.

4. Selecting track: In playing state (either with flash disk or TF

card), press “- « or »-” on the device or the remote control to
select the previous or next track. Press the key » - to allow the
system to be in pause state and press it again to resume the
state. You can press the numeric keys on the remote control to
select the tracks you desire. For example, press 6 to play the 6th
track, press 1 and 8 in turn to play the 18th track and press 100 and
8 in turn to play the 108th track. Note: The device will play the
selected track three seconds after you press the numeric keys.
5. Audio input: With the attached data cable (or adapter), you can
connect the device with the external multimedia audio sources
through the port “LINE IN” on the rear panel. After connection, just
set the mode to LINE IN by pressing the key Mode on the device or
remote control then the suggesting the device can play the MP3-
format audio files from multimedia sources like PC,
mobile phone, MP3 and

6. FM t u n i n g : In power-on s t a t e , press MODE to change to

FM, Press and hold down the key “ » ” on the device or remote
control to search for the frequency automatically, whose range is
set between 87.5 MHz and 108 MHz. Once a frequency is found,
you can save it to the memory, which provide a maximum
capacity for 49 frequency values. You can also press the numeric
keys on the remote control to select the frequency you want.
Press MODE on device or remote control to switch to FM state.

7. Charging the battery: A rechargeable battery is embedded in this

device. If the power in the battery is used up, you should charge
battery before you operate the device. To charge the exhausted
battery, you can insert one end of the attached data cable to the USB
port of PC and the other to DC-5V port on the rear panel of the
device. You can also use a charger to charge the battery. When you
are charging power ",the red indication light will on , when the
battery is fully charged, the red light will off .However, the charger
should only output voltage not higher than 5V. Otherwise, the
device may be damaged.