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I’m Hengky, Right now, I’m working as QHSE Officer in Desa Remen RT 003 RW 004
Lamongan Shorebase. Jenu, Tuban 62352
As QHSE Officer, I have experience and understanding about +628113454980
Health, Safety and Environment quite well.
Planning and Compilation of Environmental Document and whsugiharto@gmail.com
Licensing, internal audit, risk assessment, good training and id.linkedin.com/in/whsugiharto
drill training, and able to work in pressure, creative, quick in
making decisions in facing problems are some of the things I
can do well.
Universitas Airlangga (2011 – 2015)
Environment Officer Jurusan IPA (2008-2011)
March 2017 - Now
- Develop, Implement and monitoring QHSE system
management as ISO 14001:2015 2017 ISO 14001:2015
- To coordinate, monitor and evaluate the consistent of safe- Training on the implementation of ISO
work related QHSE procedures and programs especially in 14001:2015
- To monitor and inspect work environment to ensure a safe 2016 AMDAL A
standard is maintained and safe work is being practiced IPB Bogor
- Hazard identification, risk assessment and determining Training on the basics of AMDAL and
control within the scope of the Shorebase socialization of the latest environmental
- Review, monitor and facilitate the Emergency drill and regulations with the Ministry of
exercises Environment and Forestry
- Conduct incident investigation report to looking for the direct
cause and contributing factor from the incident, also to ORGANIZATION EXPERIENCE
determine the proper corrective action especially in accident Kelompok Studi Lingkungan
related to environment Staff
- Identify, maintain and monitor compliance of Environment Universitas Airlangga
Law and Regulations
- Review, monitor and facilitate the Hazardous waste 2013 Kelompok Studi Banyu
management include make report for internal and government Staff
- Review and Monitor Environment management Universitas Airlangga
- Make environment report for government like RKL RPL, 2013 Go Green Generation (3G)
Hazardous waste report, proper, IPLC Event Chairman
- Provide QHSE monthly, quarterly, annually, management Himpunan Mahasiswa Departemen Biologi
review report for Eastern Logistics top management, client /
tenant. 2013 Rakernas IMTLI
Business Fund Coordinator
PT. GEANARA PRATAMA Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Lingkungan
Environmental Engineering Indonesia
September 2015 – Februari 2017
2012 Dialog Kebangsaan
- Conducting surveys, data retrieval and data analysis Equipment staff
- Assistant team for environmental and civil works BEM Universitas Airlangga
- Preparing Technical Proposals for work
2012 Diskusi Tokoh Nasional
- Prepare objective program of environmental division
Equipment staff
- Coordinate with clients
BEM Universitas Airlangga
- Create corporate promotional documents (banners, leaflets)
- Prepare documents report (RISPAM, RISPAL, UKL-UPL, RKL- 2012 Green Parade
RPL, Feasibility Study / FS, DED, JAKSTRADA) Equipment staff
- Prepare proposal document for client Himpunan Mahasiswa Departemen Biologi

PT. HOLCIM Indonesia Tuban Plant

Environment Staff
Februari – September 2015 Microsoft Office 85%
Autocad 70%
- Analysis of environmental quality and influence on the zone of ArcGIS & QGIS 80%
the population ePanet 75%
- Mapping the distribution of SO2 and Dust emissions Matlab 65%
- Prepare environmental quality analysis report SPSS 75%
- Analyzing the effectiveness of production processes and
environmental impacts
- Environmental monitoring with risk assessment and internal
audit based on ISO 14000