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Faculty of Arts Research
Committee E-mail:
Private Bag X1001 atnzama@pan.uzulu.ac.za

The Faculty of Arts 4th Annual Conference Theme:

“Rekindling Enlightenment in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the 21st

22 - 23 September 2010
Venue: Arts Auditorium


22nd SEPTEMBER 2010

08h00-08h30 Registration Student Assistants
SESSION 1 Chair Prof. DN Ocholla
08h30-08h40 Opening: Aims and Objectives Dr. AT Nzama
of the Conference (Chairperson Faculty of Arts research
Committee, UZ)
08h40-09h00 Official Opening and Prof. DN Ocholla
Welcome (Vice Dean Faculty Of Arts, UZ)
09h00-09h30 Research and Research Prof. PT Sibaya
productivity at the University (Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of
of Zululand and the Role of Zululand)
the Faculty of Arts
09h30-10h00 KEY NOTE ADDRESS 1 Prof. NM Mazibuko
Research output in ( Vice Chancellor, University of
Humanities and Social Zululand)

10h00- 10h20 Discussions

10h20-10h35 Tea Break
10h35-11h05 Chair: Prof. TAP Gumbi Prof. Kgomotso Moahi (Dean of
KEY NOTE ADDRESS 2 Humanities University of Botswana)
Research issues in
Humanities and Social
Sciences in the 21st century

Chair: Prof. CT Moyo Chair: Dr. MLJ Koenane
Theme: Criminology/Politics Theme: Ethical Dilemma: Truth
and Public Administration versus Falsehood – as a subject of
ethics in South Africa.

11h05-11h25 J Ras TZ Rampele

Jesus, moral regeneration and Ethical dilemma in South Africa: a
crime truth versus falsehood.

11h25-11h45 G Nkosi MK Nzimande Mojalefa

The impact of crime on Homosexuality and the Old Testament:
tourism in the city of A Moral Philosophical Labyrinth?
Umhlathuze, KwaZulu Natal.
11h45-12h05 Precious and Ntombela C Addison
Some Selected Factors Enlightenment and Virginity
Affecting Social Work
Practitioners and Students’
Participation, Attitude
towards Social Work Practice
and Programme.
12h05-12h25 P Maritz Olatunji Cyril- Mary Pius
Pied Cloth, a Hank of Hair The ‘We’ versus ‘Them’ Divide in
and a Hundred Years’ Curse. Nigeria: Rethinking Traditional
A study of Villainy and Epistemologies.
Vengeance as it appears in the
‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’, ‘Blue
Beard’ and the ‘Thirteenth

12h25- 12h45 Olu’benga Oke-Samuel E Latecka and ZS Maphanga

Environmental protection as a Existential Phenomenology and
universal Morality Outcomes Based Formative
Assessment (OBFA) in APHI 111
12h45-13h05 Discussions
13h05-13h30 LUNCH
13h30-14h00 Chair : Prof. CT Moyo Prof. J De Villiers
KEY NOTE ADDRESS 3 (Honorary Research Fellow, University
Re-writing South African of Zululand)
History. Issues, Challenges
and Opportunities in the
twenty first century


Chair: Prof. DN Ocholla Chair: Prof. JM Ras
Theme: Indigenous Theme: Socio-Economic Systems and
Knowledge Systems Regional Development
14h00-14h20 S Ndwandwe HS Ntuli
Mixed Methods Research the history of Richards bay from the
Education in Library and Zulu perspective - with special
information Science in South reference to the Mthiyane people who
14h20-14h40 D Jacobs P Louw
An Inward look into Wild Durban: A bioregional
information revolution and perspective
the Digital Divide in Southern
14h40-15h00 T Mvulane CT Moyo
Indigenous Knowledge Naming practices in colonial and post-
Systems colonial Malawi

15h00-15h20 SP Tshabalala and J Boughey JD Thwala

The tutorial and writing The Evaluation of a Team Building
programme within the Programme in a Psychiatric Context.
department of recreation and

15h20- 15h40 Discussions

15h40-16h00 Tea Break
16h00-16h10 CLOSING REMARKS: Prof. J Ras

23rd SEPTEMBER 2010

08h00-08h30 Registration Student assistants

08h30-08h40 Opening and Welcome Dr. AT Nzama
08h40-09h10 Chair : Dr. MLJ Koenane Prof. DN Ocholla
KEY NOTE ADDRESS 4 (Vice Dean Faculty Of Arts, University
Enabling Information Literacy of Zululand)
Skills for Lifelong Learning in
Higher Education Institutions
in South Africa


Chair: Mr. AN Bell Chair: Dr. EM Mncwango
Theme: Ubuntu as an ethical Theme: Ethics and enlightenment in
Practice the 21st century
09h10-09h35 MLJ Koenane J Ras

Reviewing University of Polygamy (Polygyny and polyandry):
Zululand Management-style Yes or No?
through Virtue and Ubuntu

09h35-09h55 E Mkhatshwa V Ndabayakhe

Ubuntu as an ethical practice An Enlightened reading of Lola
in South Africa. Shoneyin’s_ the secret Lives of Baba
Segi’s Wives.
09h55- 10h15 Discussions
10h55-11h15 Tea Break

10h35-11h05 Chair: Dr. D Jacobs Dr. B Onyancha
KEY NOTE ADDRESS 5 ( Senior Lecturer, Department of
The relevance of informetric Information Science University of
studies to University research South Africa)
and visibility


Chair: Dr. J Mostert Chair: Prof. VJ Rugbeer
Theme: Information Theme: Recreation, Tourism and
Communication, Technology Cultural Studies
and Knowledge Management
11h05-11h25 M Ntetha LM Magi
The use, availability, Tourism Policies and management in
interaction and impact of ICTs KwaZulu Natal Municipalities: A
in the context of service black hole syndrome
delivery in the public service.
A literature Review
11h25-11h45 V Jiyane S Mhlongo
Measuring Information Environmental Management Plan as a
Society: A case selected tool for tourism development within
Government Departments in Umkhanyakude District Municipality
South Africa
11h45-12h05 L Ocholla AT Nzama
The Role of a University Challenges of implementing Pro- poor
Library in e-Scholarship. A Tourism strategies in rural areas of
case of the University of KwaZulu Natal
Zululand Library
12h05-12h25 L Makgahlela and N AT Mthembu
Mayekiso Street trading in Umhlathuze
The impact of telecentres in municipality: a geographical analysis
bridging the digital divide in
South Africa: the case of

Mamelodi Township
12h25-12h45 B Onyancha V Hadebe
Adjusted count, complete “Do grammatical features of English
count, and straight count: does apparent in my University students’
it matter when appraising formal writing reveal evidence of a
research performance? A case Black South African English variety?”
study of LIS research in post-
apartheid South Africa

12h45-13h05 Discussions
13h05-13h30 LUNCH
13h30-14h00 Chair: Dr. EM Mncwango Prof. HSB Ngcobo
KEY NOTE ADDRESS 6 ( Honorary Research Fellow,
Community Psychology and University of Zululand)


Chair: Prof. JD Thwala Chair: Prof. LM Magi
Theme: Community Theme: Sustainability as model for
Psychology Development

14h00-14h20 PB Mbele GM Naidoo, H Rugbeer & Y Rugbeer

Community psychology The Relevance of Social Media in
within a democratic South Edutainment

14h20-14h40 MN Dodd CZ Zondi, PT Sabela and S Zulu

Core Self-Evaluation, Black Students and academics perceptions
Consciousness and on the incorporation of Visual
Trainability Performance Appraisal (VPA) as a tool
in teaching and learning.

14h40-15h00 MK Nzimande E Isike and C Isike
Give Strong Drink to One who The emergence of ‘Dynastic
is Perishing, and Wine to Democracy’ in Africa
Those in Bitter Distress

15h00-15h20 Doret Jordaan TP Sabela

The young and the desert: Service Learning
looking at youth novels set in
the desert
15h20-15h40 Discussions
15h40-16h00 Tea Break
15h50-16h00 CLOSING REMARKS: Prof. C Addison