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Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grabs

Model : TG46

General Introduction
TG series hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs are current main equipment of diaphragm
construction, and it has advantages including high efficiency construction, accurate measurement, an
d high quality of wall. It is mainly used in the construction of water-resisting wall,
bearing wall in deep foundation engineering of large-scale construction.projects, such as metro station
, basement in high rise building, underground parking, underground business street, port, mining, rese
rvoir dam engineering and others.

Our TG26, TG35, TG40, TG42, TG50 types are highly hydraulic controlled, easy to relocate, safe and
conformable to operate, excellent in working stability and highly cost effective. In addition TG series
hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs build the wall rapidly and requires small amount of protective mud,
especially suitable for operations in areas with high urban population density or close to the buildings.

TG series are designed with innovative push-plate alignment system having greater structural
superiority as compared with other brands, the homing of grab are easier and faster. With 1-cylinder
connecting rod (push plate mechanism) and 2-cylinder connecting rod (4-rod mechanism) zero
adjuster, the arm can be calibrated at any time in progress.
Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grabs
Model : TG46

By adherence to independent innovation, we have designed and developed the following key
◆ With 1-cylinder connecting rod(push plate mechanism and 2-cylinder connecting rod(4-rod
mechanism) zero adjusters, the arm can be calibrated at any time in progress;
◆ High-efficiency construction and a powerful grab closing force, which is beneficial to construction of
diaphragm wall in complex strata; hoisting speed of winding machine is fast and auxiliary time of
the construction is short;
◆ Inclinometer, longitudinal rectification and lateral rectification devices are mounted can make the
bearing conditioning for slot wall and can have a good rectifying effect in the construction of soft
soil layer
◆ Advanced measure system: the grab has equipped advanced touch-screen computer measure
system, recording and displaying the dug depth and inclination of hydraulic grab bucket. Its depth,
hoisting speed and location of X, Y direction can be displayed accurately in the screen, and its
measured inclination degree can reach 0.01, which can be saved and print and output
automatically by computer.
◆ Reliable security protection system: security control level and multi center electric detection system
are set in car cab can forecast the work status of main components at any time;
◆ Grab rotary system: grab rotary system can make relative boom rotary, under the conditions that
the chassis cannot be moved, to complete the wall construction at any angle, which greatly
improve the adaptability of equipment.
◆ Advance- performance chassis and comfortable operation system: using special chassis of CAT,
valve, pump and motor of Rexroth, with advance performance and easy operation. The cabin equip
with air condition, stereo, full adjustable driver seat, with features of easy operation and comfort.
Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grabs
Model : TG46

Technical Parameters
Specification unit TG26 TG35 TG40 TG46 TG50
Engine power KW 187 213 261 261 261
Chassis model CAT329D CAT330D CAT336D CAT336D CAT336D
Scalabel width mm 3000-4000 3000-4300 3000-4300 3000-4300 3000-4300
Width of track board mm 800 800 800 800 800
Flow rate of main cylinder L/min 2*235 2*280 2*280 2*280 2*280
System pressure mpa 32 35 35 35 35
Slotted width m 0.3-0.8 0.6-1.0 0.6-1.2 0.6-1.5 0.8-1.5
Max. slotted depth m 50 60 70 80 80
Max. hoisting force KN 260 350 400 460 500
Max. hoisting speed m/min 38 38 35 45 40
Grab mass t 10-15 10-18 16-22 16-24 18-26
Grab capacity m3 0.4-1.0 0.8-1.5 0.8-1.7 0.8-2.1 1.1-2.1
Push power of oil cylinder when
t 80 120 120 120 120
switching off the grab
Time of switching on/off the grab s 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8
Correction scope 。 2 2 2 2 2
Equipment length under operating
mm 8400 8500 8500 8500 10050
Equipment width under operating
mm 4300 4300 4300 4300 4300
Equipment height under operating
mm 15000 16800 16800 16800 17000
Equipment length under
mm 11800 12000 12000 12000 14065
transporting condition
Equipment width under transporting
mm 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Equipment height under
mm 3400 3450 3450 3480 3520
transporting condition
Whole machine mass t 50 59 61 65 65
Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grabs
Model : TG46

Running in jobsite

(1) Width of trough is 1200mm,the depth is 52m
(2) The hard rock is under 37m
(3) 24 hours for each trough

(1) Width of trough is 800mm,the depth is 37m’
(2) 8 hours for each trough
Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grabs
Model : TG46
Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grabs
Model : TG46