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Attendance Policy General Statement

To maintain an efficient operation, it is critical that you be on time and

present each scheduled day.

Unscheduled tardies or absences interfere with customer service and

production and make the job harder for your colleagues.

You must have regular attendance to meet our customers’ needs and
the needs of our business.


The purpose of this policy is to establish a uniform procedure for

employees at Tesla.

This policy is also designed to provide supervisory personnel with

uniform guidelines for addressing attendance deficiencies and other
attendance related issues.


All Tesla hourly employees working in the U.S. are covered under this
policy. This policy supersedes any policy or program previously
distributed to manage attendance. This policy is not meant to be all-
inclusive, and Tesla retains the right to change, suspend or interpret
this policy within its sole discretion and without statement of cause or

Attendance Occurrence System

Attendance is based upon an occurrence system. After employees

accumulate a specified number of occurrences, the company may
take disciplinary action, up to and including termination of

Employees will receive one-half (.5) attendance occurrence for:

*Reporting to work late,1 to15 minutes after the scheduled shift time

*Unapproved absences of 1 to15 minutes during the shift, including

leaving early

Employees will receive one (1) attendance occurrence for:

*Reporting to work late greater than 15 minutes up to 2 hours after

the scheduled shift time

*Unapproved absences of greater than15 minutes up to 2 hours

during the shift including leaving early

*Failing to provide proper notification of intended PTO use

(discussed below under Employee Responsibilities)

Employees will receive two (2) attendance occurrences for:

*Unapproved absences of more than two hours (including being more

than 2 hours late, absent during the shift, and unapproved absences
for an entire shift), even if management notified

*Unapproved departures before shift end by more than 2 hours, even

if management notified

Employees will receive four (4) attendance occurrences for:

 An absence without notifying management (supervisor or

above) before the mid-point of the employee’s scheduled shift
(No-Call-No-Show) (e.g. before the start of 4 th hour for 8 hour
shifts, start 5th hour for 10 hour shifts, start of 6th hour for 12
hour shifts)

 Leaving before shift end without notifying management

(supervisor or above) before leaving (Walk-Off)

 In cases of emergency, including medical emergency, the

Human Resources Partner retains the right to determine if
attendance occurrences will be applied or waived.
Documentation may be required to substantiate the emergency
or other exigent circumstances.

An employee instructed by management or an on-site Nurse/Health &

Safety Department to leave, including because of an illness or
medical condition will not receive occurrences.

If an employee believes an attendance occurrence(s) was incorrectly

applied, they may submit documentation of a permitted absence to
their Human Resources Partner.

Employee Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each employee to arrive prepared for

work at their scheduled time whether it is at the beginning of their
workday, or upon returning from their break or meal period.

Employees must follow the procedures to report and take time off
specified in the separate Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy, including
securing management (supervisor or above) approval.

(The PTO Policy can be found here.)

Employees taking PTO must follow Tesla’s procedures for requesting

that time to avoid accruing attendance occurrences. Under that
policy, you must:

1. Use the time and attendance system (Kronos) or submit a

written request to your manager to use PTO.

PTO requests that are not related to kin care or your own illness or
injury should be submitted to your manager at least two weeks in
advance. For kin care, or your own illness or injury, you must submit
requests as far in advance as possible, but at least 24 hours before
your scheduled shift. If that is not possible, then at least one hour
before the shift, unless medically unable.

In emergency situations, if you cannot access the time and

attendance system and if doing so is acceptable at your work
location, you may call or email your manager to request the use of

Whenever possible, such as for scheduled appointments,

You must schedule PTO in advance and get pre-approval from your

2. The minimum amount of PTO that can be applied is 2

hours, where allowed by applicable law.

While you must use a minimum of two hours of PTO, if you report to
work before the expiration of the two-hour period, you will be paid for
all hours actually worked. In other words, if you have an appointment
that lasts one hour, you will take two hours of PTO.

But if you return to work after the one-hour appointment, you will be
paid for all time worked, plus the two hours of your PTO.

Measuring Period for Attendance Occurrences

All attendance occurrences will be counted in a rolling six-month

period and will expire six-months from the date of the incident. The
base period starts with the date of the employee’s first violation.

For example: Attendance occurrences received January 1, 2018 will

drop-off July 1, 2018.

Attendance occurrences will carry over from one year to the next and
not reset at the beginning of the calendar year.

Any occurrences received within 6 months of an employee being

placed on a Final Written Warning under this Policy will result in
termination, regardless of an employee’s point balance.

Permitted Absences

In some cases, employees will not receive attendance occurrences

because their absence is permitted as an employment benefit or
because it is protected by law.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of examples of absences that
will not result in attendance occurrences:

 Scheduled and approved use of Floating Holidays

 Scheduled and approved use of Paid Time Off (PTO)
 Tesla Bereavement Leave
 Tesla Jury Duty Leave
 Tesla Personal Leave
 Tesla Educational Leave
 Tesla Medical Leave, including leave that qualifies under the
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or state leave laws
 Tesla Child-Bonding Leave
 Military Leave
 Reasonable accommodations related to an employee’s religion,
pregnancy, or qualifying disability under the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA) or state law equivalent
 Work-related injury or illness, or related appointments, that is
supported by credible medical evidence from a physician that
requires the employee to be absent from work
 Required appointments with government agencies (i.e.,
subpoenaed as a witness through no fault of your own)
 Voting in a statewide election for employees that do not have
sufficient time outside of working hours to vote
 Participation by a parent, guardian or grandparent in activities
at their child’s school or licensed child day care facility, as
required by law for California employees only. But employees
must use available PTO
 Absence from mandatory overtime where the company
provides fewer than 7 days advance notice of the need to work
mandatory overtime, except for mandatory overtime required for
critical business needs and directed by Vice President level or

The permitted absences must be approved with proper

documentation according to applicable policies and procedures.

If an employee is unable to submit medical documentation in

advance, such documentation must be timely submitted upon return
to work, or the employee may receive attendance occurrences in
accordance with this policy.

Where a Tesla leave policy applies, employees are required to obtain

the proper paperwork from Human Resources and complete it within
the prescribed timeframe for the absences.

Disciplinary Procedure

Attendance occurrences are given as detailed above, including when

employees leave early or are tardy.

As an employee accumulates attendance occurrences within the

rolling six-month period, the Company may take the steps outlined
below to reverse the trend of unsatisfactory attendance
and/or failing to follow notification and approval processes.

For employees who have been employed for 3 months or longer:

Occurrence(s) Disciplinary Action

0.5 Coaching
1.0 to1.5 Verbal Warning
2.0 to 2.5 Verbal Warning
3.0 to 3.5 Written Warning
4.0 Final Written Warning
4.5 and greater Termination

Three (3) consecutive scheduled workdays absent without notification

will result in automatic termination as a result of job abandonment.

For employees who have been employed for less than 3 months:

Occurrence(s) Disciplinary Action

0.5 to 1.5 Verbal Warning
2 to 3 Final Written Warning
3.5 and greater Termination

Two (2) consecutive scheduled workdays absent without notification

will result in automatic termination as a result of job abandonment.
Special Circumstances

Exceptions to this policy or removal of occurrences may be

considered as reasonable accommodations, in accordance with
applicable law.

Poor attendance trends are unsatisfactory and affect all employees.

In accordance with applicable law, Tesla may investigate and count

absences towards an employee’s attendance record if unacceptable
patterns of absence occur suggesting abuse of PTO.

Unless medically necessary or excused by applicable law,

unacceptable patterns of absence may include, but are not limited to:
using absences to extend weekends or holidays; a series of
absences over a short period of time; absences taken after PTO has
been denied; absences taken before and/or after regularly scheduled
days off.

If there are situations where absences are personal or confidential in

nature, the employee is encouraged to confide in their Supervisor or
Human Resources Partner.

If you are unable to meet the attendance expectations of your

schedule as a result of a physical or mental impairment and need to
request a reasonable accommodation, contact your supervisor and
Human Resources Partner (contact [REDACTED] if you don’t know
who that is) to begin the interactive process.

If you need to be absent from work for an intermittent or continuous

period of time, please refer to the Leave of Absence Policy or contact
Tesla’s Leave and Disability team at [REDACTED] to learn about your

Where this policy differs from federal, state and local laws, the policy
will conform to those laws.
Attendance Policy Revised: 7/1/18