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The minor stars in the Property palace

Translated from here.

祿存 Lu Cun

Lu Cun represents 財 cái = money, riches, wealth, property. This star is also of the ability to do away with bad luck,
misfortune, and adversity. Consequently, when Lu Cun is in the Property palace the person has exceptional good
fortune and luck engaging in real estate.

The native comes across a lifetime of innumerable properties. By trying hard and with great efforts the individual
can buy property him- or herself. The more real estate the more the person is able to display his or her talent at
supervision and administration. And he or she achieves prosperity.

天馬 Tian Ma

With regard to real estate the individual is rather uninterested. Even though the person has plenty of energy and
vigour, he or she does not use it on stuff to do with property and real estate.

Tian Ma represents an excessive amount of 活動 huódòng = activities, actions; to move about, to exercise;
movable, moving, active, mobile; unstable, shaky, unsteady. Thus, when Tian Ma is in this palace often the native is
negligent and careless and overlooks stuff, bringing about errors and mistakes when deciding and determining
things. The individual loses chances and opportunities to do with property and real estate.

左輔 Zuo Fu

Zuo Fu is a star signifying 踏實 tāshi = earnest, dependable, steadfast; practical, down-to-earth, realistic. When Zuo
Fu is in Property, even if the native inevitably has to work hard, he or she does also have achievements and gain.
There is the manifestation of 一分耕耘 一分收穫 yīfēngēngyún yīfēnshōuhuò = you reap what you sow; you get what
you put in. While being hardworking and industrious one acquires strength and might. This strength is the most
practical and down-to-earth, and means good luck throughout one's life because one is liable to have success and

Zuo Fu in the Property palace implies the person ...[?], and there is family property.

Zuo Fu # Ke: The individual is fond of living in an area indicative of culture and education.
右弼 You Bi

You Bi betokens 輔佐 fǔzuǒ = to assist a ruler in governing a country. And stands for being steadfast, earnest,
dependable, realistic and practical. And energetic and vigorous. Even if the individual inevitably has to work hard
and toil, he or she is able to live some place calm and unperturbed; to be fully at ease. If there are other lucky stars
in Property, ...[?]. And settling down and establishing oneself is very easy.

You Bi # Ke: The native appreciates living in an area indicative of culture and education.

文昌 Wen Chang

This star enables 文 wén = language, culture, writing. It represents 才華 cáihuá = literary or artistic talent; a brilliant
mind. The person of Wen Chang is of much literature and art. These accomplishments are not because of innate
skill; rather they are obtained through the course of hard work and much toil. Therefore, when Wen Chang is in the
Property palace inevitably the individual happens upon pains and exertion. But, afterwards he or she comes across
what's easy and comfortable.

Wen Chang # Ke: The native can buy a house by instalments.

Wen Chang # Ji: The person ought to beware stuff to do with ownership, proprietary rights, and receipts,
certificates, proof, vouchers, etc. The individual should also refrain from 擔保 dān bǎo = to give bond, to guarantee,
to vouch for; to serve as a guarantor for.

文曲 Wen Qu

There is family property that can be continued.

Wen Qu # Ke: The individual could by a house by instalments.

Wen Qu # Ji: The native should beware stuff to do with proprietary rights and ownership, and certificates, receipts,
vouchers, proof, etc. Also, the person ought to avoid 擔保 dān bǎo = to guarantee, to give bond, to vouch for; to
serve as a guarantor for.
天魁 Tian Kui

Tian Kui represents clearly visible help and assistance from guiren. There is a lifetime of things going smoothly and
without a hitch. Coming across what's inconvenient and troublesome, there is the case of 逢凶化吉 féngxionghuàjí
= to turn an inauspicious start to good account; to land on one's feet.

Consequently, when Tian Kui is in this palace the person is unlikely to become engaged in disputes with other
people over real estate and property. There is moreover an increase in property and real estate directly proportional
to the native's age.

天鉞 Tian Yue

Tian Yue is a guiren star. [I.e. hidden assistance and help from guiren.] Whether the individual needs psychological
or material help, he or she meets with backing and assistance. There is also the instance of 逢凶化吉
féngxionghuàjí = to land on one's feet; to turn an inauspicious start to good account. Thus, this star in Property
means that processes to do with real estate are clean and efficient; neat and tidy. It is improbable that the native
happens upon problems such as property rights being unclear, or ...[?], etc. The person is moreover unlikely to
meet with lawsuits.

火星 Huo Xing

This star has an intensely strong ability to disperse and dissipate and scatter. Consequently there's a bit of the
capacity to cause destruction and damage; to break, destroy, wreck. No matter what the palace position of Huo
Xing, the star effectuates no good circumstances. Therefore, when Huo Xing is in this palace the person ought to
beware family property becoming totally dispersed.

If Huo Xing is alone in the Property palace, the native has difficulties maintaining and guarding handed down family
property. The individual ...[?]. Otherwise ...[?].

鈴星 Ling Xing

Ling Xing is one of the sha stars. Often when this star is in Property it is difficult conserving family property handed
down from the previous generation(s).
擎羊 Qing Yang

Qing Yang is of a considerable ability to cause damage and destruction; to destroy, wreck, break. It is unfavourable
and disadvantageous re property and real estate.

陀羅 Tuo Luo

The person has a lifetime of stuff to do with real estate and property and other people meaning 糾纏不清
jūchánbùqīng = hopelessly muddled; impossible to unravel. Things are inconvenient, troublesome, perplexing.
Complications follow the individual closely.

地空 Di Kong

Di Kong is one of the six inauspicious stars. It is harmful and detrimental re wealth and money. Often the native has
gains, only to lose it all later. Therefore, when Di Kong is in this palace the person hasn't got property luck. The
individual receives a lifetime of property not being permanent and constant. There is the instance of 居無定所
jūwúdìngsuǒ = to be without a fixed residence; migrancy; with no fixed abode.

地劫 Di Jie

Di Jie is one of the six ominous stars. It generates one's fortune being unsteady. When Di Jie is in the Property
palace real estate will most likely just pass through the individual's hands. He or she does not get to have and hold
property. Because the person gets to possess property only for short periods of time, he or she comes across
violent changes related to real estate and property.

化祿 Hua Lu

This star in the Property palace signifies ...[?]. The home ...[?]. The home and household are nicely put in order and
decorated. In the cycle charts, peach blossom.

化權 Hua Quan

The individual ...[?]. In his or her house the person wields power.
化科 Hua Ke

The native's family background is pure and clean. The individual is of a good family education and upbringing. The
environment/ambient at home is serene and elegant; quiet and tastefully laid out.

化忌 Hua Ji

If ...[?]. The individual appreciates purchasing property. However, real estate luck isn't stable. There are numerous
changes and variations. The person is moreover easily vexed and bothered by housework.

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