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My Performance Criterion

My Performance Criterion
Element: Element 4 Assessing the health and safety risks of an organisation*

E4.5 Identifying human factors which contribute to risk (Minimum activities: 4; Minimum evidence: 6)*

Outline of, and background to, proposed work and intended outcomes:

As a result of the investigation of circular saw accident we had carried out the review of Risk Assessment associated with activity. The human factors
involved in the accident was added to the revised risk assessment and control measures were proposed for the same.Special TBT were given to all
those associated with the task. As a result of all this we were able to avoid any such incidents till the completion of project which was a very positive
out come

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Description* Dates* Outcome* Evidence* Upload*

Evidence 1.
Start Date:
Notification of Circular Saw Accident notification and Initial Evidence 1 Accident Notification Accident:Incident
01 May 2013 Notification.pdf(0.0B,
Accident Incident/accident report issued.
Evidence 2. Initial Accident N/A)
1 Report Evidence 2.Initial
End Date: Upload Evidence
01 May 2013
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Uploaded Evidence

Assessor Comments:

Start Date:
A detailed Investigation was Human factors/error identified Evidence 3. Detailed accident 3.Investigation
01 May 2013 Report.pdf(0.0B,
carried out during detailed accident Investigation report
investigation N/A)
2 Evidence 4.Email Evidence 4. Email
End Date: communication Upload Evidence
06 May 2013
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Uploaded Evidence

Assessor Comments:

Evidence 6.MS
Start Date:
Review planned for the current Human error observed during Evidence 6. and RA for
05 May 2013 suspended
Risk assessment and method investigation was not identified Approved CURRENT Risk
statement for said activity in current approved Risk Assessment and Method Slabs.pdf(0.0B, N/A)
3 Assessment Statement
End Date: Upload Evidence
06 May 2013
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Uploaded Evidence

Assessor Comments:

Start Date:
Revision of Risk Assessment Human factors identified in the Evidence 7.Revised Risk 7.FORMWORK
investigation was added in the Assessment
revised Risk Assessment SUSPENDED
4 Evidence 8. Email REVISION.pdf(0.0B,
End Date: Communication about Revised Upload Evidence
07 May 2013 Risk Assessment
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Uploaded Evidence

Assessor Comments:

Evidence 9.TBT
Start Date:
To conduct a Special Tool Box TBT Flyer created by HSE Evidence 9.TBT Flyer and a Flyer and one
09 May 2013 signing
Talk on incident, findings and Department and TBT was sample-signing Sheet.
revised Risk Assessments planned for May 11th 2013 Sheet.pdf(0.0B, N/A)
End Date: Upload Evidence
11 May 2013
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Assessor Comments:

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My Performance Criterion

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Comment Overall on Performance Criterion

The Candidate provides an accident report, prior and amended risk assessments which highlight that distraction and violations led to the accident. This
element refers to the human factors - individual, Job and Organizational factors in HSG48 rather than the Human error model, with slips, lapse and
violation to which the candidates refers. It is recommended that the candidate review the submitted evidence, much of which could still be used, but
need to demonstrate an application of the factors model, reflecting in the report what the individual, job or organizational factors are and how they
where addressed.

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