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Built for the Plant Floor

Perceptron’s Helix evo sensor produces pristine point
clouds on the multitude of materials used in today’s
manufacturing. Best-in-class scan acquisition provides
accurate feature extraction along with the scan quality
required for form analysis. Whether the root cause
of your quality challenge comes from your assembly
process or stamping process, Helix evo provides the
data you need for quick resolution.

Perceptron | Data Driving Quality

3D Scanning Sensor Optimized for In-Line Measurement
The Helixevo sensor utilizes the latest optical and laser technology to provide pristine measurement data on the
most demanding materials, such as machined steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, sheet metal, and painted surfaces.

Helixevo takes in-line scanning to the next level.

Key features and benefits:

• By pairing a higher resolution camera with a green laser, the sensor’s signal-to-noise ratio
is dramatically improved which provides superior measurement of threaded holes,
threaded studs, and other complex features.
• Rugged, industrial IP67 rated housing to withstand harsh manufacturing
• Single cable connectivity via Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplifies robot
dress package complexity and system maintenance.
• Reduced acquisiton time with a 30% faster scan rate.

Available options:
• Standoffs from 200 to 1400mm
• Robotic- or frame-mounted
• Weld proof glass

SENSOR Specifications
Operating Temp. 10 - 45˚C
Standoff FOV Length Weight
(mm) (mm) (kg) Communications PoE Class 4
Laser Green
520nm wavelength
X200 130 120 175 165 1.73
Safety Class 2M or 3R
X400 200 200 225 271 2.36 IEC 60825-1:2014
X800 225 200 250 451 3.50 Certification CE
Environment IP67
X1100 210 165 225 575 4.27
X1400 210 150 225 695 5.05

Visit www.perceptron.com for more information about our sensor technology.

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