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To whom it may concern,

I want to first thank you for giving me an opportunity to recommend one of the strongest candidates for a
teaching position that I have come across. I first met Kendall Roper through mutual colleagues that regularly
get together to strengthen cross curricular development. Although I am a math teacher, Kendall and I integrate
our teaching philosophies across the curriculum. We have both determined this to be an integral part of
student achievement in and out of school. I was immediately struck with Kendall's passion to drive students to
want to LEARN as opposed to classroom grade compliance.

At the school we teach in, we have opportunities to observe each other in their classroom. I utilized this time to
observe Kendall in action. It was obvious that his students were beyond engaged in not only the material, but
also Kendall's unique way of facilitating student learning. He manages to find the special way that pushes
students just to the edge of their limits without causing frustration. He has found ways to differentiate
assignments for individuals through the integration of technology and learning management systems that serve
as online classrooms. He stops at nothing to provide every student with the opportunity to show what they
know regarding concepts through a variety of activities and projects. Kendall is not scared to go out of his
comfort zone to ensure that a student will be successful using the necessary skills in English for their
professional lives.

Kendall's ability to engage his students comes from a deep intrinsic desire to learn for himself. He works
diligently to stay up to date on current teaching pedagogical strategies that he brings to professional
communities. One of his core areas of strength stems from incorporating mastery learning with a growth
mindset. He works tirelessly to structure a classroom that is scaffolded to blend materials together through the
length of the school year. This allows for students to readdress difficult topics multiple times throughout the
year. As they address old topics, they can show their growth on the old topics as well as the new. A
classroom structured in this manner allows long term connections that are not easily obtained.

Kendall's passion for all things in life is truly a trait that pushes individuals around him to strive to be a better
version of themselves. He has been one of my most valued colleagues and will be a wonderful addition to any
staff or professional community.

Thank you for your time,

Amanda McNeill

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