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Who is Christina Craig?

She is a lover first and foremost.

A lover of Family.
Despite living over two and a half hours away from home, she manages to
maintain a close relationship with her family visiting at minimum once a month
(usually twice).
A lover of Animals.
With a fascination since birth with all things that move (attach mouse picture),
Christina raised gerbils, pedigreed rabbits, cats, dogs, fish, and turtles throughout
her youth. Her home in Chattanooga currently houses two spoiled (suspected)
Norwegian Forest kittens - Ash and Ember.
A lover of Nature.
Growing up on five acres north of Memphis, Christina has always been
surrounded by nature. From beach trips to Missouri mountain trips to her own
backyard lake, usually water was involved in family outings. When her family
moved to a suburb in early middle school, they still continued weekly kayaking
and hiking trips during good weather. Her family has now returned to a
wilderness oasis sans internet and cell signal in south of Columbia, TN.
She has an insatiable desire to learn.
A desire to learn through Travel.
Christina’s first trip abroad, with the help of the Honors college, sparked her love
of immersion in new places (especially foreign). From the delicious food
and rich history to the sociological atmosphere and daily interactions, travel has
always left her feeling humbler and more inspired.
A desire to learn through Education.
Gifted and advanced from the time she entered school, Christina is always
striving to learn in every area of her life. In high school, she participated in the
International Baccalaureate Programme and followed into Honors at the collegiate
level. Although she hasn’t decided on post-graduate education plans yet, it is
definitely a thought that she has regularly.
A desire to learn through Experience.
Although she learns well in most environments, Christina learns best through
hands-on experience. Her experience as a recreational gymnast has helped her
easily master muscle-memory exercises as well as theoretical applications.
She is determined.
Determined through rejection.
After homeschooling for most of her eighth-grade year, Christina was placed in a
formal Spanish I class. Being trained on immersion Rosetta Stone prior, she
struggled immediately. Being the last quarter of the year, the teacher refused to
tutor Christina. So over spring break, she received over eighteen hours of
private tutoring and finished the class with a “C”.
Determined through failure.
Freshman year of high school Biology came easily to Christina, but she met her
match in sophomore year chemistry. Her first real academic struggle (along with
Algebra II) was also her first passion. When she scored a “C” in the class, the
instructor would not recommend her for AP Chemistry. Per the I.B. program
guidelines, she needed two more additional years of Chemistry or Biology. For
the love of Chemistry, she petitioned for an override and reserved a seat in the
class. Struggling to maintain a “C” average in AP Chemistry, she passed with a 3
on the exam in May and continued to finish her senior year with a B in IB
Determined despite setbacks
Entering the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga her freshman year,
Christina was enrolled in the four-year Brock Honors Program. After an
incredibly emotional and stressful freshman year, she was unable to maintain the
3.5 GPA requirement and lost her position in Honors. In the spring of her
sophomore year, she applied into the other branch of Honors - the Innovation in
Honors program (IIH) and was accepted. Surprisingly, Christina was the first of
her kind in honors to do this.
She is eager.
Eager to help.
Scoring very highly on empathy, Christina is always ready to help (sometimes
whether you like it or not). She has been through lifeguard training, CPR/ First
Aid training, Bystander training, and QPR suicide prevention trained. She always
offers a shoulder to cry on or a warm hug when you need it and prioritizes
people’s needs over her own (sometimes to a fault).
Eager to work.
A workaholic, in the summer, Christina works two part-time jobs and maintains
one job during the academic year. In the workplace, she is often given leadership
responsibilities and is regarded highly by peers as well as management.
Eager to grow.
Christina is happiest when she is making progress. She dives at opportunities to
take-on more responsibility, learn new things, and develop herself in novel way.