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4.1. The Conclusion.

Implementation of practical work for 3 months is very useful,
because the authors got a new science that has not been in the world
of lectures on the Transmart Carrefour Cirebon Development Project
In the Transmart Carrefour Cirebon Development Project,
practical work done from 27 February 2016 to 27 May 2017 the
author can take some conclusions, among others as follows:
1. In this project good coordination between the project owner,
the consultant and the contractor is a very important capital
for the work according to the plan, well, and smoothly.
2. In the construction of Transmart Carrefour Cirebon Project for
Time Schedule problem, there is a delay from the initial plan
for example from February 14th week, on scheduling time
should have reached the amount of weight of plan 34,645, but
on the amount of relation weights only 8,797. This is caused
by several constraints namely IMB Permit and Road Access.
3. Checks made by surveyors either determine the elevation, the
coordinates are very important to start a job.
4. Understanding working drawings is the main capital in the
work in the field, because the working drawings can be used
as a reference and guidance in building this project.
5. In this project using K350 or 25 Mpa concrete, the purpose of
K350 is 1cm2 can be able to withstand force of 350 kg
6. On this project using steel BJ37 with connection bolts.
7. For the foundation of this project using deep foundation,
25x25 pile drill type with quality of K450 concrete carrying
capacity of 45 ton / pole, and the average depth of pile
reaching hard ground is 32 meter.
8. In basement flooring and sloof flooring is done differently due
to water source problems, but when the sloof foundry is
necessary in pairs of iron cuttings to tie between the sloof with
floor plate.
9. There is a big problem in the construction of this project,
namely the existence of large water source water, and greatly
hinder the workmanship but this can be overcome with the
10. Very less his application of K-3 in this project, this could
threaten the safety of workers.
11. The tools in use are mostly owned by contractors and there
are some who rent from the supplying party

1.2. Suggestion.
By looking at some of the problems that can be in the
implementation of Development Project Transmart Carrefour
Cirebon is, then there are some suggestions from the authors to note
1. Need to improve the understanding for the workers about the
importance of K-3 in work.
2. It is necessary to understand the reading of the work drawings
given to the foremen, in order to avoid errors in its application.
3. Before doing the work, it would be nice to have a briefing on the
work to be lined on that day and what tools will be in use, so that
the job becomes clear with their spelling tasks or commonly called
Tool Box Meeting ( TBM).


4. Materials and tools that have just been in the message and
brought in, need to check back both of the amount, quality, and
function of the materials and tools, so that the quality of
construction to be good and according to plan.
5. In the procurement of construction materials should be in the
message far in advance so as not to experience delays, so that
will slow down the work.
6. There is a need for supervision of workers who are in the field, so
that no errors and delays in progress.
ii. Hopefully these suggestions can be considered to improve
performance and quality within the project in the future.



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